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xavier thomas Apr 14
Life fulfilling; stay well fitted; support my crew; always giving

Yes I’m different; never trippin’; features cute

No interference; way to brilliant; God man fearing

Keep ya distance; don’t act suspicious; too ambitious

Swag be hittin’; can’t slow my road; cause I be winning
Zack Ripley Mar 16
Livin like a wannabe.
Not that you want to be.
Always looking for that one opportunity.
But you'll never find it
cause you can't see:
if you work for someone else
you'll never be free.
Free to speak your mind.
Raise your voice.
Free to love.
Make a choice.
There's a whole world.
Make it yours.
See what's on the other side
of the door.
(Verse 1:)
Dreaming is for fools daring to shut their eyes
Keeps us sleeping soundly
A bed of lies
Rendering us blind
Incoming demise
So confused cannot tell day apart from night
In desert searching for something to drink
What can you do out there with just your thoughts but think?
Like dreams written in your head in blood-red ink
Everything you want hard to get when you're living on the brink
Difficult roads lead each direction
Beautiful destinations if given correction
Its kind of funny
You make the connection
Best people are created from pain and rejection
No one knows what is coming until it arrives
An earthquake to shake up their life
Go to lengths to avoid destiny
You can't escape fate by going to extremes

And I ain't too proud to tell you that I cry sometimes
I cry sometimes about it
And girl I know that **** hurt
Maybe if this world was perfect
We could make it work but I doubt it

(Verse 2:)
Difficult roads lead directly to our fate
Beautiful destinations that meaningfully await
Allowing to see good things are on the way
My mothers words haunt me to this day
"Underneath surface things are not as they appear"
Layers upon layers make picture unclear
100% something seen is real
You reach to touch it and in seconds it disappears
I move through life like it is all a dream
The world around me is not as nice as it seems
Mirrors leave me wanting to scream
Crying about everything
Enjoy little bit of peace I have before it fully fades away
Things fray nerves every difficult day
All we have
One life
Not a day more or less
Take a moment to pause and realize you are blessed
Is reality real?
It's anybody's guess
Either way I'm going to give it my all and try my best

And I ain't too proud to tell you that I cry sometimes
I cry sometimes about it
And boy that **** hurt
And ain't nobody perfect
Still we could make it work but you doubt it

They say perception is everything
Why can't I control the things I see?
Try my hardest to grow to be the best that I can be
But my head and my heart do not always agree
What the **** do all these coincidences mean?
There has to be something more out there for me
Caught in between where I wanna be and where I am
Because if I am being honest this was never my plan
I am just trying to survive the only way I can
With a chip on my shoulder and knife in my hand
My legs are tired but I continue to stand
Don't know why I still give a ****
Guess some lessons take time to understand
Depression has the upper hand but soon that's gonna change
Because it's about **** time I take the reigns
Begin writing a new chapter and turn the page
Take control of my life make it rearrange
Grow the **** up and start acting my age
I know this is on a completely different subject than the original song but whatever
Russ Heeschen Feb 25
Rap is a craft and it oughta be,
But my rap is crap;
That’s just the way it comes outa me.

My rhymes and my rhythm are kinda feeble,
When I play a record sideways all I do is break the needle.

You lay a eight on it’s side and you get a infinity;
that’s how old I was when I lost my virginity.

Took my side piece out for a high class dinner
To show her I’m a winner
But I lost all my street cred when I ordered the sweetbread.

My homies formed a gang
And I tried to join the ranks,
But the only part of “gangsta”
I can handle is the “angst.”

I’d bust a move but my move buster’s rusted,
I’d pop a cap but my aim can’t be trusted.

One more thing to say
Before I depart:
Next time I’ll do a mic drop
Before I start.

Pizza? Out
A follow-up to “Why I Cannot Sing the Blues”
Tizzop Jan 28
tizz is love it or hate it, nuttin' in between
addicted to yayo like sheen, 500 bpm heartbeat
don't do it anymore, but remain psychotic
and hunt down idiotics like a carnivore

from florida to berlin, from tropic to toxic
deep in da game, da grimy streetz know my name
it'z tizzop, 14.8 inchez of hip-hop

hangin' at rashid'z, shisha ready, cuban necklace
three men in da back but ya don't know who it iz
all of 'em are dark-skinned, all of 'em are bearded
most important of all: all of 'em are fearless

we don't know what it meanz to be scared
just some migrantz who will now be heard
da territory split up: kurdz, arabz and turkz
we got our own law, like omerta, like da cosa

one apartment here, and one block' there
like bushido did, back in da dayz wit fler
sonny black carlo, godfatherz, yeeeah

power is about makin it and takin it, unlike nine said
unlike any other guy said, and if ya don't wanna buy it
find ya eyez in da wine-red, da choppaz are wild catz
ya can use them for da furiouz, some become notoriouz

otherz don't and die, but dey will be honored:
watch da muralz; urban networkz, also in da rural,
and five-o just remainz neutral; it is crucial to be brutal
as it iz to remain truthful; lyricistz can't deal wit diz
g-boy attitude of tizz: letz celebrate diversity
and ante up on google, i write barz and do diz
i'm a little too youthful for these oldskoolish
Paul Butters Jan 27
Wordsong, wordsong,
Lovely as birdsong.
Could be a Pop Song,
But never a Swansong.

