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RAO 2d
I'm no stranger to failure, I'd rather strangle the terror.
Then I fly like a sparrow ever since I was a cherub.
I'm in a whole different era. I'm on that next level "Rarer."
I wear upcoming apparel, I look good in every mirror.
I watch the moon like I'm feral. red pill blue pill Akira.
red pill blue pill Akira.
red pill blue pill Akira.
red pill blue pill Akira.
red pill blue pill Akira.
I take these drops like a serum
I prayed to god I'm the hero.
alive is success
you are successful now yes
what step next now yes
Zack Ripley Aug 6
"How do I become successful?"
"Are you alive?"
"Then you're already doing it.
Keep it up."
Little lost things
in a sea of hope
staying for scalings
of the modern write

Under the tables
and in between the light
a house is in comfort
for tomorrow's light

Crisp summer dusk
with names unturned
living in dust
for life's return
'Love lost but hope sprung'
Ruheen Jun 3
That's what's gonna **** me,
A little
The middle of a
I should really stop saying
'Cause that's what's gonna **** me,
And now I'm dead.
But let's
Keep this
To myself.
Ivy Leigh Apr 23
I'm depressed
I'm a mess
I'm afraid to send that text
When you said
I could spend
Any moment with you to mend
Oh my heart
Needs to start
After hours spent apart
I miss you
Yes it's true
But I'm looking for a cue
That doesn't have to do
With the constant need to *****
Baby you're all I need
And you even make me scream
But beside all the ***
Where will you take this thing next
So I need a little change
That wherever you go
You will loosen up the reigns
Jenish Apr 8
Silently conquering mind, as if no other options to bloom
Her dead brain body still breathing, while my heart pleading a big big
Sofia Ageyeva Mar 19
What's happening in the world?

It's just another winter...  

Just another winter?....
Is that what you think?

Yes, I do!
That's what my calendar tells me...

Ok... what will happen next?

April will come...

Are you sure that April will come?

Yes, I'm sure!
I've heard a bird singing... that's a good sign that April will come...

But what should we do?

We should live our lives!!
Get our summer dresses and hats ready!

Do you think we'll get to wear them?

I think we should get them ready...
We should try our summer dresses on today!!!

... Because there's no plan B and there's no planet B...

Please put on your summer dress 👗!.!..
Give me your hand...
Dance 💃🏻 with me... my beautiful partner...

Should we wear masks 😷?

We don't really need masks 🎭!!!

The music is playing... give me your hand...

And 1-2-3... 1-2-3... 1-2-3...
translation from Russian of poem by Yuriy Levitanskii - Dialog next to a Christmas Tree
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