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this stomach ache is causing mental warfare
it has left me in bends and folds
with my exoskeleton in the air
the fractures in my liver
have spread chemicals into the water
i'm losing contact with the surface of the blinded
for i've lost the key to their gated compound

i feel like a rope on its last leg
splintering at every pull
intoxicated by black tears and poisons
as i stand on the sand with my cold, wet feet
drawing blood from my paltry knees

you can dare to struggle and reach for me
i live deep in a dead rabbits home
filled with balloons from funerals
turned into after parties for the living
there you will find my limbs covered in chlorine
as they get ready to swim in black clouds
and empty hospital beds
inspired by Kurt Cobain
Luiz 2d
She said 'hi' once

it was a hi better
than *******...
Hunter 2d
Ever since you left
I've felt hooked on ****
On the inside I'm dying
For some reason I am still crying
I still miss you sadly to say
I think about you every day
No amount of drugs
Could ever replace your hugs
No amount of alcohol can erase this
No one else has the same kiss
All I have left of you is thoughts
And the memories that put my stomach in knots
Everything reminds me of you
And all the things I wish to undo
You are still here to me
It's like you won't let me be
Even though  your a 1000 miles away
Your still with me in the school day
I still sit and wait
Even though you're full of hate
I still think of you as my mate
As you lit up your cigarette
your promises went up in flames

Smoke has filled your lungs
drugs have scarred your soul

What can I do?
What should I do?

Are you okay?
Are you alright?
Is what is keeping me awake at night

I am so scared
so ******* scared

I love you so much
but I can't be with someone
that feels like a maybe
someone who doesn't love me enough
to stop destroying their own future
and thereby destroying a chance of mine.

- the poetic fairy
Meditation is sniffing lines until the pain goes away.
Meditation is hiding in my room until the sun goes away.
Meditation is found in the countless women I've let inside, but never to stay.
Meditation is the ice cold razor that clears the fog that accumulates in the day.
Meditation is when the heart tries to find the words to say,
but my mind finds ways of distracting it and keep it at bay.
I find the strength to meditate everyday, it's good for you, or so they say.
But everyday I feel weaker, how long before I'm no longer stuck in the gray?
This came to me when I realized that I harm myself in different ways, and treated it as normal, even at times came to enjoy it. A daily meditation.
Ava May 4d
Drugs, Alcohol, Love, You.
I want it all.
Breathe In.
Breathe Out.
Feel your pain leave.
Feel the smoke kick out the oxygen from your lungs.
Feel yourself getting higher.
Drink. Drink. Drink.
Feel your mind get fuzzy.
Feel all harmful thoughts be forgotten.
Feel the warmth of the burning alcohol in your stomach.
Feel wanted.
Feel needed.
Drown me in your kisses,
Entangle your fingertips in my hair while
I'm dreaming of a different place.
You are my addiction.
I feel like I need you.
I can't love-
You  make me insane.
You make me feel like I'm dancing on clouds
but there's no drugs around.
I'm addicted.
Addicted to your laugh.
The sound goes in my ears and
it plays a beautiful tune.
Addicted to your smells.
The smell of your warm embrace.
Addicted to your touch.
Your warm fingerprints surrounding my pale skin.
Addicted to-
I'm addicted to drugs.
I'm addicted to alcohol.
I'm addicted to love.
I'm addicted-
Addicted to-
I'm addicted
to you.
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