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3.9k · Feb 2015
Cowboy song
Leila Valencia Feb 2015
A timber night in a dark way can't stay for long
plowed down, scorched down  - must be torn down
kings of city pipes, dusty concrete heirlooms, read a bible to sleep

Wake in the morning, sun rays shine through dust ridden books
Morals, condoned in heart shaped smoke clouds

Greed's arms will swell rejecting midnights' hiss' "Where will they live?"
'Sirrrrrrrr' 'Homeeee'...... Floating like gas particles, words lost.
A stand alone will die to unknown prosperity
ropes straggle helpless branches
Clenching their last breathes, the weeping skies sit silently

Hateful hateful hunger, feeding the bodies thirst

Our midnight Cowboy song goes: Manufactured green, leaving scorched earth barren, unwritten torch, unseen

For we saw what we wanted to.
3.4k · May 2016
Leila Valencia May 2016
Liberating the pixie wings
Swirling ribbons brushing the sky
Running in the ocean's breathe, you the wild horse no man could ever tame

You, The gypsy wanderer trailing the night
huddled in tiny cargo ships pioneering the sky - living on a tin can - in sheer ardor - to be outside from shackles below

The widen gap and the cracked stary sky
Your hands lodged through trying to find;
The teachings of the higher powers
Wisdom, philosophy's power, truth....
And you do, you stand upon a flower bed of knowledge - sharing to the world beyond
Sagittarius sun sign
3.3k · May 2016
Leila Valencia May 2016
The electrification of powerful shocks shoot through me, must be some unworldly connection
I'm the ruler of rebellion, invention, revolution sitting in my palace as I sip from my glass tea cup.
My mind is a whacky world of ecentric waterfalls.  

One day the universe drops in my hand
Universal peace and harmony - is my profound calling

I whack out the world - shake it on it's feet - wake it up from it's mindless sleep
Pioneering the stars that those will follow - may you come by my side one day
Aquarius sun Sign
3.1k · May 2016
Leila Valencia May 2016
Crystallized hair pins gilded in her soft touches
Caressing earths ground
She sings the earthly creatures gently to sleep with her dream like sound
Sensible, sensitive my dear
Breathing in the clear dew drops hanging below the gibbous moon.
Natures serene dreamer planting their seeds, reaping - but soon one must choose

Difficulty arises
And despises the force of nature
Bends of the crisps wind - if shocks and stirs
It blurs her senseless ,
And shakes her earth. The goddess drinks the goblet of diamond
In silk she lays
Yet not be mistaken......

Surrounded by serendipity and indulging in life's pleasures
The crystals of the golden moon set in her hair
Beware she will leave you dreaming in heart ache
2.8k · May 2016
Leila Valencia May 2016
My weary hands can't hold all weight
I sacrifice my hands for you
To give, to hold, to heal
If you come to me,
I will gently carry you
I will plow the soil dawn to dusk
Working in the piercing sun

The sweetest rose
Gently touching the sky
My speckled head flowing with determination

My glowing eyes
The streams of steadfastness breathe inside me
For I, the thick roots, which one lies on
Comforting and secure, wrap beside me
For I will lie beside you - for as long as time
Virgo sun sign
2.6k · Apr 2019
Blue Depth
Leila Valencia Apr 2019
I turn my head to the most beautiful sight of all - the sapphire, green-brown, grey ocean.
(Breath In)

The thick blue ocean that rolls, churns, and glistens.
And the glisten slices, the glistening currents. The ripples that move the ripples that have no ending or beginning.
(Breathe Out)

Every shape, form, and structure captured in the liquid.
It smooths out.
It rounds out.
It rolls out, it crashes down.
It’s smooth clarity. It’s smoothness it beyond me.

Its beauty is truly found within its movement. It’s constant change, exchange between all forms;
Connections throughout,
Different experiences of the same object throughout,
And out and out.

I see this giant blue gulp, of sea of truly magnificent bodies of water held in a single space.

As I see the land overturn over:
In new shapes, colors, lengths, and everything that contrasts one thing to another

I just see so much brightness, dimness, and something that overturns into another.
I can not believe this sea
How it makes that sound

And when nothing is around
It just profound,

How every jewel of the dancing ocean
is a collection of drops
connecting forms throughout

When I feel the truth of this beauty
I see,

the ocean, something I never created
It was there to touch us
To hold us
This ocean was made to believe in us.

