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Oh baby,
All of our amazing memories.
The summer beside our beautiful lake.
And we're kissing all of the
-all of the hurt away.

Stripping so we could go skinny dipping.
Making sweet love all through the night.
And we didn’t have a care in the world..

We were so complete,
Happy was all we could be.
Our hearts knew the truth in our love.
Knew we’d be missing.

Never a bother in the world.
You’d pull me into your cradling body
Holding on little closer each time.

How broken we were
Yet together we were whole.
Oh baby,
Our souls were intertwined
Oh the love we shared.

We were wild, young and free,
And so in love.
Oh my hearts aching,
For us to run free again.
Not a responsibility or care.
Just let me fall into your arms again.

We were so happy and in love,
Oh we had it all.
Everyday we spent away
Is one more day staying
broken and all alone.

Oh Reminiscing,
Why can’t we just be free,
free forever with you.
Oh baby,
I said everyday is a wasted day without our love.

You reaching out and pulling me in,
We fit together so perfectly.
Your my missing puzzle piece.
Now the worlds got us chained and bound.
We are no where to be found.

If only we could go back to those days.
Reach out for me.
Pulling me in,
Fitted together perfectly.

Oh reminiscing,
Our summers eves full of passion
And not a care in the world.
Oh baby,
Just hold me tighter and never let me go....
L. Mack
Song for my first love.
Fret not, you will beg and pray to grow up.
Even drop a few bargains at it.
You will look at people walking wherever,
But never be allowed out after eight.
You would wanna see yourself at night in private,
But the doors would never be closed, that’s it!

One day, after you blow eighteen candles,
Your veins will suddenly pop.
While some freedom your parents hand out,
Some you will force it on your own.
And you will relish how free you are,
You will build cities on paper boats!

Then you will feel your shoulders falling,
What is this tinging in your chest?
You only want to be happy,
You don’t understand what’s going through you head.
You scrape your life for minute facets,
But it never makes any fucking sense!

You will want to fall down in your mother’s arms,
The pain will be that shattering.
You will look at life from present to past,
Have less photos of now than then.
Then, you will curse yourself every night,
And this time wish to have your childhood again.

But don’t worry, you will find happiness,
In a room full of friends.
Someone will rub tears from your cheeks,
When kindness will knock on your mess.
Eventually, you will find peace in your own company,
With a cheap pair of earphones and a Pink Floyd track!

And you will smile when you’ll realise,
that white is always bought with the black.
For neither holds any value,
Without each other’s back.
alicia Sep 13
i’m sixteen
i’m not ready for the world
i want to go back to seven
or maybe eleven
but i can’t
i have responsibilities
someone who i want to be able
to share my feelings with
i just can’t find the right words
nor would i say anything in the first place
that’s just sixteen
what will seventeen bring?
the teenage delight
chained to my tower,
will spout with power,
and free us tonight—
let me cruise your bay;
let me kiss your mouth;
let me sail down south,
and stay for a day
My Teenage years;
Teenage years with people saying 'sit down and shut up'
Teenage years with no one caring
Teenage years with physical abuse
Teenage years with razor blades
Teenage years with no mother
Teenage years with bottles of pills
Teenage years with sexual assualt
Teenage years with suicide attempts
Teenage years with no reason to live
Teenage years spent pining for what was lost.
You came in my life
Like a moon in an empty sky

You took me pass
Through the obstacles in my path

You brightened the room of my heart
Which was wrapped in the dark

You brought a smile on my face
Something I wasn't familiar with

Your voice was like an angles laugh
That made me forget my frozen part

You made me alive
When I lived a dead man's life

We laughed for minutes and hours
We reveled for days and months

But now I'm sitting alone
In the sunlights rain
A Rivers Aug 22
I know it's mad I only just saw her
But I already know that I love her
I'm delusional I don't even fuck her
But I already got her picture in my locker
Do I listen to Angel or Devil on my shoulder
I don't really care that she's a little bit older
I wanna keep her safe, be her soldier
I think every night what it'd be like to hold her
I don't care if that older lad stole her
All he wants to do is control her
That's why this isn't over


He's how big?

That feeling when your 15 she's 17
Fiona Aug 21
I can’t sleep tonight ‘cos you’re on my mind
And I’m thinking of a different time
When two roads diverged in a teenage wood
And I made the choice between bad and good
As she hears the voice of rain, tapping the window, thrumming the roof,

the song of rain with leaves and stones and woods, 

 and as she opens the window, the fresh shower of rain touches her face.

She gets filled with joy and happiness like a little child,

holding her skirt, she jumps in the rain and opens her arms like a bird.


And she starts dancing, calling her little sister to come out and join the rain dance.

Come out, the rain is so fresh and nice, we will dance together,

 No, I will catch a cold. 

 Come, can you hear the song of rain, it's so soothing, we will dance,

 No, I will slip, mama will get angry. 

 Come, it will be fun, we will splash together and make the boat afterwards. 

 Ok! coming, follow my moves,  

Turn, turn around!  

As she turns, she notices an eye was watching her from behind the wall.


The eyes she had never seen before, that sight, she had never noticed before, she had never felt so awkward by someone's sight. 

Suddenly she finds the rain very unpleasant, 

Oh! it makes my blouse too tight, it makes my skirt wet, my hair clumsy, and she gathers her skirt and goes downstairs, 

what happened, come let's dance. 

No, let's go down, change, as we might catch a cold. 

 And from that day the rain dance stops. 


Did she notices that she is no more a kid,  or the sight made her realise that she can't act kid,  

Will she ever, can do a rain dance so carelessly and shamelessly.

Will she ever, be filled with so much  excitement to dance in the rain, 

Might me someday, but never be so carelessly, as she knows some creepy eyes might be watching. 

An innocence is lost and a young confused teenager is born.

Writers note: As a girl enters her teenage, she has to deal with a lot of changes that are going inside her and also in the outside world. The girl here is coping with the same, hope she finds the answer to her confusion.

P.S.Parents be friend with your teenage boy or girl, they need you.
JAC Aug 7
The rain makes a warm rattling sound
on the window, like a teenage fling
sneaking in after climbing the maple
while your parents slept rooms away

the thunder is far enough away
that it sounds like a muffled sigh
from a half-asleep lover on your shoulder
mixed with the remnants of your dream

lightning, then, which should come first
flashes you out of your memories
and into the moment, your dark room
where you lay awake thinking of love.
I love storms.
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