Who am I...really? What about me is special enough to have a result in the world? I could sit on this bench day by day, month by month and nothing would ever change...for me that is. I've come to realize that it's not how you were as a human being, but rather the gift you were able to share across the world so to speak. I'm not sure if that makes sense, but nothing really makes sense to me other than the fact that will always remain, I will never be missed...for that matter, I will never be noticed. The trash that just lies on the ground in front of me even goes noticed, for one by the wind that carries it away, and two by the janitor that picks it up to put it in the garbage can...which just gives me this mentality that I'm lower than trash. The funny thing is though, I believe in God. I believe that Jesus died for our sins so that we can be forgiven and make it to heaven when our time on Earth has passed, what I don't understand is what I did to him for this to be my life. I ask myself if before I was sent to be a baby to this world did I upset him while I was an angel...what could I possibly have done to have this life?
Madolyn 7d
Breathe in
Breathe out
I can’t command my breath anymore
My eyes are filled with toxic tears
causing the problem to get worse
Breathe in
Breathe out
Count with my five senses to calm down
too bad they’re too compromised
to do any help at all
Breathe in
Breathe out
Worthless with out my grades, this A+
I have no good personality, no creativity
to make me worth something
Breathe in
Breathe out
So as I bury my head in my hands
calming my anxiety is like
covering a mountain with a blanket
So I breathe in
and breathe out
I had an anxiety attack in math while taking a test.
Vyscern Mar 14
They said I couldn't make it, said I was worthless
Said I'd be nothing, and left me hurting
But as I rise up to the call
I know who I am, and I won't fall

I'm a glacier, in the middle of winter
I'm a saviour, or so it's been hinted
And though I am cursed and covered in dirt
I rise, unbreakable, with passion that burns
Innominate Mar 12
There is little chance for me,
to become something even close to a fantasy.
There is no chance for me,
to become something that my mother will love to see.

These are the thoughts that my mind swims around in,

Every time I look in the mirror,
I bring this doubt into my mind that I will ever be,

The sixth article of the Universal Declaration of HUMAN RIGHTS states that,
every human on this planet,
has the right to recognition everywhere as a,
before the law.

I believe that the phrase,
"before the law"
should be changed because,
we have changed.

In a different time,
this would have made complete sense,
when the law was held as more of a social construct.

But nowadays,
both men and women are judged,
not for their actions,
but for their appearance as well.

This idea that,
even though we are specs on this planet,
we are impermeable to another's words is,

This idea that,
because we are individuals,
we cannot love someone else's difference is,

These are the ideas that make us think,
that we are not enough.
make me think,
that we are not enough.

We are filled with this,
want to become something better,
but instead of being better,
we fall down the ladder,
and into this abyss that is filled with black goo,
and this black goo becomes our soul.

It becomes the way we act,
the way we speak,
the way we breathe.

This black goo of endless torture.
It will be the end of humanity.

It will not be the end of life,
but the end of kindness,
the end of happiness,
the end of empathy,
and at that point,
is living really worth it at all?
If you think you are worthless, please read.
I'm looking in the mirror,
not liking what I see.
Im feeling Worthless,
I dont deserve this.
Im feeling worthless,
feeling the pain.
Not knowing how to control it,
I shouldn't have gave in,
where's the strong me?
Where's the one who always said "No"?
I gave in, falling deep.
Im feeling Worthless.
I dont deserve this,
I dont deserve you.
I'm bringing me back.
The one who's head strong.
The one who is strong.
The one.... who's feeling worthless.
Kinda bored Right now. Did not know what to write until now.
I don't think it's true that people enjoy to stand out.
As much as they say they do.
As much as they wish they did.
I am guilty more than most.
My whole life I've spent wanting, nothing more than to fit in.
To be accepted for who I am.
As we get older not fitting in becomes easier than it did at school.
To forget about the people that made you feel worthless in the halls.
Being made to feel like that way never truly leaves you.
So be kind to the ones that you feel are so different from you.
As they are not the ones that should be made to feel worthless, take a look in the mirror because if this is something you do,
The only person that should be made to feel worthless is you.
So maybe I am still bitter and I deserve to be because everyday being made to endure this I became less of me.
GoldenGrimm Mar 5
Time stops, and miracles disappear.
Happiness falters, smiles fade.
Stuck in 9-year-old lost memories,
Lost in a 6-year-olds forgotten thought,
Drowning in the tears of lost innocence.
All motions are frozen to a shock.
No deliverance between good and evil,
No difference between right or wrong.
Life suddenly loses meaning,
As time draws on.
Until tears run dry,
Smiles become fake,
And personalities are plastered on for society.
Everything becomes a phase, and nothing is right.
Until we only become what society wants.
Yet once you are in need of help,
You are pushed back,
Back inside that cell,
Of 9-year-old lost memories.
Stuck in a 6-year-olds forgotten thought.
Dead in a pond of broken-hearted tears.
I woke up to some old haunting memories and needed to rant.
Alvin Agnani Feb 18
I’ve got nothing to say.
For I am alone, inexperienced; I know nothing.
I know nothing of your troubles; yet I can’t help myself but to weep.
I can’t help myself but to scream.
Even as the poison lingers in your blood I wail, but to no avail.
If only you could throw your problems away.
I would take them freely.
Carry them on my shoulders, even if I’d break.
Your words pierce my heart.
Your experience to horror embrace me so tight.  
Even though I am not the same as you.
I know…
I know the truth.
You may do with your life as you wish.
I’ve got nothing more to say.

I wish you could stay.
Sometimes I wish I could just, for once, help someone that seems to be helpless. I want to carry them out of their pain and let them live on and sprout again...
Caroline Dass Feb 16
You know that girl, who's always smiling?
Yea, well think again, because inside she's cryimg
She has a smile on her lips
But scars on her wrists(and legs)
You may think she's a muslim
Because she's covered in clothing
From her head to her toes
But it's because she doesn't want her scars
To show
Her frowns, she seldom show
So all you see are her smiles
But if you look closer
You'll see the tears in her eyes
Faking a smile, everywhere she goes
Just so her tears won't show
Because to her, crying means you're weak
You think she's holding on
But really, she's letting go
...So you see that girl, who you think
Is ALWAYS happy?
She's NOT
And if you look closer
You'll see that that girl
......That girl..is me
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