Without realizing it I just fell into a deep sleep.
I fell into something so deep.
I felt the ocean's arms
embracing me
I love the ocean. This is my ode to the ocean
2.3k · Apr 2016
Leila Valencia Apr 2016
The crisp blue moon sparkles your shimmering scales
As you laminate your woes
You carry the satchel of poingnant dreams around your waist

The Moon's light casts the dark shadow you sit in
You plop in the deep bubbly blue
Diving to unkown, unforeseen depths
Sensations of motions
Roll into the thickening emotions
The haze you drown into
Shines your mind
Leaks your spirit
Onto canvas, pens, and strings

Singing with the spirits
Humming to your sirens cue
Intuitively listening - ascending to your higher plane
While descending to heal inner suffering and release unspoken pain
I've always wanted to do an astrology series. So here it goes, Pisces as being my pilot sign. I love my little Pisces, so sweet, gentle, with incredible intuition, and psychic gifts.
2.0k · May 2016
Leila Valencia May 2016
Aesthetically tuned with the goddess
My curtains blow beauty in the small corners
The vines climb the tallest towers and I swing on chandeliers dancing, swishing, jumping high!
I reach and touch the lantern sky!

But underneath the glove lies an iron fist
With this my glittering charms turn to dusk
The attentive mind ruptures with jewels of intellect,
Standing in the light holding the glass container of justice!

My eyes come alive - I will stand against the balcony lifting the scales
The flower field of lavender petals stand next to my thoughts
The horse in the wind I seem to some, but until the end I will never stop to stand up
Watch my kingdom come
Libra Sun Sign
2.0k · May 2016
Leila Valencia May 2016
Some days I feel like I'm the only one sitting on land mines of havoc and malarkey in hazardous debris
These bones, This body
Can't hold the weight of the weary world
My mind thinks otherwise

You see the **** upon my face, disdain you say
My flow of emotions, rolling, unsettling I hold an exterior of persistence

Climbing the highest mountain
Pulling, pushing, holding, (my inner guides lead me)
Tenacious, determined, forceful, unshakable (my hardy heart wont deter me)
One day you will see my silhouette from the mountain top - Just wait my dear
Capricorn Sun Sign
1.8k · Aug 2015
Leila Valencia Aug 2015
The songs of our head
A fast movie clip
Fast paced

Everyday, slow down, slow down.

All things real. Music makes things real.
And you were the one song I couldn't get out of my head.

Twisting, turning, swerving, dipping.
My car would turn around
Circles was the only direction my car knew.
Around, Around, Around.
Come full circle
Please leave, oh god leave

Then time passes: My head is dunked in ice water.
My pupils dilated and my heart beats to a tick.
Facing reality, then sip into another circle.

I realized:
You were my presence I presented in my mind
You were my presence slowly becoming my past, but my minds future
and Our presence was my undoing, I should've kept quiet
Neptune is the planet of illusion, escapism, fantasy, dreams, and imagination.
Love imagined.
Leila Valencia Sep 2015
Temper temper temper temper
Notice me notice me, now stop
like a sewing machine
now stop
pull back like a trigger
now slowly pull back
and BANG
the machines are turning
in and out, in and out
tick tick tick
Im going to bed now
1.5k · Apr 2016
Taj Mahal
Leila Valencia Apr 2016
I remember when the air breathed  easily,
or, rather, a great air breathed one in.
I remember floating
I remember dreaming on a cloud that I believed reach the heavens, like the natural tower of the Taj Mahal
1.5k · Nov 2015
Leila Valencia Nov 2015
With a thick branch around my waist
I must not be allowed to complain
I want the warmth within my feet
As you sway and fall back and forth
I'm desperately climbing my way up
It is a large feat, but I can see that my eyes do not stop at the top
They stop at the sky
1.5k · Apr 2016
Leila Valencia Apr 2016
Dropped like honeydew, appearing as a dark temptress
Tasted in smoke
Touched in hot burns - callous bites edged on your skin

Flames of spice, ambers, dusted vestiges of breaks in bones
Hidden in an underworld fantasy - craters of the deceased, and suffering - diver of the dark abyss sitting comfortably

