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Ebb and flow, stepping stones
Learning how to "let it go"
All a part of how we grow
The feeling is incredible
Once you finally let it in
It becomes your medicine
A daily dose of hanging loose
Is something that I recommend

Used to be a pessimist
And my own nemesis
I know it sounds repetitive
But I focused on the negatives
Now when I reminisce
I think what was the benefit?
Well the answer is darkness
Comes before the exodus

© Matthew Harlovic
I’m tryna move on I’m tryna let go
but all I’m feeling is I’m better off left alone
I always set the tone for I’m set to explode
It goes, 3, 2, 1 of my episodes

© Matthew Harlovic
Mikey Kania May 15
if ya down wit dis listen
to this gayrap swallow it
like a fat jaypack it is anti-macho
against crews like humpty-packo

pitch-black baby ain't no rooster
will **** wit our ****-booster
we are too star for your underground
flows are miles-high and they glitter

it is lipstick-**** we're spitting poison
and your kid sound vanishes
look your raps are always "almost"
you'll be killed by our host

like the impaler this guy vlad
your midlife-crisis is cute
eminem is now called ruth
the new rapcolor is purple
Today is a good day.
Amanda May 15
(Verse 1:)
I like the way your mind works
Wanna see what's inside your brain
Way your light blue eyes act just like a windowpane
I am stuck here on the outside in the pouring rain
You are inside
Warm and dry
In a place so sane
You said I don't have the right
That I don't know your pain
Keep driving forward
Stay out of your lane
Like we were behind steering wheels
Fast-paced action movie reel
One where we steal an automobile
Run away to Jamaica or Brazil
But that would be too ideal
Silver screen **** is not real
Do you own a gun?
Cause you blow my mind
In a tight spot
A bind
Screaming at you some of the time
Other half I treat you kind
Resolution we cannot find
No cooperation
Or compromise
Two of us are misaligned
I cant leave the past behind
Our souls stay intertwined
This love ****'s got me blind

I have told people how I felt before
Begged them to hear but this is more
You want to know what's held in my heart
We're together but I'm torn apart

(Verse 2:)
The horizon longs for an endless sunset
Colors so violent
Flesh and blood painted
Shades vibrant
Not ready to face the end of the day yet
You are alive
Welcome each morning with two open eyes
Free as birds without wings to fly
That's just reality
I guess that's life
It's so crazy at times I think that's why
There is magnetism between you and I
You are yin to my yang
The dark to my light
Most beautiful thing on which I've laid sight
If I sat back
While this whole thing plays out
In my room
Headphones on
Listening to music loud
It would be you I write about


(Verse 3:)
If we kiss will it bring you back from the dead?
Resurrect your body and take mine instead?
Breath stolen from my lungs for just one second
Fogging up mirrors to hide from my reflection
Suppose you did not need me to love you and care
Woke up in my arms today but tomorrow might not be there
A bridge burnt
Am now rebuilding
But it goes nowhere
Putting faith in what's made out of thin air
When eyes are closed I truly can see
Make my heart pound
Make it hard to breathe
I believe you belong with me
I can never be sure if you agree

Be honest
Do you baby?
...Do you agree?
That we're meant to be...?
Not my best rap but tell me what you think

The title came from the name of the rap instrumental I attempted to write this along to
Ben Meraki May 12
You think you’re hard ‘cause you threw me in a cold cell?
You think you’re cold ‘cause you giving me the hard sell?
You’ve shown your cards and this game is getting old.
Hell, you just mad ‘cause I’m ******* wit’ your cartel!

Huddle up, cover up.
I’ll call your mother up.
Ask her if she’s proud of her son
Then we’ll snuggle up.
Make another little pig squeal; hit the double-up.
Pack a bowl, lean back and we bubble up.

Another day in the life of a citizen.
Getting chased down by the pigs
‘cause we dissing ‘em.
Wool in your eyes?
That’s their lies.
Don’t be missing ‘em.
Always spoke the words of the truth,
Now I’m spitting ‘em
and I don’t need no introduction.
Please, no interruptions.
Quiet down! We’re here to talk about corruption.
You’ll make a copy, right?
Free for reproduction.
These ******* think that nobody can touch them:

Shouting HANDS UP!
Yeah I see ‘em on the clock.
‘cause your time’s running out.
Tick, tick tock.
You want a witch hunt?
Put me in the dock
And we’ll see who’s the ***** when
You’re ******* on my ****!

