Akash Mandal Dec 2017

I'm classically
conditioned to the ring of
the ice cream man's bell.

Though aye haint no athlete, nor a cosmopolitan mwm,
this bloke dislikes capricious adrenaline rush
to prove without a doubt
at least to whomever announced
to display eye popping, mouth watering,

nose twitching a notch above chattering class,
I could never be find klieg lights shone on me,
cuz this baby boomer favor modesty,
and allow, enable and provide unconditional
acceptance and/or sir render if a verbal tete a

tete sparring rapport, quintessentially predicating,
predicting, presaging petsmart outstanding native
manhood lesson kooky, jousting insignificant, harmony,
gaiety, favorability, earnestly draws character,
basically badass and altruistic anatomical acer.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Ah, I mean to narrow scope of poetic theme
so pardon ma roundabout circular modus operandi
shifting intent to discuss five overlapping rings
specifically, yet fern hoe part tickler rhyme nor reason

those trademark circular strunk and white elements
of harried styled, swiftly tailored symbols
decreeing a fresh batch of Olympiads, ought
to be preceded via a topnotch Gumby like
rubbery sprite, who gets trotted out as a nimble

acrobat (gender impossible to determine based
upon Pygmy size physique performing her/his
balancing act (while avast crowd peers thru binoculars)
atop an equestrian (coincidentally
enough named Pokey), kooly juggling,

illustionistically hefty, generally fiery essentially
discobulous, cyclical, basically sans,
non verbal body language announcing
human fetes defying the laws of physics, which
global contest occurs every two years i.e. biennial

versus biannual, which means twice a year.
The rings are five interlocking rings, colored
blue, yellow, black, green and red on white field,
known as the "Olympic rings". The symbol
page number two:

originally designed in 1912 by Baron Pierre
de Coubertin, co-founder of modern
Olympic Games. Between subsequent meetups
held at metropolis when elected doth fast-track
this mission (rendering impossible much needed

infrastructure repairs, but vying to beautify a city
based on bids, or maybe drawing straws)
exerts priority, thus every laborer recruited
to emulsify, fortify, glorify...

whatever sainted urban jungle
testing physical mettle asper whatever sport
competitors vie to pit their burnished brawn, deft
flourish heaving jellied jambalaya limber muscles
opportunistically quite supremely ultimately

winning hearts and minds of spectators until
next candidate performs his/her slack jaw
jack draw, jumbo popcorn filled bowl dropping,
nonpareil, eye popping, routine,

and so on...an attempt for a ticket holder
to merely stand upright gets tripped with
mindscape filled to the point of saturation
with supra hue man dare devilish
whirling dervish performances.

Not one of these contenders for top prizes
can be modest, yet here such narcissism
expected, when the crème de la crème
of a well synchronized machine of finely tuned
glass shattering aria re: symphony for
skeletal system, musculature, and love of fitness

presents such a supremely sumptuously
striated squared specimen on the world
wide webbed stage. Aside from vicariously
exalting in the trials and errors of first one,
then the retinue of absolute breathtaking
delight, the ordinary conflicts (between

one warring internecine faction and another
mortal enemy) get suspended for duration
of these celebrations. A fanatic, generic,
heuristic, intrinsic kinetic potential

unleashed from a select body of youths,
young fluid adults athwart cusp and prime of life
who spent majority of their brief lives
(since most entrants seem to retain
a faint residue of childhood).
However many weeks encompasses
the planet agog with exemplars

pushing thee enveloped limitations
built or evolved (whatever your belief)
within Homo Sapiens, a collective unified
adulation, vocalization wows loudly, thence echoing
like an Earthly explosive shot fired across beaming berth
divine expression qua visual fancy feast.

That infinitesimal fragment of time
(when laying down
of a bomb bin nub bull arms occurs) proves
smarmy, snooty, smutty
abuse, brutality, cruelty...heaped

upon innocent creatures great lumbering sized
or microscopically small magically
able to mastering purposefulness,

analogous like idealistic storybook fable
diversity tis viable to adopt care and
concern for others. No matter this
blatant claim defies everyday gruesome,
horrible, intolerable jawboning,

knifing, mauling, naysaying, overtly
punishing, quivering raping, sodomizing,
terrorizing, undertaking vile waterboarding,
yielding zero, zilch, zip loosening restraint
despite the agonizingly beseeching,

cloyingly desperate, emphatically feeble,
gasping helplessly, indignantly jeered,
kicked, lambasted, molested, needled,
paddled, quickened recipe per

phlegm drum manic spewing, tasering,
ultimately violently whipped, which
contrary behavior vis a vis survival

of baseless, damndest, foremost, hated
jackal lashing, narcissistically, polluting
re: slaughtering until vilest wickedest
ignoble yearning zero sum throw win game crowned
most nasty beast that e'er walked this terra firmae.

