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Who was the first “Original”?
The shepard before the Sheep.
What did the sheep do before the Methodical?

Their following a facade of an imbecile, it’s pathological.
But without it, they would weep.
Who was the first “Original”?

Why can’t they see the fictional?
They pray the lord, their soul to keep
What did the Sheep do before the Methodical?

Has it always been traditional?
does it help them sleep?
Who was the first “Original”?

It is a joke to see this as Logical
We’ve been snowed by those in the Keep
What did the sheep do before the Methodical?

Why can’t we find Traditional
We sit in a crowd where we praise what they steep
Who was the first “Original?
What did the sheep do before the Methodical?
Flesh golem, walking toward,
you're not searching for me.
You're finding an end
with your kit of means.
It's obvious you've

*** to loose -

it's backed up high
enough it's the light
inside your eyes,
and do I see it?
Yes, I do.

Promising heavy
shades of heaven
within the pleasure
you bring -
thing is, dipping stick

is boring as ****.

What about the places
you forgot to touch?
I breathe *** deeply,
your lungs are shallow,
you're in a rush.

Oh, but you'll have your stories.
Construct the pulleys,
form factor, until you ascend.

Oh, but you'll have your badge.
The sheer facade of your fragile persona,
is simply crystalline.

Laiyn Davis Jan 31
Can we go back to paper planes, and the sun’s rays,
Making out, and writing essays,
The world is so simple, or at least it can be,
Baby, just set me free…

Last night, i earnestly cried, was the first time in a long time, a knife didn’t breach my skin,
And i began to think about everything I had to lose, but yet still so much to win.
I thought of the girl, who had so easily stolen my heart,
And then piece by piece, ripped it slowly apart.
Now, I’m not exactly known, for being studious and smart.
But I’m fully aware of when I’m being lied to, from the start.

What secrets, do you hide?
Love potion, or cyanide.
It's clear for me to see, you just were not meant for me,
Whenever I’m in pain, you enjoy with such glee.
And now my heart's in pieces, all but shattered,
I’m deaf to all noise, accepting your laughter…

And we start again, all over,
I begin to lose composure…
And I, am so afraid of dying,
Spent, an eternity crying.
Need some inspiration, maybe i should talk to God.
Why didn’t he forewarn me of your facade.

So who gives a ****, about you and me?
At the end of the day, i just want to be free.
Using my hands to shovel through this infinite darkness.
Spent days trying to think of a word to rhyme with darkness, but all i could think about, was love!
nightdew Jan 25
she laughs, she smiles, she pretends.
but if you look a little closer,
stare a little intently,
you can see the cracks on her features,
the upward grin,
is really just upside down.

if you listen a little closer,
hear the soft gasps of murmurs,
you can hear her soft cries that echoes,
into the relentless sea,
put your ears on her chest,
and listen to her heart cracking,
piece by piece.

if you ask her what's wrong,
she'll shrug her shoulders,
a ghost of a smile displayed before you,
and she'll let out a hollow chuckle,
and ask you if you're crazy,
then reassure you that she's fine.

if she catches you peeking at her,
she'd offer you a shy grin,
just to make you
believe that

but don't fall for it,
for a professional
is always good at
their profession.
and hers is mere
i fell for it.
Swipe right.
I want you.
It's been to long.
I think I need it.
Pull my hair and **** me.
Supposed to be a **** for you.
Like it hard, but then again I don't.
Maybe just hold me for a second?
The bodyheat is what I crave.
Can't go through with it .
Wishing I was carefree.
He want's me.
I won't.
Stxlle Jan 15
I've painted a face far from my own
I've painted it thick enough so no one will know

It rained and it poured.
The paint dripped to the floor

I panicked and ran as far as I can.
I covered my face with both of my hands.

I didn't want anyone to see me
Even I didn't want to see who that might be

I haven't seen her in so long
Me and her, we don't get along

She's my little secret that holds all my secrets
To hide her is the only way to keep it

I make sure no one is around then I lock the bathroom door
Its time for another battle in this never ending war

I take my brush and paint over my cracks
I paint layers and layers and hope it'll stay intact.

I take a long look in the mirror
My reflection says to come nearer

I saw the person I wanted to be
I close my eyes and count to three

I was ready to put on a show
I was ready to be someone I didn't know

I walk out with the smile I drew
I am now the person everyone is used to

They don't notice I am not who I portray myself to be
Deep down, I kind of hope they'll see right through me
I've been trying to be that happy person again by pretending to be that person. Suppressing my depression isn't exactly the best option but it feels like the only option. I don't know what to do. People like me for the person I'm pretending to be.
Wayward Dec 2018
It's easy to pretend like everything's okay.
Smile and nod. Smile and nod.
Repeat the process all day long,
Until you're drowning in your tears, back in the safety of your room.
Let the river of salt wash away your sins and sorrows.
A smile creeps back when you're done, manual and mechanical.
And you go on and on and on.
Repeating the process all over again.
Till you choke and suffocate in your own pool of tears.
A strangled whisper escapes your lips, but is there anyone out there to hear you?
"Its going to be alright", they said.
Soothing lies. Bitter soothing lies.
Will you ever be able to pull yourself out?
Or will you let the fingers of your past strangle you?

                                                           ­                     -Wayward❤
I don't know guys. This was written in between a mental breakdown lol. I thought it was relatable. Anyway, if you're going through the same ****, I'm sorry for you and let me tell you this: It gets better, but it takes a lot of time. Stay patient and ignore the **** world. Work on yourself and become the best version of yourself. Learn to love and appreciate yourself. Nothing feels better than that. Much love xoxo
Demonatachick Dec 2018
We live in our chaotic harmony it all seems so clear, we cut our teeth on others weakness cowered behind our fellow fears.
Facade: hope everyone is well and merry
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