It wasn't my mistake,
You trusted me.
I was your only friend in the dark,
Your little secret,
Your little demon,
You were so beautiful before you broke.
Nobody could ever love some one like you.
Now you're worthless.
Without your looks you're nothing,
Without my voice you're lost,
Can't you see darling,
Your mind is broken,
But I'll take care of you darling,
Just do what I say and you will be beautiful again.
I love you darling.
If I try and let go of you
I'll get hurt in the progress
because without you
I feel like I'm worthless
completely worthless
I am less than you. You are greater than me.
and everybody
else knows it
Camryn Jul 5
All my life you’ve told me I’m not good enough;
Worthless, stupid, ignorant, lazy;
They surround me like a noose;
Slowly tightening, squeezing more and more every day;
Suffocating, cutting off all self-esteem, pride, any and every feeling of achievement and worth;
Until finally I believe it myself;
Crying on the floor, lungs scrambling for breath;
It isn’t good enough, I’m not good enough.
Every achievement, task, and result meekly carried and dropped at your feet;
Like a cat delivering the spoils of its hunt to the door;
Hoping it is good enough, that it might make you smile, make you proud;
But time after time that hope is crushed;
You drag my every action across the floor, scrutinize and beat, twist and torment;
Until nothing is left but a broken, worthless shell;
And worst of all, the greatest of your crimes;
You make me believe it is my fault;
If only I was different, a better daughter;
If only I did more, helped more, tried harder, achieved better;
If only I wasn’t me;
If only…
                   If only…
                                     If only…
Maybe then you would be proud of me.
You ask me to change, to be different to who I am;
So that you might find it easier to love me;
And I try;
I try, and I try;
Because I want your love, I want your pride;
If only I wasn’t so worthless, stupid, ignorant, and lazy;
The noose tightens more.
Aa Harvey Jul 4
Write it down

Write it down, write it down,
Write it down when you are really down.

Write it down, write it down,
Write it down, when you are really down.

Or push them down, push them down,
Push those feelings deep, deep down.

If you are feeling worthless,
Write something that is priceless.
Be true to your words and say what you mean
And your words will leap from the paper and into the machine.

The machine that needs feeding, with feelings and thoughts;
Then you shall begin to write your own books.
Your bible of your time, your life in your own words;
Write it because you have to, or you want to, or write it for him or her.

Find a guitar man to sing your songs,
Get them to sing your words and sing along.

Kill the aesthetics, write something that means something.
Do not care about the consequences,
They cannot take offence if they never see it.

Upload your thoughts into the world-wide-web
And watch them drift off into the atmosphere
And change the atmosphere inside someone else’s head.

Make them think about what you write,
Because you know you are right
And maybe with a little insight,
They will agree or disagree;
But they will see the world through your eyes.

You can’t please all the people all the time,
So don’t attempt to please anyone but yourself.
Because your thoughts are right, to you they are correct;
Tell anyone with negative words to go to Hell.
Because this is what you believe;
But knowledge is power, so read and watch T.V.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
kind of over it
feeling really gross
and like worthless
i am not good at anything
i am just really lonely
all the time
and yeah
Geanna Jun 30
I feel like nobody cares
Nobody wants to talk or
to hang out with me

As if i'm alone in everything that happens
I'm alone in everything I do

Sometimes I feel so alone I get scared
I start to feel vulnerable

Sometimes it gets so bad I feel like crying
And at time, I actually do

During times like this
I just want someone to hug me close
and tell me "It's going to be okay"

I know it's a lie
I know it won't be okay
But I just want someone to comfort me
I just wanna believe it

At that very moment i'll start to
feel a bit better

I'll start to feel like maybe someone cares
I won't feel so alone
I might even feel a bit worthy
~ G.P.O
Aa Harvey Jun 29

There are only so many times you can go to a dry well,
Begging for water when you are dying of thirst.
I have exchanged my last token, so no words will be spoken;
No thoughts can be shared, my empathy hurts.
All I need is one, but for me love is gone.
Something I used to do, but now? None.

I cannot pray for what I cannot ask for.
I cannot beg or implore for a new love to adore,
Because I have either closed every open door,
Or they have been slammed in my face, no questions asked,
No more.

No more love for me; my heart a disease.
Take it with ease.
I have already given it to a thousand lost souls
And there is no more gold to be earnt from a piece of me,
That does not work to find a thing that does not exist,
When God knows I have tried!

All I need is a simple kiss, yet no lips exist for my benefit.
They are for others, who already have lovers
And are also cheating love with former lovers.
And me?
Oh brother!
Do not even bother to ask about my love life,
Because you have endless names in your black book of abundance.
It does not make me useful when I am redundant,
To all who need love, because I am a closed book.
My story already written; read and done.

I have had enough of love to last me a lifetime…
I did not think so before, but now I am sure.
I exist therefore I am alone.
My epitaph scrawled across a cardboard home
And I am alone,
I am alone,
I am alone,

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Geanna Jun 19
Inside I feel so empty, broken, worthless, helpless, ect..
I try my hardest to hide it and to block it out
I feel as if i'm re-discovering depression
~ G.P.O
I wrote this down about a year ago
nihiliti Jun 17
fragile as an egg
I crack my skull over the page
and astral project my discontent
in order to witness my disconnect

the black oozes out
and takes its sweet time
to reach for the sheets
of paper to rhyme
my disillusionment
with suffering not mine
it speaks to me
all of the time

grasping the page
black eases in
to fill the void again
in vain attempt to connect
the patterns perceived
by my hand-selected memories

filed all orderly
they spill out in a heap
and soak in paper-deep
it's not enough
and it will never be enough
but blood must be spilled
in order to keep
my gods alive

they wane with the tides
sanguine and weak
I give all I have
but it rarely seems
to have an effect other than
a brief reprieve
for myself
it doesn't help
or decrease
their suffering...

so I weave words together
to spellbind the weather
from washing away
all I've worked to achieve
and perceive with augury
and sorcery and poetry
all scratched in the earth
so the world might hear me

vocalizations and invocations
fail to sway the rocks--
stone-faced, anthropomorphic rocks
--that just stare at me
secretly laughing
they're happy
their suffering

my gods are dying!
and I'm trying
to find a cure
but it isn't working
and more and more
I'm sure that

a congregation of one is not enough
Is it all in my mind, or have I seen too much?
Joshua Nai Jun 11
Simply hearing is not enough.
Simply reading is not enough.
If you don't do it, what is the point?
If you don't act out what you hear or read, what is the point?
The knowledge you gained would just be sitting in your mind,
rotting away, and soon, forgotten.
Simply reading the Word,
Simply hearing the Word of God would not help.
Maybe for a day, it would.
Maybe it will help but not on its full power.
and Forgotten if you don't act and be doers of what you hear, what you read.
Especially in God's Word...
i don't know. I would probably write another one based on this title. Not sure yet. Please give me feedback!
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