We don't really talk a lot anymore
No more than a "hey" every few months
But I just caught myself day dreaming of you for 5 minutes straight
I just thought about one of the nights where we were staying up late, drinking Bud Lights and watching The Office
I stepped in the kitchen while you were in the bathroom and you saw me when you came out and wrapped yourself around me just to hold me
I just day dreamed about that for 5 minutes straight
Just that
Just your innocent embrace
Just you holding me in the kitchen because you missed my touch

Rick Jan 15

children are born

parents lie

while Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny,
the Tooth Fairy, Punxsutawney Phil,
Uncle Sam, Father Time, Belsnickel,
Hanukkah Harry, Jack Frost, Gryla,
the Kitchen God, Cupid and
the Great Pumpkin
are passed out on
their barstools

and Krampus
stands alone
in the dim light
and pours himself
a shot and a beer
and calls them
a cab ride home.

Paul Butters Jan 14

Enjoy your cuppa tea and coffee.
Sit back and relax.
The world is full of strife and corruption:
Untold Evil.
Yet it’s Paradise Earth.

We take for granted
Our timeless oceans,
Mountains and plains
Teeming with Life:
Forests and savannahs
Herds of Wildebeest
And prides of Lions.

Quaff that beer and lager,
Let your Whisky burn your breast.
See those panoramic views
On your television.
Get your mobile out
And check what’s going on
In Social Media Land.

Wallow in a bar of chocolate
And dream of stroking dogs and cats.
Indulge in Romantic Fantasy,
If you know what I mean,
And be mindful of everything
That gives you joy.

Make Life a Celebration:
Party Time,
Full of sporting
Laps of Honour
And harmonious choirs.

Smell that cooking:
Roasts, fries, breads and cakes.
Taste it in your mind.
To the sound of birdsong
And Eric Clapton.

After all,
You only live once.

Paul Butters

© PB 14\1\2018.

Let's brighten things up a bit.
solfang Dec 2017

two beer towers,
two types of taste,
one felt bitter,
one felt sweet,
beer bears sadness,
beer breaks happiness

the first time I
emptied the tower
was the first time
the beer tasted sweet

drowning in my bitterness
of anger and anguish
dazing over my cups,
why did beer taste
sweeter as it brews
through the cracks of
a shattered heart
and bottled emotions

the second time I tried
to empty the tower
was the first time
the beer tasted bitter

laughing with silliness
of joy and appreciation,
couldn't make it past
my third cup,
why do beer taste
bitter when you're
drunk with happiness
with people who matter.

Had a couple of drinks with my friends last night. The last time I drank this heavily was when I broke my heart.
The beers are the same brand but tasted differently
Sean sutton Dec 2017

The light,
It’s getting closer
Coming at me like a bulldozer
Will it bite

Basking in the light
The light is shining so bright
Wondering how I got here
Maybe it was that beer

That beer
Was a cheer
For me to drink
So I won’t think

Think about all the abuse
They would leave a big bruise
Bruises from my mother and my father
Why even bother

I’m alone in this world of darkness
The light has gone away
Be replaced with this ink
This black in is here to stay

Falling into the abyss
Things are amiss
For myself and I
Would like to say goodbye

Goodbye to my innocence
Cause it was never frivolous
Goodbye to the light
Cause it turned into night

Goodbye to my parents
Cause they helped me see the truth
The truth about you
You as in life

Life isn’t kind
It doesn’t mind
Causing you pain
Making you go insane

The light it’s getting dimmer
Something is starting to shimmer
It’s getting colder in here
I hear some cheers

The light is gone now
Can’t see it anymore
Before you go
How was the show

“Hey man, the bar is closing”
Looking at the time
It really flew by
Time to go

Back to the abuse
Back to you
The light is gone
From my eyes


Temporal Fugue Dec 2017

Passing round the holiday cheer
in flask, in glass, egg nog
look you round, and have no fear
people judging, your X-mas fog

So I get plastered, on occasion
my words slurred and often, wrong
not quite falling down, or off
my stories rambling, and long

Give me a day, to celebrate
my hangover, my award
too much fun, on holiday
pounding head, is my, reward

A fool's a fool, forever
for me, it's maybe twice a year
tight as a spinster, over forty
on wine, and gin, and beer

It's tose dang elfesses again! (hic)
Akash Mandal Dec 2017

Friday is always
four days late, but brings me beer,
so we stay even.

Temporal Fugue Nov 2017

Limericking up some holiday, type cheer
dispelling, all my worst, and dreadful fears
hold my hand
and understand
I'm gonna need, a lot, of beers

Whas tha dancin elfessess doin on the bar? ;D~
Rick Nov 2017

put beer in your mouth, not guns.
it’s much more delicious and
you’ll live a longer, happier life.
you don’t need suicidal thoughts
just good tunes, good people
and of course, a good beverage.
and worries
will sort
itself out
in due time.

you can cope,
you can figure this out,
you can be happy,
you got this.

Sanny Nov 2017

Beer cans all over the place.

Sad songs in the background, to provoke me.

To help me feel.

Please help me feel..

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