Suddenly they break their thick callous skin
The scalding crack sears others' eyes
The burst! The rebirth! The transformation has commenced!
Rising higher,
To the pinnacle of life where peace and understanding sit at their bedside
The sign Scorpio has always been so intriguing to me. A quick poem if some was to have a Scorpio Sun, Venus Scorpio or 8th house somewhere in your chart.
1.4k · May 2016
Leila Valencia May 2016
The sparkling galaxies lie within
Your mind is stuck on a glittering pin
Your shimmering elegance and enamoring presence wins the hearts of all
For fear lioness do not fall
Into the ego
Your pride taken by sips
Your eyes revealing eternal bliss
Your mind is one of a kind
Stepping in the appraisal - golden, green, glamorous
Your youthful gaze and childish ways don't rust
You puff and smile
We're drawn - taken
You create the most wonderful stars
We'll gaze at for eternity
Leo horoscope sun sign
1.4k · May 2016
Leila Valencia May 2016
Passionate Prince sitting on a deluxue throne
Shhh.... The rumble of impact comes with exhilerance
Patience will come with practice....
Painting the skies in permanent flames as you tread new horizons
Sticking in your fist in the earth first
Pioneering in motion - your stick is first to rightfully land

You're the child-like star
Shooting forcefully -Disturbing the noise
Your name rumbles in the sky

Standing in your prescence you gleam in the luminescent spotlight
Breathing in power essences that equal of a forest fire
1.4k · May 2016
Leila Valencia May 2016
Bodies a kin
Spiritual jewels hang from within
The soft gem glistening to the ocean's mist
With a kiss - you dive to the depths
Hang from their brow and sow a lover's den

The soul pours their gentle beads of warmth and affection
Their nurturing character burning with a direction
To hold and to feel
To care

The growth of their universe held in soft arms
And beautiful deep eyes - pious and porous to spirits and deep emotions
The ocean of the sirens hum them to sleep
A beautiful cancer
1.3k · Feb 2015
Leila Valencia Feb 2015
Every breathe that bubbles
I'm catching new colors of blue

Every blink that freezes
I'm winding into a perplexing awe of tranquility

Every lip that's bitten
I'm curious for flashes that scurry under shadows

Every hand that hovers
I'm breaking through floating shattered glass

Every leg that flutters
I'm slipping into the kingdom under the sea

Every beat that passes
I'm sinking into curved arches and
Rock tunnels

Every eye that peeps
I'm glancing for winded blankets of kelp

Every lash that sticks to plastic
I'm anchoring my breathes into my lungs

Then push push push,
It's gone
A fantasy under your feet
Fleeting and momentary
A kingdom under the sea
1.3k · Feb 2015
Leila Valencia Feb 2015
Sing this solemn chord
boom boom
I've come to you tonight

Lisp the air
mountains are swirling tonight

(Fly me to you)
1.3k · Nov 2015
Leila Valencia Nov 2015
There is nothing I can say
But when I say it
Girls who need to understand that you can also initiate and start something you do not have to wait for someone else's approval.
1.3k · Apr 2017
Leila Valencia Apr 2017
Connection beyond all belief. Connection between two.
If only.

Deep connection, where tether strings are tied, no matter how far - there is a floating connection.
And I yearn for it.
The connection, one where I fall, one where I fall aimlessly into reciprocation.

And I am always closing every door.
No one sees the mirrors like I do. And if they stand behind me - I crack the mirror, or, I will fog the mirror, I will stand far away....
With my entire heart, my entire being - one day - I held out a single, violently shaking finger (the only part of my body reaching out.)
The only part asking for help, love, acceptance.
The only piece of flesh that I will reveal.
But, I tend to clench my fists.

And the connection between anyone is never as strong as I hoped, as I wanted, as I....
I stand in the darkest of corners.
Hearing my own breathe every once in a while.
My heart beat, loud, my stinging chest, quivers at their intertwining connections.

And I wish I could connect, but fear keeps my mouth empty
My mind's sparks are dim - I keep the light low.

But their roaring flames, brilliant, luminescent - it's growing.
Shining through a prism.
Shining daylight - glorious to all with wide eyes

and I.... wish, they knew I had a finger to spare in their conversation.
But the corner, is comfort.
The corner is the protection against loss. The corner never gains or loses. And that is where I will remain.