Alex Nov 2017

I wear a ring on the fourth finger
I get asked who I'm married too.
I say A ring on any finger is what you make it to be.
A ring on my wedding finger does not mean i am married
Marriage is trust, love, committed to each other, vulnerability, no secrets, friendship and so much moreb. Marriage is promise to always be there no matter what, until death. So why is it that its called the wedding finger when indeed it could possibly be called the promise finger because are we not promising to spend the rest of our lives together. Even if one is not in a relationship with that person does that now make wearing a ring on that finger forbidden?

I wear a ring on the fourth finger or third if your one of those aliens that think their thumb is not a finger.
I get asked who I'm married too.
and idk this got to me
joel jokonia Nov 2017

me and my sub-conscience fight over weird things

i wrote this poem with a vision of making this the longest poem if possible
i poem by poets around the world in one topic
any poet can add at least one phrase keeping the topic at hand, a twist could do to but keeping the head on

i would appreciate to write with you all
it would the greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatest of all

i am going tag all words cause you never know what it will become.

you can start from
'me and my sub-conscience fight over weird things.....
G Rog Rogers Nov 2017

-Lyrix (Pure Country Tune)

There's an empty ring finger
where a shining band
of gold once was
The symbol of Our life
Our dreams and Our love

A vow to stay together
through the plenty
and the lean
Forever lovers and
Forever best friends
then and to the end

The years passed so quickly
yet our love still
held on strong
Up until that fateful time
when it seemed that
everything went wrong

Still I then adored you
Still you I cherished
and you I hoped to keep
But strangers
came against us
The destruction
was complete

There's an empty ring finger
where a shining band
of gold once was
The symbol of Our life
Our dreams and Our love

A vow to stay together
through the plenty
and the lean
Forever lovers and
Forever Best friends
Then and to the end

Your gone yet
I remember
All the precious
moments still
I remember you
beautiful loyal
and lovely
And I always will

It's been so long
Still I sometimes
look back upon the wonderful You were
Truth is as it always was
I'll still love You forever Girl

There's an empty ring finger
Where a shiny
band of gold once was
The symbol of Our life
Our dreams
and Our love

A vow to stay together
through the plenty
and the lean
Forever lovers and
Forever Best friends
Then and to the end

I sometimes touch
my ring finger
Where the shiny
band of gold once was
Thinking about the
one I loved
The Angel
I once adored

There's an empty ring finger
where a shiny
band of gold
once was

And empty feeling
deep down
in my heart
For the Angel
who was lost.



Katelyn Billat Oct 2017

Its name is sadness.
Violent sadness.
It's creeping up on me again. It is giving me anxiety because I don't want it to crawl in my skin again and be comfortable. With the anxiety brings depression. It's always been there, never completely going away. But I can ignore and it slows, grows smaller everytime I smile and laugh. But every time someone leaves me for someone shinier, the sadness spreads like wild fire, like the mold on strawberries I cannot eat. I wish I was born thin like her, perfect like her, golden like her, the one who steals them away. As I watch the monster crawling towards me, I analyze it. I watch the way it moves slow, trying not to be discovered like the way I do. It moves swiftly, not in pulses. I watch it creep, pulling itself from whatever depths it came, like the way I do. And that's the scariest part. I watch it's iridescent nails crawl closer. It has a diamond ring.
So do I.

Guden Oct 2017

A blue eyed woman stabbed me with her eyes,
She was asking for some help,
A ring was stuck in her finger.
Many volunteered to assist,
Many failed.
I avoided those knives
I didn't want to get stabbed again,
Until I got lost in the blue.
I can't stop looking at the ocean
On a clear day.
So I offered assistance
To remove the band
From her hand
And replace it with another one,
But she laughed
And left.
Stabbed again,
Bleeding out,
I will never learn,
If only I was color blind.

Ileana Payamps Sep 2017

It all starts with a Facebook friend request,
Is that guy, who’s not ashamed of himself,
He did not want to treat her as a guest,  
All he probably needed was self-help.
She believed he was happily married,
Maybe something else he was looking for,
She sees how his ring he never carried,
His wife he wouldn’t value anymore.
But she was only seventeen years old,
He would talk to her like she was so grown,
None of his thoughts she could ever control,
She is so happy he left her alone.
She’s hoping this kid he has on his way,
Grows up to be a better man someday.

Faith Sep 2017

A gunshot was heard,
But not by her,
Blood gushed out of her face like a grotesque river,
A bullet hole in the side of her head,
Maybe we should put down all the technology...
Before someone gets hurt...

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