‘cause I’m gonna rid your face
Of that smug little grin.
Convinced the world I’d lost it.
Oh! But I’m about to win.
So little pig, little pig, let me begin
‘cause like an anorexic hospital my patience wearing thin!
I said…

Prosecution full of lies and irrelevance
***** please! Don’t insult my intelligence.
You want respect? Well excuse my irreverence,
But a little birdie said you’re fabricating evidence!

Beneficent, benevolent.
Arresting your malevolence.
I’m shattering your elements.
Establishing a precedent.
My work may be inelegant.
My actions are unhesitant.
But when we gonna talk about this ******* elephant?

You know it’s tragic
How you cannot see the logic.
******* neurons are nomadic,
Your intelligence sporadic.
You’re an infection, I’m the,
Sick enough to turn a man
******* spasmodic episodic.

Drink swill from your buckets
While you steal from our pockets.
Red pill. Better **** it cos you’re,
**** out of luck.

Deep-roots to your habits.
Blue suits to the Sabbat.
You’re Masonic yet moronic,
And you know I’ve ******* had it
With this *******!

Cos you’re full of ****.
Forked tongues set to stun with a full clip.
You’re just a bully and
I’m sick of all your school ****.
Law unto yourself
But I won’t let you enforce it,

‘cause I came to rescue an angel,
and I can smell what kind of **** this is.
Yeah, it’s evident
You’ve been intimidating witnesses.
Like FGM.
You kidnapped Themis and Astraea
And circumcised their ******* – is

This a ******* joke?
Are you for real *******?
It’s the Devil you invoke.
What’s the deal *******?
This a dreadnought you provoked
And I’m steel *******!
Now it’s time you ******* spoke.
Take the wheel *******…

What, you got nothing to say,
And it’s too late to pray?
Justice coming your way,
Now truth has entered the fray.

So I’m passing the mic
‘cause we gonna indict.
Focus the limelight.

******* be ammonite!
Thanks for reading. This is written about AVON AND SOMERSET POLICE in the UK. Rated as no.2 most CORRUPT force in the country. Bringing malicious prosecutions against me to protect their own. Forcing vulnerable young women to sign false statements. Chased me out of my own town. Never play chess with a grand-master!

My next piece is called 'Checkmate' ;)
Life is something that couldn’t be learned from a book or learned from man cause man isn’t perfect.
But man could teach wisdom and teach other from the wrong doings or mistakes one has encountered in life.
Gray hairs means old age but does not mean he is wise nor smart or god.
We Roam around.
We make ties.
We burn bridges.
We make up.
We stab backs.
We cry but we die but why...
I can’t comprehend this thing called death?
Why does my life have an expiration date?
Wonder what happens after we die Heaven or Hell thats something only the dead knows.
S I N Apr 27
Another ***** ******* believe he can in rap,
Writing as convoluting lines as rivers on the map,
About white oppression, ebony *******,
Or is it vice versa? Oh, and don’t forget the cursing;
But I can’t, I simply can’t stand for my land
Or fend for myself
Without a hand of a true friend
Imma man, without a gun in his hand
So when they knocking at my door
all I can is scream « **** »;
So everything what’s left to me is to blend
Till my ascension, where will be no aggravation,
Hesitation, ‘bout whether it’s right or wrong to be against your nation
If you see her burning to the smold’ring ashes?
Jordan Hudson Apr 25
Watch my back to check my block
Watch they mad they hate my walk
Confidence is what they wish for
I gain life they pull the cord
Don't give up ***** you live great
Won't back down kids all just hate
I get rich and the bad boys break
Buy what I want and the poor just pray
Aye, the cash what you gain
No man's the same, we all seek fame
We all want cash and a life with change
We all have sins, we all have brains
Mistakes, life is a game
The chance to proceed so low
Stuck in a grave from a hole
We all dumb what do we know
We just see what we believe
Life so full, life so large
Life what got us all scarred
Scared us to death, makes us all die
Yes we know why, why we all try
Even I, think I know
We compete and slash men's throats
Stab for **** and gain their hoes
Take their boats, their cars, their foes
Fight and thrive and beat them down
Leave town and live lives we chose
Live dreams and then we take that road
But it's all crazy, all this neo-fascist **** lately.
I guess populism's got a catchy rhythm,
if your lazy,
then it's so much harder to love me or debate me
than hate me.
Now, let's dispose of this safely: you're racist

because, either your daddy was too,
or, you're manipulated by falsehoods masquerading as news
but it's true, now, even I'm getting confused,
but ask, who the **** wins? because you AND the immigrant lose.

