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Ciel 7d
Her beauty was almost sinful,
but taking my eyes off of her
would have been blasphemous.
OpenWorldView Sep 2018
On the devil's back
I will harvest death.
Even he is not as lifeless
as my existence.

Evil, fear and terror
are the new allies
that stand by my side.

God must cry.
Looking into my eyes
he will recognize himself
and burn the world to the ground.
Wrote that many years ago.
Emma Nov 2018
I am so proud, so indefatigable in defence of myself.
You bring me down, down to my knees, hard enough to make me bleed, grit in the wounds and
I will kneel here, while you circle, show you my devotion if you would but look;
I am little more to you than a supplicant.
Oh feel my hands clasped together in prayer, whispered words that wind their way round you;
Feel my wanting, feel my wine drunk breath, holy communion is so close at hand.
You could take me palm to palm,
Kisses just like saints have done,
Know that I burn for you, on my hands and knees.
I’ve never begged before, but for you I’d pray
For you I’d wait forever, in sanctity and ablution till my skin grew cold beneath holy waters.
'fore he cold-shouldered
cold feet in Gethsemane,
Christ had caught a chill.
'One of you here tonight will
- Achoo-das! - betray me.'
Alexx Luceanu Oct 2018
Chasing high to be like you,
Be as cool and have money too,
I could do wrong but who gives a ****,
As long as I’m famous I’m guaranteed nothing but luck.
Where are your morales when all else seems wrong,
No wonder no **** has anywhere to belong.
@copyright 2018 Luke Wallace
xaiv vos Sep 2018
harsh lessons came with lesions on my skin
i spoke too little or i spoke too much
i didn't speak soon enough

harsh lessons taught to save me from sin
thinking too broad and wearing clothes too thin
crucified for a peace of mind

harsh lessons left a lasting impression
memories flashing into my vision
blinding my traumatized eyes

biting my blasphemous tongue
blood is thicker than water
i choked on chastity
Domagoj Aug 2018
Sacred blood,
dripping from wooden cross.
Washing them away,
with ****** tears of her loss.
Dethroned king cry,
My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?
Heavens silent it remain,
their son of God died in vain.

From holiness of her mother ****,
through this cold world to left alone in tomb.
Immaculate divine,
shall cast pearls before swine,
glory and pride will perish,
it shall bow in front of lord of mine.
On the right side of God, Eden's excrement,
it shall see morning star on their firmament.

Under thy wing, holy trinity destruction,
angels standing on the brink of extinction.
I thirst for waters of Ain,
I commend my spirit to the Satan domain.
As I break tablets of covenant over their calf of the gold,
I shall unleash infernal flames and turn world into cold.
Our scream goes through cosmo, Adonai can hear,
fallen angels shall return to the heavens and he will fear.

Marching through house of God,
bringing annihilation.
I open the seventh seal,
brining death over their creation.
Bringer of the light standing above the heavens,
trumpets blow for his coronation.
Wield with his banner over thy land,
for its uprising damnation.

Woman, behold your son.
By thy touch of the left hand of God,
he will succumb.
Father, forgive them, for they know not what they are doing,
praying to their Elohim, not knowing for the real king.
by the times it end, world stop turning,
heavens reduced to ruin,
Sinain will be burning.
Quest Aug 2018
Listen. Livin’
is the opposite of
superstition, caste and division
You think something’s missin’
so you start following fiction,
Book clubs with the same old book
selling you a cure for an imaginary disease. Crooks!
You start singing praises
to a character in a fiction book
but you fail to take a good look
at his flaws, yet you applaud!
Victims recruiting other victims
to give up their lives for fiction
“Follow me, follow me, drop everything” mentality
Then you teach your kids the same
for the sake of tradition. How lame!
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