Jenny Jul 11
the electricity runs through our veins
and past the street signs we rumble by
in the car you stole, we go fifty above the speed limit,
the roof of the car is the noir sky above
and the midnight rain pelts our upturned faces
the dancing drops of water drip onto our smiling lips
the sound of the sky collapsing
echoes the flashes that streak the sky,
the flickering light casts paved roads with a brief brightness
(as if god were wearing light up sketchers)
the lacy brallette that wears me
gives me the bravery to stand up in the speeding car
the velvet pants that ripple with the wind
drink up the nighttime rain
and the rare headlights race past us,
heading into homes and hearts
the mellow playlist that connects the aux cord to our ears blasts
so loud, we can no longer hear our insecurity
the mascara that once clung to my eyelashes
now streams down my face.
on a two way street,
we drive down the middle
unafraid in the face of direct dangers
so unaware of the towering empty skyscrapers
and instead highly exhilarated
from the street signs we drive by
too fast to read the blocky lettering
the road signs glint, smiling as we wave and reach towards them
the cigarettes you smoked are thrown through the open window,
still smothering slightly.
i can still taste the smoke on your lips
and your hand tucks my hair behind my ear
and as the wind objects and inhales
unreal in the hazy a.m. car trip
the tunnel rushes towards us,
and we both hold our breaths,
as if breathing would contaminate us.
the lights that glint, cast a yellow-white glow
and for once, i see you for who you are
a boy too buzzed to feel
a kid who only felt "sort of"
a person who couldn't heal
and a lover who could never give love
about a boy who was my living teenage dream // nothing scarier than finding a broken loveless boy who makes you the same
Aprajita Jul 8
Your roots is your foundation
Don't droop
Stand onto your roots
Believe in your your self, get rid of boundaries... Try to stand onto yourself and your knowledge, as I am also trying to.
phoenix Jul 3
Your name is all I pray on dawn worship,
Wishing you all well is all I need,
Hoping you to be in peaceful state,
Praying that you will get through your obstacles.

Sometimes I dream,
Of holding your hand,
Of laughing beside you
When the sun rises,
Or seeing your smile
On your cool face.

But when I see you,
I can't help but be quiet,
Passing through without
Saying hi,
'cause you're just too cool
To be mine.
yellow soul Jul 1
he is the first thing I think about in the morning
he is the last thing I think about at night
he is the only thing I dream about
he is the Only thing I want so bad, but I can’t have
he wants more than my sweet kisses and my hand in his
he wants us to be more than friends and I want to
but my parents are so strict,
that if I tell them all the things we love to do together
will be forbidden,
we weren’t be allowed in my room alone with the door closed
and I bet my parents will be so mean to him
he is my forbidden love the thing I really want but can’t have.
phoenix Jun 30
How is it that you're so far, but
Yet so close? I want to be seen
As the girl who catches flies, not
The girl who runs for the moon.

How is it that you haven't noticed
My soul? Even though I've been dancing and singing ahead you,
Dressing silly like most girls, with heavy make-up on?

How is it that you never put a glance
On my face? As if I were a fly passing
Through, or something you disgust

I want to be seen as the girl
In the magazines, or the girl
Who's got thousand dollar shoes, or the girl everyone loves.

But I'm just a debris to you.
Wayward Jun 18
It’s time for you to let go,
For me to learn and grow.
To spread my wings and fly,
As my goals are as high as the sky.

It’s time to see from my point of view,
Not many choose this path, just a few.
All I want is for you to believe,
That at the end of the day I will succeed.

