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Kasti Mar 14
I think about you a lot.
You’re always on my mind.
It’s honestly troubling sometimes,
how much you cross through my mind.

Never checking both ways, left, right, left.
Never considering how I would feel.
You don't tread lightly when exploring
my undiscovered corners and thoughts.

But that’s okay, I love you too much to blame you.
It’s unhealthy, maybe, maybe not, I know that I want you.
I need you.

but I don't love you.

Please just kiss me one time,
I’ve been dying to know you.

Just kiss me once more,
I've been dying to know
if this is real life.

A whirlwind of thoughts sweeps through, taking houses and trees right out the ground
Crashing, flashing, with a bang and a spark, it’s like magic
The flood of your eyes has fully taken over
And you’re the only thing on my mind.
I don't know why I write
Sophia Mar 14
My heart is now divided in two.

One belongs to you.

And the other to you.

Is it possible to love two people at the same time?

What should I do?

Picking would be wrong...

No, no, no....

Both bring peace and joy.

But yet it’s accompanied by fear and doubt.

Oh Dilemma... why are you so sorrow?
It's coming up to holiday season love to watch aircraft flying overhead seeing them leave their vapour
I watch the early morning and late afternoon either they are going to their holiday destinations In the mornings
Then the ones I see In late afternoon probably returning from holiday
try to Imagine where  they've been or to where they're
I look up their miles Into the sky think the people on the planes looking out of the windows down to the
Earth below everything looking like
Sometimes When there's  fog visibility so bad the planes fly so low In search of the airport you could reach out and touch
Never had a desire to fly
In modern planes but given the opportunity to fly a world war two plane
I give my right arm that's what you call flying sometime we have fly over
Spitfire's Lancaster bomber now they were what you call planes the unique sound of that Merlin Engine unmistakeable beautiful to
see them In flight
Never had desire to fly In modern planes but give
World War Two planes now that what you call flying
*** to me Is not a good word It means getting what you want regardless of your partner needs
But making love now that's two words but words that says It all making love means shared tending your partner
what pleasures them regardless of your own needs you first please your partner then you reap your
because then you both  have your pleasures together just as should
so to me making love Is the perfect two words to describe what Is truly beautiful
Two words rather than one making love as posed to *** meaning getting what one wants making love shared caring about each other pleasures no selfishness
Two people, standing side by side
The first is depressive
The second, obsessive
The first person feels unwanted, like they mean nothing
The other has no reason to care
As they are obsessed
However, they are not obsessed with the first person

The first person has been fighting their demons for the longest time
However, the second person had their own
But, their demons disguised their dangerous intentions with pleasure
As it feels good to be in love

The second person still hung out with the first
However, they were slowly drifting apart
The first person slowly gave into their depression
The second was still too delusional to realize their friend's agony
The first was falling apart
While the object of the second's obsession,
was pulling the second together

It is quite tragic
The first finally let go
A dark red covering the room around them
The second couldn't feel anything
They were covered in red as well

The first was finally free
The second was no longer tied to their obsessions
And the first's demons fled the scene

Now the first was so happy
Everything was through
The first started to cry tears so true
She wanted to be next to the second
She was in such a high
That she was now red too

The two slept together
Forever and forever
Tied to their obsessions
And the depression
It was a surprise that the first could pull of such an endeavor

Time moved so slow
Neither could feel it
But soon came flashing lights
And loud sirens
The demons have came back for them
A little girl
has two apples in her hands.
"Can I have one, sweetie?" her mother
asked. The girl looked at the two apples
in her hands and took a bite out of both
of them. The mother tried to hide her
disappointment of what her daughter
had just done. The little girl looks
up at her mother and hands
her one of the apples.

"Here mommy,"
she says,
"This one is sweeter
Sometimes things are not the way they look. Don't judge by what you see just on the outside.
EmVidar Mar 3
her friend had vanished with him. leaving us alone on the couch. cautiously I turned to the blue haired girl. leaning her head back towards me, I wondered what was on her mind. asking and in her response she smiled. "I'm not looking for love or anything, just something to write about". so stupidly I kissed her. and she
broke my nose
This poem is about being used by people who couldn't be honest. A story had floated around my school and people hadn't bothered to ask for her side of the story. Unfortunately she hadn't responded the way she had hoped and ended up losing a part of her
s Willow Feb 25
You know I meant nothing of it.
What part hurts?
Your being ridiculous.
I didn’t do anything you didn’t do to me.
Johnny walker Feb 24
There are two rings on
my finger where once
there was only one for I wear my sweetheart ring
and I ware It with
my own
It's never taken off It will be on my finger until the day I die
There are two rings on
my finger where once there was only one, to
show the world I
love her and even though  she gone my love for her just as strong as It was when first laid eyes on
There two rings on my finger where once there was only one, for the appreciation of love
she gave to me and for the twenty years we spent as man and wife and our beautiful son she gifted
There two rings on my finger where once there was only one and that's where they shall remain for there will
be another Helen for she was truly special Irreplaceable one of a kind who never will be
Two rings on my finger Helen's and mine for there will never be another she was truly one of a kind
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