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Ivyanna Aug 25
Soul bounded by lust
prisoner in a red-hot cage
where every step burns
and there's no one to trust

How desperately you want
how pointless your battle
you're the fighter
you're the jailer
oh - what a taunt!
Kara Shirlene Aug 25
Do not treat me like an object.
I'm not a pleasure tool for your lust.
I am a human,
I do not care about your ******.

So listen as these words hiss off my lips:
I demand respect, and will accept nothing less.

Do not whistle at my back.
I am not here for your entertainment.
I will not turn to give your ego attention.
My patience has been spent.

And lest you er forget-
Without my kind you would not exist.
Alone you were not sufficient,
So God took out a rib.
©KSS 7/2018
Cody Haag Jun 1
My mind is on fire,
And I'm out of control.
The choices I make
Wreak a heavy toll.

You learn in life that
No one gives a ****.
You learn that in the end,
You're **** out of luck.

People are full of empty promises,
All talk and no action.
Dividing you into broken
******* factions.

No more mincing words,
I am ******* ******.
Your lack of transparency
Will not be missed.

I hate you.
Thanks for nothing.
Eddy Torigoe May 27
Under the cold water
he slips his soiled hands
a shy bar of soap
assists but does not remove
the grime under his fingernails
why must life be so *****?
a malfunctioning bulb illuminates
on his reflection he reflects
eyes? alert
mouth? uncommonly voluptuous
nose? too large
but that is only a face
and we all have one of those
sweat, little rivu…lets
scamper down his fruzzled face
time for a shave soon
much misery behind those dark orbs
brains also
a faint scent of slow wood clings to his neck
was it a thousand years ago or
yesterday that she flung his jeans
and the mechanic’s shirt
with his name stitched over the left pocket
(spelled wrong, by the way)
in slow motion out the third story window
evicted him
and as he walked away smiling
a toothbrush clanked against his head
From: Eddy Torigoe Pellot. “Listen.” iBooks.
Amer Pelides May 19
The deep-seated feeling that comes from a challenge,
Cannot be underestimated,
A rush of excitement and a climbing thrill.
It is the fire that burns kindled by competition,
Harness that energy to your advantage,
and you shall conquer the field.
As we all know, a furious drive is key to the game.
hybridstorm May 13
Give me your hand love,
I have been noticing,
the way you have been fading into the darkness.
Cry your poison away,
I will lift up your scars to the heavens,
I will turn your blood to gold,
I will love you relentlessly,
For I am your ultimate friend.
Make bonds within yourself deep and thick. Be your own teacher, friend, and lover. Realize the purity and serenity of the ****** aura around you.
StormriderIX May 2
I light
the four candles
one at a time.

I place my mask
on my face.

The music
is wild
and somber.

I dance
and dance
and dance.

At some point
I stop thinking.

I just dance
and dance
and dance.

I hurl my frustration
into the
candles of change.

My thoughts are
a whirling
swirling cloud.

I draw strength
from these
fires of fury.

I dance
and I dance
and I dance.

I ground myself.

I give
the furious strength

I go deeper.
I find
new strength within.

Not frustration.
Not fury.
But acceptance.

I smile.
I take my mask

And I keep dancing.
Happy late Beltane everyone!
I am now the ascetic lion.
I refrain from my old way.
I try to get better everyday.

It seems that I am the only one trying,
Compelling my heart and soul
To not follow my natural instinct,
My natural instinct to **** .

They see me silent,
They see me non violent.
They think I am weak .

They poke me for fun
They tease me with a gun
Some think they're strong
Little do they know , that they're wrong.

It's all so tempting ,
To show them who I am, what I can do
I tolerate the dance of the fool
Keeping my cool .
But everyone has their limit ,
And inevitably they cross it
At last I devour them .
This poem is about myself
I don't know if anyone will relate to it but it's the truth of my life which I am about to change
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