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Ahmad Attr Apr 2021
Curse upon the day that divides us

Dear Sagittarius
You hit your mark right at my heart
Now I walk with one hand in my pocket
And the other one flailing out
Just so you could come and hold it

Dear Sagittarius
Now I walk closely with you
So you could put your arms on my shoulders
Now I keep looking at you
So just for a fraction of a second you can look into my eyes

Dear Sagittarius
I’m weak
Not even strong enough to write how weak
But my love for you Is strong
It’s like a force in itself

Dear Sagittarius
You don’t like the details
But I have written books about you
I write and I write, it’s never ending
For you are my art

Dear Sagittarius
I can’t sleep, you are being too loud
Or maybe amidst the deafening traffic of this city,
The barking dogs, and shouting men,
My ears can only seek out you voice
Laughing and jesting with your friends

Dear Sagittarius
I can’t be one of them
Your Leo, your Aries
I am a Capricorn, sun and moon
How can you love me like I love you
Give me a clue, lost, not sure what to do

Dear Sagittarius
I have tried everything
But silence between us two
Is like a chasm constantly expanding
How long before the tragic ending?

Dear Sagittarius
Talk to me, I’m right here
Call out my name, look at me
You broke your promised yet again, I fear
Maybe there is nothing for us to talk about

Dear Sagittarius
In all honesty
I’m jealous of you
And I’m jealous of your love
Because both of these things don’t belong to me

Curse upon the stars that divide us
Dear Sagittarius
Curse upon the day that divides us
Both born in the same month, Same week but divided by one day. And that rendered us to have different star signs. Such a small distance yet such a wide one at the same time.
Disrobe the rhythm in my heart.
Let it ceremonialize its own unsympathetic departure,
in the dead of winter.

Let it yowl like a pack coyotes.
Then let the wind take the
melody to Jupiter in Capricorn.
inspired by lexi's mingle
nif May 2020
your gross
you Capricorn
never let you be the host
your gross

clean up
like how hard is it
harder than living locked up?
surrounded by stuff?

not my responsibility
you have some too you know
we both have to do our part
fill my heart with humility
when the family visits

living without tranquility
**** this nasty
like seriously
you talk big classy

you think I'm sassy?
I am so over it
clean up
Michelle do your dishes
KAE Oct 2019
I used to breathe you (in)
now I’m breath you (out)
I'm throwing you out
let me live Jul 2019
Cry no ,cry no,cry no
Illogical and untrained,
Bullied,victimised and left for dead,
Felt so low
How am I expected to grow,
When I didn’t feel the love of man
My spirit is drained,
Night are so long ,
I’d rather smoke and be using my ****,
Leave me be,
I stay in that dark space like the Capricorn,
At least I’m ridden with pain.
Sad hurt loser
KAE Apr 2019
he perfectly knew when my body was possessed by the twins.
he could identified them in an magnificent way.
he said “your eyes are darker when you are K, you change. you are savage, manipulator, dangerous, careless. the devil”
he also said “your eyes are brighter when you are E, you are another person. you are care-loving, sweet. an angel”
Asiah Mangham Feb 2019
They say Capricorns are fearless but also reckless.

We're fearless because we have this idea that the earth works on its own. What is to happen will.
We are reckless when it comes to the heart. There's this visual of this perfect love that we seem to think is capable with every intimate soul we meet. When that is not the love we intend to require we drop everything and run.

Our sanity and peace of mind means more than others. Not to be absurd but we are disturbingly at peace with ourselves and that balance is to precious to be broken.

Because I don't think you understand, we are the constellation of determination yet ambition. We are magical yet a majestic sign. We dance like lilies and communicate like lovers at 2am. We are dangerous because we know the balance but simply don't care.
We can't wreck what was never there
We can't fear what we can't see
KAE Jan 2019
your eyes and heart say that you love me
your mouth say that you don’t
KAE Sep 2018
At 05:26am, you sent me drunk texts.
You said that you still loving me, you miss me like a crazy and you need me, you told me all that things that you used to tell me.

Then, we started to talk.
It was beautiful, like before.
You said that the next day, you’ll come to my home to talk about us and try to fix things and be what we were.

We did it.
Yesterday, you came to my home.
We talked about us.
You said that you want to fix things with me, you said that you want me back, you said that you want us back. Me too.

And now, we are trying to be what we were.
We are back together.

I got everything that I had before.
You. Specially, you.
My life is perfect, complete.
I have my other two best friends.
I got you back.
My family is doing good.
Everything is as before. Everything is perfect again.
We are back, together again.
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