As we dance under the different lights
all I could see was your dark eyes
your beautiful smile
and your dark brown hair
you'd hold me close and we'd just smile.

A song would came on & it would be ours
Laughing and singing
and dropping down low
Dancing and grinding till the early hours.

What I'd give to dance with you one  more time.

This feeling
Seeming so novice to me
And yet not truly, noticing the triggered nostalgia
I haven’t felt this in some time
The list of telltale signs
I remember
As distinctly as one recognizes wine
Harvested from fine red vines
Oh so succulently divine
mind starts to race with intel gathered by the eyes
already plotting a million ways to make you mine

But how could “Love”…
a word so heavy in weight
A word heavy enough
to scare the boldest warrior straight
An emotion experience had brought me to hate
Be the one powerful enough to recreate?
Who could relate?

but now Wisdom sits clearly before me and screams
“Letting go of love?
No no no!
Don’t you see son of Adam?
love is the lifeboat
The foam that displaces the perpetual sea of mediocrity
And keeps you all afloat
your heads above water and hearts above the clouds”

I see now friend
My approach had been so terribly fowl
Hunting for love as a hunter on the prowl
Charging at her with a gun and a growl
And eventually leaving disappointed
Much like Elmer Fudd with the heavy scowl

I see now friend
Art is such divine beauty
And I see that Love itself is art in it's purest form
Because art isn't about survival
But rather transcendence
Rising above and being more

So yes
Let the telltale signs lead me
Let the vines tugging at my heart pull on
For no longer will I hide from love
No longer will I cower away a subservient slave from a cruel and painful master

I tread forward with hands in outstretched fashion
eager to hold and embrace passion
Eager to take while giving back in expansion
Eager to share my life in a squalor or a mansion
Eager to teach and never to sanction
Eager to engage in all the same actions
Eager to easily transcend attraction
To the point where my “other half” isn’t just another fraction

Eager to forego all other distractions
Because only in you can i find true satisfaction
Treading forward; carefully but surely...
Eager to see my head above water
And my heart, far above the clouds

Justin Rio Apr 19

We were the sun and the shine
In the morning breeze.

The sun and the set
In the mountain hills.

And the Star and the light
In the darkest night

Because both of us can stand alone.
But if we were to be together.
We create something beautiful.

halfheartedsoul Apr 15

It was the strangest thing;
I was all alone,
Like I always was
Then your face flashed in my head
And the me who promised herself a solitary future and whom have always been alone started to hope,
Started to dream of things that would've scared the younger me into an episode.

Perhaps it was because you are unattainable
Or because you seem perfectly happy,
That I wasn't scared to picture you,
because it's safe,
Because we'll never be.
But I was struck with this longing for life and happiness;
a companion and a partner;
Yet overwhelmed with fear and anxiety,
Of revealing and committing myself.

These thoughts were so utterly pathetic,
And so normal that I didn't know what to do with myself.
Am I to laugh or cry or go about my day,
It baffled me and left an aching in my heart.

Perhaps one day I'll see a person who is enough in the mirror or meet another who makes me feel like it but till then I shall pretend that I've got no idea what these feelings are.

Ridiculous really.

I turned 21 this year, ridiculous is it not.
The Lonely Bard Apr 10

I don't share this lonesome life,
I am not going to ever get a wife,
For my horoscope threatens her death.

And blindfaith holders are galore o'r here,
They will sadistically sacrifice true love,
But not marry a Martian Greenhead.

The planet Mars is too strong in my life,
So strong that it says I won't get a wife,
Perhaps only another Manglik will be mine.

This stupid Mangalik misbelief has got something to do with the situation of planet Mars in the space relative to the position of planet Earth.

My HP Poem #1488
©Atul Kaushal
The Lonely Bard Apr 10

Oh my beautiful wife,
Come with me to the land of love.

-your lines here-

So calm and so serene,
This land already was,
And you are also here,
Ethereal this land feels.

-your lines here-

Come take my hand now,
I'll take you to this stairway.

-your lines here-

Now let's descend from here,
From this heavenly abode,
Is just not where we belong as yet.

-your lines here-

I take hints from your playfulness,
You want to make love with me.

-your lines here-

This is an incomplete thing.
But posting it as I can't see it getting completed ever.
My HP Poem #1486
©Atul Kaushal
Jay Cee Shay Apr 7

Back then I was once told,
"Go out and meticulously pick the right one, darling."
Search for inner motives that lie within,
Look at every sign conveyed by an innocent grin.

Before I once knew,
Preserving and restoring is what I should do.
All my youth and all that I have left to offer.
'Till the time comes when I have chosen one among all the other.

Honey, you should know, I've followed every order.
Chased a dream after a dream and got to know every soul.
I did what I was foretold.
And still found myself wondering, "What have I done wrong?"

I've been, as you say, nice to them all. Picked the nicest one among the four.
Treasured and held it dear for long
Thinking this is it. The real deal after all.
Yet as it appears, it's just a facade. They got me fooled, once more.

So when should I know whom to pick?
Will time be enough to uncover the masked persona we keep?
Or do chances really happen and fate has its own course?
Thinking twice of when do I get here and...

"How far should I go?"

When all you can do is keep your hands together, whisper and silently wish you could caught a glimpse of bliss--what we call forever.

Heave a sigh of relief, restless soul. You are home.

I have no need to watch the time,
Or placate you for my Valentine,
Or yell out 'DAMN, that ass is fine!'
Because darling, you're already mine.
A better man I could never find
With manners, wit, and charm divine
A mischievous imp who laughs at time;
A man with the most wondrous mind.
My darling dear, I'll flatter you yet!
Until those ears hear and dont forget
That you're a shining gem, inset
In mem'ry- from the day we met.
For a thousand times, and a thousand more
You've rescued me from worries sore,
Held me gently as I scraped the floor-
Gave me love I couldn't ask you for;
Drained my sorrows and changed my hue,
Told me firmly there was more to do,
Til all the years ahead looked new
Because I get to spend them with you.
So my handsome gent
I hope you don't resent
This flattery, though true;
Because honey,
I know-
There's no one better than you.

Dedicated to the love of my life, my partner, my muse.
Chloë Fuller Mar 22

wrapped around each other closer than sheets to a bed
fuzz. eyelashes. teeth. soft skin.
you completely disarm me.
i will give you all my guns
just grab my limbs.
envelop me.
the way your legs get tangled in my anatomy like a sapling
that's eager to grow larger.
pelvic bones crashing together so perfectly clumsy.
you are my ocean. my beach. my sun, sky, and stars.

CeilingStar Mar 19

Eyes cavernous, drowning in longing,
Pooling incredible intensity
Aching your core,
Desperation for every second to be this

Nothing ever feels as real as this stark second

Body aware of the pressure of yours,
An imprint that feels as if it should last a lifetime
A reinforced vulnerability

You can almost feel the fragile structure built of perceived perfection,
Emulating the lustre and complexity of stars as far as my ceiling
It’s yours forever

Under the table
It’s always there,
Always will be,
A singularity of where we started and where we shall end,
The perfect burden

I’d have it no other way


I wrote this at 3am eating poppadoms in my kitchen while he was sleeping.
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