elaine 16h
It’s hard to escape this insanity when your world is on fire. I’m left gasping for clean air only to find war smoke.
Papers are thrown, glasses are shattered.
And I am uncomfortably numb.
elaine 16h
fearing the dark abyss, i go to discover. i jump into the deep unknown, knowing very well i cannot swim.
i look around only to find myself drowning  in disappointment and failure. darkness clouds over my mind as i lose grip on my sanity.
drifting. far, far away.
CGW 3d
Insanity creeping up behind me.
On the soft note
I become the victim.
The colors of the rainbow are changing.
The colors are changing.
Blake 4d
Anything is art if you ask it to be
Though eternal it is when handled by thee
She will make the life you live much more
Than any other you have lived before
She brings you here as her guest
A place of heaven and endless rest
Where the world itself burns with desire
Yet not a trace of fiendish fire
A place the earth could not attain
That I will forget once fallen sane
Seema 4d
Twisted at some point
Life never gets better your way
It has its own directions
Customize it, if you may
Pricky steps do guide
Where once fallen deep
Wide-eyed watching path
But still wanting to sleep
Lucid dreams make believe
That reality is fake
Daydreaming turns tiresome
It's good to be awake
Thinking the other way
That maybe you're in debt with death
Shatter the false vision
Or chaos could stir up wrath
Look around and stay sane
Coz insanity is on rise
People hooked on their phones
Life now, has no price...

Scribbling thoughts.
This tears on my bloody skin
Tears from your bloody sins
Tear from the words that won’t leave my mind.
Tears from what lies behind.

Deep cuts from within
Deep cuts on my skin
Deep cuts down my wrist
Life is so brisk
I like the risk.

They say "sticks and stones may break my bones"
But their the ones who always had homes.
"Words will never hurt me"
So why won’t those words stop replaying in my head and let me be.

Deep cuts on my thighs
Deep cuts from your lies
Cuts from what Ive realized
People are evil in my eyes

Your words teared my heart; and I my skin. It’s the only thing that alleviates the pain.
I felt it cut into my soul.
I reflect what you have said; your sins on my skin.
Is not equivalent to a broken leg.
Who came up with that analogy?
Someone who hasn't experienced either
Seems the only probability.

It's far more akin to a giant spasm,
Contorting your leg against your will,
And stopping it seems highly unatural,
And each doctor prescribes different pills.

Nobody has fluctuating broken legs,
Or fractured limbs that cause them to count
The precise number of steps they take,
And despair if it's the wrong amount,

Or healing bones that turn reality
Into hallucinatory nightmares,
Or make you stay awake all week,
And start berating chairs.

But the worst of that analogy
(It drives me quite insane!),
Is that broken legs are quick to heal,
And cause a lot less pain.
Another rough one- will I ever finish it? Who knows!
My mind is a pin spinning on its head.
Round it spins and round it goes. 
Left alone it would spin forever, left alone it would be content.

But the world is cruel and nothing is ever alone. And so it wobbles at the breeze and it wobbles when blown and it wobbles sometimes by it’s own to-and-fro. It wobbles, and wobbles, it looks like it may just fall. Topple over and spin no more. But it never does, it always comes back. It always recovers. It always wobbles back.
And it keeps on spinning, round and round it goes.

My mind is a pin spinning on its head.
Maybe this breeze will be the one to push it over the edge.
We're just in the mood
For Insanity.
Trying to stay sane
In a Society
That doesn't make any sense
Gets to be too much of a burden
For us.
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