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BD Rohrer Jul 6
Everyday absent
You occupy my mind
Everyday present
The freedom divine
Grateful for the days
Impassioned by the signs
Indebted to your grace
Elegant by design
Forever captivated
Forever grateful to call you mine
f May 13
hungering that you would not leave.
visions of a future without you,
emptied out—i tread contrarily away from it all.
florence and the machine . back in town
Let me hide
in the caverns
of your heart

Those carved out
               the pain
               the grief  
the cruelties of
this world
have left you

with a space in
the middle of
your soul
without pieces of

Let me hide
in those shallowness
Can you hear
the wind is playing
                                I promise to
                                be careful
with the sharp edges

Let me hide
in the cliffs
of your sadness
just above the sea
of your tears  

Where the
don’t grow
maybe I
can plant them
I read some time ago about a time traveler, and how he was incapable of loving his (now) partner because they were too soft, too new. He used to hide in the holes left there by the war.
Maybe we can't always love them, maybe we need to hurt and be hurt to learn to love them.
Maybe before the holes, we couldn't fit, not really.
Mose Nov 2021
I haven’t had a partner in so long that I’ve forgotten I am single.
The memory foam on the left side of my bed only knows left over books and plates.

The empty places replaced with the things I learned I loved.
Only open spaces here are for self-affirmations doused in lavender.
Most of which I loved was uncherished until I had room for it.
The parts of myself I could never find underneath the cover of someone else.

The sheets get wrapped between my legs and for a second, I am reminded of how untangled I am.
How free it feels to be in a place you didn’t wish you were somewhere else or someone else.
A brief recollection of finally not being lost in another.
Deep open breaths of I am finally here.

I am reminded how calm this place feels – the comfort of not missing anything. How the spaces in between are cultivated by a reflection of my love - not those I once loved.
Gabrielle Nov 2021
The strums of his guitar
fall onto his lap

Trickle down my lobes
a steady dripping tap
Sky Nov 2021
back then i was told to
lower my standards for love
so a women could match it
be more compatible with me  
but I believed there was someone
who'd match it and now
the one I deserve now  
is currently wrapped up
in my arms
After getting cheated on I used to think love was such *******, it was only meant for people to play with each other and leave when they get bored. But now after believing there was still someone out there for me, I've found the one I desire who's willing to die for me..
Jammit Janet Oct 2021
When people ask me who you are
I tell them
You’re the love of my life
You aren’t my boyfriend or brother
Husband or father
Just a boy in my life
Who fills me with love
Unlike any other.
kerri Oct 2021
I always imagined living a beautiful life with an anonymous partner,
We’d have the same interests,
I’d treat them like royalty,
We’d feel most comfortable with each other,
I met you and instantly knew who I was always dreaming of.
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