I thought it was still daytime,
But now it’s 3 A.M.,
The only part still working?
I think it is my brain stem
The rest is all a mess,
I just have to confess
I’m really scared of the dark,
And I know it’s trying to suppress,
The light.

The dopamine
And serotonine,
To keep it very simple
They’re just being awful, mean
My brain is waging war on me,
And now it’s way past 3,
It’s difficult to tell,
All I know is that I dwell,
Dwell in my own dark mind,
The place that I’m assigned,
Is the worst I could’ve gotten
Can’t see a thing, was I forgotten?
Did they just turn off the light
While I’m still present?
Or did my brain just flick the light switch
without my consent?

I’m walking on my own,
Walking through the dark,
I just need a light switch,
Or maybe just a spark,
To reset my heart, reset my mind,
I don’t think it can hurt,
Anymore than right now as I desert,
Everything and everyone I know,
Curing yourself feels like trying to lick your elbow
Impossible, improbable
My head is really vulnerable

My eyes can see but it’s still pitch-black
I wish I had a flashlight in my backpack
I’d need one of enormous proportions,
To get rid of the darkness
that causes all these distortions
Tangles in all my cranial nerves
My mind observes, but it doesn’t care
It’s so confused, I mean who, what where
Are you gonna go, gonna flee,
Maybe I’ll just go and drive into a tree

All the light gets covered up by darkness,
It makes the world feel really heartless
I turn my brightness down all the way
Of my phone, of my home
Even of my mind as I scream into the microphone
Wanting to cry, wanting to die,
All this lack of light makes me wanna say goodbye
To myself, my reflection
My very own subjectively constructed perception,
It must all be a misconception
That darkness fades away when the light comes into play,
But let me tell you they coexist, yeah the darkness finds a way

I’m walking on my own,
Walking through the dark,
I just need a light switch,
Or maybe just a spark,
To reset my heart, reset my mind,
I don’t think it can hurt,
Anymore than right now as I desert,
Everything and everyone I know,
Curing yourself feels like trying to eat a rainbow
Impossible, improbable
My head is really vulnerable

I thought it was still night time,
But now it’s 2 P.M.,
The only part still working?
I think it is my brain stem
The rest is all a mess,
I just have to confess
I’m really scared of the light, 
the dark and nothing feels right
Why does everything seem upside down?

My mind is like a dark, spooky, haunted little ghost town

The sun is still not up, even though we’re in the afternoon,
It’s being covered by a darkness, that big orb called the moon
It seems like the eclipse this time is taking years and years,
Or maybe it’s just a clever way of symbolizing my fears.
No, it’s definitely the moon.

Amanda Jan 15


Another year has come and gone,
I realize now that I was wrong,
For bitchin at you way too long,
Blaming you for us not getting along,
Arguing with you until dawn,
We go back and forth just like ping-pong,
About all of the crazy conclusions I've drawn,
Now it's eggshells we are walking upon,
I hate that you are distant and withdrawn,
I'm trying but it's so hard to be strong,
I know that with you is where my heart belongs,
I'm reminded each time I hear our song,
This feeling is one I wish I could prolong,
Your love is a drug, I love to be on.


It's hard for me to say, but I'm addicted to loving you,
Always chasing my next fix, you are what I pursue,
I need to feel your high, I need to have you close,
I just want to fill up on your love, so I can overdose.


Baby you know you are my everything, my high when I am low,
You pick me up when i am down, I can't let you go,
Baby you are the best thing, that I have ever found,
When I'm with you i feel like I'm ten feet off the ground,
Nothing can compare to you, baby you're the best,
But when I am too far away from you, I turn into a mess.
To the point I will do anything to feel your caress,
And rub my hands across your bare chest,
I don't know why I do this, a different side of me emerges,
When you get me alone and I give into my urges,
Since I had a taste I'm craving you and no one else,
It's obvious I'm strung out, all my friends say I need help.



We've been staying up too late,
This addiction I'm growing to hate,
My mind is fuzzy I can't think straight,
I've even started to lose weight,
When you penetrate me we levitate,
I'm elevated, my pupils dilate.
I try to slow down, gradually wean,
Myself off of the magic inside of your jeans,
But hard as I try I can't break the routine,
I'm beginning to think I'll never stay clean.



I'm addicted to your love, though it's tough to admit,
This habit is one I'm not sure I can quit.

This is my first attempt at writing rap but I think it came out great. Any feedback would be soooo appreciated!
Frederick Jan 14

I found the best young ass

And I don't mean maybe

She goes by the handle


I wanna see her twerk so bad

It's driving me crazy!

When will you show me

My BootyfulBaby?

