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I saw her standing there breathless
Wowed by notes struck out
Like boats over the roiling crowd,
Teary eyed with a beaming smile -
Sadness in a major key.
And see, see how she dances
Graceful, gliding to and fro
She soars as her heart roars
Thoughts banished, troubles vanish
As the music takes her, shapes her
Into this complete being of bliss,
She kisses the night sky
And a star gains its shine
This cherished muse of mine.
Donna Aug 17
Roses sway in wind
Raindrops trickle down windows
I write poetry

Lovely morn this morning  even had time to write poetry before I start my day  , so relaxing too **
Loving Nature ❤️
Kiz May 19
Smooth, strong, deep, therapeutic.
Hands playing on my skin like a virtuoso pianist.
Stroking, kneading, pressing.

With every stroke, his hands melt my stress.
Sooth my pains, physical and mental.
My anxiety fades. My mind rests.
Stroking, kneading, pressing.

His hands are sensual.
His eyes are closed, so his hands move on their own.
No distractions. Just natural. Instinctive.
Stroking, kneading, pressing.

I’m open and vulnerable, self conscious.
But his hands even sooth my flaws, and imperfections.
Press against places I keep covered.
Unflattering angles I would rather keep hidden,
But somehow his hands seem to find beauty even in that.
Stroking, kneading, pressing.

Dang....the hour is up.
Nolan Willett Apr 22
A lovely tree, so carefree,
In serene tranquility,
With it I would spend my day
And let come whatever may.
I don’t have much else to say
Just leave me be, by my tree.
I think I see something in the bark and the leaves
Huxley Web Feb 27
I want to run my fingers through his hair and wrap him in my arms, feel the way he relaxes as we sit here together.
It's strange the dreams the mind creates.
Mohannie Jan 5
My eyelids are heavy
I close them once
They continue to fall
A struggle to lift

I stare into space
To keep them ajar
But they still continue
To fall like bricks

Or a feather to the ground
Soft and hard
Heavy or light
But continue to drop

My head is in buzz
I fight to wake
My eyelids still fall
But I stay awake

Because I cannot sleep
Must stay awake
Too much to do
And still too much weight

My eyelids will fall
Which I can't allow
Them to fully close
So I carry the weight
I deleted this one from a bit ago then decided to post it again. Hope you enjoy!
stopdoopy Feb 16
And I'll gladly sit there
in that tacky chair
and bleed out for an eternity

To watch that woman
laugh freely and smile
open and relaxed

All night
and then I'd remember
I'm hers, and she's mine

And I'm so lucky
that she's soft and gentle with me
for surely I'd die in that seat otherwise
Dedicated to everyone, you're all so beautiful.
Donna Sep 2018
Taking it easy
On a sunny afternoon
Autumn hugs summer
Tis a lovely sunny warm autumn day feels like summer as returned :)
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