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This is how it feels when ..
    you're bent and broken this is how it feels when ...
   you're dignity's been stolen when everything you love                                                
      is leaving.                        you try to hold
   on to what you think you believe in .... my heart beats with the memories I wish I didn't have..                              I think of letting go and never looking back ...    
  never moving forward so there'd never be a past ...  
  it's easier to Run  
      replacing love with someone numb ....              
     it's so much easier to go and save yourself ....        
Than  to face a broken heart .....I never had the opportunity to even hear you whisper.....                 "goodbye"
You truly have to find peace....or your Heart will eat you alive..
Mori 21h
The mud-covered hands on that little body
trying to reach the iridescent blackberries.
And the clumsy tries
which directly grabbed the sharp thorns,
caused burning pain and red fluid
dripping out of slim fingertips.
"But I want them soooo bad",
the little figure whine while
stretching it´s legs until they started hurting.
Salty tears poured down it´s cheeks,
down it´s chin - and then -
onto the red fluid on it´s fingertips.
Sitting in the dark, licking it´s fingertips,
the figure tried to reach them again,
mixing red fluid, sticky spit, the juice of
squeezed blackberries and
the strongest ambition known to humanity.

If reaching blackberries was worth so much pain,
then why is nothing anymore?

I grew up in a little valley and every summer I used to collect all the blackberries. Even though my fingertips always ended up pink-reddish because of the thorns and my clumsy tries, it was so much fun.
Now, that I´ve been diagnosed with (social) anxiety, depression and bulimia, I really want to turn back time.
sara woltz Feb 7
i still remember the first time
that someone thought my body
was their property
my first girlfriend pressed her hand into my throat,
tightening her fingers
like she wanted to leave her prints there
but all that was left were bruises
that i had to explain away to my mother
a boy i just met grips my hair
he shoves me to the ground
i can still feel the branches pressing into my knees
his calloused fingers wiping away my tears
as he tells me to be a good girl
i want to be a good girl
i’m scared to not be a good girl
but i know i’m not
because good girl doesn’t shove her fingers down the back of her throat
digging like if she can go deep enough
she might find hidden treasure
good girl doesn’t feel hands forcing their way up her shirt
and think “he’s not going to stop
so i might as well let him”
good girl doesn’t feel ***** all the time
good girl doesn’t have fingerprints engraved on her skin
like tattoos
good girl doesn’t feel phantom hands
pushing their way up her skirt
if she sits a certain way
a good girl wouldn’t let that happen to her
a good girl doesn’t let her body
get rented out like a hotel room
a good girl is no one’s property
Disposable girl spends her
Days trapped in a game of hopscotch. She manages
To cross miles worth of
Lines without wanting or meaning to.
She plays the game but,
Win or lose,
She is worthless.
Means nothing
Rhiannon Jan 26
Your silence is deafening,
And I’m left in the dark.
You have me questioning,
But now you’ve made your mark.

Heartless words left on the table,
With no real outcome in sight.
The lack of respect makes me unstable,
And I’m ready to start a fight.

Your mouth sewed shut,
And your unwilling to talk.
Those unspoken words leave a deep cut.
Bandage me up cuz now I’m in shock.

I’m feeling alone,
Like I’ve done this before.
Your thoughts are stone,
But I’m looking for more.

Won’t succumb to the fabrication.
I can’t breath and I can’t scream.
I feel like a complete abomination.
It’s all too real and too extreme.

Your silence is deafening,
And my mind is exhausted.
ollie Jan 25
We are worthless
Waiting for a train to come
This is it
The last generation
The lost generation
The lest we fall into another depression generation
We know that kids can be misunderstood
But there is a rift
Starting with a need to get out and a need to stay at the exact age we are
We are the generation that refuses to grow up
Ill prepared for the smack in the face that is adulthood
Not because it’s hard
But because the grace required to navigate is not something the anxious have found yet
Our mothers and fathers told us that when we smile we’re lying
We are the generation who wonders when happiness became a form of dishonesty
With aliases unlike any spy
We are worthless
Straight backs and slouched shoulders
We are worthless
Feigning surprise until you can see the reds of our eyes
The frequency of the tears changed the definition
We are worthless
Capable of admitting it but not capable of taking that **** from anyone else
We are worthless
Asking our teachers how people enter a history class loving America and leaving it feeling the same way
We are the generation who refuses to cause anymore wars
We save that fighting **** for our own minds
Tell your mom and dad not to worry about curfew
Plenty of us can’t get out of bed anyway
We are worthless
And **** if we don’t embrace it
Ava Jan 20
Everyone tells how strong
you are and how you
can make it on
your own but
no one dares to
speak of the times
you will be up all
night wondering
how someone
could be so
Jessica S Jan 16
Feeling empty
and worthless
and meaningless
and alone
how can I make it stop
I need to make it stop
it hurts
I feel like
i am burning
will it ever stop
please tell me
that someday it will stop
because if not
I need to make it stop
To me you are floccinaucinihilipilification,
and as **** as the word too...
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