The moth, of course
It is the mental eruption
Jaded by flight and hinder
Sensors drag it without aim

Silent squares, two by light
The gasp of which is gone
Your notice is not to blame
The day of, it begins

The cry of dead
Unwanted and beaten by
Man, and Only
Sky stretched moan into echo

It shan't follow, nor become
You shan't find, nor conquer
The build that split in two
Haunted by the confused

Distraction by lack of
The whisper of insect
Only Tea is left
Vanished into particles

Refusal to believe
It is not with us
Crawl asunder to new dream
Our hearts separate

Wall is not begone
Yet begs for more
To be named, waiting

I had a dream of an insect. A moth who's presence would foretell the collapse of all relationships you had built, one by one. "The Wall of Mann", it was called. I dream of it often, and I wonder if it's actions speak of reality.

Why is it always like this;
laughing in one minute and crying the next.
It's like I've been cursed with the devil's kiss,
or a witch's gruesome hex.

My feelings are a roller-coaster,
and I don't know where it ends.
Though it wasn't like this on the poster,
and nobody cares to make amends.

It's no one's fault I'm like this;
broken, disregarded - who knows what's next?
Yet I'm the one who most dismiss
my well-being as it is very complex.

- sometimes small things add up to one giant explosion within me -

to sit by quietly and
  feel the freshness in the air
  enter my lungs as I breathe in a new day
  would be a wondrous feat to say the least, I'd think

to not have to worry or
  feel the weight of too many lives
  enter the ever growing pool that is my misery
  would be a curse in disguise for without it, I can not write,

I'd think
Vyscern Jul 16

My life is meaningless right now, no doubt
It's dragging me along for the ride and I want out
Being a gentleman and acting with sincerity
Is laughed at from the sidelines, open eyes for clarity

Open jaw too, wide open I'm feeling crook
Like every inch of my soul was spilling blood onto books
And etching it's story there for everyone to see how stupid
The arrows shot from the bow of the cruel Cupid

It's ruthless, and he's shot me many times
I'm always checking my back scared because he's worked into my mind
It's not fine, draw the line to check the time
I'm here for the wrong reasons but all those reasons are mine

Second hand shop selling the single biggest retard
Thinking he's so smooth like dude you blind and can't see far
Use and abuse is what the bruises be telling me
And my heart aches, an earthquake seething with jealousy

You see me through a telescope with a double standard lens
Saying the only way you see us is merely as good friends
And that's fine but why do you have to play me like this
Twice now, no doubt you playin it's not nice miss!

Jesus Christ I'm faithless and playing tracks from the same list
The cold calculated sad songs preaching death wishes
You said it takes a while to make it to that, miss
But the first chance you get you're with my best friend, like fuck me I'm being replaced quick!

You don't seem to quite grasp how much that fucken hurts
And the worst part of it is if you didn't tell me it'd be worse
Just drive me to my grave so I can rest in peace in that hearse
It goes by a cliff? Fuck it, chuck it in reverse

ruffy cho Jul 14

three...'re under my spell
counting seconds from now to infinity,
you're bound to me.

invisible chains, no, i'm no witch
just a charmer, more than a pretty face,
and less of a golden-hearted character from your favorite bedtime story.

... i'm falling out
wear that choker and chase me
to the depths of the earth.

counting seconds from infinity to now,
you're bound to me; just another cursed heart.

this is the spell where you're a willing victim and i'm your favorite torture. chase me, chase me, little cursed heart.
Anivel Aidan Jul 6

before you curse him out
put yourself in his shoes
you might find that
he's the boy who cried wolf
he's not the villain
he's a knight

and he might not he your knight
but at least he's decent enough
to leave before you
get in too deep

I'm sorry for getting mad. Now I realize you're just doing the best you can. Thank you for being honest, at least.
Alberto Jul 3

My words too often used by others
From my lips, honesty was evident
As you know, never very nice rather frank
Unapologetic, like my love for you
I suspect it's the youth and naivety
Still I fear your cursed words
"It can never be the same"
Our fire fueled as much or more
Than days before we were grown
But will all other flowers fail from now on
Because of your enchanted warmth
Now I will never be the same

Gabriel burnS Jun 26

The curse of eternal life
Would be, watching
Every one you love, die

...and she felt like
Her bones were buried
In her body

She had eaten eons,
Watched the ends
Of millions of clocks’ lifetimes
Snorted the rust of their
Idle hands, dead still
In the blank stare
Of their concentric silence

She wanted to cease
This void existence,
For boredom was
Her ultimate torture

Sanny Jun 18

I'm a walking disaster.

Every now and then I find something great,
but as soon as I come close it turns into darkness.
It's my curse.

Always searching for the light.
But I can only watch it from afar.
Everytime I try to get close my darkness is killing the light.
I want to be there, in the middle of the light, but I can't.
So I stay far away, watching, dreaming, of another life.
Where I can be the light.

I had met her only once.

Kissed I had her dry lips twice,
Night I slept and she kissed me,
Oh she woke me up to join in,
What I did was to drink her lips.

When I missed a chance to romance,
Have I such a memory? No,
Always cared for her throughout,
Truly I have loved her since eternity.

Yet she forgot about the care,
Oh, she ignored it conveniently,
Under an effect of worldly desires.

Did someone else prevent her,
I suspect her father made her,
Destiny is a roadblock in here.

The story ends with a breakup,
Hanging in obiter is happiness,
And each expectation shatters,
Tantalising hints of eternal love.

Another time I have failed,
Upon life she was a scourge,
The story is being renewed,
Ukulele orchestra plays within,
Morose tunes it plays lavishly,
Night fell long ago but it never ends.

My HP Poem #1582
©Atul Kaushal
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