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Viseract Sep 2017
Every day is the same thing,
What keeps us moving,
The substance and the drugs that some keep abusing so

What is this world now?
Where is the count down?
If this is a circus then we're all just clowns!

The ringleader speaks and so think we must not
Instead we pop the pills that gives us courage once lost!
Amidst all the rot, flowers love me not,
Nature won't forgive for we have forgot!
Work in progress, so this is a lil' excerpt of sorts
Saint Audrey Aug 2017
Deep under ground
Through these channels
Communication of a life
Longing led
Bleeding out this medication

Permutation of the rain
Water ever flowing
Through eroded cisterns
Joy and pain
Ever dimmer
And the nowhere this is going  

Through the ground i did arise
Only to find the blackest night
And through the clouds i did escape
Only to find the void of space

Back at the start
Plans demolished
Polishing my motive
Over drawers
Filled with empty inkwells
And words on paper jotted

This nightmare slowly rises
Feeling uninspired
Quiet, new horizons
Bleed out into an open sky

This earth feels far away
This is all I have to say
Simplicity, this final right
Long awaiting, this endless night
Heads will roll on the floor
Having an anxious soul is worse than pretending to have a patient face. Being someone you’re not will never change the fact that you are who you are. You will never be her, and you will never be him. If you respect yourself, the ones who care the most will hopefully follow suit and treat you better than the most beloved person that they have ever encountered. Life is always going to hurt, but it will only hurt as much as you let it hurt.
This is a short excerpt of a free verse that I hope to someday have published.
Marcus Belcher Dec 2015
Solemn and righteous
Alone and wandering
Many are looking
Under earth and up at stars
Ready for that moment
A single moment
In which their life blossoms
Just a little snippet from my next book coming soon...
Nickols Oct 2015
The lady in white turns and my gaze runs over her, I was taken aback—

This mysterious woman was like the missing puzzle piece of the black and white picture lain out in a lack of color. She is a classic beauty. Her face has all the sharp angles and the perfect pout of her red up-turned mouth, but it was her eyes which captured me.

They are actually… Actually, the color of a persimmon fruit and like a persimmon fruit; which is very flavorful if eaten at the right time of year but very astringent if eaten wrongly. This woman’s redden eyes churn with a sweet taffy, a chaotic intent bubbling below.

The sound of her mystical voice drifts towards me like glass wrap in sensual silk, poised to strike but yet a feminine edge to it.

Outcast Dreamer Jul 2015
"* And the devil in Aphrodite's Mind,
Gave birth to a masterpiece,
A *Woman

To lust...
A man's mind**"
lillie May 2015
all real and vivid as it seems to be
none of it can be felt completely
a fluffy vision being reeled to our consciousness
suddenly evolving into a great nightmare
human voices always
ruining the good dreams
yet are life-savers when
we have our worst nightmares

— The End —