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If you wanna learn where I am tonight
Sun fading in the absence of daylight
The two of us once got in the car
Drove to this place you no longer are
Written 2-27-21
Odd Odyssey Poet Jun 2022
Love is a two way street.

I give love; out of a willingness to receive love.
Upon speaking love, I would have heard of it,
Experienced passionately; out of a passion to be loved.

Out of a passion to be loved, experienced passionately.
I would have heard of it, upon speaking love.
Out of a willingness to receive love; I give love.

Love is a two way street.
Odd Odyssey Poet Apr 2022
Dear darling.

I'm staring at the sun, with the light
in between your eyes; and this feeling inside
of your bright smile. Summer kisses, caught inside of
it's denial. And the filled cases of your love; trying not to
lose this trial.

It's those lips that shapes that smile; those last skins giving
depth to those thighs. And writing about you; that helps
me with these rhymes. I'm in the directions towards love;
I'll meet you by all of the signs. I'm found; but it's a new love
I still need to find.

So by the end of this short letter line,
my penned down emotions are red signed.


A red love you and I will find.
Odd Odyssey Poet Apr 2022
when the sunlight stays in that
bright smile of yours; i hope for it's day not
to end,
like tears in the ocean; your beautiful
crying also gives me your

you're as beautiful as those two things...
Khoisan Jan 2022
10days in on the roundabout
pretty soon it will be June
November stop lights,
Life is fleeting
Have a great year
in the here and now.
Valya Oct 2021
I breath in and out
Taking back control over myself
It's been a month since I actually started posting and I'm really happy that I did :)
Adam Schmitt Sep 2021
I've hit rock bottom
Once or twice
Been to the moon and back
Lived on the thinnest ice
I've gathered some scars
And I've talked to the stars
Spent some time behind bars

I have paid a due or two

I ran for my life
From an angry Moose
I looked up the proper number of
Twists in a noose
I turned the tables on a hungry bear
I've climbed the mountains and breathed the rarefied air

I have paid a due or two

I've had my long dark nights of the soul
I've seen the pieces, and I've seen the whole
I've pushed a boulder up the same hill many times
Just to watch it roll back down, so, once again,
I make that climb
I've written riddles, hymns(riffs) , blog entries, and rhymes

I have paid a due or two
This is a song I wrote last summer. My instagram page has a video of me playing it.
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