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Emma 6d
I stab you in the face.
I strangle you to death.
I slap, hit, and kick you over and over again.
I blow up your house.
I put water in your gas tank, and then blow up your car anyway.
I steal your identity, and embarrass you when you have to have her pay for all your dates.
I tie you to a chair, attach your ******* to a car battery via clamps painful on their own, and then proceed to electrocute you.
I steal your dog, and she likes me better anyway.
I turn your sister into a *******.
I recruit four horsemen to pull you limb from limb between them.
I burn you to the ******* ground, and force-feed your ashes to someone you hate, so you're always a part of them.
I slice you open from taint to ******* and stuff you with cheese as rancid as your soul before sewing you back up and sealing it with a kiss.
I feed you **** pie.
It doesn't really matter though; my fury never dies.
Emma Jan 28
I could leave, but you hold me tight
In your arms it’s hard to remember what’s wrong
I would rather stay forever
So caught up I’d leave me discarded on the floor
You are always in my head, perseverating
You of the ancient flame, you of the bic lighter
It’s like a sickness, susurrating in from all directions
I can’t tell cold from fire

How to stand, beneath the weight of it
You are everything, the explosion of even creation coming into being
I’m lost to this
You comfort me, you come for me
Drink down all the words I hold
My nerves like musical instruments.
And leave me to unravel with the fury of my love for you
Pyrrha Jan 25
Lying in the pit of my stomach
Is a furious fire breathing dragon
I'll never admit it
But that dragon is tearing at my insides
Trying to desperately claw its way out
And devour every flaw, every mistake
It longs to burn the flesh of whom I despise
Claiming me as it's final prize
Kunbi Jan 22
I want to make you cry

I want to make you smile

I want that after hug tear of joy staining my shirt

I want to feel your pain

I want to hear you laugh

I want you to breathe; breathe in this relieved air and have hope fill your lungs

I want to pick you up when you feel distressed

I want you to embrace and praise your flaws

I want to smell that happy scent cloistering your soul

I want you to be free

I need you to know GOD got US

Love and Fury
Order and Chaos
Kit Scott Jan 22
it rises in me like a quiet tide like a
rushing, swelling feeling that sets me
fit to burst that fills me up and wells out from
underneath my ribs and spills right over into
my lungs and drowns my heart in its
siren call of violence and
in this moment i find that

i cannot fight it

because in this moment, they deserve the anger
they deserve the blood

and yet, they also deserve

and so i
rage and fury and frustration that builds with the red hot taste of a million suns
that fills my gums and worms it's way under the beds of my nails, slides through my skin and twists it's way around my heart
hardening it
giving me teeth and claws and skin of iron and the courage to run run run and then i can


i will rip into their bodies with words like knives
teeth that tear and rip and shred
i will bite their bones until they break
lodge my claws deep in their lungs
pull out their hearts and i will eat them

i am hungry
so so hungry

and now these men and their hearts-of-war
their fat coin purses with strings pulled tight

they have fallen to the beast

the one that they created

raised to be their downfall

(they have eaten my own flesh, drunk the marrow from my bones and watched me eat from the palms of their hands while i bled out

and so now i will devour their bodies
feast on their meat as they did on mine)

and so i will slink away into the shadows
i will draw back in my claws and teeth
hide my hard heart and shining steelskin
and put on the mask to hide my ravenous eyes

but i will be back
my hunger is never slaked, my belly never full
i will gorge on the hearts of those
who thought i would never come for them

i am the creature
i am the war
i am hunger

in the end
am anger

and i

we children have lead our lives on diets of all too familiar post apocalyptica and the feeling of rage burning hot through our stomachs, magma at our cores. one day, we will erupt.
Corey Dec 2018
-There are Suns and there are Moons-

There are Suns that are joy
They shine light on the most beautiful things
to watch and help them flourish.
They awaken love in hearts,
passion in minds,
and ask for nothing in return.

