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rig 3d
once, many years ago, i had a dream of a giant-headed, thousand-eyed robot destroying a ghost city, while a few kids fled from it on skateboards, protecting some sort of treasure.

i just got a youtube comment response (from someone i don’t know) telling me i’ll never be a true writer because i don’t drink alcohol.
Lyon Amor Brave Dec 2020
Your face is so ugly
Your mom is so ugly
Your dad is so ugly
Your sister is so ugly
Your brother molested you
Your uncle bought you a beer
Your aunt slapped you for telling the truth.

You have turned into an internet troll.
No fault of your own, your anti-social behavior.
You were molested after all so lashing out on
the internet is an unhealthy replacement for therapy,
but you can't talk to your family, so nobody can advise
you to seek counseling, so you smoke a vape and support
Donald Trump and call everyone who might like Obama
the devil and it was all because your family ******.

In the beginning there was god and god said this person
will be ordained to troll the internet and that person was you!
Can find the video that inspired this poem here:
David Huggett Sep 2020
George Merle had to take a trip to Calgary for a medical assessment at the bidding of his union. He had to be there June 24th at 9:00 a.m. to se a Dr. Paul Darlington. George was apprehensive to say the least.

George made a booking at a motel close to the clinic. He also made a booking to fly from Regina to Calgary the evening of the 23rd.
He arrived in Calgary and took a cab to the motel near the clinic. He made himself comfortable in his room and tuned on the T.V. Around 10:00 p.m. the evening began to drag and things were getting pretty boring.
He left the comfort of his room and went out into the cool crisp night air for a stroll. He passed an all night tavern. He went in, sat down and ordered a coke.
Inside the dimly lit tavern he met a man whose name was Blakie. Blakie was dressed in,  you guessed it, black. he had a full black bear, wore a black leather jacket, and a black New Jersey Devil's peaked cap.
Blackie told George a few food jokes and they became fast friends. Blackie said he was from the Mission down the street, also they would go there later for a bite to eat. He then ordered George a drink.
When the drink arrived Blackie paid for it. George sipped the drink, it tasted good so he drank it down. The affect the drink had on him was devastating. The music became deafening, the room spun, strove lights flashed all around him. Blackie suggested the go outside for some fresh air.

Once outside, George stumbled in the street. Blackie grabbed him, kept him from hitting the ground, but at the same time surreptitiously stole his wallet. They stumbled down the street to a poorly lit doorway that read Mission of Lost Souls.

They reached a plateau and a door that said Belfry. He had the dry heaves then opened the door. The door to the belfry creaked open. His eyes took a minute to adjust to the light of the moon. There was a huge raven sitting, staring at him atop a 4x4 crosspiece that supported the bell.
Then an eerie voice that seemed to come from nowhere said, "What is your name, why have you come here?"

"My name is George, I have come to find a better way of life."
The raven began to caw loudly as if laughing at him. It flapped its wings and took off. It flew wildly right through one of the stained glass windows. There was a loud crash and scream that cried, "You will forget?"
Once again the eerie voice said, "What is your name, why have you come here?" He could not remember his own name. He was completely perplexed and mumbled, "I don't know.
He returned to the Mission of Lost Souls and thereafter became known as "Ralph." The Mission of Lost Souls had claimed its 617th victim, George Merle never made it to his appointment with Dr. Paul Darlington in Calgary on the 24th.
From Ghosts in my closet. by George Merle
Tiffany Arnett Jun 2020
You watch YouTube,
Enough to explore and discover.
You found The Last,
A romantic video from Wong Fu Productions.
I cried the first time we watched it,
And I cried the second time too.
You held me tight,
Making me cry harder
When you made your own case,
How I am your five loves.

Here are mine.

Who you are is my green-eyed woman,
Who I befriended at work over pictures of my cat.
We can never appreciate Muffy more for bringing us together.

What you are is the woman of my dreams,
My greatest supporter in everything I do.
Not even Scarlett Johansson can measure up to you.

When you are is the brightest moment of my life,
Finding me in a moment when I felt alone.
You made me believe in my own happiness again.

Where you are is a small Appalachian mountain town,
Known for its long winters and college atmosphere.
You make the winters warmer and my days brighter.

Why you are is the reason I smile and feel happy,
Why I look forward to my future.
But only if it includes you.

I love you forever.
I like you for always.
As long as you love me,
My Green Eyes you’ll be.
Here is the link to the transcript and video of The Last:

Last four lines based off my favorite childhood book I Love You Forever.
Wo khte lhja bdlo bolne ka or filter bhi lgaya kro

Kahte Aap ** jaoge mashhoor, mahfil toktok pe lgaya kro

Hmne bhi keh diya unhe agr raye achi de na sko to faltoo me muh na chlaya kro

#skirtmen 😂😂
Full supporting youtubers
Randy Johnson May 2020
Poor Steve Cash decided that he wanted to die.
When we lose a good person, we always ask why.
He made "Talking Kitty Cat" videos and that was great.
But when he took his life, it was something we would hate.
Steve suffered from a mental disorder and it was a terrible ordeal.
He was Bipolar and I'm paranoid Schizophrenic, I know what it's like to be mentally ill.
When poor Steve took his own life, his fans sure didn't love it.
If I could've talked to him, maybe I could've talked him out of it.
I would've told Steve that life is worth living even if a person is mentally ill.
If you have a mental disorder, I know what you're going through and how you feel.
Randy Johnson Apr 2020
A man who made Youtube videos has died.
On April 16, 2020, Steve Cash committed suicide.
He made "Talking Kitty Cat" videos.
All of his fans hated to see him go.

Steve suffered from a mental disorder and sadly, so do I.
He was Bipolar and everybody is having to say goodbye.
He died because of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.
He was only forty and the world lost him too soon.
noor Feb 2020
ive seen things through other peoples eyes
but now it is time
that i go out and venture into the world
with the two i have been gifted
i need to see this stuff on my own and have my own opinion on things
lex hughes Jan 2020
the greatest liberty of all.
it is an honor to be called to action.

she helped her parents and siblings first
they didn't understand initially, but that was okay
out on the front lawn they sat
a message of freedom they relay

she made the house look clean and tidy
put the flag out on the lawn
everyone dressed in their best

she was going out to join them
when the tv flashed again
it was a hoax. we apologize for the confusion.

confused at first
then she understood
that's just what the enemy wants us to think
it is an honor to be called to action.

it is an honor to be called to action.

it is an honor to be called to action.
inspired by this video on youtube:
Tizzop Dec 2019
between mind and soul
there is a strength-giving rock.
that rock protects all of us...


Xavier Naidoo - Der Fels
// Allein Mit Flügel -
Live aus dem Mannheimer Schloss
"Alles, was ich sagen will, ist: Ich glaub' an dich".

"I just want to say that I believe in you".
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