Work those fine young buttocks cheeks

Come on and slay me

Up and down and back and forth

My BootyfulBaby!

Dance 'round and 'round to that funky sound

Come on and play me!

I'll be your SugarDaddy now

My BootyfulBaby

For my new young friend.
Kimi Jan 14

Positive thinking got you drinking yourself in shrinking it off like it was a bad day, just a bad play, that it'll go away maybe if you pray
Blinking the lies, closing the lids at the rest of your life, just to avoid losing your way, stop you from jumping off the bay, try to find that ray
Meditate, let the light illuminate your mind, realize that it is not your day, your month, your time to be alive, shoulda just dived
Leave behind the weight, everything that's falling off your plate, starve, kill off your sex drive, collide into the divine light

 Job, having a boss barking off orders behind the shop, his saliva tasting like cola pop, go back to making corn on the cob
Walk the fury off going to the bus stop, have the boss pass by with the new drive, feeling like your head is in a throb, your whole life is a joke
There you go asserting, to make sure you keep that earning, determined that this what you should be deserving, absorbing it because you got no other yearning
You're overworking, jerking yourself off cause you got everyone overlooking you, shaking you off, like you're nothing, of no concerning

Come back home alone, grab a beer to cheer yourself up, forget that you have no one dear, no peer to be sincere or express your biggest fear
Eat some made up meal, feel like a pioneer putting together some canned tuna with weird aroma, do some tear and stir, end up with an unclear gear
Binge watch some netflix, six episodes in a sitting, call it a quick fix for your emotional mix, wonder if its time to bring the crucifix, 
Expel the demons that keep making snips and ticks, writting a bad script for your life, six episodes and six more and another six, wonder if its all just a bad trip

You're a meaningless grain, this pain is in vain, you're not even part of the food chain, abstain from being the main one to entertain
Don't let the grey slob penetrate your right brain, don't complain to the earless strangers about your acid rain, they'll call you insane, show off their gain
You won't find in anyone a golden ray, they'll shower you golden then flush the drain,  steal your blood when you cut off your aortic vein, 

Rise above before your demise, realize you're the one holding the light, that life is more than smelling like french fries, that if there's no light, you rob a flashlight.
Cries and kicks won't bring the sunrise, sanitize your thoughts, do not penalize your gut, ride the highs before you die, customize your hell ride.
You're on your own, and time is drippin on, you don't get a clone to do a re-do and reach the throne, get off your phone, soon you'll be staring into a light in your tombstone
Grow a backbone, burn down your belief of home, do not pospone your will to live because its out of your comfort zone

The Smoking Confessional of an Ageing Hipster:

Bored are we
who childishly
surrender sanity
to shun reality.
In the shade of a tree,
back to bowers
and hours
and not forget
And fishing
and wishing
and chopping
and plopping.
When thoughts swirl
an unfolding whirl
of unbegotten
images flow
into the caves
where such thoughts go.
Is it any better that instead
they go here on the page
as I pluck them
from the flow?
As the pages fill with
un-notable observations
on the life of the writer
with low self esteem?
The lost youth of Bridgette
combined with the mental
-------- of a midge.
Won't want to rhyme
and expose the crime
of the whine
about nothing at all.
Leaves in the fall
grass left uncut.
Moss in the well.
Doors are all shut.
Painting a sound
that is truly profound.
Master the monster
and then move on.
To dwell in the entrails
would really be wrong.

Moon softly calls
to a different song.
Our lovely friend Bobby
has known all along.
Something in the earth shifted
as the stock market crashed.
The bank lost our Billions
Thrown RSP's to a tither.
I need a small bench
and maybe a wrench.
I need a nice hunch
and maybe some lunch.
Life is a twitter,
no time to be bitter
Love it or leave it
It won't get much
brilliant er.

Yes Eminem you showed
us Whiteys the way,
But then so did Ginsberg
So let's not be fey.
I pray (do I pray?)
the days away,
play away.
The yawn of the hours
without powers,
the stalemate
of the soul,
when finding our self
was next to Godliness.
The bottom line?
Ignore it and it will
go away.
A moment to say
It's better this way,
than all wrapped in
lines, and lines
that don't rhyme,
and won't take the time
to get it right.
In the light
such a sight,
the light,
a celebration
in the night.
Sweet moonlight bright,
a tonic alright.
This poem is turning into
such a fright.
Most undeniably light-weight
and un-wondrous.

How did Sylvia command
her dark hand?
How did her esteem
What would you call
her rhyming scheme?
Is it free?
Is it verse?
Is it drawn by a hearse?
Is it wordy and concise?
Is it a puzzle
to be answered twice?
Is it tricky poetic device?
Who is it for?
Why isn't there more?
Did she burn all the evidence?

