My brain has chemical imbalance
held inside a ceramic palace
The fabrication of lies
and blankness behind the eyes,
with bloodstains on my body,
assault is my hobby.
Not on others you see,
just on 'lil ol' me.
And hunger isn’t a concern,
I want my body to burn.
My own pulse drives me insane,
I’d rather devoured by pain.
You’d think I’d wish the reverse,
but I love it, and that’s my curse.

Whoops I'm emo
Eloi Apr 11

silenced sliced skin,
blood etching begins,
red river flows,
from my writs to toes.

a coffin to a hearse,
a killing curse,
eyes fill with tears of blood,
lay me down to descent into the mud.

samantha page Apr 5

the world's greatest blessing
and most tremendous curse

never having to worry
about being too loud
or sticking out in a crowd

but it takes effort
for friendships to grow
or to even say hello

you may laugh
you may cry
nobody will know why
just because you're shy

a blessing and a curse
is this state of being
but it's who i am

Tyler Castro Apr 4

Conceived at night, tomorrow be mourn
Still and quiet, Wretch's babe be born
Hex for hex, curse for curse
The Witch's undoing shall be the worst
May my friend Aim pay a visit
May his screams be exquisite
Father of dog food, husband of a Harlot
Miraculous keeper of her loose undergarments
May his eyes boil and his organs char
Mere punishment for her promiscuous charm
Child and homeless, she'll wonder through the dark
Mere atonement for my aching heart

By Tyler Castro
Anger brings out the worst in people...
Luna Marie Apr 3

Love has got me under a curse,
And life without it is making it worse.
When you walked in the room, I heard the angels sing.
So I'm asking you for one thing:
Kiss me on the mouth and set me free,
But please don't bite me.

Release me....
This was inspired by one of Troye Sivan's songs "BITE"
Chris Neilson Mar 29

My father taught me
For better or worse
In the company of women
Don't break wind or curse

Lessons learned to this day
I leave that behaviour to louts
However, there is one exception
When I've eaten fucking sprouts

Essa Freedom Mar 11

Every book I open
Every story I read
Another adventure I start
Another Life I begin

I live with them
And laugh
And run
And cry with them

I just don't belong
Not in the real world
But however unlikely
In literacy I find a place

In the end
The pages ripped my heart
They pull me apart
They ruined my life
And they changed who I am

Yet without them
My life is nothing
I am incomplete

The author who holds the knife
Dangles it over my head
With each character's death
A new tear in my soul

A new life in literacy
A gift not all can receive
Without literacy  
I would have no life at all

Such is the curse of the reader

Do not feel sorry from them
Feel sorry for those those who do not read
For those who live but one life
A life a ignorace at that

Dead lover Mar 10

I accepted for the sake of your exams,
That i am a bad human,
A fake human,
One into emotional drama,
One who's life is fake..  Fake.. And fake..

Fake fake fake and fake...
Your lover did use this word so easily,
I still feel the cuts in me..

I accept what i am not for you Oh best friend,
I accepted the fakeness... And did put it to the end..
Am just so free,  for everybody...

I remember my words...
I won't ever talk to you,
Oh best friend...
I can't put into words how much it hurts,
Am sorry that i was so " fake"....
I never knew I was..
Don't Know why does she think so....

You are my support..
And look,  we are never going to talk to each other...
Well you have your support...
But what about mine?
I feel so Terrible about myself..
I feel like dying...

Oh best friend, am such a useless best friend,
Who's phone number is not even worth trying..

You have done bundles of favors for me,
But your girl has always left me crying...

Just one wish from you oh friend,
Kiss the forehead of my corpse,
The day i be dead...

And whisper what had been my fault in my ear...
Oh friend so dear....

Sorry Sarthak bisht...  I never knes you felt so too...  

I always thought of you as a friend...

Goodbye dear...  I'd always miss you  oh best friend...
cait Mar 4

i don't believe in religion.
but if you believe that jesus
was resurrected.
that eve was created in
adam's image.
that moses parted the red sea.

that a woman cannot love a woman
without sinning.

then i will not bother you
with my love.

does that make me a sin?
or a temptation?

you say that religion is a blessing.
but for me

it's a fucking curse.

I apologize to those who find comfort in religion, but it has only played keep away with my heart.

My Inner White Man
Took an overdose of pills,
And fell unconscious on the Floor.
The Inner Rainbow Man
Chuckled and laughed.
He always knew that the  Inner White Man
Had suicidal tendencies.
He was just waiting for him
To take the final Prescription of Death.

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