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The uniVerse Jun 29
You’re such a tease you ease between nonchalant and fervour • I favour the latter the scattershot words of intent • you invent new ways to torture me oh fortunate me to be the subject of such cruelty • what is a man to do that’s caught in the crosshairs of a shrew • to reciprocate with such hapless abandon or offer up random excuses why he must refuse this attention • my heart tried to stage an intervention but the other members rejected the motion • it's already had some wear and tear so please can you just handle with care.
My Dear Poet May 17
Salting snails is torture
But once they’re cooked then salted
It’s fine
Sometimes it’s the process which makes all the difference
Nina Apr 26
I used to think that you were like me
I hoped that we'd plan a better future
but you chose death over me
and you broke my heart, my culture.

I hate that you broke my hopes,
you thought that you loved me
while you made everything worse
and left me with no reason.

If I was still a little kid
I would never be ashamed of myself
to be broken on the current time
and waited for hours for my man.

But my man broke the rules
and left me broken
with no hopes or future
even I love him. Old him.

And I still hope that it will change
him and his all mistakes
to make me feel in love again
like it is the first time we met.
I used to love you.
Leah Carr Apr 25
Sitting here
and cold
and then suddenly
my mind is flooded
with you
your words
your thoughts

It's unbearable
to miss someone
before they're even
to love someone
you shouldn't
and to care
so deeply
it hurts

I wish
I couldn't love
Because to love someone
or later
is to lose them
I wish my head
my heart

My ability to love
so readily
gets me
into trouble
it torments and tortures me
at the times
it hurts
the most
Please let the pain
Raven Feels Apr 4
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, plastering a smile is torturous sometimes:\

smudge the torture and stand with pride

plaster a smile and the tears of grief you hide

cope a force and shred the cages breaking frees

rise even when the mockery spreads and the clock spits threes

change last years cape and stiffen the knife

hang just for you to get out of your strive

Captain Trips Mar 21
the sound of your voice
echoes in my empty mind
beautiful torture
Trojan Mar 15
One, two, three
Silver coins
Silver scales

Four, five, six
They go down
One by one

Seven, eight, nine
In a bucket
Plucking them out

Ten, eleven, twelve
Blood and pleadings, cries
Squeezing wounds and lies
December, 2020
Yesterday started with a
break down
but l'm to keep doing
my best everyday
l try to have this
confidencein me
but seconds that pass
my soul keeps hurting
for l'm lost and helpless
but believe to make through
back at home tried to make peace with my bloods
but couldn't escape the torture
will l still face trouble in the future
and battle for the survival fate the future holds.
Society and people say
Losing someone you love
Is the worst pain

From my experience
Hating yourself and feeling lost
Is a whole new type of torture
Hating what you are inside is the worst pain someone can feel to me personally. When you cannot love yourself, it's a new level of pain when the only person who can love you unconditionally is yourself. So be kind to yourself and be your own best friend. The key to your happiness is within you and only you can reach it.
I periodically Perpetuate
hurricanes all around me
manifesting my illusions
filled with anomalies
commonly I’m far from Common
as these evil forces
completely surround me
crashing down to rock-bottom
longing to no longer be lonesome
but my loneliness is caused
by my compulsions
such impulsive behavior
needs to get out of me, expulsion
creatively i creep
to seem casual and sane
To a world that’s corrupt
and crippled needing a cane
****** and staring
into the eyes of the truth
but with all this proof
we can’t find who is to blame
to some mentally
my mind it is unglued
broken into bits
from so much abuse
daily I’m terrified of torture
I feel like I’ve got nothing to lose
I’m black and blue
Just one giant bruise
Beaten and brought down to my knees
Reluctant to beg. I scream out please
No more
In my tears I’m drowning
A moment of silence as
You Playfully tease
But the kid with the magnifier
Doesn’t hear the ants screams
Only burns and burns
Until their is nothing left
But the shell of a man
Who’s life is a mess
I wish someone would just come and save me
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