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armor donned
shielding the softness
displayed so openly
in the springtime haze
of youth
fear chokes trust
persuades us
that everyone
is hiding a knife up their sleeve
we package up our vulnerability
wrap our heart in bubble wrap
expecting each wound
to bleed a little less
but healing is impossible
in the absence
of oxygen.

Esther L. Krenzin.
Sophie Mar 24
Something in the atmosphere

I can smell it

I lie to everyone

“I’m doing well”

We talk about the weather.

Desperate efforts are made

To keep strong the dam.

To stay calm, to

Keep the river from overflowing.

It is, anyway, overflowing.

I will flood the space around me

You will all drown as I drown.
Solaluna Dec 2021
Our conversations are in capital letters,
Is it because we mean it?
Or maybe because we don't.
Are we just exaggerating,
To hide our truest intention?
Is your love for me a façade?
I don't miss you,
I miss the person,
you pretended to be,  

I loved you for a facade,
It was just a counterfeit  
you in a masquerade,

It would be impossible to miss
a person that never did exist.
You were just a fake.
You can't miss someone that never existed. You can't love the counterfeit when you were deceived by the counterfeit. ©2021
Eve Nov 2021
We live in a world surrounded with friendly monsters
disguised as friends, family, relatives and folksters.
Be wary of whom you let tame you
and be wary of whose cage and stables you enter into
for it will be invisible behind pretty smiles
hidden behind small talks and small walks in dangerous aisles
a journey seeming utterly beautiful like snowflakes in winter
but in reality, they’ll all use you, disgrace you and leave you bitter.

I wrote this back in 2018, lol sometimes i find scribble saved all over that i had completely forgot about
Nik Bland Oct 2021
You left room to follow
Bitter tears to swallow
All your fear came
Cascading down
And you could not feel the ground

Heartbreak stood to greet you
Came close to defeat you
In a penny
In a pound
Your bruises don’t make a sound

It hurts to continue
Love blurry, out of view
How do you save
What can’t be found?
Wish I knew that right now

I cannot repair you
You’d never ask me to
I see bruises
Eyes tear bound
Yet you press on somehow

Darling, you are a song
Sorrowful, but so strong
I’ll whisper goodnight
Kiss your brow
And love the tearful clown
Joseph Gassmann May 2021
I strive to meet...
The person whom lies within

I desire to know what drives your every thought

Ecstatic and enthusiastic happiness you verbalize

it brings me joy to see your eyes Glistening like a constellation with warmth inside so bright

But as I listen
I inquire to myself "is that really you? Or just a Facade?"

When I peer deep within those Eyes
I glimpse great sorrow you Disguise...
Van Xuan Mar 2021
This is where I mislead people
Of how broken I am
By putting an act
That I'm very happy
Just like the smiling photos seen in your timeline
I don't need others pity thus I need to do this
SomeoneSomewhere Dec 2020
I enter to see perfect smiling faces by themselves, with others, with places and things
Here is shiny and there is new with an underlining endless hum of energy
Scrolling is breathing; I can only stop it for so long before I’m gasping
I find myself competing with the perpetual perfection;
Wondering how their waist is so small, their teeth so white and their life so golden
as I sit in the shadow of my own depression.
whenever i close my eyes
your façade lingers on my mind
rather than feeling ecstatic
my emotions are deprived
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