Bottled up emotions;
Shards of a broken heart;
Cans full of empty words;
Expired faith.
Cracked jars filled with a mixture of sadness, hurt and grief leaking out every second.
Packets of crumbled hope;
Sweet wrappers torn and crumpled;
Half eaten dreams...

One, two, three, four,
Look who's here at the door!
Five, six, seven, eight,
I hope it's them, they're pretty late-
Nine, ten, eleven, twelve,
Their coat goes up on the shelves.
Thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen,
I hope they see a guillotine.
Seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty,
Now they're here, I'll hurt them plenty.

No use counting any more,
It's just making my brain quite sore.
I simply had to tell you more
Of they who turned life into war.
Made happy thinking quite a chore,
Right at my face they swore and swore.
Everything nice, hidden in a drawer,
Or scattered everywhere, all over the floor.
May someday beach up upon the shore,
May I fall asleep without a snore.

A person who may or may not exist.
Scarlet M Dec 7

She stares into the distance,
her eyes flickered,
the window to her soul,
dimmed little by little;
have I not bled enough? she thought.

Inside her filled with cracks,
a cage that completely lost
its resonance
drop it too quickly
and she shatters, shards piercing another.

A self destructive weapon, is what it is,
in a fit state her demons coiled;
ne’er-do-well, she mirrors herself,
considers a heart of little no value.

Nequam latin word for worthless
Saint Audrey Dec 3

I can't get so bogged down
Like i do now
So often its
Boring to be found and
Lost at the same time
Finding time to lie in
My bed, or a coffin
Whatever works
For better or worse

Plans I don't make
Can't really change
Or fall through at all
Funny enough
My whole things been
Mauled and I'm standing here
Coughing and blocking out
More ideas

Pretentious melody's play in my head
But I can't slip into
Real world explanations
The sky can only be one of two colors
A sentiment tied to
One or the other
Or I'm left wondering why
It has to be

I'm still sick of every friendship I make
Its hard to examine the memorys
What I take, and what i leave behind
Trivial, and i wish i had a bit more

I don't care about my future
Irregardless people will still be
And treat me the same
Way, and I'll still be pining for
The same things
Guarded and
Mostly friendless

She Writes Nov 25

I sat around waiting
Still silence

I pleaded
Talk to me

I don’t even know
What I did wrong
The unknown
Is killing me

Your words
But your silence

I wish
I never gave you
The power
To make me feel so worthless

Simon Nov 22

anything I ignore
everything I fear
myself I became
such a mess this place
that I can't get to
forget about you
never liked my intentions
were always good
friends I wanted to make
the right choice today
this dreadful story ends
my life is worthless anyways
I don't know
everything I ignore

Nightsung Nov 19

Picked, plucked feathers are
Lying amongst a bundle
Of broken twining

Usually I don't post haikus. But anyways....
Kayla Nov 16

she sees the light
she sees the world as it is
fire burning at the bottom of her heart
that fire ignited by the very touch
the whisper leaving the hint of a whisper
the flare of her skin as the hands run down her side
she’s fighting the urge to scream out loud
this isn’t happening
not to her
she sees the light
she sees the world as it is
she sees his eyes that are lies
the story of love he told her
the night the wind howled in her ear
the first night the I love you left her lips

She Writes Nov 10

I am so sorry
I’m sorry someone loved you badly
I’m sorry someone made you feel
Worthless, alone, and abandoned

I’m sorry someone made you feel
Like a waste of space
Unworthy of time
Unworthy of attention

I’m sorry someone made you feel
Expendable, ugly, and weak
I’m sorry someone made you feel
Afraid to love again

But tell me this
How is it justified
In your twisted mind
To do the same to me?


Vexren4000 Nov 9

Your fast cars,
And fancy clothes,
Will not keep you company,
Or save you from the hands of the reaper.


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