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Jeremy Betts Jan 26
Don't tell me you love me if you can't say it publicly
Why put THOSE words in THAT order only for them to ring empty?
Ahh, sneaky, sneaky
You didn't think I noticed but I did, walked through the door with it on your right pinky
How'd you let the value you placed on the ring I placed on your finger drop below a hay penny?
Ignored on the ground with hardly a glance cause you "have plenty"
Was that the plan from the start, to pull the shoot early?
We were side by side, we said for all eternity, and you didn't think I'd see?
I know the words needed for that phrase are still in your vocabulary
But they're now spoken differently
Just another thoughtless thought runnin' through a smooth brain, produced automatically
Not calling you dumb, 'cause you've played me for a fool expertly
To speak it comes easy, literally learned at the tail end of infancy
Follow through is a entirely different story
It slips through those lose lips sporadically but it doesn't feel like they're actually for me
Just kinda, sorta vaguely directed in my general vicinity
Even still, to get even that takes a little prompting...unfortunately
They no longer spring forth and sooth this broken heart organically
I can no longer consider it a deep rooted feeling, it's just reactionary
Forget accuracy, this isn't satisfactory
Meanings mean nothing to you and, honestly, I find no truth in your "honesty"
I really wanted my theory on your true feelings for me to be phony
I've never wanted to be wrong so badly
But you prove me right daily and twice nightly
I no longer trigger any desire for intimacy
Fine, I guess, can't force that, it's gotta come around naturally or it doesn't do it for me
But your rejection of literally every attempt and advance from me I'm finding to be too costly
Bye bye confidence, so long ****** identity
Couple years before 40 and I already have to accept there'll be no ****** activity
Haven't been rejected this much through the entirety of my journey to ****** maturity
Feels like a search and destroy mission focused on my psyche
Absolutely crushed mentally and emotionally
And here I was thinking it was I that had an unlovable personality
You forced me to think that about me
Like I'm not even good company
I wish this would have worked out differently
And yet still, what I want even more is for you to agree
How pathetic of me

Charlotte Jan 24
From the blue, your eyes, the thunder paints,
A cat-like man, cat scratch scar, faint,
A lifetime bite, a lifetime waits,
A tear, a tear, to tempt late fate.

A hand of honey, a hand of sand,
A honey covered, sanded hand,
Both gold and cream, with a fire-like brand,
Our rings, our fingers, that silver band.
selina Jun 2023
cheap perfume, dreadful news, i pay my dues while
miss drunk and deluded decides to trip all over my shoes
i'm her champagne flush, a nicotine rush, and her unrequited crush
but the only thing i ever notice is how the crowds hush

when you start humming tunes, singing blues, like you always do
your smile subtle, warm, holding far more joy than it ever used to
i sold your ring to the highest bidder, but my best friend actually likes you
he persuaded me to donate it all, it’s what you would've wanted me to do

so while tonight is all cheap perfume, dreadful news, and paying dues  
when miss drunk and deluded once again steps all over my poor shoes
it's easy to smile and stay calm because i'm drunk and deluded, too
and when i dance with my eyes closed, i am slow waltzing with you
for reference, i imagine that the narrator of six-eight time is a singer and was hired by the narrow of triple time's best friend for a party. mr triple time proposed to ms. six-eight time and ms. six-eight time originally said yes before changing her mind and giving back the ring. now they're both still in love with each other but mr. triple time is rich and of course some other girl wants him, but little does ms. six-eight time realize that he's still in love of her
Hollie Jun 2023
Today I thought about you
You're down one knee
Ring in hand but I'm not there
You looked happy, more happy than I could ever make you
It hurt even though it wasn't real
There's a future I see
One with the both of us together
But that's the problem; I see it
Your feelings aren't there anymore
And we've drifted apart
Strangers passing by on the street
With nothing worth sharing
Because nothing can change our past
I thought I could fix what was wrong,
I felt alone in it all
Even if the way I showed it didn't seem like it, I am and always will be in love with you
Zywa Dec 2022
The dying man gets

married, the ring binds his name --

to the newborn child.
"La mano del malato povero" ("The hand of the poor sick man", 1917, Luigi Pirandello)

Collection "Being my own museum"
From the soldier in Ancient Rome
To us, in our present home
And, in all the world around
We want money that is sound

Sound money is not debased
So our trust is not misplaced
Because the supply is bound
For money that is sound

Sound money’s authentic ring
Heralds the value it will bring
And you know when you have found
A useful money that is sound

Sound money will not inflate
Which is fiat money’s fate
Bitcoin’s code is quite profound
Creating money that is sound

Highly secure - and stable too
Open for everyone to view
King of assets it is crowned
Because it’s hard and sound
This is Bitcoin Poem 021 at and you can see it displayed on a background when you (copy and paste the link below).
Karijinbba Aug 2021
~Shawn -vs- Rd~
I AM just
an ancient lover Rd
I AM just an infinity loop
dreaming childlike
of you and me mature and free.
Anyones Gold key who can
turn and open my heart's golden lock
to rock my world, pierce my entrails
with his Angels's longest speer,
as the Angel messanger of God
did for Teresa, igniting into her
ecstasy and bliss across time
and space a saint lover
in disguise,
owns my heart, my bridal
chambers my good fortune spin
and two gold infinity loops.
By: Karijinbba
Winnalynn Wood Apr 2021
They easily left in a remorseless goodbye
I tried to forget and seemed to get by

The hardest part of moving on
Is always remembering that they’re gone

Even if they’ve forgotten about me
Feelings can’t be erased nor the memories

Friends stick together and lovers depart
I’ll say I’m better but always feel the spark

With a promising brandish it died on your end
My heart sunk and drowned, trying to pretend

That I felt okay, that I was going through some phase  
Everyone assumed, but it never felt that way

What does it matter, you have a wife and kids
To be trusted and lusted by you  
I’d sacrifice anything to give  
But dreams like that never come true

Happy ever after seems a faraway thing
Effervescent laughter inside two rings

That sparkle on both of your intertwined  hands
How left behind I feel you’ll never understand
I wrote this after listening to right where you left me by Taylor Swift.
kathryntheperson Mar 2021
I have touched a thousand times
but I know when I feel your love
you are the only one to ever touch me
in this way I've never felt before.
To be yours
I'll give up who I've been and who I was
for who you are
and who I will become.
You surrender to me your strength
and are as gentle as a dove
I am your fragile flower
and you protect me with all your love.
I will always bring you up
and cherish you for the man you are
and the man that you will become,
I will be the foundation
for what you build
until thy kingdom come.
I will always be yours
and you forever mine.
Together til the end of time.
in this love called: love
my knight and king,
your flower queen
together we'll conquer the world
just you and me.
I love you <3
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