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KAE Jan 11
your eyes and heart say that you love me
your mouth say that you don’t
KAE Sep 2018
At 05:26am, you sent me drunk texts.
You said that you still loving me, you miss me like a crazy and you need me, you told me all that things that you used to tell me.

Then, we started to talk.
It was beautiful, like before.
You said that the next day, you’ll come to my home to talk about us and try to fix things and be what we were.

We did it.
Yesterday, you came to my home.
We talked about us.
You said that you want to fix things with me, you said that you want me back, you said that you want us back. Me too.

And now, we are trying to be what we were.
We are back together.

I got everything that I had before.
You. Specially, you.
My life is perfect, complete.
I have my other two best friends.
I got you back.
My family is doing good.
Everything is as before. Everything is perfect again.
We are back, together again.
KAE Aug 2018
I remember that I have deleted all of our memories.
Now, the one that I want it back is that picture, of you and me, just to remember how happily we were with each other and I’m afraid of talk to you just to say “hey do you still have that picture? we were at school, you were kissing my head and you posted it for my birthday”
If you read this, if you have the picture, can you send it to me?
Cancer will not share a secret
A burning sting in the shell
That burns hot with smoke
Gills that cry
And a heart buried in a price tag

Capricorn will not ease an issue
A horn that will not quit the taste
Remembering what it clashes
Hooves that gamble
And a beard trapped in a book

Text only tells of emotion
Ice can not freeze rationale
The goat holds only two leads
The crab holds every lead but two
Moon and beyond, instinct is not truth
But the insurance of love

Highest mountain and deepest sea
Cancer and Capricorn know where they be
Possessive of each other
Without a hand to hold
Foundation and fundamental
Passion of landscape
Turn hand into pincer
And horn into knife

Commitment to hostility
Is breathing fire into ice
Melt their bond into water
A shared beast, drowning freely
Will rise and split land and sea
Into realms where Tropics
Thrive all but forgotten
KAE Jul 2018
if you are going to stay, good, do it, stay by my side but if you are going to be by my side just few times  and when you want, go away, let me move on completely and don’t promise silly promises. if you are gonna stay, do it and if you’re not, fly away.
KAE Jul 2018
He is always saying beautiful words
And I know that he is true about it
But sometimes I feel that he is lying
Or I feel that he doesn’t feel that love at me again
And I don’t want to admit it, but that makes me sad
Sometimes I feel that I really need him, and I don’t want to let him go
Or... Am I afraid of let him go?
I don’t know. I need thousand answers to my thousand questions
KAE Jun 2018
I had a best friend, his name is Luke. We used to have a really beautiful, special and unique friendship.
But I lost him. He lost me. We lost each other.
I don’t know what was the problem. Either what was going on.
I just know that I feel that something is missing in my soul and heart. Is him.
I cry about him. He cries about me. We cry about each other.
Sometimes I feel sad about all this mess.
And sometimes I don’t know what to feel.
I just know that losing a best friend is ******* painful.
Yes, we had a lot of ups and downs. But there was a lot of love too.
Luke, best friend, I just want you to know that I am never going to forget you.
With love, A.
KAE Jun 2018
I found God
I found him in a lover
With his warm arms when he hugs me
And those sweet words that come out of his mouth
When I spend time with him
Specially when we are alone
Side by side
I feel like home
And he transmits me peace
KAE May 2018
we are like yin and yang
he is an angel and im a devil
he is light, I’m dark
he is white, I’m black
he is good, I’m bad
he is like the sun, I’m like the moon
he is demonstrative and I don’t like showing positive human feeling
he is generous, I’m a *****
he is a match, I’m fire
we complement each other
this is the way that we work
we are perfectly imperfect
but we love that
and we are gonna ride till someone of us will die
king and queen, conquering the world
that’s what we are
but, who said that an angel and a demon can not go hand in hand?
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