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My world is different from yours Sir!  
In my world,
There is  ghosts , fairytale, magic, and fantasy .
Imagination is dominating there -Sir-
In your world,
There is nothing but darkness, anxiety, and depression
Loneliness is dominating there  -Sir-

When we meet,
My world vanishes slowly
-Darkness coves the Light  -
Your are Darkening my world Sir!  
We are two  opposites -Sir -
Sydney 7d
I was made of fire
My situation was dire
I could not think, I could not see
But when you found your way to me
The fire extinguished
Like fire to water
The darkness ceased
Like darkness to light
You are my opposite
Yet you can calm me.
Zack Ripley Oct 7
There may be times
When we don't see eye to eye.
And our hearts may never beat as one.
But that doesn't mean
We can't work together.
After all, they say opposites attract.
So, what do you say we sit back
And let the chemicals react.
Giovanna Aug 18
I daydream for multiverse.
The entirety in reverse.
All the enimety,
rebuilds into intimacy.
A place equal to Paradise,
occupied by people with faces less than that of a dice.
Where maybe I wasn't invisible to you.
Where my existence was a little less blue.
A place where you'd love me,
and I could love me too.
A fetish for multiverse.
JCabanilla Aug 13
He was my happiness also my pain,
He was the hell in my heaven,
He was the demon in my sanity,
But I'd lie if I'll tell you I didn't like it.

He was the nightmare I want to have every night.
He was the darkness I will always choose over the light.
He was the devil I want to hug so tight.
Loving him was wrong? No, it feels so right.
I can't stop loving him even if we weren't together anymore
Kyle Aug 8
I'm dying;
But my heart is still beating.
I'm lifeless;
But I'm still breathing.
I'm crying;
At the same time I'm laughing.
Everything has it's opposite;
And I'm in the opposite side;
Waiting to be found.
Tiger Ayres May 29
Awake in the day
I lie with the moon
Where the rain pours down
With a clear blue sky
And the wind shakes the trees
Standing still and straight
The grass is lush
All brown and dry
The sun soars high
A sky of orange
A day gone by
Time is still

Must be opposite day
Opposite day
The apple doesn't fall far from the tree
That's my response to your cold heart,
Sealed by walls of anger that makes me
Want to be the polar opposite of you.

The darkness runs in your family
The coldness, the disconnection
With others that make you lonely
No wonder I tremble from your touch.

Laughter and beer is your only solution
To escaping this life that you chose
I wish I can free you from this confusion
This trap that's causing so much pain.

I want to melt those walls with my love
And see the real you behind the stone
I've seen him once
Why can't I see him again?

It's like I don't even know you anymore
Please, let me see who you were before.
You and I; we are both formidable
But then, like the thin line between its two definitions
We both live in each other's opposition

You always had this grace—this delicateness and feebleness
That kind that would make anyone protect you with their lives
Not to mention the talent you were blessed at birth
The way notes would dance in accord with your fingers—how formidable

My sight would always give people chills down their spines
That kind that would make you either fight or flight
With the cold demeanor I was cursed upon birth
Like how I would twist the words from my mouth.

You were everything the world wanted—only more, nothing less
Can you see how their eyes would spark upon your descant?
You were a living, walking goddess upon mortals
And you were the kind of formidable one would stare in awe.

I was nothing the world wanted—nothing more, only less
In how I would see the hatred in their lids at the mention of my name
I was the epitome of Lucifer incarnate, disrupting serendipity
And I was the kind of formidable everyone would want to be gone.

Yes, we are both formidable
You elegantly, I grotesquely
And the thought of us, meeting even just once
Will only be this pitiful mind's apparition.
Day 14 of #NaPoWriMo 2020. I just had this prompt based on Stromae's song "Formidable" and then started writing this, then finished in 10 minutes. I don't often write free verse, but here it is! I know, this is far from what I would usually write, but this was really a spontaneous one!
Zack Ripley Apr 13
The opposite of war isn't peace.
It's creation.
So take this time of isolation
To make something that inspires
A generation.
A poem. A movie. A song.
Something that reminds us
That even though we feel alone,
We belong.
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