Could be a rap,
And all that *******.
For Rap is easy,
Lemon squeezy.
But rap has beat
And words that repeat.
Rap has rhyme
Nearly every time.
Rap even has metre –
Who can beat her?

Yet wordsong is melodious too,
Giving us a worldly view.
Poems of love and dedication
Even human emancipation.
Whoops I’m slipping back -
Back into that addictive rap.

You must remember to read out loud –
Silver lining on every cloud.
Poetic landscapes catch our gaze,
Brightening up our mundane days.

The river of life keeps flowing on,
Iambic metre our beating heart.
Read it like you’re singing a song,
Write it whether or not it’s Art.

So play those words
So full of feeling
Just like the birds
And so appealing.

Paul Butters

© PB 27\1\2021.
Sing It Out Loud.
Amanda Kay Burke Nov 2020
A true friend like you hard to find
And kind
Greatest person I've ever known
The one who always picks up the phone

When I am angry
I'm sad
When I've done something bad
Complain to you about why I'm mad
You somehow make me glad
A bit of laughter
Few jokes
Beers and a lot of tokes
Playful tickle and a dozen pokes
Ounces upon ounces of **** to smoke
It is hard to feel low when you're real high
Lay down
Closed red eyes
Lose the frustration in your mind
Leave it behind
Sometimes wish I was like
I wouldn't have to hide
From relatives
My life
You and my family are not alike
It is true you and I
Will be best friends all our lives


Tell how many late-night telephone calls
How many times you swept in to break down all my walls
Is happy ending possible after all?
For a moment free of fear so I take a breath and fall
Either dreaming or I finally worked up the *****
Sad thing about pavement is it's where I crawl
Happy people call me crazy
They don't understand
Pray for my soul because it's ******
When they themselves stray from God's plan
No one is perfect yet stones are still thrown from their hands
Promise when I say you're beautiful that you believe
No matter fiction others try to weave
The hardest part of learning truth is to first receive
You can walk away
It will never truly leave
Haven't posted a rap in awhile
Mark Nov 2020
For real, keep it on loop
I dig it a lot, like mama’s corn soup
You feelin’ me, hearing that tune
Or maybe I’m in the wrong room
Get up on it, know what I mean
Jammin’ on hot scones with cream
This song needs to tell our life stories
We all have battles forever in our lives
When you hear the sound of pop pop, oh no
Kids gettin’ shot for a pair of shoes in Chicago

Tough neighbourhood street
Corrupt badges on the beat
Planting dope, selling candy at the corner shop
Writing songs, tagging everywhere, if you dare
Doin’ time, enter from behind, I never, I swear
Come out on parole, new king on throne, lost all control
If I had my time again, I’d save a lot more, forget ‘bout toys
Look over my shoulders, stick to the plan, escape from the boys

They aren’t speakin’ our language
Let’s get the hell outta there, somewhere tranquil
Day by day, lets see if we can crack the code
Try placing ones thoughts in a brand new abode
For better or worse, it’s up to you, not your corner crew
We grow up thinking we had to listen, who knew
Step outside the hood, look around, don’t be shy
Then buy a one-way Greyhound ticket, say bye bye
At the start it might feel hard, but give it a chance
You’ll be surprised what you find, just take that first glance

Tough neighbourhood street
Corrupt badges on the beat
Planting dope, selling candy at the corner shop
Writing songs, tagging everywhere, if you dare
Doin’ time, enter from behind, I never, I swear
Come out on parole, new king on throne, lost all control
If I had my time again, I’d save a lot more, forget ‘bout toys
Look over my shoulders, stick to the plan, escape from the boys
KG Nov 2020
Start with the breath,
Shaky lately, it changed with the stains a painting formed on my chest came leaking, sneaking black bubbling death
It foamed up towards the roof of my vest,
Cough is hoarse excuse me my poorly conveying the truth I confess that maybe I've trained my brain to ignore the distress culminating the gruesome express

Eyesight now, and my Eye's feel numb
Two flocks fly in the light of the sun, side by side in a sign like a gun that stops my stride in time with the young, I wonder why and who had time to train these geese to write ******* W's alright, soon it fades from mind a two days wait until it's time to light up the night blunt try somma my cut the line trust is high up sigh at thoughts thought in my mind fuzz fought climb up bought thine scuffle what ******* geese fly in V's I'm blind cuz.

Minds in circles my muscles in decay my brain can't keep track of the ******* days
I'd buy the parcel from hovels of dismay trade for ants to keep mortality at bay
I'm afraid I wished for death too often, it waits till I'm content to grant it's bubbles while I'm coughin.
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