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Vin DeStefano Sep 27
To where can I find you, Eldorado,
Can you be found within loves grotto?
Romanticism, of that I'm unknowing.
My heart perceives afficianado.
Who can tame this mind of mine,
Her heart tends to prove sublime.
I'm painted on a love-locked canvas,
The more I learn,
The more I stand for this.
The more I learn,
I see GOD's hand with us.
I strive to bleed,
the blood of trust.
I try to leave,
Escape words hushed.
I strive to hold,
in left ring hand,
I strive to tie ...
... that gold love band!
Pyrrha Aug 25
6 months
he gave me a ring
6 months later
he asked for it back

6 months
I gave him a heart shaped stone
6 months later
When is he going to give me back my heart?
I hope I will end up with you
or none at all.
you or no one
Though I worry myself to pain,
And the wind unrelenting blows.

There is solace in the sight of an oncoming train.
Sometimes I wonder if the conductor knows.

Every evening at half past five
I board with no real destination.
His gentle voice asking for my ticket keeps me alive.

Though my daily absences keep raising questions.
This band around my finger has grown too tight.

He acting less as a husband, more as a victor. Nailing my shoes to the floor so I can't leave at night.

Still my mind always drifts back to my train conductor.
Isaac Ward Aug 11
How do I buy a ring-
Silver, or gold?
Is platinum a thing?
Should price be paid attention to?
It's so complicated!

Apparently diamonds have rules,
What does it even matter!
It's carbon, from the ground,
Bananas are carbon!
Maybe I could get her a banana ring...

And who even made the tradition!
Does love need a price tag?
Maybe, or maybe not.
I'll still buy her a ring,
But I think cheesecake is better.
Golden border, with just a crack...
I want to hear your sound,
I want to get it back,
Let me hear your voice once more...
It has a special ring...
With that special ring, only beauties can you sing.

You sing to my heart, and I can feel it deep inside me,
Everything has a uniqueness,
And yours is what drives me,
You have an inner pendulum,
It likes to swing one way,
Before at last it reaches a certain point and will no longer stay,
It will linger for a bit, and then it will go out with coalescence,
It produces something auditory of an angel, a sweet simple essence,
The spell does break, so then it can repeat,
The pendulum will swing back the other way,
But never takes a seat,
My feelings for you grow day by day,
As I get to hear you sing my nights away...
Sweet, simple bell...
You gave me heaven,
But now I'm handed hell
Izzy, you’re honestly so ***, but ill be honest with you, that’s okay :)
Sylph Jun 9
When you give them that ring
Your promising them
A love
That would never end
A love
Thats just for them

Your giving them A Ring
Your giving them A love
Your giving them a lifelong friend and more
Most of all
Your giving them a piece of you
That you plan to let them keep

Your showing them
You want them around
For the rest of your life
By your side

I dont mean this
to scare you away
I mean this
To show you what it means
At least in my eyes
to give them that ring

That ring will bind you and your love
As one
A whole
Yen and Yang
Day and Night
Darkness and light

Thats just how amazing it is
To give someone
                                      The Ring
Marriage is a beautiful thing of two becoming one.
laurynas-dyma May 25
and i look into your hands.
and i see the tears it wiped,
of mine, of yours, of theirs.
and i see you holding
their hand, those who
did not deserve to.
and i see the pain it
caused, unfading scars.
and i see, with blurry
vision, a band of pure gold,
with an angelic crystal.
and as i wrap my fingers
around yours, i pray.
and i pray to, and i
pray for, to never
stop holding, to
never break (it).
c May 16
I’m waiting
For a three word echo
But all I hear
Is radio silence
And my ears are ringing
Like the heavy air
Before a thunderstorm
'This message was deleted.'

That was the last thing I read from you.  Having come home to find nothing of you left, besides your ring on the kitchen table.  I sat at that table for sometime, before deciding to write you a simple one-worded message, 'Why?'  'This message was deleted, was the response.' Deleted?  How can you delete a memory?  How can years be simply, deleted? That ring sat on the kitchen table, in the same spot, for exactly three months, with hope that its orignal owner would come back to claim it.

Three months and one day later, I decide to call your bluff.   I take my ring off, placing it side by side to yours, and go to work.  On my way home, there is an excitement and anticipation that I have not felt for some time.  I rush to put the key in the door.  And as I turn the lock, I expect something new, something different, some kind of change.   But the truth, still remains the truth.  There the two rings sit.  Side-by-side.

We see each other out and about, neither one acknowledging the other.  Each time, walking in our separate ways - which is exactly how it should be.  I have no bad feelings towards you.  None.  Time, as they say, does heal wounds - old and new.  And you know what?  I still wear my ring, taking it off only and when I sit down at the kitchen table.
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