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I go to school
To learn new things
And they taught me
"There is no place for curiosity."
I go to school for...
All my balloon
Rise so high
For finding their cloud
In this vast sky.
I admire the scene
With contented eyes
Seeing my balloons
Floating in sky

Ages later
When they reached there
They say it with sigh
That it was me
Who filled air inside
And brought them here
Releasing  thread of their
To let them fly.

For now,
With a smile
I say Goodbye
For I have more balloons
Waiting to fly.
In this poem, I refers to all the teachers who share their knowledge (air) with students (balloons) and let them fly in the Sky (world) to find their cloud (Dream)
v 1d
Like a river accepts its stream.
A hopeless romantic to nourish my soul.
True beauty that lies above the world.
How we originally told our lines to each other:
A hopeless romantic to nourish my soul.
Like a river accepts its stream.
True beauty that lies above the world.
Write between the lime juice lines,
And basil blood,
On the cutting board
To the rhythm of cooks' kitchen knives,

Write between the wet mop tendril trails,
On the reused restaurant floor,
As you carried to clean
A mistake some rich man made,

Write to the beat of the press,
Punching out the steel form,
In accordance with the curriculum,

Write in the silent moments,
Chewing homemade sandwiches
Through the cigarette smoked sunrise

Write between stun grenade blasts
After cleaning tear gas attacks

Write in between ****** boot prints,
The shape of the state seal
Congealed to the street.
peter Aug 31
speed it up,
faster faster FASTER FASTER!

i'm the main character,
speeding down the freeway.

hitting 200 on the speedo,
not caring where i even go.

no traffic, no lights, no laws,
who knew loneliness could be so fun.

no music, no talking, no one,
not even the police to outrun.

how can this get any better?
my friend tugged on my sweater,

"hey peter, get it together,
it's only first period."
i just don't want to work on my college work right now, so i wrote this
Kristina Aug 26
is a construct
used by the middle class
to structure
things they don't understand
in order
for them
to justify
hiding in their
perfect world bubbles.

is a construct
that makes them
feel safe.

I'm not normal.
You're not normal.

Let's crash their bubble!
dessa Aug 26
caste to caste,
we are on a pyramidal paste.
less to none, the options to outclass
this is the cry of an outcast.
Moth Aug 25
tapping... pages whispering...
someone holds in a cough
as the air tenses around us
I hold my breathe as we listen
to a teachers droning noise
buzzing facts and figures
a quite conversation... a laugh...
I rock back and forth nervously
hoping beyond all it wasn't for me
taking notes my hand shakes
are my fellows judging my writing
can they see how crooked it is
shuffling... a chair squeaks...
And stare out the window at all the trees
And I didn’t wonder how the leaves
Were such a deep, rich shade of green
I was just grateful that they could be seen

And that’s when I knew
I should drop my science class
And do English literature instead
K E Cummins Jul 9
To be poor is to go back in time
I have eaten dandelions out of the backyard
And contemplated the guillotine
The revolution of a coin
Skittering to a stop.
There you go, bringing class into it again!
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