Dead Alive Dave Nov 2017

listening to strangers is the new reading,
in controlled ways. . . so I've heard, anyways

it's a manicured kind of sharing

tumbling down a virtual line
just a few minutes at a time
entertaining us

in short bursts

with a mask on,
entertaining teenagers
with product placements
and the bored online zombies,
with a repetitive nature. . .

                                    that is,
predictable and ad friendly

just compelling enough

to hold the eye
as we are, and they are, and them is

just like everyone of us, similar in motive

"nigga's gotta eat motha fucka...
  (don't forget to check out my top ten list's of bullshit, bitches)"

but so very, very different from us "normal folks".

           (we just wanna be entertained)

who get crushed by boredom. . .

"they" get to do weird shit. . .
donning novel disguises,
cleverly, digitally;

edited perfectly. . .
sharing time, sharing momentum
                  for our entertainment

leave a comment, (it's not a trap)
                 hidden in high definition

and brilliant entertainment.

in the presence of dangerous idiots,
kings and queens of obfuscation
and loveable sweethearts; it's difficult to see,
the difference between them I mean.

because we all seek similar things

just in different ways
from different places

we all are sharing the same
        rusty brown ringed donuts
looking for serendipity in the world,
maybe luck from a gimmick. . .
"please share my video, read my poem, comment on my whatever, whatever", etc., etc..

they say that listening is the new reading,
that manicured identity is the new writing.
i still believe...
    ...that substance always trumps identity
  and no, they never were the same thing
(so go fuck yourself tubeyou
and tittwar  -  you're unsustainable)

Facebook, your newsfeed is white
like December’s snow
and blue like the summer heavens;
Twitter, your tweets
are as wise as the prophets;
LinkedIn, your professional circles are intimate
like a mother’s embrace;
Newspaper websites, your targeted ads
have as much class as the Queen;
YouTube, you have transformed the world
into a stage of 7-minute delights;
Netflix, you have saved me
from endless boxes of overpriced popcorn.

I Barker Sep 2017

Hey readers!!!

Thank you so much for looking through my page. I wanted to give a shoutout to Lance McDonald. He has an awesome YouTube page where he reads poetry. He is trying to promote poetry because poetry is often overlooked.  As poets I think that we should all try to support him by following him.
His channel is:


Jasmine Jul 2017

Is the story true?
that he would swallow animals alive
or is it simply exaggerated
to shock our own eyes.
I believe he was real, but the story
it just doesn't add up...
how on earth did he not throw it all up?

Tarrare still lives amongst us
in smaller doses on YouTube
people eating their way slowly
to new subscribers, and fans.

'Interview with a cannibal,'
thats there by the channel Vice.
And if you look a little closer...
There are more scary beings,
hungry for a morbid delicacy,
I wish I had never seen....

Tarrare truly seems to be
the most volatile and sick individual,
ever documented...
But did he simply eat out of choice?
or was he so ill he couldn't be saved
From his eventual demise.

Whatever the case,
versions of this man, they exist

and the scary part is.
we thought it was just him

This poem is inspired but the story of Tarrare, a depraved cannibal, and videos I've seen on YouTube, The Deep Web type of content and other creepy weird stuff.
Lori Apr 2017

jacksgap, my envy to new horizons

Jackson Harries took a year's gap. blew up on Youtube.
since Finn smiled. viewers sighed. a multitude.
Finn, the better twin, went to college
Jack, long hair and beard, kept travelling. baggage courage.

iisuperwomanii, my motivator to hustle

Lilly Singh sings a new philosophy.
on Youtube every Mon. and Thurs. viewer therapy.
She slapped it on a BAWSE book for the world to see
toured to share it personally. awarded a sleep deprived degree.

clerihew prompt, its a four line biographical poem. Day 14 of Napowrimo. This is a fun write for my favorite baes on youtube. I love their content, vlogs and channel. If you don't know them, go check 'em out!!!
Yosef Amaryahu Apr 2017

yeah nigga wanna make
enemies with me
ya see me flossing pistols with shining  jewelry
not tryna be purtttty
but im coming with
the wrath of a panther
expanding my legacy
in every community
black folks hispanic folks
stop letting them smoke
out ya mind i grind with as i shine
over enemies they stay worried about me
and how i beat my feet so swiftly
enemies i line em
up one by one
this aint a game son
i be the don next kindred
of the holy one
died like my homie
did at thirty three and a half
Picture me dyin'?
for a world that never
carried about my ass
now these bitches coming fast
flash of my past
but im back to put them on they ass
check my gun blast
to this bitch name "militant returns"
now ya soul burned  body stunned
by my lyrics spittin'
like bullets lock n loaded
explode it
through ya brain cells
i see you aint livn' well
ya see should haven't made enemies with me

ya punk bitch

livin in this life
of sin from begin
to the very end
will the father lord
let me in?
casted as a plant
but my roots grew up a screw up
now im makin' rants
for my childish antics
never panic while i bust at politics
once my pistols hit
ya melon aint no
tellin' or jailin'
me in this penitentiary
i was born rugged
and ill die rugged
life is raw so fuck it
gotta set black forts
for the crooked courts
feedin' my thoughts
esoteric knowledge
soon ill be a corpse
for exposing so much
secrecy to all my
known enemies
triple teamin me
it dont matter
the more they come
they more i dump
sendin- bombs like Trump
nah i mean transform on the scene
never puff bio green
coming wicked across yo screen
fuck this dream for cream
DC white house i know ya fear me
but shouldn't have made
enemies with mehh

#Militantreturns #fuckmilitantreturns #fuckpolitics #fuckamerica
Raven Feb 2017

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Every woman and man.
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