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Enzo 9h
I showed you love but you were color blind
All you could see were two colors:black and white;

Man and woman, woman and man
Thats what you see, love living only in binary

You're straight with the hate when two from the same gender procreate
You're pro-life but never did love life nor live a life of love

All you are is hate hiding behind your faith

I could diss you and spite but yknow I'm not like you
I swing my own way, why should you care if it ain't straight?
Not *** or bi or anything but I love my lgbtq+ friends
You have no idea...
How sorry I am...
That I just couldn't be there...
For you...

3 days a week
You bring me to the floor, my knees so weak
Where are you? Being to loose sleep
Thinking about all the little secrets,
That only you would make me keep
Hands on your mocha waist, our time was free
Chestnut hair and spruce lit eyes, heart on my sleeve
Rapper was I, you helped me achieve
AEOU like you never needed me
Summer jobs, smoking hard wee..
Don't remember, was like living in a dream
When reality kicks in, you were all of me
Back then it was hard too see
Pull myself together but why did you have to leave...

So let me know
I can't do this on my own
When I'm lost, you are there for I know
When I'm drunk, I'm stumbling home
Crawl into bed and question why I'm alone
Why I'm alone...
Why I'm alone...

3 months passed, and your with someone else
Feel no feelings like you left me on the shelf
With nobody to blame I only blame myself
A downward spiral, ****, drugs and drink, I think I'm needing help
But how can I pull myself out of the grave I dug myself
Occurs to me what could've been, if I'd only seen
Wish I'd felt sooner, bodies under bedsheets
Fingertips graze down your neck to your feet
Open fields await, lights dimmed, it's getting hard to see
No one else would treat you so clean
Closer and closer to me I'll keep,
You and I would've have never been
Either way I'd have given you all of me...

So let me know
I can't do this on my own
When I'm lost, you are there for I know
When I'm drunk, I'm stumbling home
Crawl into bed and question why I'm alone
Why I'm alone...
Why I'm alone...

6 months down the line
Trying to pretend I'm doing fine
With nobody left it's only to myself I'm lying
100 miles away is that worth flying
I've never see you so happy
You had me so sweet like candy
Stash my love to the way side
I can't hide it...
But even though I'm feeling sporadic
When your heading back from work and
Your stuck in 5pm traffic
Just remember to look ahead and know
Once you arrive home
Just know there for you
And I'll be waiting for alone...
I'm sorry
Anxiety ******* tearing up inside of me. ***** ******* **** with some *** stained cavities and now shes coming onto me entirely. I should be like finally, but instead the anxious brain of mine avoids the blankets and gravitates towards the rhyme cause reality... what the **** is reality? My extended ****** up morality, apprehending the shortness of mortality or all these sexualities?
He, she, they, them.
See me hock phlegm.
Maybe stock them.
Lay low till' ten.
And then when,
They stop,
My pen cap,
Pops off,
Stabs lead into the head of the said ***, already wishing they were dead, but the use of a mag would cause attention, so I'm carrying a handbag full of pens. This is my pencil pushing, pen pushing straight into the *** neck, rushing to **** the wreck of a man and get paid through bills or a check again.

From my anxiety to killing ****, cause I'm willing to get lost in my ways of letting my mind wander, even though I kind of wonder why the **** were on my mind. The ***** that broke my heart was bi, but that's fine. I got nothing against you, unless you hurt me or the ones I love. You get two feet up your *** at once if you harm or speak bad about any of us.
Coping with heartbreak and for some reason I'm in an angry stage. For two months it was nothing but sadness and then one day, BAM!, anger burst through and I'm **** ******.
Learned to live in despair, with no repairs, to the massive tear in my heart, replacement parts used up on fascist dipshits sifting through **** and sniffing farts, playing a game of blood and crypts and ****** body parts flung out into the black market and loaded into carts for a nice stack and that carcass that sold for a fine price never made it very far.
Ending up at 5 different people's homes. Cannibalism and collection.
Like ******* a **** and you can't get hard,
Like rolling a blunt that's full of glass shards,
Like a bowling stunt where the pins are yards,
Away and you must stay put loaded with gin and not on guard,
While there's jaywalkers walking cross the alley and snipers far,
Up both sides, moss covered camouflage dilly dallying,
Falling comets, planets and stars while you ***** black tar out your scars, Sick spurting **** out the pit of your face and tripped on a lace falling down along with Mars.

