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Lyn-Purcell Sep 4

Dew bejewels snow skin
Lounge under the cypress tree
Where the air is fresh

New day, new haiku!
Slowly getting there today. Thank you to all who sent me kind comments, I really appreciate it! Truly, they are lights that make the days better by far.
Free verses are still in the works too.

This haiku is for Pandia, a minor goddess of sorts. Said to be the daughter of Selene and Zeus. In some myths, Pandia is a epithet for Selene herself. Again, theres not much on her at all but still. Even the most minor of goddesses should get some love, right?

Anyway, thank you all for growing followers, I'm forever humbled and grateful for the support 🙏🌹💜
Here's the link for the growing collection:
Be back tomorrow with another one!
Please take care of yoursels and stay safe! RIP to Chadwick again 💔
Much love,
Lyn 💜
Lyn-Purcell Aug 22

Sigh with every stitch
Her hands soft with abundance
Smiles with sweet prosper

New day, new haiku!
I went from feeling better to feeling ****** again, just my luck!
I'm gonna book an appointment on Monday, I cant take this anymore.
Sorry for the late upload!

Still focusing on the younger Charites, children of Hephaestus and Aglaia [aka Kharis, one of the three Charites], this is Euthenia, goddess of abundance. Like her sisters, there isn't much on her.

Like nothing at all, so I wanted to give her some character, I picture her as a woman who has childlike qualities, like innocence and such.
I remember that I found sewing (cross stitching to be exact) so hard at first, but I enjoyed it when I went to the after school clubs and I was so proud when I was done. A fond memory of mine..,

For some reason, I dont know why, but I also see her with the endearing qualities to that of Marilyn Monroe.
Could be that I've been reading up on her alot these days, she's so renown yet so enigmatic at the same time.
She truly has dichotomous nature which I find so appealing. RIP to her.🙏

Anyway, thank you all for growing followers, I'm forever humbled and grateful for the support 🙏🌹💜
Here's the link for the growing collection:
Be back tomorrow with another one!
Much love,
Lyn 💜
There is some part of me
Which I have gnawed at
Chewed up and bit at
Enough to make you wonder
Whether to put the dying dog down
Or stomp out the raging fire’s last embers

Though I try, I can’t deny
What’s born is to beheld
Lyn-Purcell Aug 6

Wine flows bright and red
From daybed, she hears Pisa
Her kingdom bustles

New day, new haiku! ^^
This one is for Sterope [aka Asterope]
Sterope is known to be the wife of King Oenomaus of Pisa [His name somewhat alludes to wine hence the first line, and the kingdom is mentioned in the second].
One more Sister to go and that'll be the end of the Pleiades! ^^
Anyway, thank you all for growing followers, I'm forever humbled and grateful for the support🙏🌹💜
Here's the link for the growing collection:
Be back tomorrow with another one!
Much love,
Lyn 💜
Jess Jul 15
Soft Forgotten Whisper
Caressing the corners of
my truth
Stirring a sweet and gentle remembrance
It goes beyond thought,
mental comprehension,
but a solid knowingness pervades
in the tender sounds of silence
when I allow myself through
the thick façade barricades
that, at times, appear so automatic.
They dissolve, of course
with a sticky residue intact
But that sense seems to grow
Beckoning me with permeating tranquility
It comes to me, without seeking
I Am here;
I Am home.
Distractions attempt to evade,
through this
I realize
the knowingness does not wane,
steady silent presence
Continuous composure
In awareness.
No thing to grasp ahold
Swimming in serene emptiness
Relaxed into my creation.
Nov 16, 2019
Suspended in time
Weightless and unworried
We hang on to the moment
Sedated magic unhurried

His scent is captivating and wild
Forever embedded in my brain
Masculine and crisp
A few hints of the earth after a rain

Insecurities held at bay
I live inside your sanctuary
Your embrace keeps me safe
My senses relaxed and unwary
Tora Jun 24
What if it rained indoors?
Whenever we heard distant thunder
or the weather report said rain
then we would pick up all our things,
go outside and sit and wait
for the drops to stop falling from the ceiling.

Would we sleep in houses, still?
If the roof was like a cloud
and woke us up at 3 am
instead of a pattering at the window,
a pattering on our face?

We could make buildings just for this,
and when it started pouring
we would form lines, hoping to get inside
to take a shower in the rain
singing songs and goofing off.

