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you break my conscience
so i don't have to do it

but i'm done, okay?

i'm tired of your flippant
that drains the life
in my fragmented eyes

cause she's more better
than me? seriously?

i don't think so

wake up, you little
piece of low-life

I italicized and bolded words for for the first time. These features are pretty neat.
We are like sun and moon, you and I
Hoping to be together, we try
But the universe declines
As we look for signs

Like fire and water, we're no match
But onto you, I'll still latch
Nature is keeping us apart
When love, we try to impart

We're like colors, black and white
As our worlds collide
Each other is a no invite
Cause we repel strongly in all might

Morals, like right or wrong, we are
Close yet so far
We are differentiated very much
And we can't get in touch

We may be worlds apart
But wish it may that we're in each other's hearts
And though we can't be on the same side
May in each other's arms can we abide
Ken Pepiton Apr 6
I came to witness the future
Archon, archetype
an emanation of opposites.
"not every spirit is in

try 'em. Is God? Ax ye 'em dat.

Is God, ified, a re
warder of the unwarded,
or the warded?

expiration, due date duty, now,
ad hoc an'all, do you remember
who you intended
to become?

Do you remember who we emu
late, as our flames lick
next and next and next in

axiomatic sparks stored in that
mother lode of mitochondriac
ical me-we-canicle chronicle time

reason. Ax dem ex-spirit-eers,
what is a spirtual bypass?

It's a heart way to avoid
growing old and

witchist, I y'know, 'r j?

alla words's once said, aloud, right?
alla words writ, once was heard, right.
goodt'go. Hoorah.

the code. Who? RA! powerless sans
knowing that.
Yahoo, same set of mis con ceived
battle songs
which ended wars never fought.

the preacher claimed to have known
a poor wise man, who by his
wisdom saved a city, yet
not one of us knew,
the preacher said,
that poor wise man's name.

Ja', tha's who rah, ya'll laugh later.

this is visitation day at the comedian
rehabituational s'cool.

D'jew know why you listen to non sense,
from motley clad lads an'lassies?

Culture. Kultur. Gut biome axioms
juicin' carbs 'n' fiber. Fectin'

laughter trigger,
good meds. Good medicine, as General
Custer or Emory or somebody
said of blankets. In 1763. Oh,
You know, AI knows you know and now

we watch your eyes. Grin. All done, jest

let me with
draw the cathe.... there. All better.

Wisdom will seep through. Y'live.
Practicing precision lie belief extraction tools
I discovered you slowly
and I don't know that I ever believed opposites really attract
but you are my peaceful and I am your wild
I discovered your language and you tucked my hair behind my ear
assurance falls from your tongue like honey and it's got my hand stuck to yours for good-
"I love you
I love everything about you
even the things you hate, I love
and what you love I love even more"
no one's ever loved me like you
Desire Mar 9
Roses are blue.
Violets are red.
If opposites are true,
Love and poetry are dead!

Frost Feb 17

Mirror on         the wall

Why can't                         I recognise

my reflec                              tion at all?

I recognise the                    face and skin

But not the                       personality

within             within

Oh Mirror mirror

On the wall

Tell me





Welp I tried my best to make this look like a mirror and I failed horribly :]

And yes the mirror I made is certainly not on a wall ;]
D A W N Feb 11
they said,
opposites attract.
they werent wrong.
you loved the moon and the stars
just as i loved the earth and the clouds.
you loved gravity just as i yearned for air.
you lived with the stars just as i have lived with the clouds.
you loved the moon as much as you loved me.
that didnt stop you from being close to me.
now i know
why the moon
keeps on
(n) a person who loves the moon.
That was different
Then i expected it to be
You walk away
And return to my back
How long will it take
Was almost There
For you to keep on walking
In the opposite way
Maybe it will be now
Or never
Who knows
But before I can love you
I first have to get rid of you
Lost in a relation that is not a relationship
VineBabe Jan 25
It started with a hug
years of desire and affection
summed up in one simple
heart warming gesture.

Foreign sensations
a little fumbling to find my Mark
we fit right in.

Perfect opposites
the Lark and the Owl
Cold and Warm
the Neophyte and the Teacher

Forgotten fears
and new found peace.
We must meet again.
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