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Broadsky Jul 12
1, 2, 3
There was you and me

4, 5, 6
your colorful bag of tricks

7, 8, 9
we'd share a bottle of wine.

These are the memories that send chills up my spine.

You were acid,
I was alkaline.

I used to pick the petals off a celandine, hoping
"maybe he'll choose me this time."

I thought our love to be phantasmagoric,
when in fact it was hardly auric.

leave it to me to always be metaphoric.

You impacted me in ways I can't describe

please believe me when I say this isn't my diatribe.

this is me trying my best to transmogrify.

my original stimuli,

you have no idea what you signified,


This is me trying my hardest to say goodbye.
numbers were always your thing
Aŧül May 28
I have learnt to seek happiness in my life,
My preparation isn’t just for a beautiful wife.

I banish sadness by a gazillion miles,
My aim is a persistent state of strong smiles.

If I can be happy with myself in loneliness,
Then I can be with my partner in happiness.
My HP Poem #1932
©Atul Kaushal
Celestial Luna has arisen
What gorgeous form
The moon glistening verbrate with flesh-ed skin
So pure and unctious
What divinity of form
Angelic pillars aspire to hold Assyrian Sin
And what form so perch
The arch of the back
Traces its way to behold such grace
As pure bells Céleste entreat
And atop the place
Reigns perfect of form
The gaze of Cephalium
If this young femme be without ring
Or tether honour bound
Let her now come to me
And let real love resound
This poem is written inspired by a young woman who models under the name of 'Annie Madgett' - I want to get to know this woman to find out how we fit as real partners I do not know her name but if anyone can set me up with a conversation with her or with Annie Madgett herself(as I like Annie Madgett also and find her to be my woman also) as she may be able to set me up with my young muse and for other reasons then please do so.
Psychostasis Mar 27
I have poor vision.
Whether that's an ironic twist of life, a coincidence, or a sick joke being played through the universe's morbid sense of humor,
It's a fact.
And in more senses than one.
I've been short sighted since the age of 12
(On my left anyway)

You know how they say other senses sharpen when one takes damage?
It happened.
Not to my hearing, or my good eye
But in more subtle ways.

My sense of deduction blew through the roof.
My instincts when it came to social interaction became so sharp I could tell you what would happen to someone before it happened with 80% accuracy
I could tell people from smart apes almost instantly
I figured out how to use will to forge and shape my future

Then I met someone
Someone that was so amazing
So awe inspiring and raw and real
That I decided I wanted
Needed them in my future
And the game started

We started slow
Friends, smoke buddies, bar buddies
We shared secrets, problems, and great memories
And over time I started to fall for you

One day
While hanging out and smoking
And sharing stories and opinions
There was something in the air
I couldn't take my eyes off of you
Every word you spoke sounded like a songbirds call,
Beckoning my soul gently
Grabbing my attention with every word

That's when I realized I was falling for you.

Every time I saw you after that
Pushed me further down the land slide of surpessed romance
I hid my feelings under the heart on my sleeve

Then came the day we had our first kiss
I needed to know if there was anything there.
A spark
A bad feeling
So I asked if I could kiss you
A simple request to you
But a test of chemistry to me
And what I found was something so welcoming
So warm, and electric and natural
I needed it in my life for as long as I could have it
Then you told me you liked me
And I thought,
"Wow, I lucked out"

Now we're building a future together
Using an unbreakable bond and determination
And watching each other's backs

And now
We've reached a new peak
And as the sun rises and kisses your cheeks every morning,
And the sky reflects your brilliance and beauty with cloudscapes and sunsets
I'll take each day to appreciate how much you've improved my life
I'll take each snuggle session
Each passionate kiss
Each embrace and secret
Each warm night
And I'll cherish these memories until the day we can reminisce
And look back at the road we've traveled
And smile
And cry
And accept every blessing and tragedy
Every mistake and accomplishment
Every dodged bullet and heated discussion

Today I started working on my vows to you.
I'm sure they'll change a lot over the time it takes to present them
But so will we.
And I've never been more excited about change
Than I am when I think about the changes that will come to us,
With you by my side.

Together, we'll look back at our sweet past
Through rose tinted, candy speckled glasses.
To Brianna
P I Watson Mar 26
You found me churning,
Bouncing up and down
As I rolled down the hill of middle age.

You saw what could be,
And calmly intervened
Inserted an inflection

You took hold with hopeful hands
And bent my trajectory up
into U shaped happiness

Now the highs and lows have softened
The amplitude modulated
The vector up and forward

I want you with me on this gentle arc
Our slopes equivalent
Our speeds matched

Thank you for bending my curve
Dating App
For some trap
For some catch
Trap catch
Good match
Dating App
To upload
Get a partner
In your lap
Be a trap
Or be a catch
On Dating App
I love you with a love
I thought I lost
with the loss of all my saints.
I love you with the breath, smile and tears of all of my life.
And I know I will love you even more after death.

All feelings change all the time. Once in a while the love is infinite!
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