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Kasansa Kuya Sep 23
I I I I…
in the kingdom of the broken hearted
"I strive and cry"
it does not matter why
"to see you come by"
what am I ,
"lacking someone like you"
its something you cant deny
I can only be myself when I'm with you
"like a person with a cheater partner"
you're distraught
withering in a disaster
"and it hurts a lot"

"however none of those are as cruel as I"

as I couldn't even spare you any of my time.
a heated exchange
Kalarav Sep 17
Put your dreams into the locker
They are too precious to display
Learn to live the mediocre
This is life, no school play

There will be no outburst of glitter
When you make it to the end of day
This is simply a reminder
The world does not work as you say
UA Slam Sep 16
Anxiety creeps on you in the night with no warning through light
It follows you everywhere like a shadow in darkness and light
It covers you up like a devil on your shoulder every time
He sticks on you like Velcro and you don’t notice because he is light
It whispers and sometimes screams in your ear words you don’t want to hear
It drowns you, overcomes you and you just want to swim to the light
It is in these troubled times you need a friend to help you through it
Trust me it helps to have a friend by your side, let them be your light
It’s in these times, it attacks you. You want to scream for it to go
Though fight it and challenge it with all your might. Darkness vs. Light.
~ Soph Buenviaje
Let's get precise
Don't judge me
With my Introvert profile
It's what I find comfort with
I hold Masters degree
In Silence
And PhD
In Voice
Post Doc will be completed
Next June
In Whispers

This is what
All about
Genre: Abstract
Theme: Flexibility
I wish I could have—
(Whispers to myself)
On days like this when light feels absent.
When even the grey begins to fade.
How easily the mind slips into descent—
(Deaf & Dumb these screams are silence)

Fickle imaginations and unkept dreams,
The empty spaces where sunlight gleams.
Forgotten places where darkness looms.
How often is there such clarity—
When self awareness is acknowledging the chaos.
Questioning sanity.
(The Quiet is Echoing)

Lost but still somehow following—
A break in thought that seems so endless.
How, suddenly, the mind can bend.
Taut and out of shape—bent toward reality,
The darkest shades of anxiety.
Absent of color and stuck in perpetuity—
How infinite a moment could be.
With every sound.
(Repeating silence)
Each touch that’s felt and every taste.
This pain that remembers—
This soul that has witnessed how seamlessly time is replaced.
(Still, I wish I could have...)
A wish away from where we all want to be.
Don’t want to hear
Them anymore
Whispering of bad odes,
Crushing the positive oath
To live healthy,
Away from all the
Evil belonging,
Follow me
Everywhere I go,
Persuading to lead
The old road,
Self destruction, oblivion
To self love,
Chiming vile verses
Demons lurking
To abduct
My trust
Not free falling,
Old chains rattling
My nerves,
Don’t want to hear
Them anymore
Whispering of bad odes

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Gabs Aug 6
I listen to the sounds of the breeze
I focus deeply upon its hum as it travels through the atmosphere.
It drifts past my ears creating a humanly like voice
I attentively tilt my head.
What that last phase was...I cannot be sure.
Yet I lift my body up attentively and look out into the night.
M Solav Jul 19
Must there be the voice of an old man
To be inspired by wisdom?
Must there be intelligible words
To guess out the intention?
Must there be vulnerability
To presume the proper truth?

There ain’t a single channel
On the interface of dialogue

Must we lie only in whispers
To keep hurt under the seal?
Must we sigh only in earnest
To show others where we bleed?
Must we die only in peace
To pass the torch with ease?

There ain’t a single channel
On the interface of dialogue
Written in November 2019.

— Copyright © M. Solav —
This work may not be used in entirety or in part without the prior approval of its author. Please contact for usage requests. Thank you.
Savio Fonseca Jul 11
Last Night We Escaped,
to a far away Place.
To be on Our Own
and have our Own Space.
As I played My Tongue,
inside Her Mouth.
I Rolled in a few Kisses,
from Her North to Her South.
I stroked Her Silky Body
and relieved all Her Pain.
She Moaned and Whispered,
"Once more, Again."
I kept feeding Her Passion
and all that She Desired.
Kissing Her every Piece,
from the Talent I had Acquired.
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