Soph 2d

Take another, girl
Let it wash down your throat
And you say I ain't your man no more
But you know you're lying
Please, hop in the Phantom, take a ride with me
We can go down the coast together, see the city
I'll even buy you OC, Fenty heels on your manicured feet
When we were high off Xanny and the nighttime and we took the car out,
You tried to look me in the eye, but you couldn't
And you told me you weren't afraid to die
You always ask me when I'm on one if I'm alright
But I'm alright
I'm quite alright
And my money's alright

More hip-hop poetry! This one is based off of XO TOUR LLIF3 by Lil Uzi Vert
geeqii Apr 20

Deep in thought like spiderweb labyrinths..

Naval officer conscious, swimming through my mind, please, stop reminding me confidence.

Now, whether it's behavioral or occipital;
These lobes show no mercy when it comes to the time being..
And as these, fleeting thoughts tend to.. mainly be "freeing"
consciousness behind choice words, doesn't translate lightly.  

I see that my, disagreements have only caught up with my patience. And while this, self defeating malice intent festers within; the corresponding mental maintenance weighs heavy on my brain stem.

Like surgical malpractice or remembered  average. I pretend to be this menace within expected lenses.

But, it's the cat senses that has these dogs barking. Already caught up farming, bumble bee somethings on Sunday mornings. I'm noticing all these women pining, constantly looking for charmings'.

Through filtered screens?

I'd say it's alarming..for sake of the rhyme, but it's not. It's really not unbelievable at all.

These bottled drugs have my demeanor.. somewhat even. Hoping some general conversation may even..
Force the production of honey..

I see those fake bees morphing into fake rabbits. Sporadically f**king, snorting like fake addicts. But you know me..

intro to hellopoetry (part2)  geeq
Ron Apr 17

We all have them.
Yet for some reason some of us hold back
Like we don't have the motivation
Lacking the drive to push ourselves
It's a plague and it's affected our whole nation
It's something that needs to be fixed
Our hearts need healing
And our souls need freeing
It's only a matter of time
So I'll plead with you now
Never hold yourself back
Never tell yourself that you're nothing
Because I guarantee
That you are something to someone
You mean more than you think
Don't give up on your dreams
Because your dream could be the most important of all
It could save you
It could save the world
You never know.
Dreams are important
They should be treated like gold.

Wrote this to a motivational rap beat. So I don't know how well it will translate without a beat.
Sebastian VL Apr 1

Some say I entertain
But I write to maintain
My own shit down my own lane
You want shit go ask mane

Maybe I ask for fame
Probably go for the money and dames
Go on rari's and cadi's instead of trains
Or atleast go lit over all my mains (If I had some)

Everybody I know now they stains
One thing to another so quick they been prayin
For justice, to be loved, some shit they all be sayin
Maybe y'all expect me to be slayin

But nah I am payin
Taxes and rent I owe
From this person I been fakin
Maybe now I'm on a low

Started off high but shit happens you know
Like riding  a car and you get stopped to tow
Maybe I look worse, dusty like I came from the dough
Or nappy as fuck like my other boys' fro

But for real tho
No roast no show
Maybe I need this to grow
Harsh when you on your own on the road

I'm seeing shit too early hoppin like a toad
Like seeing a video on youtube and it forgot to load
Probably changed so much I am hard to decode
May be considered weird but I guess that's my mode

So I don't write to entertain
I don't want all that fame
Fuck the world now I love the train
But I write to explain.
One's mind trying to be sane

Khalif Mar 31

Remember Wesley’s Theory. Remember they haven’t taught you everything.
And no one actually gives anything For Free. Don’t take it and expect to give nothing back.
They will beat it out of you. Spit back King Kunta even though you’ll feel nothing like royalty.
Google Institutionalized. The first example reads, The danger of discrimination becoming


Maybe they didn’t want to flat out say racism?
And instead pretend like u won’t try to climb over These Walls.
You in Trumps America now boy, everything ain’t just gonna be Alright.
You might wake up tomorrow, sign chained to your ankles, “For Sale”.

Momma never warned you. At least you don’t remember, you haven’t talked lately.
You never understood Hood Politics, found yourself on the wrong block
Too much change in your pocket tryna to figure out How Much a Dollar Cost
But the Complexion of your currency ain’t quite correct cuz

That’s when you realize The Blacker the Berry, the less like you.
You Ain’t Gotta Lie, you like where you are now.
Starting to think i belong and shit.
But remember, even though you know how to Pimp a Butterfly, you’re just a Mortal Man.

