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No ring no real commitment to me
I think almost engaged must be the scariest place to be
Wondering did I fall to quickly
Or are you right here with me
Bullet May 19
nothing is faced
no trap, just me reflected in it
the mirror has a painters box sealed
i’m in the boxing ring with pallets
the painting has heavy gloves waiting
dings seem like a shock wave in my mind

my heart now counts a lot less with a view
blue soul, caving in from the top
  this mirror has a hidden trap tripping
i’m starring at it as if i’m the missing piece
now the picture is shattered into myself
the portrait separated into a collage
the colors i’m boxed in with moves my

I’m lost in these mirror states of mood rings
Soft subtle touch
clutches from back to front
About face switched place
in role reversals
Airways are open
Feel a rawer version
of your person
Entrust this thoughtful lust
sought from top to bottom
Moving in sync as your
yearning burns
Deep frictionless sin
lived within bare skin
Born below the belly line
Sing as bells ring
Breathe in the aftermath
This beauty won't last
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
I want to be the one who gives you that first kiss.
I want to be the one who puts that ring on your finger.
I want to be the one who loves you all night.
I want to be the one who you first see in the morning.
I want to be the one who makes you that cup of coffee with a kiss on your lips.
The one who wants to love you all my life.
ring² (/rɪŋ/)

1. (of my ears) the thing they do when filled
with another disappointing, wordy silence, especially
when I'd so hoped to hear you say... Read more

• The thing my heart does when it hears
those 3 little emotion-packed words
(never said by you).

(See also, "disappointment")

Phrases: "Did you eat?", "Are you okay?",
"I made you breakfast..."

"I love you"
Instead of doing an ink drawing every day of October, I wrote a poem every day using the official Inktober Prompt List of 2019. This is a dictionary poem.
she threw the ring
and the vow
for the throne
but all he witness was her sin

made himself fell through the crack
forced her to break the window
he let the tears drown her thoughts
as he slips away into thin air
for you
Sarah Pavlak Apr 14
A Nigerian told me I need to have more ***,
Tap tap wedding ring on a
Plastic dashboard.

Sir, it breaks my heart
That I had to leave him to his nightmares
Yes ma’am, that’s how you fall asleep--

If I’d have known -- well hindsight is,
That it was the last time I would’ve
Let it take you down easy--
Reina Jamal Mar 11
Baby, I still have your ring
It reminds me of your love
The love that gave me power,
Changed me to the better.

I wear it in my bad days;
To feel the warmth of your hug,
To come alive,
To be the one I strive.

It is in my everyday jewellery box
To stop me from going back
To the love that drove me crazy,
The one that made me lazy.

Baby, tough days had passed
Without it being on a finger
That hugged you so tight;
When our souls were super bright.
By: Reina Jamal.
Ring for a kiss ....

it's a time ...
to start this lovely day ...
with a sweet kisses ...
starting from souls to bodies ...

it's the time now ...
come let's take it ...
to share it ...
within our souls ...

it's a time now ...
let's keep kissing ...
with no bore ...
til we reach ...
the sky above there ...
and there ...
to create ...
between clouds ...
the poem ...
of us ...
with a crazy lips ...
that never get enough ...
from a sweet kisses ...

hazem ...
FloydBrandon Feb 23
you make me want to drop my ring in a sink
then reach down to grab it
forget to turn off the garbage disposal
and grind myself to pieces
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