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Kai 1d
What if the voices I hear are from God?
Then I am Satan, and we’ll stay at war.
I’ll strike him so with my ruby rod.
And impale him down into the earth’s core.

What if the voices I hear are from space?
I’m an alien with horns and a spot.
No one believes these voices are my race.
They do comment and understand my thoughts.

What if the voices I hear are man-made?
I shall sail the seas like Columbus–
through the stormy nights where I greet afraid.
I’ll find the land this man encompasses.

And I’ll ask him why he made me this way.
Does this mean I’m special– brought to a curse?
These voices persecute me every day.
They have become the air that I breathe.

My mind is louder than New York City.
I tell it to shut up, and it’ll yell back.
I tell my story. Some say I’m gritty.
How can I be brave? I let them do this.

My mind dominates until I have none.
Some of them complain more than my grandma.
Voices play games with me till it’s no fun.
They nibble parts of my brain, and they gnaw.

Oh, voices, voices, why do you taunt me?
It is amusing. I don’t let others bully.
I let my mind become the enemy.
**** these voices! You have already won, you, see?

I watched “A Beautiful Mind” by John Nash.
How can this mind be beautiful when it’s all gone?
I do draw what I see throughout the day.
I realized these figures took my mind away.
aren't you hearing them
when dawn turns into dusk
dusk into dawn
they remain

- voices in my head
These voices in my head
Cant resist,dosesn't understand
Locked in the cage of my own skin
Always busting me to throw in

These voices, won't give up
They wont give in
Dragging me over
Always following me
To pull me under
They're pulling under
Can't win the war in my own game
Kassan Jahmal Jul 17
Thin wire, overzealous leading to being over tired...
an over reliance on the hopes of being reinspired,
The burning thoughts; of a migraine constantly on fire.

Ten thousand shots in my head—ba, ba, ba, ba,
swimming over my depths, trying my best to breathe;
all the while in still waters choking my neck. Some live
too a life of the dead.

I'm singing a song, better sounding inside—la, la, la, la,
It goes while I'm looking in the mirror, seeing myself and my
self enemy. Who's betting on their works, to seem like a better
version of themself/me?

Letting be of the many ways I try to appear calm in some days.
Hunger in my eyes; starved of the sights of true love.
But the dirtiest intentions, has my face fully covered in mud.
I give and give, but these returns are never enough.
But plenty are the voices in my head, battling constantly—blah, blah, blah, blah, as no-one else hears this cracking glass in my chest.

I figure we're all fragile figures, in the end.
Snipes Jun 3
Absent voices and
powered off treble.

When I lay my
eyes off from
the ceiling
God please
play my verses

You’ve given me
the soul
It’s only right
I give you
the hymns

You’ve shown me
the gates
It’s only right
I show you
the keys

I’ve been in the right place
In the wrong time
I’ve pitched reverses
In the right time
I’ve been in the wrong fates

So tomorrow
I’ll press play
Surrounded by
in this great
I’ll walk to the
to follow the
I’ll turn up the
and listen to the
absent voices with
iridescent melodies
cleobug May 13
i’ve gotta rewire some things inside me
not in the right headspace to take life on right now
without a little extra help from those around and before and inside me

i’ve gotta release some demons, exorcise me
keeping them bottled up for so long, they’ve
got other people’s hands all over me, shaking things up
a prisoner to my own hidden feelings , i’m ready to burst

want to get it out, once and for all
not be trapped inside any longer

a bunch of secrets bouncing around my bones
like stubborn trespasser(s)


i find myself lost in us again
wrapping your& words around me like a hug
falling in love with this cosmic entanglement
watched us bloom in times of turmoil
i'm just so happy to be home, finally
I wanted to die tonight
Death screams louder than promises
I use to dance around the dream of me
Now I drown in the reality
How loud can you scream until it becomes silent
Can anyone hear me?
Mark Wanless Jan 8
can you hear the voices
shouting out of nowhere
always saying live or die

don't listen to the others
walking on forever
blindly till they fall
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