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I strive to meet...
The person whom lies within

I desire to know what drives your every thought

Ecstatic and enthusiastic happiness you verbalize

it brings me joy to see your eyes Glistening like a constellation with warmth inside so bright

But as I listen
I inquire to myself "is that really you? Or just a Facade?"

When I peer deep within those Eyes
I glimpse great sorrow you Disguise...
Van Xuan Mar 22
This is where I mislead people
Of how broken I am
By putting an act
That I'm very happy
Just like the smiling photos seen in your timeline
I don't need others pity thus I need to do this
NAL May 2020
They aren't interested in theater,
yet they put on a show.
They say innocent until proven guilty,
but I could never have known.
SomeoneSomewhere Dec 2020
I enter to see perfect smiling faces by themselves, with others, with places and things
Here is shiny and there is new with an underlining endless hum of energy
Scrolling is breathing; I can only stop it for so long before I’m gasping
I find myself competing with the perpetual perfection;
Wondering how their waist is so small, their teeth so white and their life so golden
as I sit in the shadow of my own depression.
whenever i close my eyes
your façade lingers on my mind
rather than feeling ecstatic
my emotions are deprived
Kenneth Gray Nov 2020
I took you at a glance that day
And met you with a kindly nod
Although you a strictly tried
to hide your evil,
I unraveled your facade
You think you can deceive us
"Simple folk" with your bodacious ***
But babe, I know of your decrepid soul
I promise this on God

You strut yourself around this world
Up on your pedestal
You harbor your self righteousness
And think you're "oh so cool"
You think the world should worship you
And see you as if you're a dazzling jewel
But I hate to burst your bubble gal
Cause you're one conceded fool!

Don't try and dance around the truth
And lie your way to goddess status
Cause after all is said and done
You're definitely no Trish Stratus
Your well thought out ruse just
Stands no chance when your heart is filled with malice
Girl, you're a mortal just like us -
You weren't delivered in a palace
So come back down to planet earth
And relieve us of this madness!
Just a goofy little poke at fun I came up with while brain storming.
Grey Nov 2020
You are a lantern
And I am but a moth,
Gazing in awe at your beauty and welcoming presence.
As if in a trance, I draw near
And bask in your warm light
Too enveloped in your grace
To notice the corpses littering the floor.
You burn my once-gorgeous wings until I can no longer fly,
You sear my retinas so all I can see is you,
And yet I can’t leave, too reliant on your heat.
And just like that, a switch is flipped.
Your light goes out.
And I am left alone with only the wreckage you brought me
And the knowledge
That it’s all my fault.
Grey Nov 2020
You whisper
drunken promises
through red-rimmed lips,
eyes softer than the fading sun.
Like the kisses on my face
and the shattered pictures on the floor
they'll be broken all too soon.
Raven Sep 2020
My life is private, my secrets drenching in hopeless fear.
I express out loud, longing for admiration.
Yet, I hold everything in, saying nothing, no word my tongue could ever expose.
Fake friends, liars, backstabbers...
They only miss me once I’m gone.
I left, secretly disappeared without a knowledge to anyone.

But once they know I’m gone, is when they start to miss me.
I’ve moved on, left the city and started new in a different one.
I left like the wind with a cold dryness in the air.
Unspeakable, they only coming back cuz they know I’m not around.

Incomplete, I’ve learnt to never trust anyone ever again.
Deep thoughts hit and I know what’s going to happen before it does.
Caused by experience, pain, loss, and abuse.
I avoid it all, and seclude myself in my mysterious fantasies that will never come to my reality.
I live life in despair, knowing that I’m the curse, the darkness itself.
I’m the person who’s devil you speak the name of.
I’m your nightmares in your lost daydreams.

Too much intensity, I may be trouble.
But my deceiving nature has you thinking otherwise... doesn’t it?

Maybe it’s just thoughts of people talking about me constantly, even though it’s not real.
Nothing is.
My illusion is my nightmare and my delusions is my reality.
Im never going back.
They probably never going to see me ever again, but I guess it’s satisfying to make them think otherwise.
To make them think that I still love them and we probably still friends.
But when I was around, where were they without my effort?

Without my effort, everything is at loss.
I prefer to label these people as my aquaintances.
Calling them my friends is just a facade to cover up my intense loneliness caused by my experienced deep ridden trust issues.

I have no friends.
I like it that way.
I stay detached cuz people are worthless to me.
I like being alone, it’s my new cure.
With my seclusion, I am nothing more to be.

If I call you my friend, please don’t get confused when I ghost you and never actually talk to you, but I end up coming back few months later saying how much I miss you and love you.

Don’t we all do that?
This darkness of truth and lies all hidden inside of us.

Disappearance, keep your distance.
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