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Mia Oct 27
I'm moving on , but my mind does wander.
A black round ring given to you from me.
who knew that color would represent our destiny.

Black as the pavement we walked.
Black as the rotten apple on the corner store
Black as burning wood.
Black is what our relationship seemed to be.

I'm moving on , but my mind does wander.
A gift given to you from me.
Would it be different if I had chosen a specific color.
ashes are whats left.
Christian Oct 27
Sweetest flower of April's touch
veiled upon your *****
permit yourself to blossom
and to these hands clutch.

Futile humility you carry
now that the ring adorns your leaves
our hearts feel genuine and merry
and love, only love they now receive.
Renhui Oct 13
The Tai Chi symbol necklace
stares at me -- black and white eyes
from the small velvet trellis
of the jewelry stand at the TCM conference.

Reminds me of the universal energy ring
I bought here last year.
The ring showed twirling circles
Signifying connectedness of all in the universe
Artistically crafted by the master's teacher

"You know
I lost the ring in one of my travels."
I raised my bare fingers --
My face touched by regrets.

"Oh, dear.
So you gave it away to the universe:
Someone else now has the gift,"
Smiled the Tao jewelry seller.

"That is beautiful --
My gift to the world."
A knot in me opened.
I laughed:
The ring is living its own life!

The eyes of the Tai Chi symbol
blinked a little
as if in accord.
I cant see my eyes. They are both dark and cold. I try and Visualize. They way i will grow old. With someone to have and hold.

I cant say im happy. Unless you are beside me. I cant say im happy. Without you beside me.

I am no longer alive. I hear the voices in my head. They say lies. Like one day i will be happy with you man right by my side.

I got to be free. I am blind to love. I will die. As i sit here and wait for death to arrive

I cant say im happy. Unless you are beside me. I cant say im happy. Without you beside me.
Out there in the cold. I wait by my phone. For you to call me.
But there is no ring.
sunprincess Oct 5
Don't trust strangers on the net,
And when crossing a river
Don't trust logs, soaking wet
I said I would always be there for you,
but at some point
I stopped sleeping with my phone on ring
Poetic T Sep 9
Her legs weren't stairways
to heaven, for these ladders
       were anything but safe.

Pulled fibres collected
Victims to be caught upon
                    her wondering lusts.

For the best poison was that
   which took time to ****.
   And her bite was anything
   but fast acting upon her prey.

She never charged as much as
      those who were below her class.
              For she was scorned before.

And those who chose her beauty over
         instinct, only had themselves
                                                to blame.

For her man, was a walker of corners,
                      catching eyes of cheap thrills.
       His gift to her was a ring and a death sentence
                                                                        of A.I.D.S..

And now she passes the gift given without consent,
        to those who would choose a vine vintage soured
by gangrene grapes.  They'll all taste her sweetness,
     only to poisoned by its taste after swallowing  it.
An ad in the LA Times
Pictured a jewelry store in Beverly Hills
Somewhere off Wilshire
A golden band modeled after an Egyptian original
Mother wanted it and so we went
We sat on tuffets of crushed velvet and
She bought it
replacing her wedding band
Which I never did find.
It was pretty but
what other significance this meant
regarding her husband she did not tell

She was struck walking on an off-ramp
on the 10.
Heading east?
How did she get there?
I asked her in the hospital
On the gurney she shook her head
And said she didn’t know.
That’s Alzheimer’s for you.
The ring is gone.

Father took his off well before she passed
and left it on the top of his dresser.
Décio Aug 29
refine me
until i’m edges only
and then wear me on a ring
PoserPersona Aug 25
Riches begot with credit stock
Power bestowed with golden crown
Glory bequeathed with laurel wreath
Marriage beseeched with diamond ring

I hold you 'til the morning dew
Slight modification to my preceding poem with essentially the same meaning, but it changes the tone from pessimistic to optimistic.
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