Do they know?
When you are so afraid of vulnerability, openness, trying to please others, you simply stay in your spot and never move.
1.2k · May 2016
Leila Valencia May 2016
The words of the wind whiper 'Come my dear'
Sweep me off my feet
I'm struck by dazzling discords of sharpened breathes becoming beautiful
Galaxies of play swift through your hands
The electricity of communication shoots through your systems
Before the world says 'Hello' you breathe the stories of magic and wisdom
Born storyteller, walking on a different mental plane
Holding the air, letting it go with a blow
Traveling the sky and landing on my heart
But you can only stay for a day
But the words of the wanderer, forever may they stay
The play and love of a Gemini
1.2k · Feb 2016
Crystals within Strings
Leila Valencia Feb 2016
A heartbeat
A soul of sparkling suns under a telescope
Breathing with life

Every glitter sparkles
Every breathe is carefully present
The notes placed on your fingers breathe
They live as you

A soul in the air lingers above you
Everyone lives around you and streams of genuis bounce in
Like a flock of birds
A dandelion in the wind
A shock
The breathe is lost in the strings

And as the bow drops and waves of presence shine upon you
The slow motions of drums and ease mellow
Your breathe was melodic like the sea
It held long enough
And it said
You are beautiful
My beautiful friend is a cello player and her Honors Recital is tomorrow. This is dedicated to all of her magnificent work as a cellist.
1.2k · Dec 2016
Writing a Piece for Her
Leila Valencia Dec 2016
So, once was told to a shy girl the world was hers...
In fright, in sheer terror - the world for her was under the covers
The dancing trapeze animals alive in her blanket -- consistently distracting her from her abstract, constant fears
The wondrous squeals joined in with her, other children too.
The quiet tent, tight, small, concealed.

Nothing would leave -- the ideas of far reaching dreams would stir floating about, in the tent's humid, sweaty, sticky cover - like swirling fireflies
The tent was alive, contrived of dreams - dreams bigger than her palm.
And she never wanted to leave
She always slept with the blanket over her head, up until she was old enough....

Time passed, the blanket was to small to cover her head.
She felt the cold air press against her soft, rosy cheek
But, it was a stinging cold,
One she could not shake.

And it was there the hot air, turned into frightening pierces of reality.
Bare to the chill, bare to it all.
Bare to her very core.
But the tent was no longer a tent.

She felt the sting in her skin.
Sting in her veins. Her blood.
The emptiness of the golden blanket, oh, what a circus tent it was to her youth.
A blanket of dreams, a blanket of play, a blanket were the freedom of life could grow, develop, flourish -- ignite!
Now, it's just a blanket.
A blanket were anxieties, deep fear, depression, pent up rage, do not find the light of day in a circus getaway
Growing up
Leila Valencia Dec 2016
I'm a poet in my prime
Spiffing up my rhymes

I'm a legend can't you see
Only my words feel they spew to you and me

I'm a master at this connection!!!

My wonderful phrases
Creep into your heart
They pierce through like a dart
Shattering, mattering, caving a meaning
Keepin ya dreaming... beliving, comforting the soul!

Theese word like a bowl -- fill you up: with love, desire, the power to ignite!

I can only imagine what the rhymes in a singy-songy fashion
With fervor, power, and a burst of flaming passion turn up on paper

How they are presented by the maker

The writer, poet, artist of words - flowing, stringing tieing in the clarity with blurs

Creating a canvas that paints a moment through the feeling of words cascading by feeling, not structure

That sounds absurd, but these moments are momentous, in a passion of flury strung up in a phrase that summons the whole day

And the day has gone by, so has the year -- but I must keep rapping through poetry lyrics

I might not be as quick, fast, slick, or hip as some
With funky names, large persona, or partrying till we see the sun

I am a rapper of the moment in its purest sense -- of human nature and its surroundings through my philosophy, wisdom, passion, and emotions

I hope this year 2017, will acommadate this year's fast run
Rapping for 2017
1.1k · Sep 2015
Sqaure Clock
Leila Valencia Sep 2015
My words are the keys off beat
In choir, the one off key
The bird who flies in the opposite direction

The ecentric. They call us the liberals. The freedom fighters. They say were are the hippies, the weirdos.
What makes me different........................
My hat is so tall you can't see the theatre performance
My eyes are so curious I see a light on every ceiling
My hands are so wound they jump like bunnies on every desk
My feet as so tired they twist in the soil

I paint a picture that shows shadow and dark
I feel I am both
I Feel like the wind of the opposite direction
I feel like I am not in tune with everyone else.
1.1k · Jun 2016
Leila Valencia Jun 2016
Insane some, wild some
Show some

Right then, they them
Palatable Showmen

High hold, glimmering gold
Unfaithful men of bold

Hypnotic beads of satin,
Women of exotic

Crippling scars at birth
Becomes this fellows  worth

Melodies of Nightmares

A mirror, a hole - of Human's participating role
Amused, by Truly our fears our utter disgust,
But under the tent one feeling robust

Hidden in intoxicating luster
Mildly prompting the feelings of pride, and a condescending guise

Under the Fabricated tent, there's a disgrace
We feel beauty, oh how I, the better man!

