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our bodies held
better than
we ever could
Alessandra Oct 8
It doesn't look so clear
Now that you're no longer there
You are doing me a favor
Yet, it seems like I don't care

This distance is here to help me heal
Yet I'm holding on for dear life
As if you're the one I've been waiting for
No matter how many nights I've cried

I felt so lost and unwanted
Still, I was there when you showed up again
As if I've been wanting you to come back
And tear me down once again

Oh, sweet masochism
I didn't seem to care
About everything my body was telling me
About how bad I was feeling over there

Now that you've vanished
Almost as a favor you're doing for me
Not sure whether you'll come back someday
Or if I must get it together by myself
And realize that experiencing you
Was just a stop along the way

(You sure were a nice one)
Kasansa Kuya Sep 23
I I I I…
in the kingdom of the broken hearted
"I strive and cry"
it does not matter why
"to see you come by"
what am I ,
"lacking someone like you"
its something you cant deny
I can only be myself when I'm with you
"like a person with a cheater partner"
you're distraught
withering in a disaster
"and it hurts a lot"

"however none of those are as cruel as I"

as I couldn't even spare you any of my time.
a heated exchange
Talia Sep 10
I build myself but
She hands me the tools
with hard worked hands
of a sensual warrior.
She does not abuse them
But plucks strings harmoniously
to cast a spell
of peace and tranquillity
She; the apple
catches my eye
In the midst of a storm
and steadies me
Her eloquence a spirit
that guides me gently
back down to Earth
Where her tender chest
absorbs me in sweetness as
I mould into she
who nurtures my soul
With intimacy
My heart speaking it's truth for the only woman I'll ever see. My love for her, so deep I didn't believe in its existence. She helps me grow and I am truly lucky <3.
ATILA Aug 27
Announce that you love me. At least to your best friends. I can’t bear to think that I’m not your trophy to be proud of. I can’t accept that my ray of light becomes dimmer day by day. I can’t stand the thought of sitting like a tomb in your soul, camouflaging with darkness that engulfs all sense of love. I can’t swallow the fact your face didn’t spark when you said I was your everything. I can’t comprehend when my existence in your world ain’t shimmer like a dewdrop catching the sun.

Announce that you love me. At least to your siblings. I don’t want to stay timid in the darkest compartment of your heart. I refuse to admit that you ignore me in four days — summer, autumn, winter and spring; three days — yesterday, today and tomorrow; two days — day and night; one day — everyday. I deny that you don’t feel immortal anymore when I linger around you. I oppose the idea of maybe your love to me is paperweight.

Announce that you love me. At least to your heart. Do my picture still be your favourite wallpaper? Do your heart palpitates everytime you hear my name?  Do my warm embrace puts an end to your insecurities? Do your mind still replays our memories of spending time together when sun came out, and we were miles away from anywhere? Do. I. Actually. Exist. In. Your. Universe?

I never doubt my love to you. It is you who should stop underappreciating me, and start loving again.
Stop taking love for granted.
Roro Aug 27
To the lush daisy gardens, I go
The farthest place from you that I know
My freedom was what I chose
Shortly after, your heart froze
My fault for not giving you a clearer sign
But all my displays to you were benign
So, alone I searched for the beams of my mind
But its collapsed architecture was all I could find
Immense guilt because of a simple truth
The sense of our doomed future I ignored in my youth
But life and love are meant to be lived
Freed my sense to be gone with the wind
My annoyance and displeasure would spew
Every waking second and whenever you'd call
Because long before you ever boarded, I knew
That we wouldn't make it anywhere at all
Essentially a part 2/outro to another poem about a certain relationship experience I had- I guess it's simply the "aftermath".
phlwest Aug 18
third degree burns
just thinking about you
Äŧül Aug 1
Oh, my heart,
You were lonely.

Oh, my heart,
You were grim.

Oh, my heart,
I finally found her.

Oh, my heart,
No longer grim.

Oh, my heart,
No longer lonely.
My HP Poem #1876
©Atul Kaushal
The smell of you,
an impossibly intense run of ones and zeroes
converted to map your DNA
G A T T A C G A...
like everyone and no one

Forbidden skin folds, slickly hidden,
I carried with me
with some half lies that helped
keep everything off radar
‘til ready

Cottoning on to the lost in me
with fingers and caresses,
blessing a gleeful wink of grins
to an adulthood
that refused to begin,
and refuses still
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