laying on the sands
an overcast sky
and a storm languorously
slides it's way in

"we cannot stay here!"
she shouted

"but i haven't found it,"
i replied

"but who do you write for,
she still love you?"

"i write for mary Todd lincoln, who
went insane,
but for very good reasons"

"but I love you !"
(she was emphasizing the i)
"say something fascinating"

"calm down, child. these
Kodak Moments
are fastly fading"

this was my youth.
trying to find
in cracked mirrors.

it was at that point
that the fish came
to see just exactly
what the Hell was going on,
once realizing who it was,
began to sing
Sad Little Tunes

(in D minor)

the seagulls arrived
shortly after and
having found my congregation,

"Hark ! Frankenstein !
They would call you mad/
I have loved you,
In your darkest hour.
And lo!
But were the stars
to become but moribund embers!
Then we could say
'rejoice !
all is VIOLENCE!
all is BRIGHT!'
OH my beautiful child!
When the day comes
that this body is cut down
set me upon fertile ground.
When the secret corners of the forest
are heavy with the SCENTS OF MEN,
it is then we take our repose"

the fish left.
the seagulls took their leave.
you stood there Staring
as the sun rose
and Chattering housewives in
began their jog down the beach.

Brianna 1d

I'm typing in lowercase letters but dreaming in capitals.

i'm swallowing pills and alcohol to numb the pain hoping for solitude in a bottle.
you're cute, i think?
sitting over there at the bar staring at me like i could be someone you want to get to know.
you're cute, i think?
but baby, i'm just a drunk girl at a bar taking too many drugs to even care about what your name is so please stop talking.

you slide over a glass of scotch, neat and cold, disgusting as i drink it down.  
you keep talking about how pretty my eyes are and how cute my hair is and where'd i get that nice dress and why is a cute girl like you at a bar all alone.
please... stop talking.

your hand is creeping up my thigh, and I'm too numb to stop you
the pills are kicking in and you are starting to look like him...
If i drink a little more maybe i can stomach going home with you and drowning my pain with lust.
but for the love of god, please stop talking.

he left three months ago, took his clothes and a toothbrush and headed out.
he kissed my cheek... he said he'd be on the next train home as soon as he could and left with no explanation.
he's married now.
his kids are cute.
he named one after me... which is disgusting and i wonder if his wife knows.

you are still there... wonderful.
i take one last swig of liquor and grab your hand; stumbling from the bar and slurring my words.
i laugh, because it's cute when girls laugh right?
you smile -- and i really can't tell are you ugly or not?
who fucking cares.

i'm typing in lowercase letters dreaming in capitals.
i'm going to go home with this man and pretend he's you.

cheers to drowning out the noise in lust and liquor.

The chemical manipulation of the mind,

resulting in gleeful abandon.

Damn the consequences,

until reality returns.


Chasing that first high,

Everything spinning out of control.

No quarter is given,

as we watch the decline.

Slowly spiraling,

sliding down,

to ruin.

                                                         ­                           rthompson

Seeing a loved one disappear down the slide.

This is the hill
I want to die on

The one that chimes
Like a temple bell
Struck by drunken monks
My empathy
Is an abandoned lake house
A burned-out shell
With human remains
Hidden deep in B1
There's citrus on my cheek
And a promise on my lips
That I can't bear to sound
I openly unkeep

A lady wore my skin
And ate my tongue
I sleep
Without dreams
And sweat through
The bed I built
I was the one
Hard up
Caught between floors
And grotesquely graceful
In the face of beauty
Bleach and beginners

I won't be
Clawing at her door
I let her keep me
I am not the midnight boy
Quiet as a wind-chime
On the ground
Three hands on my heart
High as fuck
And hoping to be missed
A snake comes for me
And strangles
My affection
I will be a mongoose

This is the hill
I want to die on

ocean is heavy
strongest shoulders in the world
and full of worries

Addicts are strange
From the very first hit their mind is never the same
Changed, re arranged
Never take the blame
Never their fault
Gotta take their actions with a grain of salt
They don't care how you feel
Leaving you to pay the emotional bills
They're "Turning a new leaf"
While you stand there in disbelief
Knowing the blackness lurks inside
Addiction is something you can not hide

Sometimes I feel like I'm over complicating things
I just wanna be me before I fucked my life up
I've been so lost in my pain
I lost who I used to be
If I'm not losing myself in someone
I'm losing myself in something
Maybe I never had a sense of self
Whatever I had
Whoever I was
It's all gone now
I'm so heartbroken over something that wasn't even real
But I had feelings
I thought they were real
I don't want you back
I just want this hole in my soul to mend itself
So I can be who I used to be
Before all this bullshit destroyed me.
Drugs have ruined my life
Yet I never even touched the damn things.

An alcomoholic named Moses
Drank one day the largest of doses:
   He drank so much liquor
   He never was sicker
Until he developed cirrhosis.


Drugs can change people
Brings heartache to families
''Tis a lonely road

Not just a lonely path for drug users but for families as well

It's easy to condemn the choices of others
Without perceiving  the World
Through their eyes.
Their thinking might be Obscured by Ignorance,
If we're honest,
This is the Condition most of us are in
Much of the Time.
The ignorant Billionaire
Has loyal Sycophants.
His or her Ignorance
Doesn't necessarily cause
Him or her
To lose Financial Status
Even if he or she
Inflicts a lot of suffering upon Others.
The mistakes of vulnerable people
Can result in Total Annihilation
Even if their Destruction
Doesn't seem to  impact  Society
Much at all

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