This ****'s got polemic, pulled by extremist views,
taking the meanest cues,
we contravene abuse, on the daily.
It's all so ****** up lately.
I guess it's so much harder to love me than hate me.

But the day will come, I'll be classed as crazy, man,
already feeling like I'm William Blake's Grain of Sand,
Eternity in an hour, in the palm of my hand,
I see the white ******* walls in the back of the van.

Because they'll nab you from the streets, it's the master's plan,
until all that's left is sheep, the rest bottled and canned,
then, they'll sit inside their keep, every gun-post manned,
their delight, so sweet, but never to understand:

Heaven in a wildflower or the Endless Night,
a reason to die or a reason to fight.
In their sweet delight, they won't see the light,
But from the Endless Night, you & me just might

because each glimmer shines out in the darkest depth,
as Blake writes revenge from the realms of Death,
those protected on high, Nations that sell & buy,
can all be blown out by a baby's breath.

'Cause only the blood in a diamond means it's not worthless,
the value we imprint are just absurd curses.
We all know what's hidden there, under the surface,
so, who teaches us acceptance and what's it's purpose?

We're all in it together, we're all complicit,
our lives connected by this something illicit.
Adopted by the collective notion, we choose to forgive it
and perpetuate it's frameworks, instead of letting them diminish.

Alright, let's have a break. Drink some response a bil i tea,
marinate in what's around us and all the things we neglect to see.
Where have we been looking and why do we think we're free?
Calm down and carry on? **** na, that aint me!

But in revolution, don't we just come back to the beginning?
Spinnin' round and round, in a ******' hellfire rythmn;
it's enough to leave you questioning each and all decisions,
or, just **** it all, sit back and watch the visions.

Like a pig to thunder: all big eyes and wonder -
As our world comes crashing down, ripped and torn asunder -
we won't get very far with all our property and plunder,
what would William say then, I wonder?

Some are born to Endless Night, but then, it all flies apart,
leaving my rhyming heart to aim and find it's mark.
It's my one sight of light in the deepest dark,
so, if you hold to me now, we just need a spark.
reboot of my last poem, nearly there with just a little more editing, I think.

would love any advice, comments or help with it. what are communities for?
Mark Apr 8
So, our hero of tha day waz DJ Herc  
He b driven’ lil Mizz Dazze ‘round, in a pimped out Merc  
Queensbridge waz tha birthplace of Hip-Hop  
Red alert, it just won’t stop  
It will hurt uz a bit  
No more than a **** wid a hit  
Wee all thank Merc 4 puttin’ on dat show  
Smokin’ sum **** n angel dust, wid sum real blow  
A bro named, Coke LA Rock, waz also a financier friend of mine  
Handin’ out goodies 2 tha children in-line, all tha time  
Nickel bag half n ounce, quarter pound pow, now wee poppin’  
Az long az tha music izn’t stoppin’ and tha rocks r still droppin’  
If champagne waz still a flowin’, then tha freaks wood b steppin’ in line  
Hotel, Motel, u don’t tell, wee don’t tell, one-time root 9  
There’s notta man dat can’t b thrown, a horse dat can’t b rode  
A bull dat can’t b stopped, a disco dat can’t b rocked, can u decode  
Were u @ dat famous house party, thee dope  
Spinnin’ tha holy crates of hip-hop, wee hope  
A1 B-boy from every known neighborhood, wid a scent  
From JC, Tony D’, Sweet n Sour, 2 super DJ ‘Fcukin’ Clark Kent  
Sellin’ nickel bags of cannabis, 2 miss layD hoes to mi crew  
Made mi coin roll into notes, helping outta few dat I knew  
Hip-Hop waz made 4 peace, love, unity n fun  
Still b countin’ mi riches, retired n still layin’ in tha hot sun
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