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Neither a scepter nor a sword,
Became an epiphany of our poet chord,
Rewarded by words,
Not Eden's hummingbirds,
Our love is forever,
It's the dove's endeavor,
Our messages evocative,
We are truly cognitive,
Philosophers classified,
Our voices amplified,
May the poets here and everywhere flourish,
For one day too,
They will nourish
An attempt of a poet's vase of flowers
Isabella Oct 6
When I mention my demons
You picture creatures of horror
Contorted faces of terror
Alive to haunt my dreams
And corrupt my mind
With malicious laughter
You imagine twisted voices
Laced with insanity
That push me into the dark
With a touch as cold as a knife’s steel blade
You fear the thought of them
Of me

But my demons are gentle
They’re quiet
I feel their warm breath against my ears
When they whisper softly
Perhaps you don’t hear them because you aren’t listening
For their sharp words
Are said out of love
And their nails digging into my skull
Are only there to keep me safe
In the absence of their presence
I am worse
Which is why I let them stay
Because my demons are real
Henri Coetzee Sep 28
You can run and hide
In your novels,
In your poems,
In your dreams,
But know,
We'll be waiting.
Alienpoet Sep 10
You can’t imagine the things I have seen
You can’t imagine my dreams
you can’t think like me in every way
I am unique, I pave the way
I maybe distant
sometimes obtuse
I sometimes let loose
my fears and anger prangs
like a car hitting a wall
but I hold as much truth as you all
See I am schizophrenic
I hear voices
But don’t despair
I see choices
they hang in the air
I have been broken
I don’t expect you to always care
I doggedly battle on
Cause I still know right from wrong
even with whispers and shouts in my mind
I fight to be human and to be kind
Though I suffer with paranoia
the darkness which destroys
I love life enough to stay here and not be destroyed
so don’t have pity
Let me speak and write and sing
because I know sadness is a painful muse
but creativity is my thing.
It's just not a word to say lonely
It belies your sorrow with you,yourself And only
When a person feels lonely
She may talk to herself
To those beautiful couches,
T.V.,and the walls
Standing solidly with compromise!
Chris Saitta Aug 19
Love is not a maturation of voices to the more sublime,
But sotto voce, an undertow of groping intonations,
The sod of soil hearts cast across the reaping sea.
Brian Aug 8
Why am I still awake
I sit here waiting
I know what will help
Ah yes that's better

The haunting voices
The painful memories
I drown them out
With every drink I down

And yet every time
I seem to forget
The alcohol never kills them
Only makes me reminisce

Because rather than forget
It does quite the opposite
I dream of the past
And escape from the present
wrote this the other night.
Prevost Aug 7
Shattering the sounds of the silence
Buried deeper than we know
Laid upon the layers
We have laid to rest

Breaking the seal
The voices fill their lungs
And sing
And speak
And scream
Shattering the silence ....
Tizzop Aug 3
red promises floating above you
voicelees goons in this plane, scary
boobas take the trans am, no doubt
3:05 am and you'll be takin it there

extincting crews strenghten courage
black and white days forge memories
across the destination, our enemies
prepare for death, my friend, die

catchers roam the streets like rats
manhattan everywhere, murderous cats
24/7 keeps people awake for sinning
90 billions a day spent on parties

foggy perception like raves and pills
vibes are killing the innocent and guilty
judgment day for all the heavens exploding
final destination, open faces, heavy hangovers
Today it's all poppin.
Ellie Sutton Jul 29
This is a nice walk.
Good job I've gone
Out and about
I ate way too much today
I need to burn that off
Christ, my belly looks huge!
OK, breathe in, breathe in
I wonder what I'll have
For tea tonight
It'd better be something light
I had a bar of chocolate last night
I wonder how many calories
I've left for the day
What do My Fitness Pal say?
600. That's okay
It would be better
To have less
I'm at a party this weekend
So I'll probably eat and drink
More than I should
I could just skip tea altogether?
Wow, my thighs really rub together
That's disgusting
Yeah, I probably should
(I definitely shouldn't wear shorts)
I wonder what I'll do tonight
Maybe go for a run?
I'm tired from last night's, but
I'll be happier once it's done
I look disgusting
In everything right now
Maybe it'll help me be
A little trimmer for that party?
Oh God, that person's looking at me
I bet they're judging
My double chin
For God's sake
Why can't I just be thin?
There are too many people about
I should have waited
'til it was dark
My flab is less stark
Less to remark on
If people can't see properly
It's OK, nearly home now

...That was a nice walk.
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