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Custom cannot wither, nor age enslave
My infinite array of memories.
I came of age upon a wave
Of ideals that anchored
Changes and elders outraged,
Appalling them into rage.
They often responded
With violence, yet we endured.
Even when comrades were shot down,
And protesters run to ground,
The promise of a new world grew in secret,
In the impromptu families in hill towns,
Or the remnants of Haight-Ashbury
And the minds of Lost Boys and Girls unbound,
In the survivors of Kent and Jackson State;
Our dream died not but elected to wait,
And In the choices of all
Not to succumb to servility
Nor women to proscribed maternity.
Equality stayed the rule instead of resignation.
Now, age has slowed but not stopped us
And we reach out across the air,
Teaching young ones, as passionate as we,
To distrust despots, ever serve the cause of liberty.
Johnny walker Feb 23
Age cannot wither for Helen she Is froze In time  for she will never get older  Sixty two she will remain forever that age, but for me not so

I will continue to age something I said I'd never allowed happening when I was younger live free die young sounds quite Impressive when you're young
But I've managed to outlive that somewhat famous quote But Helen's age cannot
Helen age cannot wither she will always be 62 years old
but I will grow old
Bran DeLeón Feb 17
I have a bad perception of time and I drown with empty hours full absence of you
s Willow Feb 11
I’m awake,
Living the nightmares.
Numb and emotionless.

Colors are lost to me.
The living anger,
demolishes joy.

A soulless shadow.
The world and life
wither away.
Sudeshna D Feb 4
I'm depleting
Day by day
****** into a black hole
Fading away.
I have no control
No will either
Surrendered to the pull
I'm waiting to wither.
What it feels like when there's no strength inside to take control.
Rosely Medina Dec 2018
Oh dearest of friend,
After many disconsolate moons
It seems I’ve begun to wither
js Nov 2018
It withers

near a bare

under skies
filled with

It withers

with tired petals
amid dullness, and


I see it wither


I see what


Poor haggard


with no place to

I see it wither here

ever seeing

Shane Rowe Nov 2018
Do you remember me the way I do?
Of course you don't
It's interesting to see, though
You miss me,
But how?
Who was I with you?
Was I delicate and not fragile?
Was I missing pieces and not broken?
Your perspective of me is clouded by rose colored clouds
Am I a one way ticket to what you thought we were?
Sugar coated sweet nothings
Stained my lips in the past
I was consumed with doubts
That you fed not tamed
We covered each others bruises with flowers,
Hoping it will make them beautiful
But flowers are not forever
And so I saw them wither
I don't know who you miss,
But I do not think it is me
She told me she missed me tonight. I don't know who she was talking about. She remembers a different me.
Sparkyxox Sep 2018
Abundance laughter hides streams of tears,
a broken heart is shaded by cheers.
The happiest smile hides the saddest soul,
the people who love, their heart has a hole.
Giggles of fun hide the loneliness of one,
their painful wails are heard by none.
Delighted and joyful they seem to be,
but deep inside is a withering tree.
Some people may seem delighted and happy all the time, but their heart may tell a different story.
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