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we are the sand on which man with his ever arrogant gait
treads. we are his tools, his land, his obstruction,
his children’s playthings, his building blocks
bounded only by the limit of his imagination.

to him, we are docile, but we are in conflict,
refusing to give way, robbing each other of the space
for breath, for drink.

we outnumber man as stars do, yet
our friction renders us subservient
to his hands.

we could be so much more.
if it were not for this
friction, this ****** friction,
we could bury oceans
and change the course of rivers.

it is my hope
that a great raptor shall beat her wings,
uniting us in her wind to rend flesh from bone,
that man’s blood shall be our water,
a medium to swallow him whole,

and we shall be dyed red like our brothers
on a former earth

who killed the god of war.
i submitted this to my university literary folio. im not allowed to disclose the results of the deliberations, but im still proud of it and id still really love some comments.
J J Sep 24
Council house dilapidated and brittle as the bones
     That inhabited it, invalid mother bedridden,drugdazed
With a prescription-based carnival skull and sore lungs
   sustained from years of cigarettes and TB.

In the night there was machine gun coughter, foxes
        howling frost -if you looked outside you could see them
stringing silver from their fangs on the street below-
   And I went downstairs to fix her some tea
          because for the first time in years she asked me

And the storm outside lifted the window to the edges
     of it's brims

And I felt a stinging ping as an ache
    Spread the crevice of my spine

And I thought 'is this it? is this the life I've instore?'
        and as it turns out,it was it.

                                        It is it.

I remember once lying on that cold kitchen floor
     after getting home from school
worried about something or another,
   biting my nails and dreaming a hundred million
Futures on the ceiling and wondering how they could ever

           Come true.
Not as polished as I'd like but oh well
Kai Sep 8
singing high
getting higher

missing notes
and their boys

flipping hair
and their fingers

pretty girls
always posing
I personally have sung both soprano and alto, but honestly I hate sopranos. They're all such "mean girl" stereotypes.
Kai Sep 8
I didn't ask for this
it's all drama here

I wanted to play
but now I'm here

It's all in the looks
on the shallow stage

Now I'm crying
in the backstage
cupid Apr 29
there's a boy
you see him before you fall asleep in class
his presence kisses your eyelids as you drift away from the droning words of the teacher
he sits in the back of the room, hands tangled in his hair
the next day he doesn't sit in his little corner
he sits next to you
he smiles at you and introduces himself as a name you don't remember
he smells like a few things that don't mix
original old spice deodorant
peach and cinnamon
and ax spray
he grins with canines that are just a little too sharp
he talks with a voice that's a little too far away

there's a boy
you read his writing, poetry and songs
he writes a little too heavenly and too fast
you watch him laugh, he has too many enemies
he drinks a lot of energy drinks, mostly peach and mango and he only chews cinnamon gum
he always talks to you
you make him feel better when he's on edge

there's a boy
you realize you do and don't know him at the same time
he doesn't like bright lights and he's always dizzy
it took you a long time to notice how covered in scars he was
you asked him to sit away from you and he does
he moves back to that little corner
its like his own world over there, he almost disappears
you miss him and the day you mean to tell him that
he's gone

there was a boy
he was like icarus and romeo
you don't remember his name except his old desk still says
this may be my favorite
an0nym0us Aug 18
Sa loob ng isang silid
Sa loob ng sampung bwan
Sa pag-angat at kabiguan,
Sila ang naging katuwang.

Mapa sa lihim o sa hayag
Naging kayabigan o kaaway
Kayo ang saksi ng bawat isa
Sa pagtatagumpay ng isa't-isa.

Sila sa atin ang humatak
Sa itaas o sa ibaba.
Tayo ang nakakikilala ng bawat isa.
Tayo ang hukom ng ating mga gawa.

Sa loob ng sampung bwan,
Kayo ang aking nakasama.
Lumipas man ang panahon.
Ang ala-ala ay ating laging dala-dala.

Companion and Foe

Inside a room
Within ten months
In success and failure,
They were by our side.

In secret or in truth
They were our friend or foe
We are our own witness
In the triumph of one another.

They are the ones who pulled us
Up above or down below.
We all knew each other.
We are the judge of our actions.

During ten months,
You were my companion.
Time may pass.
And memories are always carried.
New chapter begins,
I'll try to be better in lots of things.
New school,
New faces,
New friends,
New teachers,
New environment.
Everything will be new,
But I'm not yet sure,
If the one in my heart will be replaced by someone new.
In this year,
Let's see if you'll remain here.
Finally senior highschool.
Will u remain here bunny?
Huxley Web Jun 10
I want to go there
Where the trails are boxed in with trees
The only sound being birds telling stories
I want to go where light doesn't pollute the sky
where the stars can be seen for miles
I want to go where the snow is endless
powdered and light and easy to fall in
I want to go where the days are short
but the nights are long.
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