She Writes Jun 24
All you need
Is a bubble bath
And a beer
Listening to Van Morrison's Domino
Reading Less Than Zero
Sipping a beer I stole from the fridge
It's around 5 in the morning
I am bored
I wonder why the hell I am here
I want to go and live
But all I feel is cold liquid in my stomach
I need to pee and the birds are singing
What to do now?
Pastor: "What do you believe? "
Moi: "I believe, I'll have another beer!"
Ya gotta have priorities :D~
Meaby Pom May 22
A wanted desire
A girl with a fire.
A passion in a kiss
A compassion I admire.
A kiss that lingers with the taste of
A genuine draft.
I write not to send but still for you.
I write because this is my craft.
A love, a kiss, a loyalty matched
I love, I kiss only you
Aslong as my breath will last
Terry May 21
He’s drenched in sweat and he’s teasing me.
His body radiates an uncomfortable heat
That melts our skin together seamlessly.
Our eyes slowly meet.

He kisses my neck and behind my ear.
And his breathing becomes heavy
With the sweet scent of beer
That lingers and brings me to ecstasy.
He tightens his grip on my waist
And I can feel his pulsing vein.
It throbs violently and in haste,
Yet deafened by the sound of rain.

With my fingers tracing his face
And my tongue swimming in his mouth,
I’m in my happy place
On this broken couch.
Long nights with friends.
Movies and drinks.
We are young and a little dumb.
But we live our life how it’s meant to be lived.
Tattoos and piercings. Nothing radical.
Our friends make us who we are. Better or worse people. And yes we make mistakes but this is how we live and love in the South. With our drinks held high. Beer or Liquor. Our long nights on the back of our Ford trucks are endless.

                               With love,
Let me start this serve sentence over
I repeat,
Let me start that sentence over
I understand,
Let them start that sentence over
I declare,
Let them redo that sentence over
I concede,
Make them redo that sentence over
I consider,
Make them redo that compromise over
I influence,
Make them redo that compromise anew
Ender Royalty Apr 11
Does my birth
Really have worth
What have I done
Besides hide and run

When I was ten
I beat up a friend
Freshman year
I brought to school beer

I tried a good deed
But didn't succeed
I try to make amends
For all my great sins

All I'll amount too
Is a worthless who
Who only smokes weed
And will never succeed
Just another quick poem, enjoy
When it's 1984 and your life's a bore
in Maggie's vision of a soulless, selfish Britannia, you do what any self disrespecting angst ridden 17 year old college drop out would do;
you brew home brew from hops and yeast and bits of twigs and dregs of evil smelling unidentified liquid; slosh it in glass bottles with a skull and cross bones then wait, wait and wait to celebrate its maturity with a ticket to the Castle Donington Monsters of Rock Pissfest!

Armed with the festering fruits of my labour in the company of bedenimed festering friends with metal heads and Patchouli oil scents to mask any basic deficiencies of hygiene, it's off to the Middle East....Midlands.

Against the incongruous backdrop of striking miners, record unemployment and my own fortnight giro, the garish Motley Crue were ready to rock my ass down Sunset Strip. Yeh baby!!! so relatable with my decadent rock n roll lifestyle in the grim, rain soaked East Manchester dole queues of hopelessness where my coke dealer was Derek with the cola variety.

On to a bone jarring jalopy to get off my tits on the home made grog off "how to do home brew" instructions, now suitably refreshed on a rare English sun baked afternoon and ready to join the throng to view the 'Crue's man thongs over red leather pants so regularly seen in the vaults of inner city Mancunian pubs. My ass robustly rocked then ready to be kicked by our favourite batman..."LETS GET NUTS! IT'S OZZZZY OSBOURNE!!!" ARE YOU READY TO RIDE THE F** CRAZY TRAIN! LET'S GO!

Losing all 5 of my senses I climbed aboard a cohort's shoulders around which hundreds of urine filled receptacles whizzed and fizzed, caring not a jot as Ozzy implored me to raise my hands and worship at the altar of rock n roll, man...but my worship was interrupted by a direct plastic piss hit to the back of my cranium, exploding its contents into my rarely washed mullet and drenching my Rainbow Rising t-shirt.

What was I to do?

Nothing, baby!

This is rock n roll!
I boarded the Dave Lee Roth fronted Van Halen express and saluted those about to rock AC/DC and...
More recently I'm veering off the page towards the stage, This may work?
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