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yes you.
Please show me the way
to happiness.
I'm having a hard time to find happiness right now
Ha.  I've too much stacked up on all accounts for your feeble dispute, if any, to be heard.


He led me on a wild goose chase, to thence
Look was't half sheepish, 'fessing in betrayl
Twas all a ruse.  No kisses either, pale
Night bitter, though alive and listning hence
Mair keenly than I cared t'acknowledge, sense
Upon its honour as a watchman they'll
Arraign for sleeping on his post, t'avail
I had a ball despite was't ill intents?
What DOES "I love you" signify as twere?
Folk never knew what was afoot 'til to
Effect twas:  over.  He's most chummy fer
Good show now my heart's lost.  The weeks we two
Spent in a whirlwind romance are gone, poor
As his late overtures who can not woo.

Dontcha jist LOVE the stinking reality of that title?!
Laughable, the worst part being our complete denial is it?


So we discussed--I can't remember hence.
Snow falling through the hours likeas a veil
Beyond which naught 'cept white was in betrayl
Seen from this vantage.  Sip espresso thence
In silence those wee flakes knew for intents,
And oh! what did the minutes know?  In pale
Hours white, white, white half haunted, to avail
The Scriptures like a tete-a-tete for sense.
Dreams of tomorrow in my noggin tour,
'Non swirling like to crystallize the view
That will be done by now, I spose.  Tis poor
To thus rehearse, and lo, I lost all too
When, after dinner'd cull a hiccup fer
Our prayrs.  Our lives are what? a vapour.  Ooh.

Perhaps the funniest thing is that final note in L14:  I made my bed to that this morning, that fact lending flavour to what followed, interestingly.
tayarose Feb 5
Yes I want to love you, but where do I Start?
With your mind?
yes, we can become entwined
Your eyes that change color, not far apart
or your lips that are the color of rose
or maybe your nose?
small, round an cute, just like art
your round tummy or your small toes
I can't choose, I love all of me
Right down to my beating heart
Be strong, love your self
When people  
ask me if
I've ever broken any bones,
I relay with
a no.
But they don't ask me
if I've ever had
a broken heart,
because I would answer
Natasha Jan 31
So do it--decide.

Is this the life
you want to live?
Is this the person
you want to love?
Is this the best you can be?
Can you be stronger?
Kinder? More compassionate?
Breathe in.
Breathe out.
and decide.
Grey's Anatomy
So many definite “no”s in the world
But are we in the position to be definite
Definitely I mean
There’s no way we can guarantee
A future for you and me
That order can change when we want
It’s a paradox
Think about a lot
Didn’t we beat the odds just to be here?
Don’t feel fear
Because when they say no
We say yes
When they go low
We take the test
So next time you tell me no
Rethink your statement though
Because you might disappear
We all might soon
And this ******* world
Might be our doom
So go do the little things
Say yes, don’t stress
Because in the grand scheme of things you’re
Just a **** speck
I wrote this as a rap, not a poem, but I suppose it can be either
clever Jan 27
i am the king.
and i am surrounded by my queens.
my pawns are even important
(and you know just who you are).
but you,
you're just all wrong.
off the board and out your mind.
check mate.
watch me straighten my crown and i'll watch you fall.
i love you
i can't love you
i'm here for you
be strong
say yes or no
be a man
i know what i want
is just you
what is your choice?
c Jan 20
After hearing no
All my life
I loved the way
I drew yes
From your lips
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