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Hans Ho Apr 10
One is no and one is yes
Somebody say no and somebody say yes
People don’t always say yes
you have to say no
by HansHo and sandy soul
xavier thomas Mar 16

Do it
Am I happy
Am I not happy

Am I afraid
Am I not afraid

Do I believe
Do I not believe

Can I make it happen
Can I not make it happen

Is this all there is
Is this not all there is

Can someone else make me feel
Can no one else make me feel

Will I act
Will I not act

I will die
Nikkie Jan 30
I see you, seeing the real me; the woman who hides.
The woman who hides behind the pain of familial hurts
that refuse to fall off and die. I see you, seeing me, looking at me deeply with your heart. I see you looking into my eyes;
who are you really looking at? What are you looking for?
I have pain yes, I have hurts, yes. I have pains that you’ll never
want to know about.

But your eyes, your eyes are the window to my soul.
That night at the table I saw you, looking at the real me.
I saw the deepness inside of you, through your eyes.
I saw your devotion; you reached out to me and gave
me something I’ve never had before, real strength.

You say to me, “life is too short to be unhappy.”  
Because of your strength, I am working on just that,
being happy. Because of the way you look into me, I am clearing out the sadness and clutter that has kept my life
in deep dis-repair.  

I am working on not allowing any person; place or solitary
thing, to steal my joy, and to keep me down.
Because of the way you look into me, I am a work in progress.
Because of the way you look into my soul, I am working
on making changes that you see deep inside of a broken me.

When I look into your eyes, I see feelings; I see strength,
I see the power of what a really good man can actually do.
I see a drop of golden honey, that gets sweeter and
sweeter with each passing day.

When I look into your eyes, I see my future being put
together with grains of sand, that bind us together to
heal both our pasts.  When you look into my eyes, I feel you inside of me. Your strength is helping me heal,
you are rebuilding my hurts; pains, and all of my

When you sit next to me and stare into my eyes;
my soul is being autographed by your character.
You give me a portion of your strength when your
eyes look through me and see my pain.
Your eyes see something in me that I ever knew
was there, because your eyes are the window  
to my healing soul, I can work on healing myself,
and release my hidden pain and sadness.
Mykarocknrollin Nov 2020
tell me how
tell me now
tell me why
tell me not to cry
tell me when
tell me to count one to ten
tell me love
tell me when to say yes
do i say or do i tell
i think i fell

Sarah Flynn Nov 2020
"I want a lifetime
of waking up to you
hogging the blankets,
and holding you on
nights where you panic.

I'm not good with words,
not like you are.

but I want to fight
for what we have.

I want to stand by you
while we remind ourselves
why we got together
in the first place.

I'm sure of what
my life needs now.

it needs the girl
who hopped onto
the back of my bike
like it was nothing,

who didn't know
that one day soon
it would be everything.

it needs the girl who
stopped me and told me that
she wasn't ready to use
those three words,

but then yelled
'I love you'
while riding me not
too many nights after.

great timing,
by the way.

it needs the girl
who used words
to turn her pain
into a message
about surviving.

I could stare at you
for hours and still
be amazed years later
that I met someone
so beautiful.

luckily, you remind
me to stop staring
and to keep my eyes
on the road.

because of you,
we only crashed once.

I am madly
in love with you

and I want this
to be forever."

I reread this note
every night when
you're working late.

you're much better
with words than
you think you are.
you must be,

because when you
handed me this
and asked me
to marry you,

I didn't hesitate
before I said "yes."
forever is a long time, but I get to spend every day of it with you by my side. I'm so excited to see what our future holds. I love you, loser. today and every other day.
Juliann Nov 2020
This morning, at 8:51am, on a blustery, rainy island off the Danish coast, I said yes.

I said yes to all of you,
to the vast unknown,
to the brimming anxiety
and the overflowing happiness

Because you showed me how it is to really feel.
Mark Wanless Oct 2020
alive is success
you are successful now yes
what step next now yes
Zack Ripley Aug 2020
"How do I become successful?"
"Are you alive?"
"Then you're already doing it.
Keep it up."
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