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Andreas Simic Jun 2022
What we have lost will never be returned to us
That is the reality of life
Once love is lost can it be regained

Can you retrieve the freshness that once enticed
Do those tender moments re-appear
Loving eye to eye contact relived

What of us holding hands while on a stroll
Memories of that anticipated first date
Where have the nights of passion gone

How can we forget our dream wedding
A honeymoon set in the most exotic of places
Is that glimmer of hope our first child gave faded

Or does it slip away more and more
The warm embraces now bitter words
Hugs and kisses replaced by space in the bed

Civility replaced by cruelty
Distain there to remain
That is the question yet to be answered

Andreas Simic©
Poetic T Sep 2020
May the future never be a sprint,
           but a smile

as that which you cant walk through
       can be traversed

with but a gracious glimmer
              of hope.

And smile :)
Aparna Sep 2020
haphazard gaze caught a star



through mists of time
solitary,nebulous star✨
Coleen Mzarriz Jun 2020
Distinct shades of hues — stood the same
as the pitch-black dusk
takes place into the steel cage,
it dooms her life — a tale of desolation.

A series of the cynic
seeking through — peeking eyes
hushed lips,
here comes despair.

Painted words
by her — another form of scars
wrestled and won
of newness
and fondness
of her secrets
and her sins — are like faces
from a covered haze.

Shredded reputation — stop!
“It will never settle.”
She will strike once again
her vulnerability — remains concealed:
it must preserve her.

“It will never end.”
As she sips from the twists of her
though she buries
her facade.

“End her.”
Hailed by her,
while she seeks for
another shade of colors — thus lead her
of another yet
the flicker of the sun.

“It will work out, I believe so.”
cynical moments made in 3a.m.
Fireflies May 2020
There was a time when she cared
To satisfy any need of yours, she was prepared
You gave her just enough to stay
And stay she did everyday
There was a glimmer of hope that she will receive love back
Every song related back to you, every soundtrack
One day, 3 am at night she laid there
Room dark, status of you being online a glare
She watched it switch offline, realising you never replied
Finally it ******* hit her that to be her lover you were never qualified
Males are only useful if they are fertile
Men are trash was not just a insta post, it became a lifestyle
If liking men was a choice
Trust me when i say i would have yeeted the boys.
So sick of tired of men that i drafted out a whole poem. Enjoy ;)
Poetic T May 2020
We must first see what is the
achievable end  

     to first catch the glimmer of hope.

Of what started at the beginning
            and realise that to go forward
we must readjust.

But to change we must stare at the abyss
                           of our consequences,  
to realise that without diversity we'll
                            never transition beyond now.
Nora May 2020
It’s hardly a flicker,
A flash in the dark -
But it’s markedly something
Perhaps a new start
one word prompt challenge: glimmer
Irem Sep 2019
The blonde shimmer of your hair gets lost
In the lights of city and it begins to transform
Into your ambition that keeps you alive
While the shine and glory of youth that you have in your face
Is mixing with loud sirens of the city

Just a little bit , just a little bit shine that I’m searching for
A green glimmer would keep me alive
Trying to distract myself  from the distance that we put between us
A shine of happiness would keep my heart alive

So busy with our lives that we don’t even realize
How the city reacts with our hearts
When we feel a heartache we just look at the city lights
Like lights could take the pain away

Perfectly cut, walls of glasses
Another day is beginning
The sun is rising again.
Inspired by Junko Ohashi’s Crystal City.
Chantell Wild Apr 2019
There’s a song in my soul
That I try to control
But it won’t be directed
Or infected by me
My higher self singing
and flinging me
forwards into the light,
with my dreams in sight
There - where I am awake,
with glimmer and gleam and
in sync with my being.
DAF Mar 2019
wheres the golden days they spoke about
seem like metallic lies
shiny by the looks of them
still cold to the touch
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