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Anna Sep 1
I wrote in a rough way
The words that came to my mind
But in the paper they
Certainly are not like your eyes.

I felt it yesterday
As the sun came in our place
I had you on my hands
Your hair crossing my fingertips
And your legs under me.

Your skin felt like ocean waves
Taking me to other place
Driving me insane
Felt heavy but soft at the same time
And I couldn't escape
Of the death in your eyes.

It is on my fate
And as I take this plate
Filled with the memories you brought me
It's all up, up to you
Or is it up to me?

To take you to everywhere I need
Break it or leave it
Turn me down as your believer
But don't have faith on me
I'm just a fever.
San-Pei Lee Jul 13
You're a fever dream
I'll never fully wake up from
Sending shivers down my spine
With just one look into your eyes

Heart rate escalating
Temperatures rising
My heart afire
In the darkest hours of the night
Anastasia Jun 30
Your eyes
Ice in
A pool of lava
Cool stones
Against feverish flesh
An ocean
Against the lips of a desert
Your beautiful
Sparrow Mar 1
I shiver
I writhe
The temperature
to rise
Pain pushes
tears out
of my eyes
Fever came
to visit me
last night
And She
didn't leave
this time
And I never stopped to wonder why.

Body broken
Paralysed is
the mind
Ears tired
of the
preacher's advice
Eyes crave
a shield from
the sunshine
A hand to
caress beneath
the hairline
A pledge
of healing
from inside
Oh, you fool. You are so naive.

Vanquished by
the collective
apathy of reality
I swallow these
chemicals with servility
I shelter them
In the bloodstream
Treat the symptoms
Not the disease
I know
She will return again
someday with a surprise
And even though I am
I will just take a pill
and tell Her I am fine.
Brrr, the chills of fever always inspire.
memoona kazmi Feb 26
with my fever burning at 104,
i have no friend to call,
to make me feel better,
to make me feel home,
pity tis for me,
i am sick and home alone
was really sick from past 3 days,but had no friends around me so i wrote it to express my anxiety and anger
Aaron Elswick Dec 2018
Got lost and stopped by the grotto
struck deals with villains,
and though I'm in my feelings
kneeling and *******
I payed to be ripped off
cadences dip, lost the lotto

Watery graves appealing strange
the solution is lame
the parade's an insane path to follow
Radical urchin burden
grifting the current
mechanisms infected
luring fevers to wallow in, ad absurdum
fathom futility in survival
famine imbibes a stifled echo of revival
in my head

I'm just playing dead for my recital

better informed to the abhorrence I'm entitled

feathered in form alluring sword alarm from Michael

clever to wars imparted forcible and vital, to the era

but staring in awe before the cycle

Bearing a maw beneath the throes along the final.

Bury me after my heart
and guard informal notions of the lauded
if calluses lift the filthy and applaud it

whittle the simply to the too intense or lawless
for a history glistening through a rose of sickly fondness
I won't ask if you were listening to all this
but I must admit
I don't think I can trust you

to be honest...
This is actually kind of a rough draft, and something I may expand on later. There's a lot I cut and plan to add later with more specific wording, but I wanted to have at least the brief version up, in case I changed my mind about really drilling this out.
M-E Dec 2018
Your smurfs figures
Draw the escape plan on your drawing board
To get you out of fever tower
Where the witch captured you

Teddy bear, rabbit and rat
Built a ladder of lego bricks
For you to descend

Oh ooh, its a trap
Dont worry, We will find a solution
Like when you solved Finding Nemo puzzle

The witch bursted an evil laugh
Then she was hit
With a cannonball of balloons
By our friends, giraffe, tiger and Rhino
Then they tied her up with jumping ropes

The construction worker figure
Will torn down the fever tower with his masonary drill
It will be no more illness
And the witch will vanish in pain
Aah Ugh yah hew ugh

Barbie nurse will take care of you
Mickey mouse and Repunzle too
You and I will be back to take pictures
Of our smiley faces, duck faces and monster faces
And spread toys over all the places
Kristaps Oct 2018
Two humps
Spurt on my back.
       A slaving,
       bone dry camel
I am
in this feverish desert of the night.
Through this ocean of
maroon sky, and
Black Sun
I crumble and crawl.  

My mammothian teeth filled mouth
aches for a droplet of what
seems is mere ether
                                     here in my
hobgoblin realm.
My thorn spiked hooves
through the colossal, monumental mountain waves.

In a thirsting,
   ******* crave,
I lay on a cold patch
and I feel,
feel my hands, I catch a breath
isn't chundered
with dust, and I doze off.

But my master and God
   has a loathing for the
sloth, so he sends his Black
Sun to smolder my carcass
             and he strings for
Two humps
to spurt on my back.
A Trojan horse. As Cleopatra in a carpet
Enters hidden on a breath
Incubus; droplet alien drawn in,
sets about its work; brooding job to do.

Awaken a little stiff, sweat and grog
A scratchy throat; a swollen lymph
Shower power, rinse and coffee makes well.
No. Twas not to be this false alarm, I’d grabbed.

Working fast now, growing, flooding
like snow melt hitting parched desert.
Seeping into cracks; changing blood-scapes.
Reprographic virus; dissociative – to thrive.

A false pardon was granted this morning
Cruel deception, such as played on Nick Bottom
teased mind into belief; a surge of relief,
Just early morning rust; blow away sleep dust.

I am sick of it now, the sickness; the bug.
My alien visitors; my too close encounter
making things smell wrong – like vinegar
and my nose pop as each side turns to unblock.

As big screen drama – epic plays out in my mind.
The white cells; the soldiers wiping out alien-kind
Dualling MacDuff and MacBeth in Dunsinane cell
Waging battle within me; my man-flu living hell.

©pofacedpoetry Billy Reynard-Bowness (2018) all right’s reserved
Suffering, as only a man can! An epic battle against alien invaders - the flu'
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