Weary now with this pen.
I write it and then,
I write it again.
Over and over
the years coming in.
A whirl and a swirl
contained in my pen.
Gets sloppy, then choppy,
then sinks again
into nosy Neighbor
sighting poet,
in the garden again.
Poet sighted with a pen,
gifted in the ways of when.
A tool for every now and Zen.
In Chinese?
Maybe not worth a Yuan.
I procrastinate,
ruminate, hesitate.
Writing has no redeeming social value?
Is it just a pathological
putting lines on paper?
So I've been told.
But I hold,
I grow cold
with that interpretation.
Limiting myself to the positive,
I absolve to live by
the voice in my head.
In the spirit
of Georgia O'Keeffe.
It's all too much,
my brain is weary.
The 'how to'
eludes me.
Enjoying a full retreat.
The quiet seat,
in the sun lit
winter garden.

© 2011 Verlie Burroughs

Will Hamilton Jan 11

I sit here,
Stewing in my shit,
Sick of it.
My whole life crumbling around me,
How do I survive
They're taking me and making me into something that's much less than alive.
It's hard to believe
How little they understand
Everyone thinks that I can just
Take a stand
That I'm always on my game
Always ready to fight
That it's just me myself and I
That can fight for the rights
Of people like me
Is it that hard to see
I'm not the only person who has been set free
I'm not the only person that others call queer
I'm not the only one, I'm far from alone here
They say they understand, but that's far from what's real
They always make me remember where I came from, yeah big deal.
I know I'm from Vancouver, and I can afford an education,
But fuck you if you think you understand my situation.
It’s hard enough for me to endure this pain
But don’t lecture me about how I’m hurting my own brain
By taking a break, sleeping in for once
Maybe even taking a break from the studio to get lunch
But honestly I’m sick of you shitting on me
Just please for once let me be

Wait, wait, wait see?
was there "hip-hop"
B-four White-ty?


Movin' too fast,
while they try to keep up.
Come on all you bitches
time to keep up.

Hear me, A-B?
These suckers sor-Ry
coming 'round actin'
'as-if' they all crazy?

now You see?
WAS there "hip-hop"
B-four White-ty?

That's religion Son,
the Lord's first Gun
hittin' like a salvo,
cause we descend,
-Al Ca Po

Wait, wait, wait see?
was there "hip-hop"
B-four White-ty?

Got any new ideas?
You Jefferson-yeah's?
Yes Sir, Mr. Masta'
I can run like you is after,
Sing and act bad,
steal everything I had.
Thinkin' if You smart?
Tuned by a Celtic Art...

Wait, wait, wait see?
was there "hip-hop"
B-four White-ty?

Wait, wait, wait see?
was there "hip-hop"
B-four White-ty?

You know its funny,
one day I was nothing,
One day I was no one,
Every day on my own,
Only darkness was I shown,
Was taught to raise my own throne,
Fight and be right,
War and no law,
More and no core,

Never in my life was I taught to think,
Turn around! Miss, I need a hand,
But sure thing,
I had to learn to draft my own Sphinx,
Build my own lift,
Learn my own things,

I was never taught how to drop a rhyme,
Nor how too read time,
So here in my sick mind,
I was left with torturous lines,

But hold up,
Where did the skills I possess manifest?
From the milk in my mum's chest?
The bruises on my left leg?
Or just these messy scribbles of words,

Hey, ley needs a pay of pure hay?

That's a shame, I write the same,
Nothings changed my writings still lame,
But that's just it,

When I started scribbling these words down,
I always feared my fathers sound,
The things I wrote,
The pain he took time to provoke,

It changed me,
I guess it kinda made me,
Rhyming made my mind free,
Found my tree of purity,
Or is it my deepest sympathy,
Maybe rhymes are just me?

I can't explain my inner pain, without writing a song about love,
I can't walk around, without a beat playing louder than drums,
I cant say a few words, I gotta spit them all,
I guess that's why my songs, they ain't ever small,

I won't say I love you,
Back at the start when I fell for you, never did I think I could be worthy of you, cuz
When I was younger I had a dream.
I was kicked out with nowhere it seemed.
I never thought the face I had seen.
Was the one right there, within my reach,
Looking at the girl of my life only saddens me, why ain't you my wife, years and years I Could carry on my search, for the treasure that lurks, me and you like clockworks,

