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Nylee May 16
I feel like I am a rodent
for you, kind of a pest.
Not welcome but stuck,
Not my home, but make do
with what I want.
You hate the sight of me
don't want to fight me.
You feel I am drinking
the life out of you.
But soon you plan to
get rid of me, permanently
plotting to execute,
the plan to precision
leave me out in the cold
not to be your problem anymore.
Andrew Rueter Aug 2021
I have a leech on me
and I can't get outside of it

I work hard for the blood I've given
to sustain my captor

I leech all I can from it
as it leeches all it can from me

reciprocated bloodsucking
a competitive transfusion

blood goes in me
and out the other side

cascading off the hospital gurney
belonging to my polyamorous annelid

who brays in good fortune
as the blood leaves my body

spilling on the floor
to be pushed down the drain

where it becomes nourishing water
rejuvenating sulfur-scented cannibals.
darry Feb 2021
time melts into itself as this vessel loses its ability to distinguish between zones

where are we ?

am i with you ? are you with me ?
have my claws sunken in deep enough, yet ?
do your muscles ache from the words that have been screamed at you ?

a tongue laced with poison has sliced through your chest
but all i’ve done is watch you bleed

you’re quick to comfort the goblin beside you
their words holding confusing messages as they give their lackluster performance of how to help a friend

there’s no applause
Pax Oct 2020
I've lost the will to penned
the undetach cord
between real and fantasy
where I laze and daze
the uncomfortable feeling
until I become the ultimate leech
who ***** people
Sometime I get to lost to something unimportant until I don't know art anymore and the burden seems forgettable.
Jenish Apr 2020
sin adheres firmly
like a blood ******* vile leech -
doer never spared.
Grey Jan 2020
You are the sun and I the moon,
leeching off of your vibrant light.
M Grant Teague Jan 2020
You will be hated
Tormented through time

Importance granted
Debt to be paid

Leech, your meal will end
Not another free drop

Your abuse and hate seen
My tolerance burnt

Now listen or don’t
Your reaping has come

I will name you
Christen you:

Kayla Gallant Jun 2019
Making new things old
Is what I do
I drain the life
Out of everything
Sometimes I feel as though I’m too needy. Draining the people I rely on for emotional support. I need a lot of love to thrive. Sometimes I remain miserable to save those I love.
Viseract Apr 2019
I'm a flesh addict, sporadic, adrenaline, I love being alive
Feel my muscles pumping blood as I run reckless- overdrive
And I cannot wait for the day, I get to say, I had the strength to survive
Like alliteration of insanity, inside of me, I to I!

But my eyes would be deceived if I said I see life like it's perfect
Like a roller-coaster, going through the motions, twists and turns a better way to word it
Take a seat, and sit with me, maybe then we'll be, like minded
Instead of you, like a lost moose, in the headlights: blind sided

I hate pretending, so, here's my raw aggression
I would take a second, to ******* bash your head in
But I don't wanna get physical, with someone so pitiful
Let's just keep it minimal, and indulge the lyrical

On sighting you I feel ******
Pity, anger, and anguish
Bullied by this *****
A year my senior, having kids

I feel hollow like a steel pipe, hurting like a rough night
I pull my smile too tight, to the point I'm  showing pearly whites
My mindset like, dynamite, my rhymes like, to takes lives,
Like a steak knife I'll carve you up
Eat these bullets, desperate lunch!

Now make no mistake
I sharpen dull blades
And I get carried away
******, serial, and maim

Just crunching numbers okay?
Nothing has changed
You're still the same old, same old
Here we go, another bomb falls!

Just an organic robot, blowing off steam
Of flesh and metal, robotic zombie
I see the cogs and the gears but I don't see a spirit
All I see is sheeple living lives like corporate business

Where's the fun in this? Leech the Government
Have a couple kids, and some funding with
A faded side *****, drugs kicking in
Go party hard with all your fake friends

You are not a parent, just a pa for rent
She is not a mother, just another chick
Using all that money to hit another fix
Coz you ain't cool if you ain't staying lit!

And that's just how it is, juvy and pregnant kids
People telling other people that their life's ****
Graffiti tags and spit, violence just a bit
Lost dreams and broken bottles, vanished innocence...
Lazy take advantage of a system meant for real struggles that can't be avoided...
Khoi Mar 2019
that drew us in
Zilch of Zion
Global stinge
When people preach charity and healing then take but never ever give
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