Sanny 3d

Beer cans all over the place.

Sad songs in the background, to provoke me.

To help me feel.

Please help me feel..

Mims Nov 9

Drinking ginger beer
It's not alcoholic
But it burns like it

Warming sensation on cold days.
If you can't have it simulate it.
Guden Nov 3

I tend to like myself
When beer
And vodka
Race through my body,
I can spend more time
With my thoughts,
If I'm cheered by the spirits
Of old yiest
Of old potatoes,
A granade,
Two are brought,
In a very happy hour
It's time to be happy.
I'm fond of old me
When I'm happy,
I tend to be more honest
With myself
And with others,
That's why I only lonely drink

lostboy Nov 1

The way a man can be herself
As the eyes and mouth
Twitch in a silent breeze.

He starts with a lukewarm
Ginger beer and the
Local newspaper
Or black coffee and low opinions
Whilst listening to the bird
Morning song.

Yet, he could be listening to you
On the radio.

Ayin Medina Oct 25

As I lose myself
Pouring out last drop of beer
You're the aftertaste


We never got to go to the hookah bar like you promised me
It’s funny how life works sometimes
One minute you’re so in love you’re drunk on it
And the next thing you know you’re hungover
And the stomach acid taste of his next girlfriends name burns in your chest
I always knew we wouldn’t be together forever
But I still let this tear me apart
I still lost my dinner when I saw her for the first time
And god it hurt
I’ve never been drunk before
So this metaphor I’m trying to crack open might be a cold one
But I know you know alcohol like your middle name
(and your last name and your first name)
You know PBR like a lover
And drink $5 wine like it’s from the fountain of youth
But we thought we were invincible
And that night I hold onto
Has so many memories
Sometimes when I think of them I still feel like I can never die
But that’s probably what my friends mother thought
With her BAC of .3
And her car sinking into the water
Life was good to her
With her 2 sons and 3 daughters
Her job promotion
And her health
But she still swore his name burned her like whisky
Down her throat
I’m worried I’ll hold onto you forever
But I’m even more worried I'll forget
Forget how good it feels to love
Forget how good it feels to be alive
Because the first time I had moonshine hurt like hell
But I don’t want to forget laying on my kitchen floor crying
Because it tasted so bad
Because the memories are what keep me alive
They leave the tipsy feeling
But take the blackout harmony
It isn’t the same when the alcohol leaves you
So I am sorry
I am sorry that I stayed drunk too long
I am sorry that I am a disaster when I’m hungover
And I am so damn sorry
That I just sobered up
But I still feel the burn
Of our names together
And our favorite poetry
And your smile
I don’t know what comes after sobriety
I don’t know what comes after you realize the person you’ve loved
Never loved you to begin with
I don’t know what happens after the hangover fades away and you’re only left with what it really feels like to ache
But I guess it’s time to find out

Henry Koskoff Oct 24

a funnel is the most pathetic
its disposition is the obvious symbol for america
sad in its upside-down-triangle-with-thing-on-bottom ways
just lying there in the corner of the party
go ahead and guzzle down the warm urine of youth
numb yourself with pbr
the sound of chug chug chug
chug chug chug chug
chug chug

Svode Oct 23

I made a cocktail.
It's 40% tears,
30% despair,
20% regret,
and 9% doubt.
There's a hint of hope somewhere in there also.

And I'm getting drunk tonight.

Zan Balmore Oct 23

Sweet TV
You & Me
Got a date
We touch
I learn




These shoes barely fit, but look fantastic
The uncanny caricatures sure seem to be
the ends to my meager means

These drive-thru aspirations taste like shit
I am born nuclear, and I am lightning fast
without self-assessment

Why would I ask?
Why would I want
to be stripped of speed
in a place that wants me
on the floor, dead or poorly
resourced to save the handful
of golden few, who sit in thrones
stitched in skin and filled with blood
at the spine of the world, watching while
me, my family, my friends and the neighborhood
burn up in linen and cotton tattooed with American green

-- I want above, to look down from the top.
Fuck everyone else.

i was born in a pair value village sweat pants
this is for everyone else born in a trailer, born in a project,
born into a broken family, born with preternatural traits in
a society of judges, keepers, and enforcers.

we're not each others' enemies.
we're the foundation.

and who cares who kills who when Elon Musk
will save you from Earth, and take you to space?
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