Only because it's not our face
1.1k · Feb 2016
Fleet makers
Leila Valencia Feb 2016
The the ship of the past
The wonder of time
Has no care what is mine
To slip into hypnosis and play maritime dreams
Sailor at heart
Haven't sailed into snow
Fallen into the trenches
Where to next
Is a liking to mine
1.1k · Nov 2015
Dream Catcher Rudely Awakes
Leila Valencia Nov 2015
Thy wakened dream fleets into nostalgia
It beckons one taste for love and sorrow
Then It bathes in distance and doubt
My dream my love, is not in love
With the dream I fell asleep to.
1.1k · Nov 2016
Leila Valencia Nov 2016
Last night
A quiet word...
was trembling
A touch....
hypnotized the senses

It was pitch black....
I went to the kitchen
I drank all I could find,
And slept in the garden.

Last night
I pulled flowers from the garden's ground
And clipped their petals...
It tasted like honey.

From that,

  All blended into a kaleidoscopic metamorphosis.
Channels opened,
yet, I could not foresee the end
the world became a dome.
Immortal shape shifter's
danced restlessly...

When I awoke
There was dirt in my hands.
My mouth, had dirt.
I woke up covered in dirt.

But, I can only remember
how I drowned into an deep abyss.
The rest amiss.

In the depths, my outer self became less
In the future, I hope I do not grew thicker skin
Mind and body alterations
1.0k · Mar 2016
Bequeath my Desires
Leila Valencia Mar 2016
There's no reason or rime
My time has not come
Years and fears
Seasons of pitch black

My love Destitute with delusions
Damaged with deranged solutions
My mind painfully persistent
On being unloved

The creeks of my haunted mansion
Bleed without a purpose
Skeletons worship the past
Bones dance around unrequited desires

I dine with golden lambs
And taste the sheep in my hand
My teeth burning through the wet flesh
Holding dainty my ideals

My fainted veil is close to tearing
My pain inst aware of the glass wall between our truth
My mirage sickly - marred with battle wounds
My dynamite left uncapped
The memories soaked in blue
Mines hidden, ticking bombs blew in my face

I'm dancing around the bones of my dreams
Painful desires. Hateful heart to ideas of vulnerability.
997 · Jun 2016
Leila Valencia Jun 2016
Carefully caressing your cheek
Fretting fiercely over fig cake
Greeting gracefully
Gorging gloriously

Happily humming hyms heroically
While finishing fig cake ferociously

Starting in p ending in y

Plainly pointing the position
The poppies placed with percision

Deliciously devilishly delightful
Boy! Fig cake filled me up...

Sitting, satiating sizable crumbs
Placed on the poppy plate

Suddenly the slightest smell sinks my sore eyes
I decided to rise to go to bed

Eating and sleeping. My lovely paradise
926 · Aug 2016
Leila Valencia Aug 2016
A mind curious by step, ******* in streams of vitality
Grasping its journey..... Spirited by step  
Oh, curiousity, spirit - placed before caution....

Stuck between one or the other, unmixed?
Only a singly misstep and its curiousty's mistake without prior consideration- you tumbled.

Rolled down, the wind knocked out of you!
Heaving, anxiety of dying......

