And it ended there
he had said
but had it
ended then?

How was you
to know it had?

How do you know
he's not having it off
with another?

All thoughts of this
engage your mind
as he sleeps
beside you
his back turned
naked in the heat of night.

His odour
a compound
of sweat
and aftershave
and god knows
what else or who elses
perfume is wrapped
up in him
as he sleeps soundly.

Dreaming of her
whosoever she is
the silly cow.

But is it ended
as he said?

Or is there
some other tart?

Some bit on the side
as they say
him giving her some
but not to you.

You he lets lie
and mutters things
but says he's tired
and overworked
and sleeps
mild snores.

All ended
he said
my big mistake.

You want to
hit his head
or stab him red
until he's dead.

But half of you
wants him alive
shagging you
to heaven in bed.


Through all seasons we
still hold hands , I'm so happy
of this love we found

<3  for my partner Dean xx
Isabella Jul 14

Every morning I fall in love with life
and fall more deeply in love with you
It would take a millennium for me to be able to fully understand
how a morning with you can be so magical

Isabella Jul 11

We lay in the grass
under a big shade tree
the grass damp on our backs
he grabs my nose smiles
kisses my cheek
he reads books he loves aloud to me
and runs his fingers through my hair
we spend the morning laughing and singing
and the afternoon making love
our tongues in each other's mouths
we ride our bikes through town
and eat breakfast for lunch
this is what I would say if someone asked
what it is like to be in love


She was remarkable
Easily the most beautiful
She was complicated
Her hair all tangled
Like a ball of yarn in the cats paw
And all I ever wanted in life
Was to sit by her
And help untie her knots

Donna Jones Jul 9

Igniting inside
A candle burns forever
Warmth felt everyday

Rob Redido Jun 17

She was carefully crafted to be fragile but choose to be a diamond over a coal.
Her skin reminds me of bed where I can be both vulnerable and secured.
A place to rest my head.

She may not know it but to me
her hair smelled like home on a summer night.
Her hands were so small yet when she holds mine,
she holds my whole world along with it.

She loves cats, vintage cameras, Ed Sheeran, the beach
road trips, the rural life, Harry Potter, of course she's a potterhead
These are the things that bring color to her.
Then fireflies emerge from their slumber to gather around her.

If I were to paint just her eyes I'd get a night sky
And in it lies her vast number of quirks in which,
more often than not
I find myself lost.
Her voice echo with melodies beyond what I could comprehend
But this is love, not logic.
I believe I was not meant to understand her.
I believe I was meant to love her.

I once stayed up until four in the morning, waiting for my lover, who is in a band, to get done with his set. He said I'd only have to wait until three, but, at 3:50am, sent me a text telling me that these girls had taken him to dinner, and unless I wanted to wait another hour, it wasn't going to happen. When I told him not to worry about it, he said "For sure. Sorry to keep you waiting. I hope these people are worth it, sexually." and he laughed. It's fine, though. I don't love him. Right?

-E (c) 2017

Get it? A Short Story? Ass?
Mane Omsy May 12

Where are your pieces?
A touch will fix it
Your stillness turns me
Violent with anticipation
Direct me towards you
I won't mind the way

A gesture to peal my skin
Spread my emotions
Draw in the atmosphere
Bring the art of love
Straight in to you
Sign the masterpiece
Inside you

Your movements make me stare and think
what a beauty!!
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