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Hus J 3d
Lately keeping my desire at bay.
Reminding myself on and off to accept what reality has to offer.
Do not try to seek out the unknowns.
Please keep the minds off the wild
Stay where you are
Here's beautiful as well.

Seeking for next thrill
Quietly, calmly, patiently
Am obedient as the the description goes

Yet thoughts mercilessly tilting toward the windows
Just like old days, being ignorant of classroom boards

What's wrong?

The sun is hurting, couldn't worship for  long
So bright, eyes barely follow the views
That's alright.
Not wanting to be moon just waiting for the shines

Well fed with greed, to be onboard in repeat cycle
Most willing to settle with current flows
Even though slightly insane, I thought.
Dredd Mar 3
you are and can only be the ear in this relationship.
i can open and close but you cannot deflect.
you absorb all the sound,
letting it resonate throughout your body
but your soul cannot reciprocate.

the mirror seems to reflect itself.
enjoying its company
as the ear absorbs the vibrations, it feels every hurt and every sadness that has been projected by the mouth.
but you cannot speak.

always one way.
always one direction.
self indulgence.

not this time.

gabrielle Feb 18
your song
i long

i sing
lone wing

by myself
without thyself

all alone
without my favorite tone

" you "
to sing your song

by myself
Olivia Lost Feb 17
It is like sneaking out of your parents house as a teenager for the first time. Doing something so wrong but feels so right.

It is like jumping in the water without dipping a toe in to test the temperature. So bold and awakens every cell in your body from the deep sleep.

It is like a hurricane, a beautiful disaster dancing her way to land for the first time. She will destroy everything in her path but yet her power is inspiring.

It is realizing you can do things no other hands know how to do. Cause for this moment you have the lock and key and you’ve unlocked the secret garden.
clever Feb 11
a lover?

a liar?
beauty is the beholder.
Arianna Feb 9
The North stretches out,
Heading East over fields of snow.

The forest stares back,
Never twice with the same face.

And I marvel at the ribbons
Trailing from my feet:

Anchorless, cut loose,
Roots swallowed somewhere among the trees...
Staring out the window...

Yo-Yo Ma and the Silk Road Ensemble - "Beyond the Horizon" album

Colter Wall - "Sleeping on the Blacktop"
Chicken Jan 30
Nothin’ gets me out of my seat, more than You
and Your piano.

Your blackbird voice,
full with sorrow.
Amanda Jan 6
Emptiness has built a home I inhabit trapped inside my shell
If I remain here at least I'll make it look a little less like ****
My thoughts form with cohesive structure
Dancing with clumsy pictures that slice and puncture
Do the words I am saying make any sense?
Or are they just ramblings of a mind depressed?
Closing in towards the end of strength and will
The finish line seems further still
No one near cheering me on
As I stumble this one-man marathon
That's life
A solo holiday season
It's not that Bad
I have freedom to sing my own versions of Christmas Carols
Have my own dinner party
Watch some movies
And feel the Happiness of Self Company.
Five years rolling. Who's counting?
At least people think of me.
At least I know that my lost loved ones' spirits are with me
So I raise a toast, to yet another solo holiday....
Where I can cherish their memories
Reach out to those who care
Enjoy another winter day.....
And write new futures which shall out do the
Rocky Roads I've traveled
In my life's history.
Emily Jo Dec 2018
Wish i didn’t have to
Pay someone fifty
to let taps run dry
Wish i didn’t need to
Chase my highs
Across the way
Under the fly
Wish i asked for directions
Still stuck in the tunnel
Wishing as the lights go by
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