Every single curious idea was lost in faultful recklessness
Biking incident. Left me in the ER yesterday, pretty unpleasant day.
875 · Apr 2016
Leila Valencia Apr 2016
Reborn, his wing span breathes the wind
He sprints to touch land
As he touches land, his hands grasp the ground
Transformation and Deliverance
Watch as he will rise from the ashes
870 · Mar 2015
Leila Valencia Mar 2015
The worrisome grin was long before gone
Her eyes were over her head at dawn
The light was alive in belief she'd love him

it was true her eyes saw a light ....
Love-It was for the first time, she felt him
But the dark came and midnight arose
She was the only one to blame

She was blinded by noise
Captured by fear, the dark would never leave

She was to afraid
The ring was left by his door in the morning dusk so dim
She would've loved him
what? Im feeling love, but I don't know where I love. Im lost in my heart and my head, but I can feel like something good will come, soon.
857 · May 2016
Huddling Timeline
Leila Valencia May 2016
A year ago

You felt a way that forebodes what you'd dream to say

Half a year ago

You knew there was a way that would shine your senses on what you really needed

A month ago

You conjured up a dream from what it seemed, but loosely meant nothing

A week ago

Every passing moment in your mind, beginning to consume your everyday being - you must, you must saw it now!
Your crafted thoughts yearning for a gentle touch

A day ago

You built your courage and weakened your pride
Boosted your esteem and loosened your stride
If this was it you'd ask now, but the wind caught them before a single hello passed my lips

A second ago

My deranged delusions were capable of self destruction
It's far to late
My mind is incapable of seeing anyone else

My journal a year ago said ' can't wait to see where this goes '

Beside myself in a muddled despair
I wonder what life would be if I let go of my inner shackles and stood in the bright light
Bound to hear the truth
No more waiting
Wishing, dreaming

You must go - I will be gone for I know now
All I want in life will go
If I don't first attempt to reach - to risk the wounds, handle the scars
Stand in the mines of havoc and wasteland misery

And carry on
I wont be immune to the worst

Remind them, better days will come my dear
Holding on for to long. If you want someone or something please be honest
837 · Aug 2015
Leila Valencia Aug 2015
Take me down
The leaves grow upside down
Where the breathe leaves a puff
The drinks soothe me
And my scattering mind is at ease

Down in New Orleans
The ghosts and queens of spirits that fill the shadow
Stand by and you will see: swamplands where the spirits will rise

Listen as the willow weeps its blues on to your shoulder
The humidity sweat drips on your head as a droplet of chaos
The buzzing as a shock in silence of noise to distract the pain

Noise fills the empty caves and hollow trunks hold the empty souls
Behind your head is a dancing spirit
One drinking
Another dancing
Another smoking
Many partying

Many suffering
Unreleased from ties and pain
The pain many are tied to down in New Orleans
- inspired by 'bound'
830 · May 2016
Rose Glass, Clear Vase
Leila Valencia May 2016
When you gaze
Gaze longer,

Peels of splotchy skin aimlessly fall
Until bones crush through your naked eyes
Not at all, what you'd believe

You dream in their gilded appearance
Clearance to enter
Not cleared to touch my core

Falling from god's sand - like grasp
Booming down to hold me below sea level
Trouble concentrating on bliss, I missed your appearance

I shriveled in pain to discover your shadow spirit
Learning someone for what they truly are.
811 · Jun 2015
Leila Valencia Jun 2015
The mountain clearness
Isn't going to shift the mountain's vagueness
The steering eyes cant dip into another cloud
And we cant walk out again on their lives
A bitten howl has struck another chord in humanity
Freedom is the security that creates insanity
The Fickle hearts that smear threats on the infants hands
I believe in humanity
I don't believe in a single human

I wish for a night that the mountain's grip can hold us over
I shrink into a flower to be plucked because I am afraid
I think blood is an excuse for violence and violene is an excuse for war
We don't look in our eyes to find light
We turn the night into a fire under cars
Beeping. Burning. Bursting. Buzzing. Blasting

Fear and terror thickens the lump in my throat and cuts a circle from my organs
It is scary to think we are just humans, the same humans capable of the exctition of ourselves.

I wish to all of those out there. In fear. I will help.
I will do all that I can.
These are not just words. This is a promise.
Im dedicating my life to help others.
798 · Mar 2016
Bridge to Terebithia
Leila Valencia Mar 2016
I walk between a beguiling trench
A glowing bridge, paraded with gowns
The other side must lead somewhere?

I look, ponder, plummet, down I gaze at..
The face of a girl unfocused
Drowning my mind out
My reflection from above,
Looks at the Wanderer

Beneath the lowly stars hangs my hairs
The crescent moon wanes
Guiling my innocent feet, to walk my wonder - the spirit captures my soul
What I ponder is a creature, staring at me by the bridges' edge

Holding a flaming lantern - taking my hand
Cloaking my dreams in budded flowers
The creature stirred my peeping mind...
I begin to see my maiden's gown fretting, distressing with the wind
The creature of the ghostly figure greets me graciously

I step upon a grave lair
A burrow lays underneath
I sigh, I'm listening to my hand maiden's grief
Must you show me?
Take charge of me?

