sunprincess Apr 5

Two beautiful stars of the night, Capricorn and Lyra
Capricorn tending to his herd minding his own business
Lyra, a daughter of the sun weaving and spinning
Father the sun king notices, and has become pleased

Alas, married forever, so enchanting was their love
a love of sweet fairytales, finally days and nights
were both one of excitement, no more business
and no more weaving or spinning of garments

These days were for play, and love, and happiness
and no silly lover could be more foolish than she
until father the sun king becomes a little vexed
does he wish for her to remain, mild and gentle?

Alas, Capricornus and Lyra's smiles finally vanished
as father the sun king ordered them separated
and quickly places a river of stars between them
and longing in their hearts

Still a glimmer of hope for their love continues
as father gifts them with one special night
of reuniting,
the seventh night of the seventh month

This special occasion of the year they will meet
with their hearts overflowing with love
and to promise to wait another year
as they comfort each other with endless kisses
alas, star-lovers an unconventional love story

....inspired by a Japanese fairytale
Sarah Parker Feb 24

A heavy hand, a heavier heart
full of every burden one can carry.
Made of earth, and stone, and stars
falling from the heavens, landing
with feet planted firmly in the ground.

You were the right face
At the wrong time, love
I only wish I woulda known it
Wouldn't have been so quick to give you up
When you have a good thing you hold it

Even deep down
I know we weren't in sink
I wish we had more time to be in harmony
Because we were just victims of the time and place

I changed my mind
And I turned to you
But you were already gone

I see you now
You're just a stranger
We wave hello,
I'll see you later
Its funny how
We were almost perfect

From the song Almost Famous by None Cyrus. Perfect description of how I feel sometimes when I look back...

In my 25 years
I finally,
Want to be
Completely honest
With the words I say
My good friends
Motivate me
They told me, your sacred,
You avoid it.
But it's not too late
I want to be more
So, as I sit here in my bed
Just like I strut through
My long apartment halls
And those Chinatown streets
They love my bad ass boots
Like the tiger that I am
I am a Capricorn
Hunting for the truth
I am the Leo
Getting ready to put on the boldest show
I am Baby
Full of heart and soul
I am me
Not going to repeat old ways
Here to stay
With only truth to say
Coming from
My tiger ways,
Watch out!
I'm coming your way.

Dark Delusion Aug 2016

I                                nights.
am                        cold   Snow
  born                  and         flakes
    In                 snow            fall
    the               of                   in
     winter      time                 shape        
      month   The                the  of snow  shaping
          January.             pure    white                gloves,
                           ­   white        stars,                     warm                      
                         colour.           shining                     and                                  
                      I am                    bright                      clothes        ­                        
                   born                          In                   Thick                        
                 In                                   the           light.                                
             Capricorn.                               street

Just wanted to try it, i don't like how i wrote it but i like the shape of it :)

Give me energy
I got none
I lay here
Death is not on the mind
But it feels like
It’s coming for me
No energy
Please give me some
I’m a Capricorn
It’s my first name
Give it to me
You’ve stolen it from me
I dream of a full plate of delicious vegetables and fruit
The dream dictionary says I lack a specific nutrient
Vitamin B12
Whatever it is give it to me

Lavina Jul 2016

19th July

Saturns hexagon shaped storm stuffed into a human body.
I open my mouth and the black bellowing thunder
batters everyone in my way into the ground,
gailforce winds stealing their breath to make it mine.

Ferocious tidal waves live in my eyes and
leak from me and fill the room
but i'm already drowning.

My lungs are filled with dirty water and I feel it flooding my veins like poison.
I can feel the bolts of lightning glittering behind my eyes,
stunning those who try to look at me - into me.

I am a complete hurricane in a persons form, a never-ending storm,
a destructive monster crushing and
stomping on everything in the way.
A fusillade of iron bullets shoot from my skin.
I need to drag everyone down with me,
make them bleed with me.
Suffer with me.

Silverflame May 2016

Her hazel eyes tell me secrets that
I have never heard of before.
And she don't have to worry about them,
because now I only want more.
I want to learn more about her, about the
person that lies beneath the firm ground.
About the person that will not let anybody
see her tears and instead let herself drown.

She is as mysterious to me as the girl
who forgot her glass slipper on the stairs.
And I can insure her, no one has occupied
my mind as she has, no one compares.
And when I finally tracked her down
and faced her with nowhere to hide.
She all of a sudden just gave up on running away,
and I made our fates collide.

I could see she started to realize how curious I
was and how much I wanted to get closer.
Sadly, I was not aware I trapped her in a corner;
I must have looked like a merciless bulldozer.
Somehow, she put all of her fears away and
prepared herself for an unexpected battle.
A battle I did not know she was fighting because to me,
I only saw an interesting person unravel.

As time passed by, I came to know her a lot better,
every day she showed me something new.
She took me by my hand and showed me another world.
She showed me her different point of view.
She could endure every pain that came in her way,
even walk through an eternal winter storm.
That did not surprise me when I found out she was
born under a steady sign such as the Capricorn.

But then a day, it all suddenly became clear:  
She was tomorrow and I was today.
We both came to realize we were too different
and eventually she went a separate way.
And I look at the sky that used to be a pretty
shade of blue but now is a gloomy grey.
My heart still aches when I think about her
and I still occasionally pray.

Pray that our paths will meet one more time
and perhaps we could begin again.
But I doubt she wishes for the same thing as I do, and
there is probably no difference between now and then.
And as the lifespan of a flower, our love was ephemeral.
I was happy it happened but I still can't move on.
I finally came to realize she was the sunlight;
and now the sun is gone.

Inspired by a good friend who recently told me a bittersweet story.
Leila Valencia May 2016

Some days I feel like I'm the only one sitting on land mines of havoc and malarkey in hazardous debris
These bones, This body
Can't hold the weight of the weary world
My mind thinks otherwise

You see the smut upon my face, disdain you say
My flow of emotions, rolling, unsettling I hold an exterior of persistence

Climbing the highest mountain
Pulling, pushing, holding, (my inner guides lead me)
Tenacious, determined, forceful, unshakable (my hardy heart wont deter me)
One day you will see my silhouette from the mountain top - Just wait my dear

Capricorn Sun Sign
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