So high,

thank you for this life,
amazing you are,
as open as you are,
I love your tattooed scars,

I live your light,



so beautifully,

addicted to your rhythm,
my God Goddess your goodness,
your religion is alive I love you,
leave flowers in the form of gestures at your temple’s steps,

always yes,
all bless no stress,
yes yes yes,

in ecstasy,

is embodied in your body,
the depths of your generations,
your intuitive inspirations,
making sin seem so Godly,

God we,
are so high…

So high,

thank you for this life,
amazing you are,
as open as you are,
I love your tattooed scars,

here we are,
blasting through this universe like a shooting star,
remind me please,
who we really are,

free enough to be,
strong enough to seam,
these hands together while awake in this Dream,
so we can stop Time from ticking and History from repeating,

ring ring,
so goes the phone,
ringing from WhatsApp,
“What’s up?” I answer the call coming from India,

I answer the phone even though,
I’m in the middle of a Gambling Game,
“Don’t come to Bombay in June.”,
says the girl who’s advice I always take,

my everything I want to request of her,
but she’s on a boat on a lake in India,
and I already know her answer is always yes,
because she’s as in to me as I am into her,

definition becomes infinite as the Lines blur,
definition becomes infinite as the Lines blur…

∆ Aaron LA Lux ∆

from '777: Alphas & Omegas'
available worldwide:

When I was younger we moved from place to place. I remember,  even from a young age,  worrying about where we would lay our heads after we left this place. I remember yall being at home a lot but not being around us. I remember you both going into rooms with people,  that I met for the first time,  and you all spending hours together with a locked door. Sometimes afterwards, I remember staying up late doing crafts and playing games until the clock hit 3am. I remember being able to do pretty much anything I wanted to do. I remember waking up crying and finding comfort that you both where still awake. I remember the house smelling bad. I remember you telling me to lie to social workers about things. Like if there was powders in my house or if I have smelt any bad smells or even about how yall act.

It wasn't until I started getting older that I realized that you both were on drugs. I started to realize that the reason you both where at home is because you did not have a job. I realized that is why we had to move so many times. I realized that you went to your room to hide the drugs from us. We knew they were bad. I realized the new friends that mommy and daddy made were not friends at all but drug dealers and inhibitors.

It took even longer for me to realize that pain pills and maraujana were not the only drugs you where doing. I began to pay attention in class when they spoke to us about drugs. I knew that both of your reactions didn't add up. One day I found a meth pipe wrapped up and hidden in plain sight. I can still feel the anger that rolled out of me that day. I remember wanting to bash it across the wall and walk out. I knew that I'd get hurt by dad if I did that. I walked away and left it.

That's when I realized that the reason you where still up when I woke up from bad dreams is because you could not go to sleep. That when you wanted me to lie about any white substances that is why.

I am not angry at either of you. I am thankful. I have pushed myself. I will continue to push myself. Not only for myself but for my future family.

And mom I am proud of how far you have come in the last 5 years.

Personal mom and dad separate to follow
Lo B 9h

Your cold and bony hands are occupied by xanax and a square
So you can’t touch my soul anymore

Lately my friend has been too into drugs...I'm never one to judge what anyone does, but she's my best friend, and I'm scared for her sometimes...

In a rusty white van,
We meet with a dope man,
He climbs up in the back,
Says hand over the stack,
Then he breaks us off fat,
Now take a hit of that,
So we load up the stem,
Melt the sweet smoking chem,
Lips teeth and tongue go numb,
Fuck why am I so dumb,
But my heart starts to race,
My thoughts pick up the pace,
Feel the uplifting thrill,
As words begin to spill,
I could do this forever,
Be light as a feather,
And just forget it all,
I'll be ten miles tall,
I just need a bit more,
All I want is some more,
I just can't get enough,
'Cause the comedown is rough,
The thing I just can't face,
So instead I will chase,
Till the crack turns to ash,
And I cry as I crash.

A cerebral puddle of hypersensitive learning static-- I dip into a forbidden fountain once again, deeper this time

Exposing the buffoon of our own nature and both dressing it and addressing it.

Taking it apart-- Analysis and fragmentation

An conversationalist's dream!

Expanding the groundwork laid out before me and building an empire with the infinite knowledge I attain, through means less conventional (to some)

I throw the dice again and again. I never lose...
just blessed I suppose (thank my stars)

But in reality I could of lost it all...
Brain drunk and mindless...

Blazed in a sunset overcoat, my radiator blood stream is perspiring in a way that I have never noticed until now...

Fading in and out of focus
~My safe zone is diminishing~

I can no longer draw you the lines I walked that day.

Alleviating my sickness for a time
Vexing my temporary cure... I really must be ill

MyDystopiA Apr 20

No in group folly for me, 
outside inside a double bind, 
asinine blind, opiated, behind.

No drugs in lines.
No lines in drugs.
Expansion of consciousness. 

Dull me down,
dope me up, 
drug me free, 
let me leave.
Sharpen me clean,
let me be,
allow me to see 
all the things within
that are beyond me
myself, my other and I 
dying in time. 

My ego died twice, 
two small deaths, 
nonsensical blur. 

Interdependent it seems
the weather and the dreams. 
Suppress to oppress to suppress
control the illusion is control. 

Let go. 
Be free.

©J Cole

TK 2d

Smoke trickles from my lungs
Passing through my dried cracked lips
Polluting the air surrounding me
I sit in the cold breeze -
The only thing i can feel
The rest of me numb to the core
I ask myself whats left...
The answer: Everything

I watch wattle birds tend to their young
Baby birds snuggled deep in their nest
For a moment i experience envy  
I want to run home to arms of my mum and dad like the old days,

Mum would stroke my hair and hold me tight, as i sobbed into her chest
Ensuring that everything would be alright
But those days have past
And i have to hold my own, except
I dont know how
Im broken beyond repair
I can no longer run to the arms of my mum or dad and pour my soul out
Because i know the weight of the disappointment i will bring

Will only kill me further inside... At the sight of my parents suffering and struggle to understand once again where they went wrong
But it was never them,
It was me and me only who made the choices i made
Leaving myself stuck in a rut of hell
And its my job to pull myself out...

But i have no idea how

From uppers to alcohol to downers benzos and opiates im left to pull myself out of this addicition.

I see a younger version of Me on the streets
I know I can't save that person,
Maybe, the Lord is merciful?
He or she won't be forced
To continue to witness
The Horrors
That I'm witnessing today.

Luke 2d

Madness, repeating expecting different results,
Ever hungry, never full my mind it catapults
Pull yourself together, another person you’re creating
Hell’s the only option, and you know the devils waiting
Euphoria is top shelf but I know I’ll pay the price
Draining all my quirky traits like water into rice
Rescue isn’t optional my best hope is to pray, that
One day I’ll be gone for good, my soul faded away
Never underestimate the power of yesterday
Endorphin's cruise my vessels now but how long will they stay?

This poem is acrostic; reading the left hand side will give some a hint as to what on earth I'm talking about

I chased the money.
I chased the women that the money could buy.
I chased the dope that the women wanted,
Which money could buy.
I figured out
That I was just
Chasing my tail,
And that I should stop acting
Like a stupid dog!

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