she met molly at a festival
molly made her happy
molly made her dance
molly made her forget

we’re gonna be best friends forever
molly whispered in her ear

she popped another
forever and ever
she replied with a smile

took molly at a rave and decided to write about it
U 2d

You are the chain
Keeping me sound
Keeping me stable
Keeping me around
Your reach is solid
Your links are strong
Your spoken truth
My inner security song

All the while I push you down
All the while I kill myself
All the while the drugs do me in
All the while
                       this wile
Is shortening.

But still,
You dance in my fire
Cozy in this self-sufficient hell
These self-expelled death knells
Ringing in my head
Now found in yours
And they’ll never stop ringing

But still,
There you are
Giggling in my fire-flattened meadows
And when it comes time to turn off the hose
When I ask you to leave this place
Making light of your feelings
(That've come from being displaced)
Because they're all negligible to a life of pain
Beside this face

But still, you stay
I’m guilty without a vacancy
But still, you stay
I just want a vacant me
But still, you stay
Please, let me die
But still, you stay
Why haven’t you forsaken me?

I don't know
Seema 2d

Things go wrong
Way too much
Insanity lasts long
In my head as such

I talk to someone
Who is not living
Doesn't harm anyone
But always grieving

The tomb near a park
Where I sit in peace
Sparks light in the dark
When am drugged to ease

It looks like me
But am not dead
It shows me a key
To unlock my head

My body feel the chills
As the injections release poison
In my veins the drug fills
Like sweet tangy raisin

As my brain slowly freezes
The smiles go behind
Someone laughs, someone teases
A play button paused, now on rewind

The voices stop all at once
Haven't woken from this sleep
Been like this for several months
Each day I dig deep...


I hear, I read about various addictions. The most common is injecting. I am not a victim, but when I write, I do feel like one.

mother spills lies from her wine stained lips; the ones that I used to kiss goodnight.
"I love you," she says, but she'll do it again.
she'll shatter my heart and walk upon the broken glass, bloody feet and wondering where she had deceived me; but she's only deceived herself by shooting up another time.
going to drug deals at only age five, I grew up too fast and there's a world of chaos inside my mind.
the pain lashes out on me like I've been hit on the skin with a rubber band.
my toes sink in the sand and I stare into the ocean of the disease, she's drowning in the water but she knows how to swim.

U 3d

broken beer bottles are all I know
these cuts on my hands not just for show
this brown turned red,
turned brown now again,
are the bends flowing in
all withdraws made in blood

the battle now done for the day
but for tomorrow i must continue to stand
these suds of my sins
won't be rubbed off of my skin
cause by yourself
yourself you can't ever save
that phlegm's still stuck in my throat
and no matter the coughs
it won't go away
my muscles go lax
my mind grows soft
my up becomes down
what's holding me aloft?

he took a drag
of his cigarette
inhaling the truth
exhaling the lies
smoking the answers
she wanted to hear

sweaty bodies swarm the house
with a red solo cup in hand
filled with alcohol and bad decisions

others are outside sitting around a fire
passing the tobacco wrapped drug
talking about life and such

there’s a girl sitting on the couch
sipping her drink as she looks for the boy
she’s in love with

going to a party tonight hoping he’s gonna show up

brews in the morning
and wine as a snack,
whiskey for dinner while
filling the flasks,
killing the good times
and killing the laughs
while the singing the songs
in front of a glass.
bags under eyes and
sores on the back,
from cooking the meth
and freebasing crack,
fists are all red from a
drunken bloodbath,
leaving behind a
destructive warpath.
smoking the weed and
popping the pills,
screwing the whores and
drinking the swill.
clearing the haze
and filling the trays
with ashes and cherries
and memories were made,
the pale moon descends
and the weather is vane,
sun begins to ascend
through the window of pane,
impaling the eyes like the
pecking of crows,
the question is why and
nobody knows.

Iz Sep 17

Daddy always warned me, when he was sober, to never get drunk.
Daddy always told me, when he was drunk, how he never wanted to be sober again.

Kagey Sage Sep 16

He's drunk on dharma
and that's alright
Wouldn't want him to abuse
anything of substance anyway

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