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Viseract May 2020
"How much do you really care?"
"How much do you really wanna know?"

lights cigarette " Well...let me tell you"

You, could, have the worst day and I'd laugh in your face
Tell you I told you that joy was erased
Look to the sky and be blinded by light...
-ning as it crashes down, cuts through the night!

Hell's gates could open, and in you would fall
And with all your screams, I'd still feel **** all!
You could walk off the flat earth and into the void
I'd carry on normal, and not paranoid!

Turned into ashes, blasted to bits
Drowned in a lake, in my face your neck splits
Spray me with blood, I won't feel a thing,
I'd lap at the crimson, thanks for the feed!

Death welcomes all, where life may not want to
The curtains will fall, and then you'll see the truth
The truth of it is, I only care enough to tell you
To yell or to whisper, I won't mourn when they bury you!
Conform that face to my fist, please
Robyn Kekacs Apr 2014
When you recollect
All you troubles
What do you do, is it all untrue?
Who do you even tell them to?

When someone's driven out the color
The laughter in their days,
I suppose you've chosen the best solution,
And that's to run away

I refuse to stand in the weight of your path
Comprehend your childish math
Could you be more specific,
About whose time you wish to waste?

So spout about your plans
The places you'll be seeing
It could matter less to me
When you have no moral being

I wish that we had exchanged stories
Opened up some long locked doors
But would I even see you?
Would you hide away some more?

I wish someday, you'd come around
Find the problems to address
I once was glad to call you a friend
But now you're a victim, at best.

— The End —