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You say your life *****
and that you are a mess.
Yes, life could've always been better,
but also could've been worse.
Amanda 2d
Full of hatred for myself
Running deep through each bone
The earth is spinning way too fast
Worry it won’t stop or slow

Incapability arises
To discover what’s kept hidden
The hourglass keeps draining sand
Altering time forbidden

Distance between reality
And dreams luring me to look
Enshrouded by a shadowed cloud
One breath is all it took

Birds circling the air above
In blissful animation free
Sharpening their beaks for prey
In restless anticipation I see

A curse is embedded in my blood
Self-loathing running through my veins
While the roses others plant are blooming
Scarlet petals wilt and leave only stains
Suffering from minor writers block
This is a gift I brandish alone
My sheath is my passion
My sword is my poem
Intellectual aesthetic‘s
My centre of pleasure
My creativity flows on
This body is tethered

People can make me feel quite strange
They roll their eyes and shake their brains
Seldom are they on the same page
Where poetry flows
In an aesthetic array

But this is who we are
And there is no need to change
The expanding universe
Is calling our names
We are the creative ones of our societies
It is not a burden but the gift,

Traveler Tim
Suspire heavily, 'tis a garden of demise.
In amid of prolonged night it blooms.
Sea of night shines long and bright,
Methinks the stars are to blame.
Under such folly the garden dwells.
Nigh onto the envious dawn.

I felt the velvety dews,
Lying at peace over the willows.
Owls of Minerva hoot unsung beauty.
Vile are the fruits of life that demise withhold,
Endeavoured with the phantom of false.

Yes ‘tis our garden.
Ornaments of life violate to death,
Under this night where the cursed garden dwells.
Nylee Sep 11
Or a curse,
Every morning,
I do wake up
sometimes till noon too.
i am forever, cursed to never age
the death i have to repeat
is the heartbreak you've given me

you can choose to ignore me
but you know i am there
lingering softly, longing for the beat of my own chest

i am a ghost
plagued to haunt you forever
as much as you haunt me

is this what you wanted?
Why do you curse the world?
It hasn't changed so much
It's your perceptions that changed
You see the world deranged
Learn I to see eye to eye
Quest will end for why and why
Why do you curse the world?
It hasn't changed so much
Pedro Aug 14
We humans carry a curse
of loving until death
and from it suffer
but care not to fear
or the pains of a beating heart
for love is sweet poison
and a broken paradise
so go on
go forth
love away your life
as the price you may pay
is worth the reward
нина Aug 14
the cursed rattlesnake hissing
realising now i knew what had been missing
**** my mind mind mind for lying!
to myself, smiling
promising i could fix him;
rattlesnake hissing
"you're the only one who needs fixing"
Theology refers to the incident inside The Garden of Eden as the "Fall of Man" as, against God's will, Adam eats the forbidden fruit offered by Eve, which allowed him to distinguish good from evil. However, the bible does not actually mention an apple. In Latin, evil is 'malum' and an apple is called 'malus'. This could have been either a simple mistranslation or a deliberate play on these words.
Alex Aug 10
A gift
A curse
Forseeing future
But its inevitably
It is a lifetime
But It has boundaries
Whenever you think
If one person
Never learns to read signs
Your signs
You lose again
From trying to save another life
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