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Annie Siby Oct 31
I was startled to hear the sound of kissing again. Flesh lapping against each other like waves, my hands stroking the nape of your neck, tracing patterns and you biting my lip, grinning a little bit.
Kiss me.
We're way too eager that your crooked teeth bump against mine.
Laugh and pull away.
Graze the hollow at the base of my throat.
Your earlobes.

Your hands.
My *******.
Gasps that escape our lips.
Two decades and two years have been passed
There is more to come

It is not always a rainbow
Sometimes it’s hard looking forward to tomorrow

I’m a failure as a daughter
Not to mention as well as a lover
Being kind never been my strength
Being gentle never been my true nature
I took the bullets but I couldn’t get the wolf trust

But, the pain I gain,
The tears I shed
The heart that shreded
I took the responsibility for it
All glued back now

Hardship never means to be easy
To live, never is
It creates you a shield to face the rest of the world
I may a useless and failure daughter
But I’m one hella though fighter

To the heart that keeps beating
To the soul that keeps sane
To the mind that keep in peace
22 years down, more to go
I make a present for my self
Eva Oct 18
I think about her often

Laughing, plotting, always ready for fun

Her hair; whipping and dancing around her even on those rare occasions when she was still.

Her eyes; deep pools of teenage confusion betraying the confidence of her smile.

I think about her often, and I hope that she is happy.
My first poem on this site. This is about someone I knew for only 2 weeks, more than 20 years ago. I wonder if she thinks of me also.
Claudia Oct 16
Late summer 2018,
There I stood
Waiting in line for the toilet at a subterranean bus terminal
And I was so in love with you I thought I’d throw up

My legs hadn’t shaken like that since I was a panicky thirteen-year old

I can’t take this
It’s fantastic and lovely
And a perfectly lukewarm, relatable teenage cliche

Perhaps I’ll write a poem about it and post online

But the truth is
I can’t ******* take this
Not at all

I’m so sorry
I didn’t mean to fall so hopelessly, pathetically in love with you

I haven’t felt like this in all my ******* life

You’re standing out there
And I just want to run out the door and yell that I can’t
For the life of me
Get you out of my head

But instead I’m in here
And I think I’ll *** my pants
Or slam my head in the wall
Or that my heart might,
Just might
Break my ribs and bust out through my chest and into the head of the man standing before me
If nothing happens soon
jack Oct 10
Everyday seeing you,
Making a dream come true,
I could never get enough,
You acting oh so tough.

Aching to hear your voice,
Awaiting your every choice,
Needing to be near your heart,
You are tearing me apart.

You went from being my drug,
To the reason i chug,
Replacing you with xanny,
Digging you out of every cranny.

With you i was always on a high,
That ended with each goodbye,
Now you’re gone for good,
Just like i knew you would.

Searching for anything to feel,
Having no way to heal,
Going back to the crystal,
Maybe i should just load the pistol.
dont fall in love with a ******----soon youll be one too.
As I was standing under the dropping rain,
I talked to a girl
& light as corked nades
She spoke softly
And I
hummed and awkward
To her love for poetry
where her eyes smiled with her speech…
Nowhere else could I find more of a love sweet thing.
We talked for two minutes under the drizzle
While we waited for the rustic buses to come
to pick up our tidy loads
I thanked her
She smiled like how Kindness would have smiled
I beat curses
& thought I near found a lover to be loved
But she said good-bye
And in my sunken mood
the pale cloud drops sank into my shoes.
Would love your feedback <3
yellow soul Oct 7
I meet her an autumn evening
It was cold outside, but she didn’t care
She took my hand and dragged me away
from the party, the people, the noise
she said that it was a perfect night
a perfect night for us to meet
cause the sky was cloudless
and the moonlight wasn’t bright enough
to steal the beauty of her favorite thing
the lonely yet perfect stars
she said she was like the stars
easy to admire, beautiful and unique
but dangerous to come close to
that she could destroy everything
but I wouldn’t believe her words
it was like they became
a brisk breeze that cold night
her ocean blue eyes lit up in the moonlight
and her long blond hair
where full of crunchy leaf’s
her nails were long and painted
with dark brown nail polish
and her coat was nowhere near
she laughed at me
when I panicked and said a ****** joke
and she kissed me on the lips
when we saw a star shouting
glide effortlessly across the dark blue sky
I closed my eyes for second or two
And when I opened them again
she was gone
yellow soul Oct 7
When I think of you I think of  
The greenest eyes and the purest freckles
I taste cigarettes on the tip of my tongue
And a soft touch on my bubbly lips
I feel your gentle yet steady grip on my waist
I hear you deep and calming voice
And then it feels like I can’t breathe
All the memories came into my head to fast
My heart starts to hurt
And I open my eyes
***, ***… ***, ***… ***, ***…
The only sound in my dark room is my heart
***, ***… ***, ***… ***, ***…
I see how your tearful eyes have lost their sparkle
I hear you ask me why…
why I keep hurting you
why I’m so messed up
Remembering the smell of the smoke you blew in my face
A new smell
A new smoke
A new boy
With the same green eyes
Admitting to all his lies
Left me here wondering why
this is about my ups and downs with this boy who keep breaking my heart but who I can't leave.
Natalie Oct 7
brick walls keep you locked in
i watch as they come crumbling
around me

everything falls freely
you should come near me

just when i feel you let your walls
i open my gates

but there's something still
hiding me
yellow soul Oct 5
I see you over there all alone
You see me as in the old days
It takes me back
It takes me back

I broke up in September
Wanted you back in October
Missed you in November
Wished for you in December.

Take me back now
You are the only thing I want for Christmas
You can get all you want
If just we can bond

I broke up in September
Wanted you back in October
Missed you in November
Wished for you in December

Nothing could make me smile
You are the only thing
Give me peace
Tack me back.
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