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Arianna Feb 1
"... that I could nest you
Among the soft green threads
Of dandelions in my heart,
Tucked in sunny heather-beds
And moor grass, Turquoise Lark..."
Viseract Jan 31
We are the people of the broken
With words we've left unspoken
We died when we tried to live
We've nothing left to give
We threw it all away

The rain came racing from the storm
On divided lands, reborn
I saw the Sun again
She smiled and showed her face
Then grew shy and turned away

The clouds above let fall the sharps
The hail fell and killed the lark
I saw a puff of smoke
Then felt the death of hope
And knew something was, gone

I see it all the time
Every scar and every line
Every claw and every fight

And everybody knew
But no-one was to move
And overcast the night took bloom

We are the people of the broken
With words we've left unspoken
We died when we tried to live
We've nothing left to give
And that was a mistake

I felt a shadow on my shoulder
And felt the night grow colder
I could see clear as day
The resolution in her face
She couldn't stand the pain

A hand of anger gripped my soul
And I knew, for it was old
I'd felt this way before
Every time I left that door
My old friend Rage, I bring you forth!

We are the people of the broken
With words we've left unspoken
We died when we tried to live
We've nothing left to give
So we dig under our skin

A shallow smile upon my flesh
Red and tan, nice and fresh
Because it hurts to be glad
When all elements make you mad
And you're left to pick the trash

It burns to feel the cold.
Netted by it we've been, sold
Just another failed escape
Another rearing snake
Another goose to chase

I know how old this all becomes
For years now, I've grown numb
Opened traps and screaming pipes
This garden of delight
Easy kindling, set alight

The past comes up to go down
Painted clowns to hide the frown
I'm sick of this circus
Totally ******* worthless
Clueless to my hurting

And oh the beating heart of hate
Fuels the lungs of twisted fate
And now I'm finally free
Rid my mind from toxicity
I am human, watch me, bleed

We are the people of the broken
With words we've left unspoken
We died when we tried to live
I can't seem to give a ****
And now I've finally hit "**** it"!

I am a member of the broken
My battle scars prove that I'm hopeless
I wish all my pain today
Could finally be erased
Without me digging my own grave

I wish all my pain today
Could be left in yesterday
So I can finally get my way
Pyrrha Jan 31
He didn't know the love she had
Buried beneath her skin
Held behind the bars of her rib cage
Her heart was there, burning with desire
Beating within was the song of love sung by a lark

Alas, he couldn't hear it
From the surface he only saw an expressionless doll
He never listened to her when she tried to sing to him
That deafening sound that refused to please him

So instead of being left with a song
Destined to drive her to madness
She released the lark within

But that boy couldn't let her go
Tortured by the thoughts of her
Haunted by the memory of her
He defiled their trust

She could no longer stay silent as she planned
So she opened her mouth and told him
He was not a man
She hurt his pride and didn't mind

Her lark returned
But that pretty bird was consumed by rage
Her heart now burned with a different flame
William Maxwell Sep 2018
The pine trees I call home
Hold me when I am alone
Keep me warm
And hide me from the evils of city life
I wander through
Brushing my hand on the bark
They take me to far away lands
Like the vagrant lark.
Pagan Paul Aug 2018
The larks playing on a summer breeze,
and finches darting in betwixt the trees,
my mind is enthralled by what it sees.

A lark lands on my shoulder,
and it sang to me a secret,
I would love to tell it to you,
but I promised I would keep it.

© Pagan Paul (15/08/18)
for my muse ;-)
Nathalie Jul 2018
The rain stopped

Fine mist shaded the window

Elm trees radiated with dew

Birds nestled close

As the lark sang a melody

Squirrels scurried and played

Tranquility’s heartbeat

Matched the sway of the flowers

Synched to the cool spring breeze

Romance flooded her brain

Remembering the touch of his hand

And the rhythm of his breath

Eyes like the depth of the ocean

A smile that charmed

And a swagger difficult to forget

Years had passed

Yet pictures of him

Still flashed through her mind

Moments of stillness

Framed like the one before her

Revived his dormant memory

Karijinbba Jul 2018
There is a legend
about a bird
which sings just once in its life. more sweetly than any other creature on the face of the earth,
From the moment it leaves
the nest it searches for
a thorn tree,and it does not rest
until it has found one.
Then singing, among the savage branches, it pales itself upon the sharpest spine. And dying, it rises above its own agony
to outcarol the larkand the nightingale.
One superlative song,existence the price.
But the whole world stills to listen, and God in His heaven smiles.
for the best is only bought at the cost of great pain....Or
so says the legend.This resonates deeply within me
because being an RHO negativeMother every Gyno MD advised
termination of my unborn a malicious prejudice
even called me hybrid race! the medical database is WRONG  
I SAVED three of my children they were born
they live the loves of my life
Its true with me too the best is only acquired at the price of great pain and sacrifice
If lucky and awake our heart and own intuition will know to aim for the best  Thanks for your time dear poets.
The legend piece is anonymous
but it came to me
and I accepted it as my very own.
karen Mar 2018
love flies away from me
like a lark in spring
the further it flies
the louder it sings.

but i am no birdwatcher,
i am a car deep in the mud.
someone else holds the keys
and they drive where they want

i want love but i cannot have it,
for a crow is not a lark but
it doesn’t even matter,
for the forest is now dark
and the birds have all scattered
someone asked me out recently and i feel terrible because i dont like them back. honestly i dont think im capable of love, even though there is nothing else that i want more
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