What if it rained indoors?
Whenever we felt a tiny drop
we would build a comfy pillow fort
with blankets, snacks and giggles
and cuddle till the morning.
Big Virge Jun 22
Contrary To Chat …
That I’m An ANGRY Man... !!!

I’m More Relaxed...
Than A Laid Back Cat...
And That’s A FACT... !!!

But That’s NOT The Track...
That This Poem Maps... !!!!!!!!!

It’s About The Collapse...
of... Restrictions In Lands...
Where This Corona Has Left...
People Sad As Well As MAD... !!!
Because of Attacks...
Made Against Humans...
That Have Laid Them Flat... !!!

So YES Some Have Died...
And Some Have Cried...
Because of This Rise...
In... LOSS of Life... !!!

But Hey... “ IT’s OKAY “... ?!?
Is Now Being Claimed By Government Names...

Who CLEARLY Have... NO SHAME... !!!
When THEY Chose To BREAK Policies of The State...

To Which They Should Adhere...
That Made It... CLEAR...


“NO Mistress Or Lover Who They Love Undercover...
Should Be Met At Night In These Corona Times... !!!”

TUT TUT TUT... Those In Governments...
Didn’t Even Observe Their Own Absurd Words... !?!

Like Those That Now Say
That Restrictions In Place...
Can Now Be... RELAXED... !!!

What’s Up With That... ?!?

Oh Right...
Because of New Phone Apps...
That Will Now... TRACK...
People Who’ve BEGGED...
As Well As Held Protests... !!!
To Relax Their Heads of The Level of Stress...
That’s Had An Effect On Financial Strength...

So Within A Few Weeks...
of.... PANDEMIC Scenes....
Restrictions Will EASE So That Certain Peeps...
Can Return To The Streets...
And Once Again Feed World Economies...
But Here’s The Thing...
That May Well STING...

Corona Mutates So May RISE AGAIN... !!!

Bringing More Pain...
And Days of Strain Being LOCKED AWAY... !!!

So Why Relax...
When Coronas Not Trapped …
With A Cure INTACT... ?!?

People Should Really...
THINK About THAT... !!!

Before Running Back To Work...
To Earn Themselves Cash...
Like... Well Trained Herds... !!!
of Slaves Whose Own Health...
Means... LESS THAN WEALTH... !?!

In Times Like THESE... !!?
People Should Really THINK...

...... CAREFULLY..... !!!!!

Before Following Trends...
Like... Twitter Fiends... !!!

This Corona Scene...
And Spread of Disease...

... Isn't Dead Just Yet... !!!

Do Folks...
Really Still Believe These GOVERNMENTS... ???
After All Their Talk About Fighting This WAR... !?!

That... Didn’t Last Long...
I Mean Really COME ON...

They’re Singing Dud Songs...
That Sound... ALL WRONG... !!!

From Its Very Inception...
This Form of Infection...
Doesn’t Seem To Be Dealing...

And Government Measures...
Haven’t Eased The Pressure...
of Fears That Are Linked...
To This... Corona Thing...

So Are People THINKING... ???
Or Steadily... SINKING.......................

Into A State...
Where Their Mind States TRAPPED... ?!?
Into Thinking of Cash …
Instead of Government Plans...
That Have LACKED …
Any Form of Substantiated Fact... !!!

So The Question I Have...
Requires No... Math...
But Doesn’t Add Up...
Cos’ If This Disease Is Still On The Run...

Can Things Now Be...
So Quickly... HACKED...

And Now......

... “ Relaxed “... ?!?
So, now that economies have literally stalled, it seems as though, for the purpose of money making, these lockdowns are now being eased globally, gradually.

However, the first countries notably, are Western Countries !

So, depending on what you believe, one has to wonder, whether keeping people healthy, is actually more important than making money to those in power currently, who continue to dish out very confusing orders and protocols to follow, that they DON'T EVEN FLLLOW THEMSELVES ... !?!
Jennifer May 27
washing’s drying on the line, dog’s
curled up in a sun-patch; i’m rocking
to and fro,
letting the time pass.
At times like these step back
Ease into it with mind relaxed
We can only persist
Try to see your former self
Contest the things we could have done
Externalise internal thoughts
To talk alone
Old or young
Discuss the paths which were pursued
You and me are one and yet we've had so much fun
Today's the day as yesterday
Is gone
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
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