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Your “I miss you” were drowned deep to wine & beer.
My ears were drunk with all the words that poured in, it was intoxicating to hear.

I want to hear you speak,
Your voice is my favorite kind of sound that my heart wants to keep.

I can imagine how charming you are when you say those words like, “I miss you” and “Good night”.
It’s my only weakness that I cannot fight.

I hope that alcohol won’t wash away your memory. If it does, you know that I will still take the things that has been washed away.

It will become an unspoken treasure to me.
his name was Chino,
although I never met him,
I knew he had a job in HVAC
and he lived within walking
distance from where I worked
but I wasn’t interested in him though
I was interested in his girlfriend
and every morning as he would
leave to go bring heating and
cooling to all the townsfolk,
I would be getting off from
my overnight job to walk on
down to his house, sleep with
girlfriend, drink most of his beer
and eat his leftovers and I always
made sure to leave one bite left,
just to be an *******.

this went on sporadically for a few
months and according to his girl,
he was never suspicious of why
his beer and leftovers were gone
or why there wasn’t any love
for him when he got home but
eventually as time comes and goes
so did his girlfriend as she broke up
with him and moved out.

I was very contemptible
in those days,
not caring
what I had done to others,
not caring
what happened to me.
I was doomed and reckless,
carrying around my burdens,
paralyzed to the repercussions
and I thought if I unfurled my
pain and unhappiness onto
others like a welcome mat
it would make me feel better
or at least take away the
misery and grief
but it didn’t,
it just annexed more hatred
onto an already cruel world
and that was no one’s fault
but my own
but with a stronger, fitter,
healthier change of heart,
mind, soul, mood, personality
and attitude and a better
perspective on life
I became a higher quality
of being for myself
and onto others

and if I could take it all back
I would starting with getting
the opportunity to meet Chino
and drop him off some beer,
some food and hopes he found
someone who treats him better

because the girl
he was with
who didn’t,
I heard she found
someone else
who doesn’t.
a man runs down the road
exercise brings comfort
but who needs comfort
when you have
and a summer afternoon
It is late,
and the beer drips down my throat
                                                          ­   goes to my head
meets the silence
            tomorrow is too hard to think about
                                                           ­           but tonight
my youth dances with the alcohol
                                                         ­  they aren't good dancers
but no one is watching
and tomorrow is late
there now is a graduate from Yale
who lies boldly
               getting red and then pale
when asked about girls
and high school beer swirls
he swears he never drank too much ale
Apropos Brett Kavenaughs very unconvincing statement before the Senate Judiciary Committee.
...and the next thing I remembered,
I was bulldogging my way on over
to the cooler full of beer where I
saw some damnfool sitting on it
like it was his own personal lawn
chair and when I used my one arm
to push him over, I watched him
topple onto people and I screamed
in his face “BEAT IT GEEK! “ and
everything went quiet, he didn’t
even get up to fight me, just
started laughing and more and
laughter came ringing into our ears
but all things considered, you have
to be on the alert when guarding
the gates to heaven because you
never know when some beer-mongering
archangel will come and strike you down.

*** doesn’t play,
the devil doesn’t play
and recess was my
least favorite subject
because when
it comes to beer...
I don’t play.

and as for the rest of the night
I swallowed moths whole and
drank beer until I puked until
I woke up on a **** soaked
couch and had the greatest
moth-eaten, beer-drunken
hangover in all its morning glory
a small victory perhaps
but it was mine to keep
and that was a long time ago
when I thought I was somebody
but there’s still a long way to go
before I actually accomplish that.
I scattered every last bit of myself
to places where I have been
I've lost my own soul
yet in those places
I am rich

One place is the bar
Where my lips linger on people i don't know
Beer tasted like Sunday's gospel
in a crowded room full of hypocrites

Second place is my bed
a bottomless pit full of my emotions
my bed sheet have seen the worst
my feet trapped on the feeling of comfort
while the world is cruel enough
to not even recognize your pain

The last is in your hands
Arms like heaven's embrace
I've been dying to live for your touch
as days turn to nights
you light my world more than the kitchen light we dance to all day

In places I have been
I lost myself more
in your eyes
Habit #1
Jack L Martin Sep 11
I once had a dog named Sears,
Who was trained how to fetch me some beers.
He'd run to the cooler,
No later than sooner,
So fast it would bring me to tears!
Your freckle covered body, your non stop nervous chatter.
Your quirky fashion sense, your "8 year old girl" bladder.

The way you asked for permission before kissing me goodnight.
The way you told me later that you wanted to be mine.

Your beer-fact filled mind, your world war 1 obsession.
Your innocent fumble, your absolute perfection.
Dev Aug 31
Here's to you, Here's to me
May us all drink two, maybe three

Here's to beer, Here's to wine
Long as your here, we should all be fine
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