It’s time to bid goodbye.
Not for long, just for a while.
Life’s a game of hide and seek.
With each one’s journey incredibly unique.
Emily R Jun 16
Wish you could be my escape
But you’re the one causing the pain
At this point I’m starting to blame myself
Let you know how I feel then the effort is lost
Constantly feeling ignored
I have to stop expecting more
The love I give is never translated back to me
You never seem to give me your time
No longer feeling worth it
You tell me I’m special
Your actions speak differently
Don’t treat me like you promised you would
Why do I even bother?
It’s just this thought in my head
This feeling that your love will be inordinate
Something special that keeps me waiting
Waiting for you to open up to me
For you to love me
Want me
Care for me
Maybe even fall for me
The thought of you by my side gives me butterflies
Having come back into each other’s lives after all those years
I mean that must be for a reason
At least that’s what I tell myself
Praying that my time isn’t wasted yet again
Am I a fool to think that you’re worth the chance I’m taking
I see you as so much more than I should
This isn’t a thing of possession
Just can’t help of thinking
Of me being yours and you being mine
Our connection would be nothing short of beautiful
I know this is a fantasy
But I never liked reality anyways
So I’ll just sit here dreaming
Dreaming of you
Those trips that we’ll take
Long rides and endless conversation
Time that we’ll share
Love that we’ll refine
I’ve given you a piece of my mind
The rest is up to you
Baby tell me how you really feel
Your actions will seek our fate
So let me know this is real
Like the shutter of a camera
You can pick the speed
But I hope you eventually capture this moment
That way it can live on forever
destiny Jun 11
The truth is,
I don't know what the hell I'm talking about.
But then again,
No one truly does.
Serena M Jun 10
I just wanted to go out and play I would say
I just wanted to have fun
I never meant to cry wolf
I thought I was one
I thought we were all friends

Life was testing me
I was younger, full of heart
But the world left me hungry
And soon I was ravenous, wild
I flew the coop
Let's scatter

And Victoria was on the row
our faces were in the snow
you don't know me, no
it was all just a part of the show
just for show
you wouldn't know, no
you had to be there

We were 19 and on fire,
He said he felt inspired
My eyelashes tickled his neck one time and he lost himself in love, said let's go higher
Once I started I kept going until consciousness left me
A liability, it's not pretty
You should have just crashed your car, you thought

my fur was violet
I was always fighting with myself alone and howling at the moon

I faked it all to live
I'm a doll, I said
I modelled, I kissed you after the party after you told me about that tree, you said you almost died hanging on
I fell right then
I cried that day
It was your fake chemicals we ate
You tricked my heart

We said
Let's go to the fucking mall
I need a pack of cigarettes, I need to go out and get that grass
Let's get lit. Let's go.
I'm writing a book, I insisted.
After this is all said and done.

After that was all said and done.

You're too much he said.
So I left and made a house of cards so tall and delicate
I drank, put on my ballet slippers
You tried, I said
Nice try

We took acid that night
He knocked at the door and I barked like a dog
Bathed in pastels and I was skin and bone
I felt so alone, I was just skin and bone
Powder in my teacups
Red hieroglyphics on my skin
I cut off some fur
Bleached it here, and there
And I ran scared

No one scared me like I scared myself.
My heart, I took it out and stuck it on the shelf.

December 20th 2013
"D-Day", I whispered
Mom unlocked her door
Made me Mac and cheese.
I showed up at Heather's office in Hello kitty footy pajamas after my first nap in days
Succombing to the vanity, I threw on a dress and got into character
I was very small
I felt so very small
I wasn't there at all

I was like, Doctor, let me catch you up
But she cut me off, yeah
She cut me right off and got on her phone cause she heard the yelps, the howls
underneath the barks
She could smell the forest fires
She said I was mad, no I wasn't bad.
"But we have to put you away."

So that day, I got put away


The ambulance came and I laughed in hysterics and said you better just take these now
Here's the candy...

The Show must go on
Please don't put me down

Yeah, they put me down alright
Abby Jun 9
The weather's so nice today
We'd go to the beach it it wasn't
The lack of money and of time,
Their team's lost the game
Whose is the blame,
Is it theirs or mine?
Boy I love you so much
I'm gonna die.
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