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Sanny Jun 24

As I looked at the ring you gave me last year I noticed all the marks and scratches on it.
From memories we had together, good and bad.
I know yours has them too.

I still remember the day you gave it to me and how happy I was then. But now its just a piece of silver.

I wore it with pride, now it was for the last time.
Sitting by the ocean and I didn't feel it anymore. I didn't feel connected to you.
It was just sad memories tied to that ring left.
I was sitting there, thinking, remembering, listening to our song one last time and then i threw it.

Into the water. Never to see it again.
Closure, a goodbye, to the one i once was, to you, to the ones we were back then.

Nateive Son Jun 22

Have a good day,
And I'm ready to expire,
As soon as my head,
Hits the pillow.

Have a bad day,
And yer pleadin',
Just one more chance,
I can fix it.

The way it goes.

A simple diddy fer my simpletons:

melancholy Apr 24

I thought God was calling me until I realized my phone was dead and
my brain was just reverberating the ringtone that was ingrained in my head next to your name.
I'm so fucking lame, because
it was just the static along with the 100 miles with no signals.
a you showed me what love was when I thought my savior had left me.
I thought you were the one, darling..
only to have you smash my heart as much as my fucking phone screen.
it's okay though,
I have my network to back me up after you left me.
so more more dial tones.

Baby you make me wanna sing
Since all my happiness you bring,
And for only you I kneel
To show you how I really feel
So will you wear this diamond ring?

She could have released me
But I wouldn't die
And she knew this well
Her crimson eyes

When I took everything
And made for the door
She swallowed my smile
She spat fiction on the floor

She was wearing my ring
And it stung my face
Slashed across my cheek
With practised grace

I could snap her olive branch
And perhaps I will
Our last pleasant day
The end, distilled

She was a whistling witch
Living beneath the lake
And she turned her boys
To water snakes

And I wasn't a man
Just a little baby
When I took her hand
And took her keys  

I let myself inside
And just slept it all off
The hideous bed
Her clothes aloft

I want to steal her ring.

hadi hindieh Mar 25

I was walking through the dark,
Suddenly there was a light,
My heart jumped,
My lungs collapsed,
My eyes got heavy,
I woke up,
There is a beautiful girl
Standing infront of my weak body,
Her gorgeous hands reaching out,
She handed me a Ring,
hold it tight,
Keep it in sight,
And never cry
Said the girl with the ring.
The Girl With The Ring,
It was a beautiful thing,
Whenever there is no light
in the dark nights,
I hold the ring tight,
And close to my heart,
My day becomes bright,
Just like a fresh start,
I pray to God
That wherever you are,
All you have to know is,
You are the star,
That got me back up
For a fresh start.

God bless your soul.

Growing up in a Christian home, you'd expect someone like me to have committed myself to working for God since I was 4 or 5.


But no. I used to think that too.

I was 11 and it was the middle of the night. I was crying and sweating bullets calling out to God to save me. This is the kind of thing I will not be required to explain to a skeptic or somebody who questions why I do thing the way I do. I have never been very open about faith during my life. But this isn't about me.

Let's talk about something else, so there's this guy, Isaiah. A prophet, said to have understood and described the mystery of Jesus. Something people today would never figure out. Isaiah would prophesies the future in such a way that you wouldn't know he was talking about the future. He wrote songs about the revelation songs... I write songs...

I know a little boy at my church, his name is Isaiah, and part of me wonders if he will write song, or poetry praising God along with it.

Let's talk about silver, a metal used as currency, or plates written on in biblical times, and its brother metal gold, is seen in the garden of Eden, where everything was perfect.

Gold is seen as perfection. Heaven paved the streets with it, can you imagine the glory? But no, silver, seen as second place to gold, seen as "not-as-pure". Because silver will tarnish right? I am silver, tarnish is my sin, I will never be gold in this skin.

And Isaiah was silver turned gold by God and now Isaiah, you are on silver, printed with your own words.

Here me now:

Written in Isaiah Chapter 55 verse 9.

"For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways, and My thoughts higher than your thoughts." Says the Lord!

This is not to say that because I am religious that I'm better than anybody. This is to remind myself that I am to be humble, and human, and silver.

Not perfect by any means, but working towards a life I've needed since that night when I was 11.

I am human, and Christian, and nothing can change that. this silver reminds me that I'm not perfect.

This verse reminds me...

That I still have work to do.

I wear a silver ring on my left hand with "Isaiah 55:9" as the inscription.
Dhaye Jan 21

The feel,  the touch on my skin
Brings ecstasy to last forever
I feel your love all over me
Kisses so sweet and tender

The dreams,  the promises we made
Carry me to a wonderland
I see myself walking with you
On a beach walking hand in hand

This fairytale inside my heart
A prayer I always sing
Your words of love bring me to tears
As I look in this silver ring

Love always...
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