Shaima 18h

I needed you I guess.
I needed the touch of your soul to warm my lonely hands.
I needed your insanely simplistic sanity to the insanity of my lucidity awake.
I needed you.
But I need you no longer.
So leave if you will,
I can finish ending myself on my own now.
But thank you.

Patricia Oct 2

When we first met, we barley saw each other
We were in a space where it was so easy to look over the other
Where boxes blocked our view of the other's perfection
& the world around us caused static in channel only we belonged on.

As time went on, you began to annoy me.
Annoy me to points beyond belief but from you, it was allowed.
You made sure I smiled at your antics and I made sure to keep them in my heart.
You saw my face painted to be another person but you saw me for my true form and began to play for me.

If over 90% of human interaction is non-verbal, you're eyes are louder than anyone's I've ever heard.
Your eyelashes hit your water line harder than my pencil brush
Your lip hits the guillotine of your perfect top row every single time our bodies are within ten feet... you're good to me.
I can hear the sounds of an acoustic guitar coming form your chest
I see the reflection of violin strings in your lenses
The wind chimes grow from your scalp and sound perfect no matter how many time you cut them off and I can't get enough.

I want to hand you the key to my soul so you can know the truth
So you can find out that my ventricles play the piano while my veins strum cello strings.
My mind calls for the bongos while my feet bleed for salsa.

I want to dance.
I want to dance to the songs that you'll play for me.
The ones that only you and I will ever hear in the confines of our own studio where the walls are far from soundproof but it will never matter.

|play for me|

Crazy times.
Lost my mind,
But I found it again
When I let myself

Jenovah Aug 21

My thoughts caved in on themselves
My knees became liquid beneath me
I found myself crash-landing
Onto the floor
A war waged inside of my stomach
Out came the contents of my lunch
It melded into the carpet
My chest felt like layers of brick
My throat became scratchy like razors
Like the razors that sunk so neatly
Into your flesh
We were a beautiful mess
The after math of lost reality

100% Mess!
How the hell can you do something like That?!
You're CRAZY!

IJustBS Sep 27

How many times does it take someone to figure out their mistakes?
How long does it take for someone to realize they're not always right?
Why can't people grasp that their own life is out of their control?
Who can recognize any of these?
We go around in circles day after day.
Week after week.
Month after month.
Year after year.
Generation after generation.
We try to change our future.
We are...
But we only scratch the surface of our faults,
our nails caught in the ravine of misconception.
Only caused to fall back into the loop that is reality.
We are all-
We go around in circles day after day.
Week after week.
Month after month.
Year after year.
Generation after generation.
Countless meaningless wars.
The same argument with the same person day after day.
Falling in love over and over.
Why am I asking questions so many people have before?
There's only one explanation I can think of.

if you see any mistakes in grammar tell me please and thanks <3
Yanamari Sep 26

A cube exists around me.
A cube of darkness closing in,
A cube of walls unknown;
Walls that are endless and confining.
A cube isolated and alone.

A cube of turbulent motionlessness,
Intertwining in my veins,
A cube of perpetual poisoning,
A cube of living death.

Light does not enter it,
Nor does it escape.
Rather, it is sucked in,
And implodes at sanity's end.

What the hell is the matter with you, dude?
You don't belong nowhere,
And you don't belong anywhere either.
You ought to get yourself a job
Or selling guns?
You already wrote a poem about That topic.
Why don't you just take it off of Facebook
And put it on Hello Poetry.

Blackbird Sep 25

Spiders everywhere
Seeking me, watching me
Scheming against me

They smell my blood
They feel my fear
They rejoice in my trepidation
But I won't give in

I never drop my guard
I need to stay awake
Always watching
Wretched little beasts

They wait for me to sleep
To lay their eggs in my brain
To mix their blood with mine
So that they may steal my soul

And so I never sleep
I never rest
Always vigilant I am
Waiting,  always waiting

Akira Sep 25

Mayday! Mayday!
Send help!
It's going back!
Back to the memories I want to forget!
Back to the times I wish not to remember.
Help me! Please!
I tried to find the way out of here.
The sign said.
I jumped out through the emergency exit.
At last.
I was safe.

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