I'm lost
In unknown territory - casting dark spells and chants in foreign languages - I run

Casting my arms around a vagueness
I familiarize with a homely scent
A green pasture, guiding me

My beguiling bridge doesn't guide me
It leads me
I must take the budded flowers in my pocket
I blow out the lantern flame
I will lead
A time where I must choose my own path. I will not let anyone guide me.
796 · May 2016
Two Places for One Heart
Leila Valencia May 2016
Simple, grounded - finding nurture in small things
Soar - painted wings brought to your eyes, burning

As a kite, homely, heightened, free

Finding home
Simultaneously Guiding your eyes on the way to your truth...
Your divinity
Finding your home yet one wants to look forward
774 · Feb 2016
Internal Universe
Leila Valencia Feb 2016
It is the life you live
Dreams kept quiet
And thoughts beneath
If you speak are you silence
If you think are you talking
If you dream are you listening
Within and much without
A silence taken; it is all one
needs to rejuvenate

Transforming, changing, morphing, always cycling through life
Always thinking who we are and leaving what we once were
Knowing who we are
Forgetting who we are
Dreaming of our selves
Are we here?
Is this me?
Am I me, with you, where am I me?

Alone me
I find time to think with everything I have. I find that the waves will always look blue but they are always clear. Somethings will never change, but I know every night the stars get brighter.
I can't explain it, but every story, connection, formation, shines more light

I see my light beginning to shine.
Personal journey.
Leila Valencia Apr 2016
We need to find out what's right and
Say goodbye to these lies and

Now the ground is beating
Inside my chest
Now the mountain beating inside me

I feel like an empty cage waiting and wishing - wanting
Kissing life away

Please don't say
I'll always remember the day when you walked away

Can't you see
Can't you be
The neurotic psychopath waiting for his ****
Waiting and wishing at least you're kissing the one beside you
I'm not beside you

Can't confide in you
Find you

Deep inside me......
I can never be who I'm daring to be

Can't you see I'm afraid
Enough with this game
I'm tired of being made
Part of your game

I'm wasting myself away to you
During midnight. A punk rock song came on in my head. It was my own original song. I believe it's my deepest desires springing forth passionately and aggressively
745 · Jun 2016
Blue Bird
Leila Valencia Jun 2016
Blue birds peck away
The bark coils by the forest bay
In its hidden gems, a lost trail

A girl tip toeing around the bay
It's green and black, mucky, sticky
A havoc from step one
The trail.... Crumbled...

Face it, rather she stood by the blue bird
Ticking, picking... Much to much, Somewhat a spinning top The mind plays.
It's stays in haze, distant.....

After much to long, waits she does
For the sun to spray her morning message clear.
Her mind doesn't have to spin anymore - if they tell her what to say

Autum isn't waiting, debating - much to long
She strays her mind.
To whom to confine in the mines of breaking branches

The blistering wind pushes her body, pushes it in the forest bay trail

Now winter comes,
The forest leaves
Conceive the cold feeling, of barren trees
The emptiness sits around, within

The coldness feelings may it never leave
Not making decisions and hiding them. Waiting to make real decisions. Not making them quicker can have consequences
744 · Oct 2017
The Haze
Leila Valencia Oct 2017
Oh but a haze.....

A fog, a blow
Oh but a weariness.......

Oh but a fallacy. A curse.
Unless embraced, unless held with care.

The haze can confuse,
Lose you....
The haze, is hanging angel, a shining curse.
If torment will come -- you can allow it to.
If the haze is taken slowly, it can caress you.

There is nothing but freedom and madness.
There is nothing but darkness and pure light.

At the harbor, the docks shake and anchor.
But out at sea there is nothing to guide you.....

And the haze can be the meaning you put.
The winds will blow the direction you gear.
And the haze can be nothing but a story you tell it.
740 · Jan 2017
Leila Valencia Jan 2017
I'm tangled inside and everything comes out like glass
I'm cutting inside.

The way you carelessly lose yourself, cuts me inside
And I forcefully tear my skin off
To show you I'm bleeding.
Can these pools of red speak louder than thunderous phrases?
I've tried.

