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cleobug 3d
in the backyard
lighting up a smokescreen
high on all the thoughts
of what once was and could have been

filled to the brim with these emotions
but i don't feel a thing
how tiring it is to always think so much
and still remain the same
Nicx 5d
Choked up with existential angst
Soften the bitterness with a drink
The cold liquid helps the truth stay down
Hoping that a drunk mind can't think
My thoughts heavy like lead
They sink just below the surface
Low enough where they make no sound
But can still make me feel worthless
What kind of human does it make me
When I don't know how to feel my feelings
The most basic form of existence
That I struggle with dealing
In all of my issues
I know drugs aren't the answer
They won't make anything easy
But they make me feel better
Isaac Sep 5
habitual ritual, the pleasure principle
hedonistic addiction to fulfill every vision
lots of thoughts but none are groundbreaking
trying to slip you underneath my tongue without hearts breaking
want to hear my name spill out of your mouth without chasing
you around, love it when you are around
you let my inner beast come out
habitual ritual seeking you out
Nicx Sep 2
Sadness and numbness collide
It feels like too much and I'm not alright
I can tell something's wrong inside
If it weren't so hard I'd give up on this fight
A piece of me wants to get better
Other parts just want my demise
So back and forth my mood tremors
So many thoughts that they all sound like lies
I'm too anxious to even discuss it
Too many choices I make make it worse
The doctors say drugs do not help this
But this bottle's relief and a curse
It's so hard to complain since I know that
My own actions add weight to this burden
I crave an escape but I forget
Not even those will stop this hurting
soo doo nimim Aug 25
I don’t know where it all went.

If it was made in a factory with a price tag I would spend all my money on it.

It’s a subscription, a free trail. First eighteen years free. If you liked it your first round of drugs are free.

Drugs you say, those are bad, only crazy people take. Why yes of course, congratulations on your diagnosis.

They don’t come free.
Don’t worry.

Plenty of people live this way.
On the fringe.
In their heads.

Attempting to capture a feeling they never really had. Yes you’re alone but not you’re not, we’ll say everyone handles it in their own way.

But you, yes you, you’ll teeter from edge to edge unable to pick a ledge.

Don’t worry. First drugs are free.
No no not on me.
On you.
Stressed out so I gotta dab out,

Lifes been **** since she got out.

Hit a bowl so thoughts won't become ghouls,

Got kicked to the streets at seventeen,

Did hard drugs,

Had to let my demons take control of me,

No I just stick to ****,

Then I found a new family,

Thought I found my self a queen,

Found out she cheated on me,

Now I'm making money with no goal in mind,

Because everytime I try Its like I hit rewind.
soo doo nimim Aug 15
We call it medication.
But what i need is rehabilitation.

You say you’re on it too.
So tell me do you taste your fears?
Swallow a pill that resets your life.
Drink the water that carries you away from the edge…
Chew your death with begrudging acceptance that the world won’t let you die.
So alone  in a world  
When the only thing that matters is
What other people want,
Drugs are  always considered  the top priority
And  having feelings
Will make you wind up
As crazy as they come.
When looking for
A friend is  too much of a  risk
And falling in  love
Is the biggest mistake of your lifetime.
Never trust anyone whom tells you  
To trust them and always  have a look out
Because you might get  caught
If you need a point of Black  
You call them back
And if you need a fix of white
Slip into the abyss
Your never  be free
If you decide
You need more than ****.
Kennedy Jul 29
one time i was told

this person did not do drugs.
jesus has no room in my shrooms, Jessica.
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