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From the ashes Nov 2021
Hey everyone, I was just
thinking about the
fact that poetry has
a long oral tradition.
Wouldn't it be fun to
get a youtube channel and
perform your poetry?
You are all so
great, I just wonder how it
sounds with the writer
reading it.
We could support each other
and promote our writing at
the same time.
I think this is another way to speak up for the art of poetry
Thomas W Case Nov 2021
All of you are
such amazing poets.
And poetry has a long oral

Why not start your
own youtube channel
and perform your
Some say poetry is a
dead art.
I say it isn't.
Let's return to
our roots and scream
our poetry from the
roof tops.

So I challenge all
of you poets,
let's kick some ***
with our voices.
This is a challenge to do spoken word poetry on youtube or some other site, then put in a link with your poem. We can all support each other and encourage each other on the way.

this is my link, if this only brings up one poem, just search Thomas W. Case and the others will pop upCome join the fun and support your fellow poets.
end Sep 2021
he can't change his clothes
he can't see green
he doesn't like to hear himself singing
but they make me laugh
when they cry, i cry
i didn't go to class
but i watched them live
and they helped me live
they helped me to survive
who else could they be

they're my
dream team
eyes green
shirt blue
red face
know you won't hear
this song my dear
you don't know me
but you're my
dream team

he wears a smile
his goggles are on
he ties up his head band
i'm so far gone
when they laugh, i die
i watched them tonight
told them my struggles
spoke about my fights
they said they were there for me
my dream team

he was taken
he's not found
he took a nap on the ground
it may sound insane
block boys make my day
but who else could have saved me
no one but my dream team
this is about the mcyt dream team 🤡
Gerard M Aug 2021
If Doctor Who wasn't around when I was 6
I wouldn't have ever said "BOWTIES ARE COOL"

If Edgar Allan Poe wasn't a poet that I found when I was 16
I wouldn't have ever read and said "QUOTE THE RAVEN NEVERMORE"

If MrBeast wasn't a youtuber that I became a fan of when I was 17
I wouldn't have a group of people I consider friends
Gerard M Aug 2021
Two men started a YouTube channel

They called the channel Unus Annus

They were also the characters Unus and Annus

One year is all that they promised us

There was a clock counted down the days

The clock finally stopped and then we all did the same thing

What we all said was MEMENTO MORI
Unus Annus is a dead deleted YouTube channel that lasted from 11/13/2019 - 11/14/2020
Gerard M May 2021
Some people came to the SAVANT's home for a dinner party at his new house
But what they didn't know is that night would be a night of LIFE or DEATH
All but the SAVANT, the JOURNALIST, and the BIG GAME HUNTER died

Then the SORCERESS possesses the SAVANT and has him write more invites
But this time to a Victorian Era ball that the SAVANT didn't know of
Just like last time the night was a night of LIFE or DEATH
This time everyone but the THESPIAN and the MYSTIC died
Even the SAVANT too but was brought back to life

This time the SAVANT asked a bunch of his youtuber friends
To help him save the town of Everlock that's stuck in the 1970s
Once again it was a night of LIFE or DEATH
This time the SAVANT is alive and made it out of the town
So is the DETECTIVE and the TROUBLEMAKER who's now part of the SOCIETY AGAINST EVIL
But the DETECTIVE was RESURRECTED by a magical harp

Now the SAVANT has to save his friends who have fallen in past eras
This was the final night of LIFE or DEATH
Most of his friends died a second time but all except one died before
Just like with the DETECTIVE being RESURRECTED so was the DUCHESS
The one that didn't die before but escaped the night was the P L A Y B O Y
But this time the SAVANT didn't make it out alive but was trapped in n Pandora's Box

The only guest to ESCAPE THE NIGHT were the JOURNALIST and the BIG GAME HUNTER the first time
The second time it was the THESPIAN and the MYSTIC only
The third time it was the DETECTIVE and the TROUBLEMAKER
The forth and final time it was the DUCHESS and the P L A Y B O Y
a poem about the YouTube show Escape The Night
Gerard M May 2021
I found them cause of music or YouTube

