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i heard a story 
you and i
but, it won't end happy
you know why?
we both resides in 
two realms
one is known as earth
and the other hidden
beneath it's crust 
you walk the path

i watched you from afar
i counted the tears
you shed
each piercing me harder 
than before
i read the stories in
your eyes
how you tries to redefine the
words you wanna hide?

you still cradle the
love for me
protecting it like a baby
blooming it like
spring flowers
it pains me that you
hide behind closed doors
only coming out when 
darkness shouts
to find my traces in
the shimmering sky
the thousands of stars
glittering with sighs

sadly; you won't find anything 
worth the moment
the spark will dim itself
no more tales to weave
no longer U&I, Us
two different paths we
breeze as strangers 
we live
not an end you desired
but, all tales are not
meant to be
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Laokos Jun 20
if you think that you are
no better than your
current circumstances
then you are right

if you think that you are
better than your
current circumstances
then you are right

two keys
one locks your cage
one opens it

which one will
you use
Ruheen Mar 21
I remember the inside:
A little red; a bit of grey.
Rows of leather seats and carpeted floors.
But it was when the journey began,
And I sat down,
My feet dangling over the edge,
Just like my anticipation -
They told me we'll be under the sea.
But I felt us moving;
The slow hum I heard eased me.
My eyes flickered to the window,
My parents' voices faded,
As I watched my reflection.
Then I noticed her. In the window.
I recognized her,
From where we had left.
It was while I was on my feet,
Hand clasped in my mother's,
But eyes fixed on her.
The girl sat waiting, sketchbook in her lap,
Pencil in her hand with her legs crossed.
It was crowded and clamorous,
Yet she paid no attention,
Her gaze set on her art,
Her movements steady.
The girl's raven hair was tied
And I think she wore something blue.
We went in together.
We sat on the left,
She sat on the right,
And drew.
And drew.
And drew.
And her pencil left dark marks on snow-like paper,
As her hands moved fast, then slow.
I couldn't help but watch.
I strained to look away,
But the window only showed…
Black. Bricks.
Darker than her hair. And her pencil.
We were underwater, but I didn't care.
I was more intrigued by the girl
Who sat so close, but was so far away.
Practically living in a different world.
I was helpless, shy, way too curious.
I wondered what she was thinking. And drawing.
It was pure, innocent, fascination.
Then the train stopped.
She stopped.
I stopped.
Because we had arrived.
We left.
She was gone.
I was bored.
A memory
Though both were born of cosmic flame
They fought too much for both were the same
And so they split night from day
So the other may always have their way...

But the cosmic ties that bond their hearts
Could never truly be pulled apart
So once in a blue moon, and every other red sun
The sky becomes dark...and the two become one.
A little rain then
Sun, save us a seat for two.
In time, I know that
Our flowerbeds may wither,
But I will still dance with you.
Beckie Davies Dec 2020
She remembers a man
Sordid and strong
Self righteous
Wickedly wrong

She remembers a man
Strong yet insecure
Vulnerably pure
Self deprecating
Thought provoking
Full of so much fear

She remembers two men
One angel
One demon
Caught in the insanity
Of two men that were the same
two men that were the same
letters to basil Dec 2020
dear basil,

this isn't about christmas,
though i hope you have a good one.

this is about crying.
or more like
how you don't.

i would say i don't want you to
but i know you.
and your eyes are my eyes.
so i need them to cry.

if they won't cry for her
let them cry for me.
cry for the me you lost
cry for the you that you can't find
cry for the person in the mirror
who doesn't ******* deserve this

because you don't.


just because your bruises are healing
doesn't mean that your skin is okay.

it's cracking.
you're cracking.

break open.

this.... this one is for me. but maybe... maybe it's for you too.

Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2020
If you knew how deeply I love you
Amount of pain you have made me bear
Would fall to your knees in tears
Full of regret that you pretended to care
You may care a little but not like I care about you
kae Dec 2020
this was an accident

before we started

we got matching sweaters!


the catch


two matching sweaters
two people dating
a couple.

two different countries.

i have my sweaters,

to remind me

of you.

when i miss you the most

when i need you the most.

ill just
put in on and think about you.
two sweaters
that may never touch.
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