You find yourself in dark places
Losing yourself to people who won't remember your name.
And you forget yourself

In the worst kind of way.

I can't force you
Can tears? Can pleas of red and blue? Can whispers of adoration?
I've tried.

Does it come down like lightning - or do I sit in a deserted room...
Watching an hour glass, receiving postage with your name written on it.
Hearing about you from everyone but
I've tried

And I'm the woman stuck in a painting
Trapped in an artifact
Scribbled on a drawing.
I can't speak!
Every single piece of me is lost in time, to trying, to trying..... Fading.

But, I saw you yesterday.
You smiled.
It felt like the beginning of something,
I realized
After all this time, maybe we can began again
Trying to hard to force someone to stop them from hurting or what you think is hurting themselves but you can not do anything about it.
738 · Mar 2016
Thorned Daisy
Leila Valencia Mar 2016
By birth we are ...
Broken into two, one side to touch the sky
One side,
Tangled, and entrenched with layered roots - lineage hissing 'quiet' 'quiet girl'
Our legs Imposed to stay bounded, rooted

A wall continuum, changing of colors
Shapes, Names, Stories, Only the world shakes harder....
Centuries of walls slashing, but the spectators chuckle at the caged song bird
Waiting for its tune. Plucking the feathers?!

Oh, When will
Our names will be filled with love?
When was the Rose unafraid to share it's scent?
Beauty, love, asking for nothing!

But what lies beneath and above
The roots and the sky.
Stuck in between, but bound by shackles of beneath....
If leaving, alone, this woman - Will be rendered hopeless?
Unhappy, unfulfilled, without meaning or purpose.

More, much more - you hold half the sky so touch it - bare handed
Feminism, put in a softer tone. Many metaphors, much symbolism, and plenty of questions one may ponder
722 · Oct 2015
Dream a Little Dream of Me
Leila Valencia Oct 2015
Dare to Dream awake
And a fleeting spec of dust falls in your eyes
You wonder with eyes wide open
Is this me?

You stand by the sycamore trees
Palms wide open scanning the branches
Opening your eyes to its length
A little to long you think, to long to want to climb

As time passes by you don't pass by their trail
Its to painful to know where they are, but ask yourself, will they please dream a little dream of me
A little reminder to myself that, when I attach to people, I'm more attached to people who I can't see as often. Recently someone left my life and I wish I did something differently so they could be back in my life.
717 · Jun 2016
Fiery Love
Leila Valencia Jun 2016
Humming, humming slowly - whispers of heated nothings

Burning brightly through galactic stars...
The tiniest embers, piercing slowly- trickling, until black charcle sheets taint me

Before the black night, I didn't know you - talking was pointless

Touching, without the physical touch
Holding, with out being held - hell, this may be

In presence with souls intertwined
Our heated embers soared into flames of brilliant shades
Our time, our moment - so quick.

Our flames were the pinnacle of grace, but bound to be grace would fall one day - unpredictably it did.

Until, days came, all left - burns

As do, the greatest loves, do not stay when they should
Leaving when they shouldn't.
A beautiful bright love - that doesn't last
713 · Apr 2016
Leila Valencia Apr 2016
My lofty dreams drink your poison

The sermon hides all talk of lust

**** it!
Drown it!
Strangle it.

How can I ?
How must I ?

Do such tortuous actions
My conscious thinks of you in the mist

Closed doors.....

In hazy heights
Green mountains under the pitch black glow - wrapped in a single cloth
Breathing the puff smoke

I shut the door
Close the tailored book

Walk out in my fitted gown. Sunday school taught me repression

And my succession to my thoughts was one thing - action

Primed, pinned, and pointed to order
In orderly fashion
I defied my fathers crime

Created bedding to sleep on
Encrusted with words, " You're the creator of your own creation"

My chipped cross, crippled slipped underneath the crooked bed
Your lips were spongy delights of chaos I wanted to grip to
Diving in the pool naked felt like a temptuous sin
My guardian was me

I found you by the darkened pond bellowing and I gripped you
Casting my light
And you never said a word
But together we drank the blackened pond liquid
And scratched our skin with empty words, hoping we knew ......

We knew, what we were taking each other's hearts for.
A story of a young girl of a preachers daughter. Rebeling against his wishes. Learning to find her own voice. She goes against the norm, defies what she knows and is willing to take a risk to explore the life of deep passion and lust on levels that would rouse scorn and discontent
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