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I am the ram
and you are the moon,
or at least that’s what
we’re told.

My footing stays precise,
to help leap across large gaps
or swiftly tackle obstacles,
avoid a potential mudslide
or traverse rocky waters.

But now the tide is shifting,
as your relentless core
pulls my heart above the earth
where I can see a haze of
lush mountaintops, free from the
uncertainty of life on the rocks.

I’ve seen this magic before,
but this time it looks
too real.
To my moonlit muse; for a Cancer.
Jammit Janet Aug 2021
I feel like I am everywhere
And everyone
For I am connected to the Universe
Channeling the Divine
Aries Sun
Mending the world back together
Unifying spirits
Defying none
Until love is the foundation
Which builds nations
And sustains the human soul.
Jammit Janet Jul 2021
I am Aries
Bold, Strong, Free
Like the wind
Constantly dreaming
Scheming up a plan
To nurture a better nature
All across the land
With the warmth of my heart
And passion on the rise
That burns
To make you feel alive
Jammit Janet Jul 2021
I write to calm my nerves
I write to bring me back to her
The Divine Feminine
Embedded in every cell
Of my Aries body
Bringing balance
A high beam
Of pure love
And synergy
To bring the world forth
To its eternal dream
Angie Mediero May 2021
Giant golden orb, primed,
the Scorpions tail delivers her blow
And I, in futile preparedness,
crushed between her barb and the centaurs insecure rage.
Unabashed love the second casualty
as Mars raised his sword 3 times and struck with Aries force,
a tsunami into gentle waters.
Later the fish, the fish in the whirlpool,
he chewed mercilessly,
he was not hungry for flesh but for innocence
and he feasted to corruption.
And I, with bitter hopefulness,
purged the fish through one way inverse fury.
Adrift at sea, the second god of war,
carried to lucent quartz shores,
captured the tsunami for his salvation, dragging her to the desert.
And I, all watery doggedness, laboured for her a thorny oasis
from which the second god of war was banished.
Whence fair daughter of Gaia in refined tenderness,
delivered the gift between life and language,
Blushing song of refuge.
Jammit Janet Apr 2021
I've been gone,
Focusing on my goals,
Savoring every minute,
In the present,
Being whole,

Disconnecting from distractions,
Discovering new attractions,
That move me to the next level,
That make me feel confident,

I am stronger than the devil,
Or anyone who cares to defy me,
For I am the light,
That burns so bright,
To educate and revive thee,

From the pain,
Of the mundane,
Lack of wonder,
Abysmal plane,

That is life,
Without dreams,
aya Feb 2021
i lost my soul to
a boy, somewhere far along
the way with no love
finally in shs!! been super busy and didn't get the chance to update here :(( happy new year!!
Juno Jan 2021
My fingers dance across your skin
and small constellations I trace;
There rests Aries on your collar,
and Andromeda frames your face.

Though you’ve labeled these stars a flaw,
I can’t stop myself from thinking
Aphrodite herself did bring
these small constellations to being.
you are beautiful!
Destiny Copeland Apr 2020
Being with you is like
Touching a hot stove
I like to feel the burn
Even though it hurts
I fell in love with an Aries.
Kenny Anthony Mar 2020
I am the fire that resides, the flame that burns into the deep. the spark that ignite unto that of what will not keep lit
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