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anastasia Apr 29
I was molded by his own hand
sculpted to perfection and eager to please
who else other than my husband
for without Adam, there is no Eve

at least, that was before he slithered into our perfect life
pounding our perfect garden into the ground with his slick feet
conniving and a brute,
he convinced me to take a bite
and share my fruit with man
for what is mine is his
my knowledge is his

I am his

together we ate
snacking and licking our fingers with glee
wiping the secretions of the fruit of mankind
against the tree we tore it from

until our Paradise's pastures declined
the wildflowers overtrodded with weeds
the singing waterfall vanished
only to be replaced by an evil, magmatic spout

and our tree,
our once bountiful, glorious, fruitful tree
decayed from the inside out

Adam's burning glare rotted my fruit and my seeds
until they and I dropped to the burning embers on the ground
like nicks off of a pebble that was thrown too hard
or like hairs from the back of a matted mother cat
that has spent far too many heatless winters hunting
for a different life,
for any life

with no more than a curse from Him,
I became the failed experiment of humanity
tossed into God's own graveyard
left to rot with my stolen seed
I S A A C Feb 6
put it on me like a curse
be a good man, my first
tend to my needs like a nurse
my tears are aquamarine
my heart is rose gold
my eyes are jade stones
don't think that I don't know
how the lotus unfolds
fee Jan 20
she's a waterfall of curse
carrying a spell
she couldn't carry
they stare with a flame
she's strapped by the fame
remain calm
outrages come
spell the curse
in her sleep
German Rodriguez Dec 2021
The air seems to have thickened
Since the casting of Autumn's last curse.
Much thicker this year than any before
It'll be seasons before its safe to breathe again..

In adolescence is where you can find the seed
Germinating the withering Tree of Life within.
Autumn's curse changed these leaves
As the last leaf falls, it will be forgotten.

Shedding that final leaf tends to be the most painful.

She whispered softly to me one night:
"Life through Death is the only way to grow."
Seasons change everything.
Every September has had some type of life changing event for me, good or bad.
2021 has been 2nd hardest behind 1999 when I lost my father.
Anais Vionet Dec 2021
beauty is a witch
the kiss of light, a trick
a mask, a banquet
a spell, a curse
a blessing
Nigdaw Dec 2021
so I surrounded myself with stuff
it made me feel better
worthy, an achiever
bolstering my confidence
stuff came through the post
parcels to open everyday
it was like Christmas
stuff was in shops
where people were happy
to help spend my money
it was like they were jealous
wanting to live through me
getting the stuff they wanted
but I was paying
then I began to worship stuff
exclusive stuff
one of a kind stuff
then I woke up
literally opened my eyes
and saw all this ****
how I had coveted it
no friends, no relationship
no emotion, no soul
I was effectively dead
some Egyptian mummy
preserved in a living tomb
full of all all the ****
I'd need in the afterlife
because I had no time
to appreciate it all now
so I sold my ****
to people who were like me
and I looked at them
slavering over my old ****
and I hated them
like seeing my image in a mirror
they were so pleased
carrying off their prizes
not realising it was all cursed
they never owned anything
just stuff someone would
prize from their cold dead fingers
Ashley Kay Dec 2021
Shadows ask
To speak under
low breath,
A campfire burns
With pinion twigs
Scavenged from
Old Dolores
Land, still she cries
A forgotten martyr
words now frail
Sentiments, in the
Pitch of night,
The curse breathes
Through the sand
Zack Ripley Aug 2021
I may have achey feet from working
all the live long day.
But I'm grateful for them.
They take my mind off my aching heart. Caused by the curse of adulting and time keeping us apart.
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