I waded in her love canal,
swimming deep.

Letting the waters splash
                     over me...

Against the tide of her emotion,
the waters became still, relaxed.

I was submerged,
                       relaxing within her.
Till it was my time to feed
                                     her inner thirst.

The Lonely Bard Dec 2016

Today is my birthday like I said earlier,
I am 1990 years younger than your Jesus,
But 2 days older than being as young.

Today I have people wishing me everywhere,
I am 99.9% satiated today as I write this,
But 'morrow I will be 100% content as I move on.

This will, of course, be for the permanence,
As she bears neither love nor penance,
But she only kept insulting my existence.

She does not deserve any true lover.

She first ruined my birthday in 2014 by double-crossing me for another more handsome-but-awfully wicked boy who just wanted to share a bed with her on the 3rd of December only 20 days prior to my birthday.

However, she realised her mistake soon afterwards and came back on March 24th in 2015.

Then finally she ruined my birthday in 2015 by ditching me again on 13th December just 10 days prior to my birthday.

HP Poem #1339
©Atul Kaushal
moemoe Nov 2016

There is so much sorrow in your tears
So let the silence be
Even if you feel the pain on your smile
Let the patience cure your heart
When you can't understand people around you,
no need to read between the lines,
just see what's before your eyes
Try to enjoy the music of the wind
Maybe it'd give you some wings
Fly towards your dreams
Step by step until your last breath
Happy you will be

Death-throws Oct 2016

Y.. you want me?
All the little  broken  bits.  Youll take  them
For free?
Youll wrap my wounded heart in yours
Help close all those broken doors
Show me i can sail to such foreign  shores
Are you really what i need?

I dont think i ever saw this comming.
But you might be whats best for me
Death-throws Jun 2016

I don't thank you,
I never have,
I'm six thousand seven hundred and eight eight days old
and I've never once'd stop to say thank you,
I had a good day today, and I realized ( far too late)
that I often have good days,
days where the sun shines
days where the wind is fine
days where I can take my time,
and smile
yet I've never thanked you,

i exist because of some unknown force, or maybe science, or maybe god
but Ill never know, and so I've never stopped to say hello,
and today I finished  a terrifying assessment,
and today wasn't that bad
so I've stopped to thank you
I don't ask for anything in return,
all I ask is to help others learn
that each day I open my eyes, is a gift from someone who might never materialize, and though you might not hear me, and though you might not exist,
thank you strange force,
I'm so happy I exist

just thank the air around you every now and then, we are lucky to be where we are, no matter where we are, poor, rich, happy, sad,
the fact you even exist is amaizing, so even though their might be no one there,
whats the harm in thanking the air?
Colten Sorrells May 2016

with one foot on yesterday and the other on tomorrow I'm pissing all over the day

Andrew Fahey Oct 2015

Rising slowly
Knowing the top means the end
Watching as others pass by
Feeling the excitement underneath

Expanding with pride
The elation reflecting on similar faces
Wondering just where I came from


Chelsea Spears Aug 2015

It’s just that I always thought I would find the one who loves me. 
And I did.
But still I feel myself getting use to living with that blonde hair girl in the mirror.

If aggravated


Turn down

your anger

Switch to the soulful relaxation
and dance

to smooth


Let your mind free




chilled out



Superlaciously Levitating

Faisal Ali Jul 2015

Drunk poetry speaks no truth..
but what occurs is blood leaking from one's soul. Keep a cup aside, to recollect the red wine. As ammunition is never infinite, we all are animec to our time.

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