There are Moons that are beauty
They themselves are the most beautiful beings,
but they cannot see or sense this.
They instill meditative thoughts,
contemplative nights,
and impassioned yearn.

There are Suns that are fury
They burn with anger and detestation
but are nothing more than a stone.
They bring harm to others,
pain to worlds,
and deceive all they can.

There are Moons that are melancholy
They hide themselves in darkness
and show only what must be shown.
They leave longing in lovers,
heaviness in words,
and numbness in hands.
Wai Phyo Win Dec 2018
Open my eyes; frozen and dry
I see your face rarely smile
Your trust never left me behind
Who's holding the Ace; when and where and why?

Keeping us in far distance; why?
Is the race really worthwhile?
Courage to disgrace in blind
Retrace; rational database won't lie

Barricade; between us high up sky
Trespass fury field to tie
Sacrifice like samurai
Give advise with precise; to qualify
Austin Draper Dec 2018
It’s just a phase, right? Just a luring fury. A flame at empty hearts. A gun at the long emptiness. A fight to rule a wasteland. Fury at the fog.  I’ll grow out, right? For me myself and I are the victims of my own change. Not a greedy statement, loneliness changes your view of that. Those friends you had just make the sides angrier. A man up or a man down brings me on a ride. A conflict out of and for chaos. Goals are skewed when you think about it. For when you don’t know who you are, what's stopping you from ending what you thought was you? If you don’t know what's truly you, what's stopping you from tearing everything apart to find what is the real cause? But what if my entirety is the cause? Does the emptiness I feel the thing I should? Should I no longer be? Who is no longer being if I do? My fury is clamoring for blood of my own. But when the culprit is unclear but you need to fight, must you Fury at the fog?
Just a kind of edgy phase poem, I'm in this phase for quite a while. But I go chronologically. Just prose
John McCove Nov 2018
My comrade P. is slightly outraged
The knife is honed and spilled with blood
I dance with fairy-mushrooms on the stage
My wooden horses lined-up at the start

And flies together with black crows 
Float through the heavens getting nuts
I feel like hundred-year corpse
I feed meat-hasher with my guts

My ******* fatherland in red
Is getting mossy day by day
I look at it from high above my head
While comrade P. is turning into clay
Jo Swan Nov 2018
I stare at the Kettle:
Reflection of your vile face.
Has left me in aghast!
Oh, how I wish to erase
Flashback of grotesque past.
Heart seared by the venom
Of disturbing memories
Caused by antagonism.
This rage can’t be appease
Mind becomes murderous.

The Kettle begins to hiss:
The soul simmers with wrath-
Insanely dangerous,
Hungry for a blood bath!
Oh, I wish for a knife
And stab you many times
As you left me in strife
From your abusive crimes.
Wounded me as a child
And left me powerless.

Boiling Kettle rattles:
My madness is wild
Have I lost my saneness?
Many years I’ve been irate-
Tolerating in silence-
Blood boils with sinful hate!
My spirit seeks the thrill
For an eye for an eye-
As it **** for your ****
And to see you die!

Gas sparks, Kitchen ignites:
Body burnt into ashes-
Soul seethes in resentment.
Revenge sweetly slashes
You to my contentment.
Hands stained with red blood
Like trenches of war mud.
Eyes consumed and blind -
Peace of heart now confined
By rapacious rage.

Mind is a Murderer!
Am I a Murderer!
Will I ever surrender?
Will I ever surrender
And taste tranquility?
Or is my spirit cursed?
Or is my spirit cursed
To be trapped by the thirst
Of the boiling kettle
That will never settle
Until vengeance scorches!

(c)Jo Swan 2018
I wanted to explore the darkness of human nature. Recently, I had an incident at work where I saw a man who was consumed rage. I wanted to explore the darkness of his mind. There are moments in some people's lives where we are consumed with rage that we will **** for vengeance.
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