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Amber 1d
a treasure chest filled with gold.
is that all we need?
we go through so much just to get that money?
instead of wasting time finding that treasure,
why not find a hobby
or spend time with your loved ones,
feel love and happiness.
money will never satisfy us.
Amber 2d
can’t u spare me some time
not even a second u would give me
am i so worthless
is spending time with me just a waste of your life
am i not important to u anymore
i guess i was just a toy for u to play with when
you were bored
Madolyn 4d
i say i strive to do my best
but that is not true
i strive for perfection
because my best isn’t good enough

if i’m in the 99th percentile
there’s still 1% who beat me
i must be better

A’s are not sufficient anymore
i have to have 100s in my classes
i must be better

i am a hideous Medusa of a monster
i must dress better, cover my face
i must be better

if i am not perfect, i am worthless
if i am not perfect, i am worthless
if i am not perfect, i am worthless
if i am not perfect, i am worthless
i am worthless
i am worthless
i deserve this endless hunt, this punishment
always failing to meet my goals
i deserve all the sleepless nights and anxiety and having panic attacks over getting a B on an assignment
Why? because i am a worthless human being
i only hurt and cause pain and everyone who has ever known me knows this, even if not consciously
they are all perfect in all their imperfections, balancing it out with kindness and friendship
i am just worthless
Shea 6d
"Crane my neck and scratch my name"
You've drawn too close to me
You see,
You're a drug
I need a hit
A lick or sip
To satisfy my habit
Laugh at it
Or live it
Either way you've---

I need to change
And not blame
My silly problems
I know I've got em'
But no one else needs to know
Cause if they know
They seem to blame
Not the one at fault
But the one playing my game
They forget
Their innocence in all of this
I don't want to hurt anybody
But it seems like I do
If I don't hold it in somehow
Then I will be the one who
Hurt everyone
And that---

I could keep dragging on
I could write a thousand lousy songs
To show you
Cause my actions never
Run the circle
I feel like a liar
Someone you despise or
Like a bug
Or feeding off of you
Like a parasite
I feel I might
Ask if you want me to leave
I know I love you,
But do you love me?
My worried soul
Needs to know--
Shea 7d
I feel the shadows
running in to greet me
I feel me, my skin and bones
And growing old
I wonder
If this was ever real
I ponder
On why I was ever here
So tell me, will you play my game?
Cause I'm often sure that what I play
Is result of a dissociated state
She Writes Nov 3
I’ve found my biggest enemy
Resides right between my ears
Poisoning my thoughts
Feeding on my insecurities
Killing my self worth
One negative thought at a time
Rose Oct 29
What will come of tomorrow
Will the drunkenness run through and bits fall into place
Or will you forget all of this
Every word whispered in your ear as you’re hands seek places
My desperation of meaning more than this
And you’re simple words used for a girl in desperate need of loving
A drunken kiss and drunken man are all that I accept
one of those things you always seem to do, right? those nights that you wish never happened, where you kept some dignity but lost a lot.
Katinka Oct 26
the way I feel
the way others made me feel
the way I try to improve
the way others ruined my progress
the way to continue fighting
the way others told me to give up

to keep living this way
to keep bringing me down
to keep listening to what they say
to keep changing for others
is NOT who I am
Lucy Oct 24
I'm trapped and enclosed.

Buried under paranoia.

I fear he will leave.

Replaced by Chanel perfume and deception, cat like eyes and caramelized extensions.

Drowning under mental images I've created. Mentions being spoken.

Inevitable feelings I try to avoid, but I can not.

Her existence makes me melt, even though we have never met.

My thoughts are too much to bare.

I despise this ***** evil.
Sarah Oct 17
I wish I knew how to take ink to paper
Before I took blade to skin
But sometimes I just feel nothing
So that's what write
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