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Shie 7d
Uneven breathing rhythm
Serene becomes luxurious
One's mind now went unconscious
Fallen into a mayhem
This was for a literature class assessment. This type of poetry is called "Tanaga".
Sketcher Nov 28
I will contemplate my boredom today, it's terrible,
I must dedicate my actions to something ethical,
So I'll go agitate all the photo chemicals,
It won't automate, it's not a technical miracle,
I will be the chaser of an adventure to set out,
To steal a stack of photo paper someone had left out,
Took it from "The Enticing Taylor", stole his photo clout,
I'm no hater but you better remember to take out,
Your **** when you are done in the dark room...
I might be a hater... but not really...
KingOfHearts Nov 19
Let I lie with my hopes duly.
Rested in an assurance that I will be found by an ally of fondness.
Pondering to a multitude of angles.
Stranded in just a brink of a nightmare.
May I awaken from this perpetual slumber.
Covet a warm heart of studious and charm before me in attraction.
Lest there be another death to the fall of this curse.
Cursed in miserable repetition, a pattern of repulsions and rejections.
A bane to my heart, parching its ever-yearning desire.
Neverending torture binding my soul in solitude.
Does there remain a path free of this maze?
Won't there be a light to lead the way to freedom?
No one could settle in a course without expiration leading bitter.
A youthful vessel grounded in the rootless sea of brought by time.
Flowing it may be, may it lead my wavering hope into a full victory.
Noah Clark Nov 16
Every single day,
i listen to the teachers,
lecture away.
Teaching me things,
i will never need.
While the sun shines,
and the snow gleams,
through that portal like
classroom window.
I’m excited to leave
and go catch the breeze,
and listen to the rustle,
of the snow barren trees.
But the clocks turned back,
and darkness sets in.
Times gone by,
spent and wasted.
I look to my dreams,
in hopes to feel,
that cool winter breeze,
and pay a visit,
to those snow barren trees,
i so anxiously see.
Only to wake up,
and repeat.
Don’t make every day the same, get out and enjoy life while you can
Matthew Roe Oct 30
There’s a swan on the line,
Taking your time,
So bow to the seagull in Jewels.

The Burberry is real this time,
But the face still spits and scathes
At those below his mental might,
It is Golden muscles this time,
Not concrete knuckles,
That deliver this slap in the face.

We all sigh,
And roll our eyes,
Cocking our heads like the red-eyed
That lies flattened on the next track over.
‘Vikings’=references how it was during the Viking rule of Britain that it became law that the royals own the swans.
‘Burberry is real’=how Chavs or negative depictions of the lower class often show them wearing counterfeit designer gear, usually Burberry.
‘Red eyed pheasant’=how the needs of the upper classes (swans) can be prioritised over the lower classes (pheasants), plus the red curve that is underneath a pheasants eye.

Based on a true incident on a train journey I took.
sitting outside in the freezing cold with some friends
talking about Disney movies and why we don't like some of them
talking about the flat earth theory and talking about being psychic
talking about how no one likes us and that's why we're not going to homecoming because no one asked
my hands are getting numb and my drawings are flapping in the wind
the teacher is inside and i tell them about a dream i had when i was 6 years old and how i still remember it to this day because it traumatized me so much
and we're just laughing about it but that dream made me scared of the ocean and boats
to this day i will never ever get on a boat and sail out to the middle of the ocean
i only feel safe if i'm standing on the shore
but all this made me realize that maybe i should take chances
maybe i need to do more things
make new friends
because one of the people sitting with us i never met
and she was really cool and i would like to be friends with her
maybe i need to be brave because nothing is going to happen if i'm always just standing in the same place, not willing to sail to new beginnings
Anya Oct 9
A constantly
chugging train
plugging numbers
spitting answers
as exhaust
the chimney
like the wheels
on the tracks
And all I can do
is my best
they say there is more to learn than not.
that children are the future.
shaping young minds is
most admirable.
working through ways
for a few hours
makes up for lifetimes without.
the gift of knowledge
makes all the difference.

it is not our place to
tell them how to be.
we can only show them
for a young student who worked through his emotional attachment to a "pet bug" during our recess time.
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