I'm in a class,
We sit in chairs.
The teacher talks,
They listen and stare.

And I'm unfocused.

My pen is scratching,
My mind is clear,
The class is there,
And I am here.

And I should focus.

Oh, shit.
It's quiet.
Have I been caught?
This is something that I should not
Be doing
But I can't help it,
I'm trying to get it,
But my mind is flying,
And I'm sick of trying and
My brain is crying for
More than I'm offered and

I just can't focus.
cold-blooded killers....
respectable in our Time....
eliminate Those....
who burden society....
it's immoral to be poor.
White Identity Movement
United States regresses
Into atavistic tribalism.
No one really knows who they are.
We're just fighting
Over the scraps.
A flash of unripe banana green hair,
And the solemn padding of thumbs hitting a screen,
The wisp’s of dying flame,
A worn sticker on a pure evening blue water bottle,
The tight warm grip,
Of a beanie on my head,
The soft wind that air vents disperse,
The crisp smell of a sparse winter’s day,
Like wasabi, but clogging my nose instead of cleaning it,
The din of speaking and eating in a popular coffee shop,
And I’m just on my way to class
Constantine Jun 11
I can still see exactly what you were wearing
the day i finally got the courage to talk to you
the necklace you wore was enchanting to me
but it was probably just the skin underneath it
hard to converse with you in the beginning
but i figured out how to get you to talk
i loved your voice so much
all i hear in it now is the animosity
that occupies your image of me
It was ironic because i loved to have class with her, everyday i looked forward to it. When the semester ended, so did our love. But now its almost comical because she is always in at least one of my classes.
Lyn-Purcell Jun 8
In a world purely about survival,
the best revenge I can have is
to live well and succeed
Harsh world but to get back at everyone who has done me wrong, I will live and succeed.

Be back soon!
Lyn xxx
I've got to give President Donald Trump
Credit for one thing.
He has succeeded
In opening up a lot of old wounds....
A lot of old bitterness.
These are conflicts
That were never fully resolved in the past.
President Donald Trump
Has helped us
Become aware of This.
Some people seem impossible to connect with.
Some people seem impossible to disconnect from.
You might think it's unfair
To yourself
As well as to others,
But it's not your responsibility
To reorder the world.
Lyn-Purcell May 26
Watch as she holds her gold needle
in the half-light
attaching a soul to the blossom's shell
and ensure that their dreams
and their lives don't fade
So their tongues and music
will last forever

Watch as she pulls her golden thread
The petals curl, revealing the beauty of
flush-kissed shoulders within
Sweetened with the fragrance of love
and care
Painted with colours that give our
senses love and rest

Watch as she pokes at the roses
and their thorns sprout
A rose extends their blades
to shield their beauty

Watch as she cuts her gold thread
and it whips around in the wind
As the earth erupts in joyous laughter
far and wide,
flowers adorns all that it touches
From the babbling brooks to fields,
From our parks to the mountain tops

How the Golden Thread can be sewn
and sprout the soul of music,
fragrance and purity.
Wow. This poem I remember writing when I was younger. Most of turbines were scratched out again but I managed to get the words anyway.
This poem I remember was when I was in a seeing class and I was actually seated near a window that had flowers for what looked like miles.

Anyway, be back soon!
Let's see what else I can find in my jungle of a room!

Lyn x
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