Some of them I knew who they were

But didn't care about them when I was younger

They're the ones who I say "Top Of The Morning To Ya Laddies" or "Where's The Black Smith" with

Or instead sing Oh Miss Believer or Thnks Fr Th Mmrs with

Most of them I consider my best friends

Some of them are Patrick, Pete, Joe, and Andy

Others are Jimmy, Chris, Chandler, and Karl

They're there for me when any actual people aren't

They're the ones who don't care about the fact that I'm LGBTQ+

They just see me as another human being that's a fan of their music or channel

I try to remind myself about the Fall Out Boy lyric "You Are What You Love Not Who Loves You"

And tell myself that I'll be like Frank Iero and JackSepticEye

Some of them are the reason why I'm going to be a youtuber

I ask myself all the time how in the world did they somehow wind up being someone I consider friends
Lyon Amor Brave Dec 2020
Your face is so ugly
Your mom is so ugly
Your dad is so ugly
Your sister is so ugly
Your brother molested you
Your uncle bought you a beer
Your aunt slapped you for telling the truth.

You have turned into an internet troll.
No fault of your own, your anti-social behavior.
You were molested after all so lashing out on
the internet is an unhealthy replacement for therapy,
but you can't talk to your family, so nobody can advise
you to seek counseling, so you smoke a vape and support
Donald Trump and call everyone who might like Obama
the devil and it was all because your family ******.

In the beginning there was god and god said this person
will be ordained to troll the internet and that person was you!
Can find the video that inspired this poem here:
David Huggett Sep 2020
George Merle had to take a trip to Calgary for a medical assessment at the bidding of his union. He had to be there June 24th at 9:00 a.m. to se a Dr. Paul Darlington. George was apprehensive to say the least.

George made a booking at a motel close to the clinic. He also made a booking to fly from Regina to Calgary the evening of the 23rd.
He arrived in Calgary and took a cab to the motel near the clinic. He made himself comfortable in his room and tuned on the T.V. Around 10:00 p.m. the evening began to drag and things were getting pretty boring.
He left the comfort of his room and went out into the cool crisp night air for a stroll. He passed an all night tavern. He went in, sat down and ordered a coke.
Inside the dimly lit tavern he met a man whose name was Blakie. Blakie was dressed in,  you guessed it, black. he had a full black bear, wore a black leather jacket, and a black New Jersey Devil's peaked cap.
Blackie told George a few food jokes and they became fast friends. Blackie said he was from the Mission down the street, also they would go there later for a bite to eat. He then ordered George a drink.
When the drink arrived Blackie paid for it. George sipped the drink, it tasted good so he drank it down. The affect the drink had on him was devastating. The music became deafening, the room spun, strove lights flashed all around him. Blackie suggested the go outside for some fresh air.

Once outside, George stumbled in the street. Blackie grabbed him, kept him from hitting the ground, but at the same time surreptitiously stole his wallet. They stumbled down the street to a poorly lit doorway that read Mission of Lost Souls.

They reached a plateau and a door that said Belfry. He had the dry heaves then opened the door. The door to the belfry creaked open. His eyes took a minute to adjust to the light of the moon. There was a huge raven sitting, staring at him atop a 4x4 crosspiece that supported the bell.
Then an eerie voice that seemed to come from nowhere said, "What is your name, why have you come here?"

"My name is George, I have come to find a better way of life."
The raven began to caw loudly as if laughing at him. It flapped its wings and took off. It flew wildly right through one of the stained glass windows. There was a loud crash and scream that cried, "You will forget?"
Once again the eerie voice said, "What is your name, why have you come here?" He could not remember his own name. He was completely perplexed and mumbled, "I don't know.
He returned to the Mission of Lost Souls and thereafter became known as "Ralph." The Mission of Lost Souls had claimed its 617th victim, George Merle never made it to his appointment with Dr. Paul Darlington in Calgary on the 24th.
From Ghosts in my closet. by George Merle
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