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Tessa Savanna Apr 2023
One stood a majestic volcano,
With perfect crater and perfect form,
With steaming magma underneath its perfection
Shaken and pursued by fools,
By the pressure from the unknowns
Following a venting out of magma,
Slowly affecting everyone by its lava,
Thus being hated more by the fools.
anger is something you can't contain, it'll surely destroy you.
David Hilburn Jan 2023
Places to defer:
To a salty justice
Soap and a question worth
Please be my ought, a common request with a shrill vice?

Salt seems to be my only hope...
Stoic rewards and harrowing few's, of callousness
Aside, I see the providence of stillness, take root
With a smile and a sharing behalf, I wonder if I bless...?

Stong winds may disapprove...
Long looks at no-where's imagination...
Standing well in front, savagery in back with no love...
And the anarchy of that smile, anxious and doting on silent...

Nightmares, with a reaching lead of simplicity
A lip of service and dissuasion, set too high
For a requited moment, to tell the wishes we imply, inherently
Have the yearning before a seldom seen, angel understands cry...

Given the time, given the lucid rhyme
Of patience and its virtue, your remembering
Of a long sated and twisted form to compare, the youth of time?
Has a voice struck with means, meager enough to swear we...

A rising fortune of senses alive, set to aches and plains
Of worlds redeemed, by a wish we made, with a meant nerve
Will you marry me, is even a voice to martyr beyond the call of the rains...?
Winning the smile, the vengeance of winter seems to be, us?
Brandon Sep 2022
white hot is the silent rath
it festers within
like a scarlet fire upon evergreen
embers trapped in dark irises
ashes lost to soft whispers
Persephone Feb 2022
If you are ever unfortunate enough to witness her anger. My only advice is this: pray then to every god you know, for your own will not be enough to save you from her fury
Moe Dec 2021
i think i know
that somewhat ulterior suggestion that you crept into my mind
like a vivid rainbow across your face
light transmissions offering up your words
your image is on repeat
and our sentiments are all quite something else
always on hindsight
on turmoil
easily not speaking
confused about what we want
overexposed to death
we each smell detached
the way we sound in the distance
often too frail to reach inside our beautiful loneliness
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