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Ren Jan 30
So bored, scrolling through social media sites.
I see you've updated.
Excited, I message you.
Just a simple, "Hi."

Shortly, I realize my mistake.
The recent picture, it shows you with your friends.
Laughing, having fun.

I remembered what you said yesterday.
"I'll be at the carnival tomorrow!"
Your face in the photo looks so, so happy.
Smiling brightly, eyes shining.
All the things I could never make you feel.

What's the point anymore?
I delete my message.
You won't be answering anyways.
You're out there, having a great day.
And where am I?

Just here.
Wherever that is.
Sitting, staring at this screen, watching, waiting.
It's all too much to handle, imagining you today out with your buddies.
Playing in the sun, on the carnival rides
without me.

We used to be close, so close.
What happened?
I was thrown out, like a broken toy.
Tell me, to you, am I nothing at all?

I scroll past the picture trying to hold in the tears.
It's all too much.
I can't do this anymore.
I can't pretend.
It hurts, it hurts so much.
I know, deep down, I still love you.

Even though I cut that ribbon, it's weaving back.
Why now?
It shouldn't do that, you clearly didn't care.
So why still do I?

I clutch my chest, let out that sob.
The tears come falling.
The ribbon's back.
I'm sorry.
I don't want to hurt you.
I feel so, so, alone.

I'm so sorry.
I fell in love with you all over again.
It's torturous.
Once again, I'm feeling alone.
Sonya Jan 16
Come one come all to the darling show
As a small girl swings to and fro
Back and forth through the inky sea
And lights to bright for her to see
Making a mockery of herself
A disgusting creature is she

Oh how I hate the circus trapeze
The swinging brings me to my knees
My costume flutters as I glide
With my monster that I must hide
Clawing away at my frozen lungs
And tearing me up inside
sunprincess Dec 2018
Do you ever feel like you’re in a dream
Forever riding on a roller coaster
Slowly, very slowly, going up and up
Until you’ve gone so very high
Fingers touching clouds in a blue sky
Then down you come so very fast
The future has now become the past
If so, just know you’re not crazy
You’re at life’s carnival having a blast!
I dream a silly dream
   my poems were  dancing
in a moonlight sky my words float
and rained on your head
I dream a lovely dream
     my hands held yours in a drunken night
    as we walked on a road we used to call home
         Gazing on those eyes the moment skyrocketed so high no pill can do

I dreamt of you in many ways
   kissing booths on a carnival
to drinking sessions on a side way
   I've never felt so euphoric
as the day these lips kissed yours

As I woke up from those dreams
I couldn't wait for bedtime
              reality kills me when you're not the one
Inked Quill Jul 2018
Summer nights
Zephyr on my face
Stardust sprinkled
Fluorescent illumination
In the shadows
Mystical aroma
Wafting in the air
Memories of you
My carnival days
Danielle Jun 2018
Ravens dance upon highwires.
Flashing pinwheels spinning in their beaks.
The merry-go-round grinds,
Its rusted gears, squealing into the wind.
Book pages whirl and fly off into the sky.
The fox’s cry to the butterfly
Went unheard in this whitewashed night.
Probably going to end up re-writing this for a fourth time, but for now it's good enough to post on here and see what kind of feed back I get for it.
Sam Jun 2018
I ******* despise them.

They’re actually the **** of all carnival rides.

And they make my life ****.

But you rode with me.

And told me a story that weirdly actually calmed me.

And you played Gary Come Home for me.

So it wasn’t that terrible.

You’re a great friend.

I probably would have cried if you weren’t there. Thanks May.
Cat May 2018
The slow click hoisting you up high,
the spinning sea of
colors, red, and yellow, and blue.
Never too old, for wonders to unfold.
Back down on the ground,
A man balanced on a wheel,
hobbles back and forth –
Like all, he wishes not to fall.
Stitched and stuffed, child pacifiers meet the eye,
dashy games, for flashy prizes
Step right up, win em’ all
they beckon, and they call –

All rejoicing at the sound of the calliope,
And the blaring bright spectacle for all to see.

Aromas from greasy concessions,
confections filling the air, screaming
Follow if you dare.

Or if you’d rather,
take the path with the changing lights,
winding road of twists and turns,

Into a room where reflections are
Not your friend –  and enemies,
You’ll come to face – once
yours meets hard glass case

Slowly but surely, you will escape,
like a magician disappearing beyond his cape,
Seeing was once believing,
now suddenly, the eyes are only deceiving.
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