Faster than my **** grows when I'm hitched, race-cars, bullets, and the suicide of a suicidal emo ***** with a mullet, grab the **** and pull it off and roll it up like the glass when you rolled it in the paper faster than a rapers hips going twitch twitch twitch, ***** you know it, she's on the list.

But you're soft and no fist can fit and what the **** is this about, just **** I coughed up and spout out my mouth, if it makes sense, even a little, I am not dense with my rhymes, raps, and riddles, there's meaning to it all, whether its beaming or dull, but I guarantee it's full and fits and flows when I say it to a T, you say my **** blows, well that's just mean, you say it's great, my confidence ovulates, so use it as bait as I eat off this plate, this 5 star rated treat elevated to six star cuisine meat.

I'll continue later in few poems that are greater and like haters, I won't stop planning and plotting out **** like these lyrics, I'm a creator.
I got a little carried away...
Offbeat, off sync
On time, not a thing
Discrete, allow me
To show, can't sing
Can't rap for anything
The only good thing, it's all clean
Free productions everyday
Bad quality they'll all say
I fail
Failure to sync
Fail to sync
Fail to bring
What could be
What can't be
What won't be
What I see
It is fine
But it's mine
True but bias
By science
Listen to the song
Forget about the lies
Like it by you
Fine to deny
May be bad
May be mad
But I know
That you don't matter
Nothing like these
I can write unique
Get out my face please
Listen to this beat
What you can't see
Is hiding over there
Where you don't stare
Don't bother
Are you a snob or
Just a piece of trash
Full of cash
Failure to sync
Fail to sync
Fail to bring
What could be
What can't be
What won't be
What I see
Failure to sync
Failure to sync
Failure to sync
About me being bad at timing rhythm on my rap songs
Tiana Marie Nov 30
Justice is a Lady
standing confident and tall.
Justice is a Lady
breaking down all the walls.

Justice is a friend
staying honest and true.
Justice is a friend
showing you just what to do.

Justice is an enemy
catching you in all your lies.
Justice is an enemy
loosening up your closed ties.

Justice is a rebel
being nice to very few.
Justice is a rebel
and she don't like me and you.
James Khan Nov 28
You saw the **** in the Garden of Eden
And what you breathed in was somethin' like reason,
You pulled up the trees and cried '**** is so beautiful',
Fell on your knees and you tried to to uproot 'em all,
You filled up a pipe and attempted to toot' em all,
Zoot split with Adam, text' Eve for a *****-call,

But *** got red-faced, dismayed
That you'd smoked his Apple Haze
And had your ways
With the mother of the human race,
So you got displaced, disgraced
But hey, you got 'dis place
And that's okay' cos His spliff tastes

Sweeter than ***,
No side-effects
Apart from the **** that your mind projects,
Hit the nexus of personal introspect
Then it takes us into the holy sect,
The wrecked mind,
The church of the silhouette,
The fast-shadow, walls of the oubliette
Constrict, convict,
The penance that we beget,

We're all trapped, still strapped down,
Sapped out by the entity,
Draining your energy,
Not how its meant to be,
What about empathy?
***** down your ***-ets for sale of the century,
But you'll sell it eventually,

Mentally broke
And you mention the ancient impertinent joke
About stealin' ***'s smoke,
About t'eevin' his dope
In the hope that you'll climb not hang
From the holy rope,

The upshot?
Don't think that *** forgot
The boycott
Of the rules when you stole from his plot,
What you got
Was a handful of ***
And for what?
A thot and a morality blood-clot?
Kicked off the cross 'cos you're making the wood rot,
Chalk up the loss to the' should' and the 'should-not' ,
Tried to get by but you misunderstood what
The serpent implied as the bad in the good-***.
I toss and turn at night nervous the inferno might
swallow me whole if I leave a light burning bright
so I keep to a crawlspace that I call my room.
Home alone, roll the stone, seal me in this tomb.
The Lord will heal me soon. Has the Spirit always loomed
over me since youth? Where's the proof to back the truth?
I opened up about my life of doom-and-gloom to a sleuth
who replied with nothing from across the booth.

© Matthew Harlovic
Part IV & V coming soon
ive been depressed for years
the flex is weird

© Matthew Harlovic
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