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It comes uninvited
I don’t have to be alone to feel it
In fact I’m surrounded by people right now and It’s there
You see these people are people
Not connected to me
And I do have friends
But I don’t feel gotten
I have my front to fit in
A side they like so I keep it there
But I’m not me
They don’t see me
For if they did then I’d truly be alone
— loneliness
Aya 7d
There is an unwavering smile on her face,
painted with undertones of anger;
There is tenderness carried in her fingertips,
with an unmistakable violence brewing underneath;
Her face is etched with lines of blinding mirth,
and it it clear that she is unfamiliar with laughter;
She is a walking tragedy, miserable and dead,
meticulously dressed in robes of normalcy;
Turn too quickly, and dare to steal a glance at those eyes -
All you will know is shadow, no life left to see.
blackbiird Oct 9

not always a frown.
sometimes it's a smile covered
by deceitful eyes.

not always a tear.
sometimes it's making everyone
else laugh while you hide your
tears in the shower.

not always that voice
in your head telling you
that you aren't worth it.
sometimes it's a loved one
saying "I'll never leave you."

not always shown widely
but is always felt deeply
by the one who carries it.

You never know what someone could be going through. Be Kind.
You don't look the same
after I stopped cauterizing the facade  
which peeled away
with every act of attrition
exposing every caveat
you tried to warn me about.

Now you're bile-slicked and bent
languorously limp,
serpentine without the grip
pooling in regret
to the tune of the parrotted philosophy
you used to make yourself bigger than me
but how could you be?

You only ever existed inside of me.
Katrina Aug 12
She carries this lethal weight on her shoulders
and carries on through the day.
Nobody sees the mountains that rise above her head
and almost crushes her with every step.
Her eyes have dried up
She doesn't contain anymore liquid
except when she runs to the corner store
and loads up on her fuel again.
She doesn't seem too notice the weight
when she's floating above the dance floor on a friday night.
Its only when she awakes
the burdens come crashing down
Its only when she awakes
the facade wears off
Its only when she has woken
that she wants to sleep forever.
Psychosa Jul 30
Who are Yo u?
Are you the serenity encompassing me?
Or this fleeting feeling drowning me
In my own depths?

Are Yo u these thoughts that
Imprison me,
The Intoxicating Sedative
The paralyzing ecstasy?

Who are Yo u?
Are Yo u the figure lying before me
the being who i dream You to be?

Why do Y o u ebb endlessly thought my
Filling my void
And yet still growing it.
Do Y ou have no mercy?

Who are Yo u?
I know more of Yo u than you yourself know,
are unknown to me.
I am becoming
stirring the flames that I subdued for you
cultivating the embers
that ate away at my innards

When did I allow
my fangs to produce honey
when venom was what I needed
to stand up for myself?

Too long I’ve tarried
in the shadows
shedding one skin only to don another
caught between a disguise of who I am
and who they want me to be

Esther L. Krenzin
Evidence O N Jun 13
With ease the flower jungled
Playing sweetly tenderly with the sun
Outside the vent of my window
Where I smelled the fragrance

Of this pretty yellow flower
Eavesdropping in my penal dream.
Could this be the fruit
Of billion trees veiled in vain

Innocent voices drizzled
And flooded patiently the waited heart
Waited heart of sombre days
Sombre days of beautiful injuries

All the Arabesque of the eyes
That foamed far then glad facades
Love is a beautiful thing when reciprocated
J Jun 6
it seems to be
a trend these days
does wearing a mask satisfies
others or yourself?
self-pity, is it not?
or perhaps
to hide what is underneath?
i have thousands of masks,
if i do say so myself.
it's not self-pity,
nor am i hiding anything
i pick up a mask everyday
for others
to finally see a visible face
because when i look at the mirror,
i see nothing but an empty space
Juanita Apr 29
We met in my dreams
Where I feel most at peace
As only then
I can truly be Me,
I fell in love with you
But you fell in with
Now I’m awake
She is not.
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