Rachael 3h

hi! my name is, what?
my name is, who?
my name is... depression.
hi! my name is, huh?
my name is, what?
my name is.. depression.
hey there, society..
i'm here to teach you a lesson.
this right here has been long overdue, so hey, listen up, i'm talking to you!

depression doesn't just go away.
and i'd really appreciate it if you don't tell me to fuckin pray, cause that won't help me get away.
God's child lead astray, my life is a matinee.
yes dear, it's a movie starring me, the highs, the lows, and my demons.
except my highs took an extended vacay.
and my lows checked in permanently.
and my demons, they torture me mercilessly.
now depression is getting the best of me.
and i spend my days trying not to look broke down or sound bummed out or seem stressed out.. but that's every day, shit.
shut the fuck up, i don't want your conversation.
ok.. maybe i do.. okay, fuck it, i do.
i want someone to cry and pour out their heart for me .. and tell me how much they hate it when they apart from me.
but that's a dream only money could buy,
they said it was like a high and that wasn't a lie.
yeah, but i'll continue waiting on it, nigga
and fuck whoever hating on it nigga!
of course, word to Drake.

- rrrw.

drafts that will apparently see the light of day today.
this is actually a year old, performed at a bar when I first wrote it.
Breeze 8h

I carry a piece of your heart with me where ever I go,
so i don't feel so alone
most times I feel I'm dying inside
bout our memories together keep me alive
you wee the sweetest poison
and every night I'd crave you
knowing this love was destructive I continued
to inject myself... High rushing through my veins
I quickly became addicted to you
and regardless of all the heartache and pain
I couldn't stay away,
I was a feign for you...
But you were addicted to blues
even with everything I brought to the table
I couldn't get through to you.
Because I wasn't the peak of your high
just a temporary fix to get by.
And now I lie awake at night and cry
Because I cant live if your not alive.

When I said i loved you, it wasn't a lie
And I wont let these pills destroy you while I stand by
Remember we said we are in this together,
So im gonna hold you down no matter what forever.
I told you I was down to ride
All the way, through the lows and the highs
I'm gonna be right there by your side.

Cuz what am I
without you?
Whats the sun
without the moon?

What darkness
without light?

What is you losing this fight?

Youre strong baby, youre unstoppable
I wont allow drugs to have us saying goodbye
I'm gonna do everything to keep you alive.
Your my yang and I'm your yin
us losing each other is a sin
Im here through thick and thin
Tell death do us restart,
cuz even death cant keep us apart
like the queen Badu said "ill see you next lifetime"
and our love will just rewind.

Letter from Bonnie to Clyde

Poem dedicated to my love, who is having a hard struggle with drugs.
Kee 5d

“Drugs are all fun and games until you watch someone you love become someone you don’t know.”

She called her daughter a bitch today
Something she said she’d never do
She treats her boyfriend better than her child
And she can’t even see it
Her lies fly out of her mouth like it’s been recited to perfection
And I’m tired of listening to them
I wish that my mothers life wasn’t so fucked
So that my sisters could’ve had something
I wish for a lot of things
But a family is what I want the most
I wish I could tell them all how much I love them
But how do I do that
When the drugs are so strong that they can’t see past it?
When the need is so strong they’ll do anything to be high
And I know I should try and help
But how do you help someone who doesn’t want help?
How am I supposed to do all these things
When I’m only one person?
How do I tell them that their life will be shit
If they don’t pick it up and do something with it?

You can't  save  the  world
with its  problems  
The weight doesn't  belong to you
It's  a task for God.

There are snowflakes in the asphalt...
                    ...the sky is black as ground.
A buzz is growing,
                    ...from empty pipes that are.

Playing in the parking lot.

In a nutshell you are the ocean
And I am a toy boat
Caught in the waves
We collided and I was sent rolling . . .
MDMA, lovers speed
You taste good but you could kill me
My personal brand of ectasy
Or maybe you're LSD
You changed me
The chemicals in my brain
Will never be the same
I'm stained
Acid psychosis
Too many doses
But what I like most is
You running through my veins
I marked the needle with your name
You're the flame under the spoon
One pin-prick takes me to the moon
It's over too soon
Then I'm jonesing
Can't stand to be alone see,
But time is pretty crystals
A quarter is too pricey
Days go by and I'm spun out
Strung out
Hard to find time when the sun's out
What can I say, I guess I'm a junkie
Losing my mind when you leave me
But the high is like no other
We might kill each other
It's out of control
But your eyes are the color of my soul
And I want you to stay
Damn, please don't walk away
Just one more hit and I'll be there
Don't go, just say you care
And I'll keep nodding
Brain rotting
Veins buzzing
That good loving
I need you

When I'm with you taste is touch,
A cool rolling symphony of sensation,
I love you so much,
It's clouding my mind this realization.
I've grown to need you your touch burns my chest,
I want you to love me too,
And forget about the rest.

I pleasure in your seed,
My mind filled with greed.

It's like I'm picking up glass off a road,
Trying to make a window.
It's like it skidded after it snowed,
Pieces scattered like the mind of a schizo.
Head out in space,
Fragmented pieces turn into liquid,
Mind gone without a trace,
Swirling swirling skid skid skid.

That poor sweet kid,
Silly man look what he did.

"drugs replace love when you're lonely..."
words from an old head who died of an o.d

...rest in peace sobriety,
rest in peace o.g.

Solitude was a drug I injected straight into my veins, sending every bit of isolation towards my heart with great anticipation. Like any other substance,  I ignored the deterioration it casted upon my being for the sake of reassuring myself I was okay.

Loneliness was dizzying, electrifying every nerve ending as I soon began to become aware of myself and what little I surrounded myself with. We come into this world alone ----- and alone we die.

With the mantra amplified, why bother?

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