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The walls you have confined her in

She could crawl out but they will trap her back in

But someone would surely notice her escape in this place

Plus she would never do that in the first place

Because her pride stands up straight

And she has no ability to walk out of these confined walls up straight

So she can not walk away

So her mind will stand up straight and walk away

And You may never see her true self again

So what.

if you did you would just take it away again
- Tylar Carroll
One day, some Godless humanist proposed
an, at the time, radical idea regarding inconvenient
pregnancies. The notion offered:  "Why not just
**** the baby?" Tragically, this "solution" has not
been considered radical, for a very long time.
Mister J Oct 7
My mind is playing with me
In a game I know I will lose
Talking myself out of this
Wrestling with my thoughts

I'm lost in my paranoia
Imprisoned in the walls I built
The whispers are deafening
The screams are silent

I'm running out of time
I'm slipping to insanity
How does one get free
From all this absurdity

Its a game of fools
Its a pointless showdown
That leaves us with no choice
But to participate in anguish

You turned me into something else
Fooling me with false happiness
That even now I lie to myself everyday
With hopeless thoughts of being saved

I'm losing myself
To my psychotic tendencies
And I guess I'm in that state
That I don't want to be saved anymore

I'm tired of letting people in
I'm tired of asking for a savior
I'm tired of seeking redemption
In fact, I only seek assimilation

No more screaming for help
No more reaching for heaven
I'm storming the road to hell
I'm embracing my demons

No more roses for angels
No more goddesses to worship
No more queens to kneel down to
With open arms I welcome this atheism

I am my own demon
And I will keep myself satiated
I will feed my insanities
And I will be the devil you painted me to be
Dumping 3am thoughts

Good Morning!
Happy Reading!

Kayla Gallant Sep 28
Lie across
Train tracks
Without fear
Call it insanity
Yet you stand
Hand on chest
Pledging your life
To the men
Who dictate you
mindless sheep
Xant Sep 19
If I were to say
about my day
There need only three words
And three words only

Such an outburst of profanity,
but they keep me away from insanity

So if you ask me "How was your day?",
there'd only be three words for me to say;



        Guacamole :D
How was your day, everyone? :)
Mine's been very... Crazy
LK Sep 4
One more step after the other
See the same **** boring color

No black or white; just shades of gray
Just drifting through another day

Sometime they tell me you will see
All that there is for you to be

But as for now you mustn’t cry
Just wait for time to pass you by

I can only hold on for so long
Before I realize all that’s gone

All that could have been for me
In another time and place you see

But not here, now or ever, I know
These summers turn only to winter snow
austin Sep 17
Just my shadow sits beside me.
Not even the birds, nor the bees.

I don't think I'll ever change.
My God, I'm so deranged.

I need something to keep me sane
I don't know what it is
I just know I am not the same
Such a shame it is.

I think I dropped my feelings
in this well of murky black
I hope someone can help me find them
before I have a heart attack.
It is said there is life out of Earth,
Not just moss or some germ livin’ in filth;

There are beasts very smart in Syluthaarme,
A big rock with a vast digital farm,

Where they work not at all or too hard,
Have one ear, but three legs, walk backward,

Got one eye gazing far far away,
And complexions of more shades of gray

Than is seen here on Earth. Among the mass
Live a few who belong to no class,

But pretend that they share illusions
The less smart breeding mass envisions.

An asylum it is for the sane
In the insane’s needed stead feel the chain.
Hossein Mohammadzade
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