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A pin drops
Sending waves of nothing
Into my cold heart
I grow colder
As I fall apart
The deepening darkness
Drenching me in despair
Drunk and dribbling
Drooling devilishly
Upon the door of doom
Soon, you say
And again
And I wait patiently
Thinking absently
And then....

Cautiously waiting
A cacophony of cries
And a craving carrying
This cornucopia of craziness
I'm callow
Or so they say
Is this my life?
Is this my way?
Kind words
And actions
Melt mere sections
Of this muscle
But so far
It's not enough
And then......

Breathe in my soul
My very essence
Take in my life
My effervescence
I am champagne
Bubbles on the surface
But bitter inside

And then.....

I ask why.....

And then....

I beg to die....

And then....

I say goodbye...
There is a tempest inside of me,
Everything I touch turns to rust.
You run, feet kicking up the dust
I can't see you no more, nada trust.

A neverending thirst for dopamine,
listen to my heart, it's still beating,
It pumps crimson blood, I can't stop living.
I can't stop the needle, I just keep giving in.

My whole being ripples and aches, it does.
Diversifying thoughts, my body still wants you
My mind keeps wandering, how is this really true?
I feel like a part of the ocean, taking up its hue.

It's hunting season, pick your prey
And always keep doing what you do best.
Who will you dance all night with next?
Who is going to drool for you like a fool?

I keep making the same mistake, I am insane, double-take.
Spiraling down, neverending set of stairs, fall for levity's sake.
I still feel the same, carrying a burden made rack,
Even though you are just another knife in my back.
Loyal to a fault.
If I'm losing my mind now
It's because I allowed myself to believe
I can stand tall in something that's sinking
Without going under
Sometimes a threat
Feels worse
Than what’s to come

It’s the feeling of
And the itch of not knowing

Acknowledging that there’s danger,
But what kind?
It’s unknowable until the moment

Like a bespectacled man
Inside a dark cave
He has the tools, but cannot work

When you can’t lash out
Or even caress
Whatever can do both

When you can’t outsmart
Or out-******
Whatever does neither

When you can’t run away
Or charge towards
Whatever needn’t move an inch more

That’s when you let
Take you out for a spin

When logic and words are replaced
By snarls and roars
And that’s honestly the best sounds available

When careful movements are ditched,
Flailing arms and kicking legs reign
And you feel every muscle in harmony

That’s when you lose your humanity
But win the fight
And that’s what really matters

But did you really win?
I mean,
You lost your mind wrestling a thought.
Stark 7d
a wise eyed cynic
head full of rational thought
ignored by his only friend

as i descend into madness,
will you be my Horatio?
standing through it all
with the utmost clarity?

Oh, to be Horatio
as your closest friends are dragged into the clutches of insanity
shakespearean bffs, pt 1
Illusions are the new reality
Victimhood the chosen mentality
Opinions lead to fatality
Common sense is the new insanity
I have a black cloud that surrounds me.
It's no mystery or secret.
The voices on high will tell you all
that I'm seething.
It's just carbon, don't think I'm *******
***** or a joker...
I'm deadly serious.
Science paints the wall hard
in white coats.
Can't know everything they say,
or anything but the quest forever then.
In bright flashes I show what I just am.
Pure unadulterated potential.
***** and invisible once I've ******
upon your everything.
I have to be quick, they're out to prove
that I exist with silver.
To reach out with blood to elaborate
while I've always transmuted
confusion a lightning bolt.
Don't think it's deliberate that I strike
you for someone who's been here
before, but the blots are all concrete.
This first spark at the origin of
genius deep inside the temple is
Their frequency at the answers
while silence swallows the laughter
is a torment stepping into gravity.
They'll build it until I come,
not knowing how far gone I am.
Air and flesh is more flammable
than stone,
the assumption is the sun that
man has never known...
that I'm too blind to see who *****
up my home.
The flies and things resonate in
my rings,
time chained me to the stillness
so you could know why BANG rhymes
with CLANG when I walk right
through you.
To not exist for so long was just a
trick to see who's listening.
Now you can tell it to the birds
while paying for the stories
that surround my absence.
How the past whispers to the
future between the lines.
Static presence, oh what the ****
because I'm the devil.
There goes another veil,
I was framed by liars,
so I too set random people on fire.
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