Samantha Jan 5

They said that since I play certain games,
I'm worth a broken shoe.
They judge people for being fans!
Think about that. Would you?

My heart's pounding like a drum,
But my blood is running cold.
I came here with a question;
The answer I must be told.
The air is filled with music
As I slash to the beat.
Getting past just one zone
Has got to be a feat!
Searching for my long-lost Dad
I need to find the answer...
First, I must groove through the Crypt
Of the NecroDancer!

I play my games; all I want
Is to have some fun.
There are seven deadly sins,
And my passion isn't one.

My annoying childhood friend
Sees me walking down the street.
She overslept again!
Now we finally meet.
She told me I should join
A club after school.
I don't really want to,
But if it makes her happy, it's cool.
Turns out, it's full of adorable girls!
My poem may be a stub...
But it's all worth it for
Doki Doki Literature Club.

I have tried other hobbies.
How many I liked: none!
There are twelve horrid curses,
And adventuring isn't one.

I may just be one small Protector,
But now that we've been attacked,
My ship was broken, destroyed!
I had barely time to react.
Stranded in space, thought I was lost.
So I gave myself the quest
To beam down, fix the ship,
And save all the rest.
Now the universe is in danger,
Six artifacts must be found.
I explore space to find them all.
I am truly Starbound!

They say it's better for me
To get my own things done.
There are 4 apocalyptic horsemen
And my high score isn't one.

I tripped and fell into a hole
Forever going down...
A small yellow flower
Welcomed me Underground.
Along the way, I met these beasts,
Heard tales of those above.
Learned of their search for humankind
With SOULs full of LOVE.
Long ago, we lived in peace
With monsters, though that failed.
It's up to me to free them
In my little UNDERTALE.

You may think that all these games
Would weigh on me a ton.
I have 99 problems,
And gaming isn't one.

Scarlet M Dec 2017

It is such a dreadful
and a wonderful
to be one of the
hopeless romantics.

Annete Dec 2017

Each night before bedtime,
Just like the artist on his poorest, in the dark
I am creating Characters
To get away and travel
Without leaving bed.
It’s my endowment
And my curse
As I go miles far
But always end up next to you

I am an artist
Ellie Phant Dec 2017

My father was born a man of the earth,
I refuse to wear a bra,
and I shake off like a dog after every shower.
So why is it that I roam this sacred beach
cursing at the sticky layers of sand,
searching for a single slab of concrete,
a place to call home?

DEW Dec 2017

I tremble violently
the spirits dine with me
a feast of illusions break me
because sleep is a memory.

When did I last sleep
grains of sand ne'er grace my eyes
never caked with desert lullabies
So dry, I can barely weep.

I don't remember what nightmares are
and though dreams haunt me
I don't know where they are
they're neither near nor far.

I've been awake so long I'm twice my age
I'm so tired I cannot even call on rage
Lust lies asleep while I watch it slumber
Hunger feeds on itself in a sightless umbra.

There are times when the astral planes call me
I stumble, my eyes droop, I feel heavy
It's like I'm embalming, passing into shadow
But I must continue to work, for I am a slave.

Some day I will sleep and I may never wake.
Such waking would be a second birth, fit for a cake.
How many candles would adorn this pastry?
I don't give a hoot, so long as it's tasty.

I've been awake for 24 hours and I'm afraid I'll just pass out and wake up, 12 hours later, on the floor.
It's snowing outside, soup is cooking, and I've got great music on.
Does any of this add up? LOL

Hooray for randomness! Praise be to this random poem here!
May I finally sleep sometime... sometime...


Muneer Dec 2017

You are in love
When you are at war
With yourself
Love defies logic
Cause there is nothing logical about it
No explanations
No manuals
Just fighting
The battles of your heart
While ignoring your instincts
When they are screaming
Warnings of pain
For you to listen
To escape
Yet you proceed
While you know the truth
And here you are
Poisoned in its bliss
Fueled by a fools hope
Of fairy tales and longings
Gambling your way through life
While the ferry that carries you
Slowly sinks
Into your delusional present
Guided by your heart
Before you could make it
To your destined future

Do you believe in magic? there's a man who chose to use a black magic.
It is too many to mention, but there's only one who can use it, by tragic.

There's a man who fell in love with that woman, but the woman he loves has a spouse.
He always looks for the woman and sometimes the husband of the woman saw it in their house.

So he caused a dispute between the husband and its wife. And for the woman who were embarrassed in front of so many people, while crying.
Her husband didn't believe her and then they broke up. Her husband curse her, but she's still trying.

The woman was hurt, he heard about happened. So he still visits the woman, but he was rejected.
So he has hatred and bereavement with the woman. He caused the wrong things and he was very affected.

Since that day happened, the woman almost die because of her illness and he chose to hide it first from the woman.
He feels that the woman he loves starts to love her too. Then the woman was healed and now he got the girl's attention.

This undying love will have a part 2
the Dec 2017

there is one point of no return
an escape from the usual routine
drawn by stir, shattered by reliance
acquiring such thing isn't so easy, but the conclusions draw to the final proclamation

disjointed wisdom of a young porcupine
kidnapped fugitive released... and raped
by the laws of nature and their own stupidity
they stood next to each other and turned their bodies into two viscid twines, let alone be tangled

the pair of two, an insoluble equation
touching.. feeling... nothing but them
the bodies are lost and departed from society
leaving them both for themselves, acting like bawdy dogs, they begun to slowly achieve their amusement

lily Nov 2017

Poignantly she sat and swore
Thinking of the man that loved her no more

She thought about the memories that they once shared
Now she understands that he never cared

When he said i love you it was just a ploy
No one even gets it because boys will be boys

Now mary kate hangs with mary jay
Waiting on her 18th birthday

To leave her family and start her own
Trying to create a happy home

Her sons will respect women and their needs
Her husband wont commit adultery

But for now she sits upon the floor
Poignantly she sighed and then she swore

Harsha ravi Nov 2017

Everyone fails, right? Wrong.
No one is allowed to fail, not in my house
Failure is a sin, not a stepping stone.
Failure is a curse, a profanity
Failure kills
and maybe that's why I want to fail so badly

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