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Ahmad Attr Jun 10
Do you not see me slyly touching your hands
Our fingers touch, and I do it again and again
My fingertips  delicately touching your face
Brushing against your silver arms
Pulling on your coarse hair

I feel nothing

It’s not like how it used to be
Back when you held my hand
The chills ran, all over my body
An ephemeral paradise
Now I try to feel the same way

But I can’t

Things are so different now
We are so different now
It was better in the past
The less I knew about you
The better it was
The less I knew about you, the better it was
Sasha Paulona May 29
So many songs to love you
So many gossips to hate you
I hear one thing, I felt another
I'm still in that summer
You sang your first song in dinner

I'm waiting here, despite the odds
That's all I can do
To be young and to be loved
By the songs you sang for your fans
Yes! all those thoughts brought us apart

There is nothing left to do
But to kiss once again
There's nothing for you to rue
Unless the beauty, the passion
Now you up to...…

In the next Cold season
When we find our lovers.
So Don't go far away
I'll be waiting for you
At the empty station
Where no one calls your name...….
Ahmad Attr May 27
A rigid, frigid and gelid man like me
Was churned and crushed by your machines

Your lithe blades cuts through the ice
Snowy remains of mine picked up thrice

Stuffed into a plastic glass
I can’t move, I have reached an impasse

You pour the sweet colourful liquids
Viscous, diabetic sugar that got you addicted

To gourmandize on myriad of delicacies I offer
Your crispy lips kiss me and drink the sweet water

You suckle on the tiniest little glaciers
And gulp down all the syrups and flavours

The saccharine tastes glaze your tongue
And throw the empty plastic cup into the dung

Your cheek lift up from ecstasy with red blush
As you finish swallowing all that delicious slush

I have many lives, and I will revive next summer
Lick me up next time when life feels like a ******
Addicted to being used
Ahmad Attr May 25
When late at night I kick my hot blanket
Off my feet, as I lay sweating profusely
After just surviving another devil choking me
I roll over to my side, I reach out for my phone
I go over your messages
Little binary codes over the crystal white glass
Showing a word ‘’love’’
That you sent to me without thinking what it meant
But for me it is enough
In person, a word you will never say
So love me but from far away

When I get bored sitting in damp garden nook
Surrounded by primroses and lavenders
In the feeble heat of freshly deceased spring
The phone resting on the wooden table rings
I go over your messages
Your languid greetings for something you need
I begin to sulk as I proceed, writing back
To taunt you, hiding my desperation to talk to you
I smile in this garden saturated with your scent
In person, You will never make feel that way
So love me but from far away
P.s The third line refers to my recurring Sleep Paralysis episodes
Ahmad Attr Apr 22
I close my eyes to visit my safe place
It’s a town that welcomes me
Every time I need it,
it pulls me in
But lately it’s slowly decaying
Naked roses
Silent birds
Washed out colors of my orange shirts
Unripe sour fruits
Melodious winds ambling all mute
Day without clouds
Night without stars
My back against the,
Blue paint peeling off the walls

And maybe you can join me
Take my photos with your polaroid camera
Drowned in the unblossomed daisies
Gentle shadows of glassy fantasies
Slowly drifting in my backyard
Where we sit humming to our untuned guitar

But you must go
Only I can stay
You are just a figment of my imagination
Maybe everything is, I don’t know what is true
I’ve lived here for far too long
But now this town is throwing me out
Maybe I should go too

But I know I am going to stay
My perfect world is slowly breaking apart. Is it my time to leave now? Is it too late to leave?
Ceyhun Mahi Apr 14
We fight and seperate when life's a bore;
There is an emptiness within our core.
It is as if our pain is sweeter when
We're young – it doesn't suit us anymore.
Around the chaos I've been breathing,
Flowing through tears but never crying
I have a scream inside that can't speak
Gave everybody things I couldn't afford
Along the line of hate I've been searching smiles
Feeling so drowned I couldn't sink
Confused inside but improvised others
Someday someone would listen & relate
But it'll probably be too late...
Different perspectives
I’m certain that by now
The windows are all steamed.
There could be dust on my towel
But I sit here picking at my own seams.

The soap bottle is lying on the side
Watching with hatred from its huddle
As I stare at my hands and try to hide
My stomach with flannels and bubbles.

I squash the buds between my fingers
While hair clings to the skin of my back.
I scrub at the writing that still lingers
Faded to blue from black.

I remember only ink and tingling
And you smiling against a classroom blur
Our hands entwined, my concentration dwindling,
Who knows in what world we were?

I’m just scrubbing veins now the pen has gone.
I wonder why you even let me exist
In your world. Tell me, am I withered and worn?
If you kissed me- Ha would you ever kiss this?

I can still feel the ink prints etched into my skin.
Will they ever fade away?
No; the phantoms in the water always win
And I can’t help but listen to everything they say.
A poem I wrote for an art project I'm part of!
el Jan 19
and my fingers itch with want to just touch, just a small tap. i want.

and i say something ugly and you crinkle your nose in distaste and my heart skips a beat because that, that's what i want.

you grin, ugly and mangled-


i think you’re pretty. i think you’re the moon and the stars and i want to kiss your breath away but i cant.

let's go home, i say.
another excerpt
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