Italics are songs from "To Pimp a Butterfly"
V Mar 30

I seem to have seen it all-
The heart breaking, world shaking
Call me the crazy making Queen
Who sliced up the king
Ring Ring
When'd I get this popularity?
Oh shit- Its the mental police
Why they always calling me?
Leave a message after the beep
Nope, not listening.
I think my time is near
Oh dear.
I used to cry a lake of tears
Hid under covers from fears
But my conscious disappeared.
There's nobody here!
I'm making this clear
Death'll just have to wait.
But wait-
There seems to be a mistake
To let those demons take
Over my mind again
Around the bend
And through the rabbit hole they lead
I stumble and bleed
I can't seem to breathe
I gotta scream
My bodies burning it seems
Black ash surrounding me.
Then I open my eyes
It was just another dream.

Luiz Syphre Mar 28

Fed up!

I'll chew you up
and spit out!

Get out!

Go find a route
kick some rocks
A thousand blocks
Go fucken drop!

Stay out!

I was a true devout
No need to scout
You'd never pout
To you I'd shout:
"You Im about"

Bitch you sleep out!

Give me no face,
Taunt and fake
Pretend to chase
Need me some space
But never put out!

Put up!

All your smoke and clouds
You sleep around
Ive got no doubt
Theres no way out
Bitch you so proud
Pick up that stout
there from the crowd and

Smoke out!

You cant keep pace
Your mind a haze
Go out and play
Just fuck and blaze
Who's up today?
Dont care they pay!

All night long you stay up!

Once my thunder,
now just blunder
Front page ponder:
"k-9 found her"
fighting biting
begging to be
six feet under!

Glad she's on her way out!

- Luiz Syphre

Just messing around with lyrics....
Sebastian VL Mar 26

No song from future, uzi, wayne
Can describe this feelin' and or pain
From the beginning till the end shit got stained.
Like a scar it won't go away

Stayin' up all night like it's nothin'
Maybe I try to show off that im bluffin'.
Or exaggerate the fact I'm hurtin'
On the corner wet as hell but lowkey dryin'
Messed up, mad man, tarzan
Confused like tape on a rubberband
Can't sleep without thinking of back then
When I hugged, kissed dreamed about you or just holding your hand.

Pillow cases they show all the real faces
The ones when you can't sleep during different phases.
Of the night, and in the morning you can tell all the traces.
From all those signs down there it amazes.

Probably don't won't or ever just care
But this was not intended for you to be a dare.
And I am stuck looking for an exit that is not ever there.
Yet my feels still strong damn I hope you still care.

Probably act tough to be buff
But inside I am hollow like a cracked up oeuf
And the real me Aint what you see but from the stuff
The lil dam stuff from the times I was still happy and with a bust.

Probably this won't make sense.
For you because I may delete this soon.
But if there were a word to describe everything I there is right now..
I'd say immense.

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Sebastian VL Mar 24

I feel like I am on a retrace
Slowly being replaced
By a small little low face
In a big world where he got no place
It's like crusin down a freeway
But still losin on the big race
Try being a disgrace
To yourself like its all plié
Still walking on a slow pace
More lone than NASA in space

Where nothing really matters
And my mind is in some scatters
Get all your sadness in a platter
Eat it up while you're getting flatter
Lyrics everywhere like I just had a splatter
Spittin on a mic they call me grand master
Yet my emotions are unorganized some would call it natter
Like if they were in a ball and my mind was a batter
Throw it by chance land low then make it a clatter
May land and fuck you up but it don't matter
Well it landed on me so now my body shatters

May be so sad with all my lows
But now I'm some kid that nobody knows.
1:04 am and I am expectin a lil show
Or am I too late? did I miss my flow?
Did anyone bring the drinks for the party I was about to throw?

To forget about our lives hittin up like drive by's
Got everybody leavin they say bye bye
Used to be that kid that would just cry all night
But got used to it now I act alright.
Getting used to every punch like it was cake right?
Take a lil piece and say it was easy right?
Where life is not a game but I got played by life
Fucked up so hard lost myself out on sight.
Don't be me and do alright.
Maybe you won't be like me being blue all night.
I hope everyone that left is doing alright.
I hope this dont last any longer cold like a frost bite
Hope I can get it back. My might for the fight
I hope I can get it back, my little shining light.

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Brent Kincaid Mar 22

Westminster Abby
Carpool lane
Sixty four g
No-fly zone

Lay down a beat
Make some noise
Out of my seat
Girls and boys
Empty calories
Some free radicals
Kiss your babies
Separate but equal

Half a bannable
Totally organic loofa.

Locomotion ocean
Beedee essem
Hepanepa plop
Simulated leather
Random drug tests
Keep it all together.

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