After months of waiting
My ring has arrived
I admire the craftsmanship
And soak in its gold

But I find out a flaw
As I slide it right on
And see that it doesn't
go all the way down

I have been anticipating
when this **** ring would come
And being ****** enough
To think it would fit like a glove

A beautiful ring
A beautiful gem
A beautiful band
That's just too small

With months after waiting
My ring has arrived
Only to find
That it just doesn't fit
Take this poem however you want.
Johnny Noiπ Jan 5
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Katie Dec 2018
Love, loyalty, friendship
all promised in a ring.
Shimmering on your hand,
pointed inwards for me.
On one knee in Galway,
I have so much to say.
I’ll just ask, “Will you be
mine on our wedding day?”.x
Knit Personality Dec 2018
Ring out, wild bells, to the wild sky,
    The flying cloud, the frosty light:
    Ring out the news tonight's the night
Santa and reindeer tiny fly.

Ring out, wild bells, for Yuletides gone;
    Ring out, wild bells, for Christmas Eve;
    I wear my Christmas on my sleeve;
Ring out, wild bells, and jingle on.

Leo Janowick Dec 2018
Washing my wedding ring:

So this morning I was cleaning my wedding ring, I do it about once a week or so. I have this extra toothbrush that I clean it with set aside in the bathroom for when I need it. I got to thinking about how cleaning my wedding ring kind of symbolizes a healthy marriage for me. I’m a guy, a “guys” guy at that. My hands stay constantly banged up and *****. I work on cars, they get cut. I work in the yard, they get *****. My ring bears the brunt of those things as well. That’s why I clean it. Friends have asked why I take the time to clean it when it will probably get ***** and no one will really notice a difference. “Your the man, no one cares how pretty your ring it”. Here’s the thing. IT.DOES.MATTER.


Because every time I clean it reminds me of the small things in our marriage I should be doing. When my wife comes home from work have I listened to her day, like really listen. Put down my phone, turn off the tv, and make her day the center of my world listen, so that she feels like her day really matters to me because it does. While we’re laying in bed watching our favorite show at night did I reach over and scratch her back or play with her hair, letting her know “yes we may just be watching a show together but make no mistake, I know you're next to me and you are the center of my world. Have you stopped by her work lately and brought her a coke, or maybe her favorite candy. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, just something small to let her know “hey I was thinking about you and I thought you would like this”. See you don’t just “fall out of love” one day when you wake up. It happens over time because you stopped doing the little things, you stopped courting her(that, by the way, shouldn’t stop once you marry, that should enhance) you stopped trying to impress. Every day I wake to my wife, I pretend she is a stranger that I am madly in love with and think “how today can I make her fall in love with me”

The small things matter gentlemen, so yes I will continue to wash my wedding ring....
Hussein Dekmak Dec 2018
Stop thinking small,
Within yourself dwells all the secrets of the universe.
Change in the world is at the very finger tips of your creativity.

Stop thinking small,
Within your heart lies the road map to love,
You hold a sacred mission, a mission of awakening one soul at time.

Stop thinking small,
The eyes of the suffering people are pointing
In your direction, searching for a glimpse of hope.

Stop thinking small,
Do you want to be remembered as just another number?
Let your remembrance ring as an icon of aspiration, a catalyst for change.

Stop thinking small,
Rise up, live up to your role, and
Start leading the orchestra that is the universe.

Hussein Dekmak

Thorns Nov 2018
Ring on your finger

Ring on your lip

A ring in your heart sounding off

Like a bell

Get a grip
Get a grip

I'm the only one for me
I am...
Seanathon Nov 2018
A lance is such a different thing
In a different age
Perceived by those who turn and ride off, away
But best?
What is the best way in modern day?
To avenge unrest, to strike and sway
In a time when the world throws words away
Catch truth and cradle it in trust
Till the strike rings true
Till the passive armor falls and is stripped away
It all started at our first Anniversary celebration
Then we built burning empires with our lips
We tattooed venomous love bites in our skin,
With Jokes cracking a **** till it tuned a cradle,
Nine months later babies fell from the sky (baby shower).

But our love story starts with folded fist painted on my face,
I can still see the folded fists holding roses with a ring on one finger.
Let’s raise the rose and our story will sculptor itself.
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