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Terri Sep 2020
My love is blasphemous
As long as you are the one
who I worship


I'm on my knees again,
Begging and pleading
For your eternal salvation,
To not leave me
In eternal damnation

I shouldn't be on my knees
Thinking you'll pardon me
To the judgement that you'll bring
But I'll always be your dog
Obeying every command
Knowing that someday
When you grow weary
I will no longer be of use
Then set me to the depths of hell
And leave me to perish

As I say again
"No more"
To the manipulative tongue of yours
That I once thought
Where heaven flows;
Where gospel speaks.
But they were
Words of manipulation
Equating to comfort.
Check out my profile for the first 2 amen - as long as you are the one i worship
- ... when you grow weary, i will no longer be of use
- ... and leave me to perish
Ylzm May 2020
Adam's hand wrestled and bound:
unsubmitting, defiant, in anger, rages;
The Name of the upper hand is known,
but denied, and the Son of Man blasphemed.
Marco Apr 2020
With the open gates of Babylon
the holy flood poured on and on
through frond-covered stone ways
on grieving Palm Sunday
and the ****** water endlessly rushed
as if turned to wine by Jesus's touch

we were his disciples but behaved like sinners
he walked on water as we took from the rich
the godless romans were quick to condemn us
thus Jesus was crucified for being a witch

they set our stakes ablaze in the night
the darkness enflamed by unholy light
covered our heads with white cotton hoods
and barefoot we stumbled through dusk-silenced woods
we could hear the flames crack like whips in the dark
as they reached for us who were blessed with death's mark.
I've turned a blind eye to your heartwarming lies
I can't see anymore
but I hear the angels and their cries
They are upset
Upset with what I've sacrificed

I'm sorry for everything I've done
I just needed to escape the illusion
and flee to a place where I'm awakened
Nothing new there
**** religion
I've done my time and have risen from the ashes
No god or king is going to hold me down
That's for certain

I just wanted everything
So I slept with Satan
Who cares if I'm bleeding
Who cares if I'm falling
I lost nothing
but that was just the beginning.
Created by me on February 6th, 2020
Feeling light as a feather
When I'm going higher
It's a neverending sensation
Like no other

There are others out there like me who made it
We are few and this place is a shitshow
Its a mess
a total zoo
My heart is beating
and bleeding
and I don't know what to do

I've danced around the wolves for far too long
Now I'm in this place with a bunch of empty faces
I thought I made it
thought that was it
Now I feel like a fool
They justed wanted my soul

They will never have it *******
I'm not that desperate
Not that twisted
but for that kind of success
and that kind of money
I'll let you corrupt me
I'll let you break my spirit
Anything for a little profit
Who knew following the bunny
would make me a little wicked.
Created by me on February 4th, 2020
Death is a sad thing but I understand it's inevitable
and when I'll leave, I'll leave with a great big smile
because I know I'll be in a place with a little less evil
and if I have to reincarnate back, I'll make a deal with the devil
so I won't come back to a world so awful
it might be blasphemy, but it sure as hell better
then living a life so painful.
Created by me on December 21st, 2019
Hi, my name is Anthony and I'm actually in agony
that isn't true, that is just pure fantasy
just like our lives, I know I'm real
are you sure the only you is you?
that's blasphemy, says the ones who can't see
but don't they know this isn't the only reality?
there are people out there trying to hide many truths
everyone's heard their name, the Illuminati
they are not a fantasy, they run this galaxy
they don't care for humanity
and they are the reason for many tragedies
my name is Anthony, I speak truth
and there is nobody who can stop me.
Created by me on November 20th, 2019
I wrote this after seeing how many things rhyme with Anthony. it's quite amazing..
meliza Jan 2020
I've long stopped believing in religion
Long known it's all just bogus
I just can't seem to find my place
Between these long, empty pews

And I've never actually felt at peace
From those countless peace-be-with-you's
And what need do I have for a choir
When the voices in my head are in chorus?
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