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I easily sense the unfulfilled and suffering desires of silent needs.
Which typically finds my light to nurture, heal and please.  
I hear what most won’t say
I see the missing pieces
I feel their pain
Magically I became the hero known as the Sacrificing Pleaser.
Experiences of an Empath
PJ Sep 9
I said I was hurt
they said I was overreacting
I said I was fine
they said am I sure?
I said what I felt
but I was told what to feel
I told them I will be fine
they said what was the problem?
I told them the truth.
Now they thought im lying.
I said my goodbyes and farewells
they said okay
Now the line
I will be fine
is in the present
cause Im okay now
without the "they"
I am "me"
its always hard to please everyone.. and there are times you suffer cause you dont want to lose them cause you think your happiness lies within them but when you cross the line you will realize that you will be fine.
Speak lightly  don’t abrupt my social anxiety
Said you’re Tired of me well that makes three
Since I’m always tired looking at thee
It’s 7:30 in the morning and sunlight looking oddly boring
Haven’t been outside only working mostly

These are all the sentences that go through my mind in split seconds
Moving like bullets my head is really a lethal weapon
Other option slow my movement or distorted to a bliss
yea like the way you miss
For endorphins, working only when the body is working.

Another confidence scheme towards my low self esteem.
Yea it works wonders only when the audience is at ease.
Deepak K B Jun 2018
He gives his heart a shake,
And laughs until his belly aches.
The only other sound’s the break,
Of distant trees and birds awake.

_Deepak K B
Deepak K B May 7
Learn to look through the dark,
when there is no way,
the light will guide to move you far away.

_Deepak K B
Deepak K B May 7
Tiring eyes, Dozing legs, cry
Where the heart, let you go and try
To spot every pleasing dawn makes mind fly

_Deepak K B
Deepak K B May 7
Riding, Gliding in a flow,
Through the paths high and low,
Moving clouds on the blue,
Wandering beneath without clue.

To sneak at the peak,
listening to the crickets creek,
along with the buzzing winds,
riding through the uncovered mists

_Deepak K B
Deepak K B May 7
Have you ever imagined yourself in-between the trees,
disconnecting yourself from the ideal world,
where there is no one to judge you,
where you can enjoy your own company,
caring for none, but only one...
Deepak K B May 7
clearing my ways ahead,
just to find peace ☮ in a land,
when the dramatic world lacks its bond,
you to just behold and stand...
and up above the clear free sky,
wandering through the passing clouds nearby

_Deepak K B
Ofelia Apr 8
Walking through night and day with thoughts that keeps me away.
Slowly forgetting myself while keeping it real for everybody else.
A party or two, does it matter? if at the end I'll end up chatting with the moon.
I'll be solo-ing life for eternity since it is my speciality...

Why open up when you can bottle up.
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