A deafening silence settles,
Leaving only dust and some movements,
Rustling in the sheets, tossing and turning,
Trying to get some sleep.

But where is the peace in the silence
When all you can hear are
The whispers, an illusion,
Yet there is nothing to be heard.

Slowly, out of reach,
My hand tries to grab
What is left of my own sanity;
And every night, i wish it was over.

End me.
I don't know. I suck at writing poems but i have no one to talk to, anyway.
Once, the rain spoke back
In drowned tones from
Lessons learnt long before
Our grey tomes, wisdom
Without wearisome, a
Water sanctified in cloud,
Proud protectors of the
Above, below.

She was not of sorrow, not
Sanctuary, only servitude to
Sense, dense tentacles
Pulling me further down,
To drown in her watery halls
Where the wild kings fall and
The paper boats swim tall,
Above us all.

She told me of the lord so
Loud, lightning in name and
Devastating in fame, tamed never
And maddened always, by the
Drip drop bottle tops, silver
Songs, throngs of metal shine,
Time counting tiresome till
The strike above

Hitting below,
And then the rain will fall ever so

I take her into my arms
she brings her lips to mine

I run my hands down her back
caressing the satin flesh
that tapers to my touch
until my fingers
gently cup the firm and tender
that swells and rises
atop taut velvet stems

urgently I lift her onto me

we collapse in passion
folding into one another
our bodies mated perfectly to mingle
flesh into flesh
her breath hot on my neck
as I whisper warmly into her ear

vive la différence
my love
vive la différence


rob kistner © 2018
A poem of empassioned love.
Do you know what I miss?

I miss the gentle smile that was for me,
the lingering looks with blushing cheeks,
the feather-like touch that revved up my senses,
the soft whispers full of affection.

Li Aug 4
A day with you is indescribably perfect.
Even the birds flies geometrically aligned with the neatly painted sky.
I am undoubtedly in love with your voice
I am lost within the galaxies of your eyes, its devouring my soul.
I am awakaned by every blink of your eyes
The way you hold my hand sends shiver through the tiniest nerve of my spine, sprinting as if the energies you gave me are having their own race.
I fell in love with your quiet whispers, the way you let out the words 'I love you' it's killing me.
Im stealing glances examining you like a science experiment thinking how could you be so perfect?
I can feel your words through your kisses, it's a lifeline keeping me alive
With your arms wrapped around me feels like I am in the safest place, its your paradise where everything is in its own place
Being with you feels like time doesn't exist— it feels like forever.
—the man I will never be with
Love is not constant
It is always born again
It does not change it evolves
Bits encoded with failure and pain
Transfer to make for stronger foundation
Love does not die
It is killed
You can love someone who hates you
But you can't love someone you hate
For hate is the absence of love
Absence caused by death
Death caused, by absence
In this case.

-Luca Ivaldi
Vehemence ebbed out,
Soft rain whispers sweet nothings;
Earth in goosebumps!
Lauren Kocher Jul 13
The moon whispered softly,
"Let me taste the sweet honey of your lips
as my beams follow the curves of your body
like a river running through the mountains.
Your gentle moans,
a chorus of angels singing on high.
O gentle lover,
let my light pour itself upon your skin.
Filling your soul.
Filling your heart.
Over and over
like the roaring waves of the ocean
until you collapse in ecstasy"
Poetic T Jul 12
Empathy sheathed within
           every declaration that
eclipsed upon my eyes.
As I watched every word in form.

For your voice wasn't just
           affirmation of intent.
It was a visual  guidance
          a purpose of no harm.

Genial whispers waved over me,
          never sinking but guided
to shores of empathy.
         you were my voice of calm.
Sarah Mann Jul 12
Our unappreciated saviors of the world reside among the clouds.
A fitting tribute to my arrival, the clouds fell to the floor.
They guided my way and kept my toes warm.
I hear the darkness festering at my heels, trying to catch my eye.
The sounds were subtle but relentless as they continued to expand.
Larger and larger they grew, proceeding to overwhelm all corners of my mind.
Stripped away from my shaking hands, I no longer hold command.
I urge my brain to ignore them but they distract me evermore.
Like the beautiful whispering of the leaves as they left their home.
Never to return, they remind me of a place where I loved to roam.
I long for a sense of where I belong.
Aimlessly wandering is exhausting beyond description.
Burning to the ground, my lover was dead amongst the dust.
My world stopped spinning.
Close your eyes and count to ten. Goodbye my little friend.
One… Three… Seven… Eight… Ten…
For as long as I will live, I will be haunted by my regrets and mistakes.
The day that I left the kingdom of peace, the glass shattered.
The clouds returned to the sky, and the world that was shared was between only my sister and I.
Originally submitted as a Ka Wai Ola submission and ultimately rejected.  
February 28, 2017
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