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Beulin S S Nov 11
If you think I am worthless,
and underrated
I'll become a star
In your sky;
You'll look at me
from abyss to heaven...
But you can't hold me again.
Underestimating is just a fault. Don't  mock others for being slow.
felixmae Nov 3
she reminded me of pennies
two faced
and in everybody's pants
I've never really been homeless
but I lived right next door forever and ever
or so it seems
I've never been hopeless
but I've seen my light
go dim for a while
as I while away
without any dreams
I've never really been lifeless but I've had times
I could have lived
a little bit more
I never really felt worthless
but I've had those times
I felt like my life could have
had a bit more in store
never have I been homeless
so I have no idea... how
it really must feel
even though ...oh ohhhoh
I always lived soohohhhoh close
to that edge-  it's not
the same....
it's not how
do you feel?
thispanman Oct 16
I can't remember
Any time
That you showed
That I am not

Everything I do for you
Pushes me further
Away from

I guess
I should say
Sorry mom that
I am so worthless

At least
to you
This is all I have to say to my mom, hope you guys have a better relationship with yours.
tia Oct 1
"my body is tired with torn hands
I want to be perfect, more and more
but nothing changes, it only ever hurts"

"when will you be happy?"

"never... I live miserably,
wanting to work myself to exhaustion
waiting for death's release of this worthless vessel
that hates me deeply
perishing underneath dirt and pebble
no one will want me, need me
I will be forgotten and my ideals of perfection soon to be rotten"
Laiba Sep 23
I am worthless
I am useless
I am nothing

I'm a sket
I am ugly
I'm an idiot
Brandon Sep 5
The one before took it all from me
I fear that I have nothing left to give
Gary Cuming Aug 17
Blackened eyes reflect the venom
That burned beneath your veins.
Acrid breaths, defend the lies
Of a life you soiled and stained
Conceited smile to manipulate a fool,
To bend and shatter the goodness.
Masquerading as Hope,
Disguised as love
Defiled the light to sadness

Left stumbling for air
Left needing a heart
Left broken, left consumed, left abandoned
Conformed to the night,
Darkness consumes, lost sight
Of my life
Of my dreams
Broken, forgotten, stranded

But fire can’t forget
the disgusting torment
The subjugation,the humiliation, the laughter
It’ll burn through the pain, igniting the shame
Fuelled by frustration, by hate and by anger

And you’ll ******* burn
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