Do we like rock music because we are depressed?
Or are we depressed because we listen to rock?

Do we smoke weed because we are depressed?
Or are we depressed because we smoke weed?

Do we smoke weed to feed our need
Or do we simply have a need to smoke weed?

Do we shoot guns, because we like to destroy?
Or do we destroy, because guns are easy to shoot?

Are we bullied, because we are weak?
Or are we weak, because we allow ourselves to be bullied?

(C)2011 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
jai 18h
what the fuck am i supposed to do
i feel so empty
the thought of trying to pick up the pieces i’ve scattered around me makes me sick
my stomach aches with self hatred and guilt
and not anything that i can think of can make it go away
in all honesty i would be better off killing myself.
that sounds like a better option than getting high
or getting help
or getting fucked
than any of it.
maybe tonight that’s what i’m supposed to do.

end it all.
i wrote this the night i shot up meth for the first time
Dan Beyer Jan 29
Goin' loopy, eyes are droopy,
Drunk enough to make me kooky.
Drunk so much but not enough.
What I needs a lil' huff n puff.
'Haps that'll take me outta my head
Stop me wishin' I was dead.
I wanted to make a silly poem with silly words, but it took a dark turn...

There are times in our lives,
There are days we despise;
But we keep on moving on.
Yeah we keep on moving on.

Though we try to get by;
Though we hurt, we survive
And we keep moving on,
By getting ourselves high.

If we need some more time;
If we learn how not to die.
When time is not on our side,
We will know it’s time to say goodbye.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Fucked up on cough syrup again,
This wasn't in the plan,
But they all want too much,
And I can't seem to give enough,
So I numb my pain,
In any way,
Just so I don't have to remember,
Except now I remember,
So I'll try to forget,
Numb the pain again,

I hate you and your guts,
I'm sorry about your luck,
But your a monster now,
And monsters get put down,

Fuck, fuck, I can't think,
It feel like I'm gonna sink,
Into the past,
No not that,
Someone help me survive,
And stay alive,
Because I can't go back,
I can never go back,
To the basement,
Because I hate it,

I hate you and your guts,
I'm sorry about your luck,
But your a monster now,
And monsters get put down.
people tell you not to do drugs because you'll get addicted and wont be able to stop
they say this about crack or cocaine and more drugs, they say dont smoke as it will wreak your body

so what about love?

loves addicting, it makes you crave it more and more,
it can wreak you
they tell you about all of the other drugs in the messed up world but what about love, love is one of the worst drugs, no one really sees that love is the biggest killer out there

my friend said  something like this and i thought it made a chill poem
Liam 2d
Self-destruction is a fucking whore.
It lures you with its charm and you'll lose your head for more.

It's dirty.
It stinks of ash and burning rubber, nothing sweet.
Beauty here is found down pissy alleys and back streets.

We're stupid,
But we like to think we're smarter than the rest.
The influx of foreign substance puts the system to the test.

Self-destruction is just another bitch,
Feeding off my soul.
Selling herself to young men and women
Searching for a hole.
Today I walked to the city,
because the cat pissed on my bed.
I think my punk phase looks pretty,
and it helps to clear my head.
My work thinks I've gone insane;
I can't help but to agree.
Oh, but they don't know the pain
that's overwhelming me.
My lover packed up and went home,
leaving me here alone to mend.
Using my time to think and roam,
the solitude has become my friend.
Smile and nod at those who pass,
I wonder who I am.
Life seems to fuck me in the ass,
peace comes at $10 a gram ;)
Abandon my most
salient connections


I stumble through a haze of gray to survive this inane existence,

Bask in the peak
of my artificial elation.
The cruel facade it is.
Feelings of contentment
slip away,

I slowly fade,
into the anguish of my reality,

Back into my world
Where all is gray
Writing occasionally helps me ease my thoughts. I thought I might as well share some of them with the world.
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