Now baby,
I wake up every day with a frown cuz your not in my lounge,
I see the morning dew, and instantly think of you,
Baby this isn't 1 or 2 days of the week,
Its every day I cant see,
You or the happiness you give,
Me or how u make me free, N ill sit in bed for hours, fantasising me with super powers, so I Could, give you what you wanted, soar like an eagle if you wanted, be right there when you wanted, id be, something like how I see you, my angel, super hero, sometimes my restraints, and for that you have my forever thanks, even if I go insane, your walking me up n down love lane, my love for you, higher then any plane, top score of any game, higher then I get n thats insane, but it's true, too you ill stick like glue, call me coo coo, ill say so's you, you'll know im right, cuz together we'll fight, baby for you ill fight any blight, ill save your kite, Run through the night, all for this great highlight, of the vision I see every time, I look at you, I look at me, the only thing I do not see is the ring that shall bound us together, but I can see, you walking down the isle, then standing across from me, can I hear the vowls already? Or am I over ready, wanting you so very, to be in my arms more than any, or am I just lost again? I'm sitting here, maybe i need more pens, perhaps more friends, more enemy's, well that's a tease, for you I'm on my knees, begging please, take my hand, allow me too be your man, and protect you, never would i neglect you, even if by gods I was sent too, baby you'll never understand how glad I'm that I met you.

You know its funny,
one day I was nothing,
One day I was no one,
Every day on my own,
Only darkness was i shown,
Was taught to raise my own throne,
Fight and be right,
War and no law,
More and no core,

Never in my life was i taught too think,
Turn around! Miss, i need a hand,
But sure thing,
I had to learn too draft my own Sphinx,
Build my own lift,
Learn my own things,

I was never taught how to drop a rhyme,
Nor how too read time,
So here in my sick mind,
I was left with torturous lines,
And that's where we are today,
I write these words but these words are my shame
In my mind, all they doing is dragging my name
And here i am, i aint looking for fame,
Just wanna show people my lane,
Show you what its like to be insane, dude,
Feeling like your wrapped up in chains, rude,
Take a bullet straight through your brains, mood,
Feeling rain dripping pain, true

Now ain't nothing more painful then your mother crying,
Cuz in your hospital bed you are dying,
With the doctors hiding,
On the walls sits your writing,
A terrifying sighting,
Only inside now are you fighting,

And yeah i ain't been there before,
So you may ask what I'm spitting it for,
Maybe my sister, maybe bit more,
But I'm telling you now, were rotten to the core, of that i am sure, hents why my lines are all raw, and my mind is all sore.

And i don't plan on spiting shit,
If I'm saying it, you can assume I'm living it, and it may seem easy, the way i am putting it, but deep in my mind i'm dripping, slit

Haven't posted in ages, but i just finished this write after 3 hours
Oculi Nov 2017

It's the return of the gangsta, thanks ta
Them bustas that thinkin' they real trouble
Them fuckers that tellin' me I'm but a bubble
I'm the real shit motherfucker don't point at me
I'm everything you and your buddies wanted to be
It's the return of the real G, skeet skeet
I could straight up murder you without the beat
I'm nothing like any of you think, I'm the danger
All you be seeing in my is just some fucking stranger
Lemme acquaint you with the las thing you'll see before you fall
Motherfuckers thinking they're cool

They be thinking I'm a fucking busta
All they be seeing is I ain't a hustla
I ain't nothing but doom to you, lil bitch
I ain't the one who be seeing the dirt in the ditch

I ain't Brown or André, I ain't no name in this bitch
But it's still the return of the gangsta
Out here to kick yo ass back to when you had a masta'

It ain't happenin' again, ain't nothan'
No bebop shit, no big hood thangs
Just realize you outta line
Cause you ain't got a fuckin' dime
Bite my dolla', bitch

A spiritual successor to two songs:
Outkast - The Return of the "G"
Danny Brown ft. Freddie Gibbs - The Return of Danny Brown
So yeah, it's pretty much rap.
Tony Ortiz Nov 2017

I color words with my anxious, greedy thumbs,
And paint mental pictures with my diction until its numb,
Hoping one day to be known as the Profound Prophet,
But I can't seem to untie the belt tied inside the closet.
Maybe I should be known as the Absent Minded,
Unconsciously assisting my fellow man that's been blinded,
Making sure that their happy endings get finded-
Found*. Whatever, words are just symbols,
Give them meaning and they protect like a thimble,
Or cause damage like knives sharpened by the a syllable,
Words can kill but at the same time are themselves, killable.
My words don't harm, they heal the injured heart,
Seek the perpetrator, and tear them apart.
Call me the defender of love, or a purveyor of wisdom,
Or a street rat cuz if they want it they can get some,
But I assist the community one by one, on a mass scale,
And I pursue my passions in life studiously; without fail.
In short I guess you could say that this was a confession,
But nah, I'll jot this down as another rhyme session.

Just another freestyle.
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