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Sunrise across the verdant knolls,
   with a cup of morning, she brought
   sun-filled blue within her eyes;
      she beckoned me onward
      ... rise!

Sunshine across the dew soaked heaths,
   with a glass of future, she sang
   in vibrant notes within her soul;
      she beckoned me inward
      ... whole!

Sunset across the peace soaked lawns,
   with a mug of evening, she brings
   a winsome smile in endless supply;
      she beckons me upward
      ... high!
Log aksar aate hai raahon mein,
Umeed leke tumse judne ki,
Jo inkaar ** tumhe saath chalne mein,
Toh raahe badal jaati hai logo ki,
Kisi ki raahe kisi ke liye nahi rukti,
Kisi ki zindagi kisi ke liye nahi thamti,
Par jab wo ek  shaqs aaega tumhari raahon mein,
Jo tumhare liye apni raahe rok ke khada hoga,
Jo tumhare liye uss waqt ko mod ke khada hoga,
Uska haath tum tham lena,
Isse pahle ki der ** jaaye,
Aur wo khud tabah ** jaaye,
Uss bahate waqt mein,
Ki uski umeedon ko umeed dena,
Aur zindagi ki raahon ka humsafar bana lena..
Em MacKenzie May 15
I only wish to be by your side
I wish for it every single night,
but you didn’t bring me along for the ride,
infact you didn’t take notice until I was out of sight.

Bury me alive,
don’t leave me at the door.
I’ve been stretching this drive
down to the corner store.
I’ve been chain smoking,
and breathing the cold air skies,
I’ll tell you that I’m joking,
and if you cover my ears, I’ll cover your eyes.

I’ve been trying to catch the ocean,
but ended up drowning in her eyes.
I’m stashing away every emotion,
and she accuses my sentiment for lies.
I want to go on a joyride,
I want to drive away but not to hide.
I want to go on a joyride,
but I’m feeling alone and you’re not by my side.
So I’ll turn up the music,
and ignore my pride.

Travelling the dark street
of that old quiet ghost town,
the ferret was very discreet,
but warned of us of the bear and to slow down.
Losing track of time and missing our exit,
with conversations holding a life of their own.
I’ll remind you so you won’t forget it,
now I’ll drive that highway completely alone.

Bury me alive,
oh wait, you made the shallow grave.
I’ve been stretching this drive,
it’s pitch black but I remind you to be brave.
I’ve been listening to our favourite song,
the lyrics I easily memorize.
Eliza Dushku’s turn was wrong,
but if you be my ears, I’ll be your eyes.

I know your measurements; head to toes,
and you’re perfect just the way you are.
You know I love how you look in my clothes
when you sit beside me in my dark car.
And all the streetlights went out
as we silently took a joyride,
it’s not unusual for me but I have my doubt,
that it wasn’t amplified by her by my side.
Found an older one, not the greatest
Sara Kellie May 13
Would we halve the pain
if we shared it?
Or even better,
be spared it
'cause I'd give
you my rose

Poetry by Kaydee
Steve Page May 10
I need a strong ying
to rein me in
to be by my side
kicking my shin
when I need to restrain
my under their skin
pull me out of my dive
control my fast spin

it's then that my watson,
my bucky, my tonto
comes into their own
and suppresses my ego
So don't go when I strut
when I trigger disgust
just stand by my yang
and balance me up
Thank you radio 4 for a short about side kicks
Erik Poitras Apr 26
love is like a dance.
a constant flowing,
changing rhythm.
sometimes passionate,
sometimes slow,
peacefully gliding
through somber moments
in our lives.
then there are moments
when joy taps,
sparking happiness
between dancer’s heels.
and the dance never ends,
for dancing with you
is my desire.
be it flamenco,
or slow.  

by: e.p
I will let you drink native coffee
even though i know you only drink milk tea.

I will leave cheesy notes on your desk,
menthol candies in every bag you have,
books in your car so there's always a reason for you to see me.
I will say yes without a doubt if you ask me for a long walk.

I take a moment after reading a book or after watching a movie.
It's crazy but you have to cry with me or just deal with it.

I will love you the exact way I always wanted to be loved.

There will be hundreds of indie songs in your playlist.
More spicy foods to eat.
More hugs than you could
have ever imagined.

My hair tie on your wrist in case i lose one,
the smell of my relief rubs on your shirt,
hijab pins all over your car seat.

I make the best seaweed salad.
You'll be the food tasting king.

I can't drive a car.
But i kinda know how skateboard

I write down everything when i can't handle what's in my head,
and i'm out of words when you are in it.

I will randomly call you in the middle of the night just to say random things.
And you will say,
'I am the luckiest man to have you.'
But i will argue and say,
'No! I am because when you first laid your  eyes on me, i knew then, i found my home.'

And we'll end up meeting at a 24 hour pizza place or a japanese restaurant
nearby and make fun of our cheesiness.
A man of few words,
a man with a crease in his brow.
A man of true ego
was graced by the touch of homesickness
for a place he had never been.

It whispered to the nape of his neck
“You can live forever in the mind of one who truly loves you
if you are truly loved by them.”

it squeezed his hand and reminded him,
“It’s okay to be scared
of something that brings you butterflies and flushed cheeks.“

A man of few words,
a man with a flutter in his chest.
A man of true love
was attracted to the touch of yearning.

“Take me home.
Make me deserving,
one with you.”

For the first time in a long time,
the man known as ‘desire’
and his partner named ‘passion’,
were connected by a place neither of them dared to investigate.
Wake into a dream state, baby.
I'll be your second best escape.
You come running to me, baby.
You keep my soft heart safe.
Wake into a dreamlike state,
knowing you have a lookout in E.V.A.
When I, too, dig too deeply
to take alone, you're out on the rope.
What did I do, then, to deserve
a glimpse of this happiness,
soft like my heart? My mama told me
it was nonexistent, and
I certainly bought it -- but then, you.
What provoked you? What did I do?
Can it be that my existence is the
cause of your attraction?
I need to break free.
What sense does that make?
Can I run from love til
I kiss the coffin in grave?
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