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Anna Sep 20
Life only gets harder,
The more we blink away,
The more seconds pass and we don't even see.

Writing becomes tougher,
Breathing seems less automatic,
And the alcohol just doesn't taste the same.

Happy birthday songs sounds sadder,
And the wishes we do away blowing the candles,
Are only attempts to escape reality.
I always thought time went by slow
It felt like my first 30 years took 60 years
Everything just felt like it moved at a snail’s pace
I wanted to be older so bad that I dreamt about it every night
But once I eventually hit 30 time feels like it is in hyper speed
Before I knew it I looked at my license and it said I was 38
I hope the next time I glance at my I.D. I’m not 40
Because being over the hill is not promising
It just means that I’m growing older
-elixir- Aug 19
The mirage of the naive sunsets
dawns upon me as the debts
of an unknown world
presents the swirled
twists that lured the mature
to manifest its charm to endure
the gnarly waves of emotions,
the winds of commotions,
the thunders of  freedom
for executing the wisdom.

The veils of innocence
revealed my ignorance,
that remained hidden
as I explored the forbidden.
The roots remain nurtured,
for I shouldn't get weathered
in the calamities of the times,
that may wipe off smiles.
Khadeja Aug 16
the girls at the playground
started young and innocent
when their dresses barely
reached their knees
the played hopscotch

then the girls at the playground
got a little older, got a little taller
they started drawing with chalk
sliding, swinging, free as can be
they were allowed to play with friends now
as their momma's chatted, and greived

then the girls at the playground
they had to leave the freedom of childhood behind
and they went, as children do, to their first day of school
what a pity, such a soul that can fly as theirs, trapped in a classroom
a prison made of chalk and divison
a teacher's monotoune words a death sentence

then the girls at the playground
made it through their youth
made it into middle, high school
maybe they had their heart broke
i just hope it was by someone
worth breaking for

then the girls at the playground
they lost their innocence
at the hands of boys too fearful to be named
the girls cried out their days and
turned to cigarattes to smoke their sorrows away
and drugs, to forgot their woeful days

then the girls at the playground
went back one more time to the
playground they had fondly grown up on
smoking around the corner, savoring
the taste of sweet vanilla rolling in their tounge

and i wonder
what ever happened to oh-so-innocent the girls at the playground?
it feels like they've been replaced
they're souls lost, far away
A poem for a display of time.
Lisa Conway Jul 18
I reach out to touch you but you move aside
you look back at me as you walk away
there's a faraway glint in your eye
I start to follow but you suddenly stop
is there something wrong
dread freezes my heart
I glance around , scared
"what's the matter" I begin to say

you reach out to to touch me
but I back away, fear making my heart pound
you grasp my wrist and pull me
straight into your arms
your mouth descends to mine
your lips soft and warm
you deepen our kiss
sliding and stroking
then you lift your head
your eyes dark with passion

i'm helpless now as you tug my hand
we tumble to the bed
"I love you" you whisper in my ear
as you gently caress my face
"i'll always love you"
I close my eyes , surrendering to my feelings
my tears begin to flow

I open my eyes knowing what will be
I turn my head to look , you're fast asleep
you let out a soft sigh
the man I remember is still here
just older, we both are
but my memories are held in my heart
our passion still there but quieter somehow
our love endures even now as our
bodies begin to age and fail
and i'm still that insecure woman
you met and loved
I smile to myself as you reach out to me
even in sleep , my eyes drift shut
as I sink peacefully into slumber
©L Conway 2020
For my hubby
August Jul 23
would you really say
that love only burns in the
hearts of the older?
Ken Pepiton Jul 5
Look, grand pa, that yoostbe a mega mall.

At the edge of paradise, just there, where those sunflowers,
and mustards are making little canyons for trickles
to form rills and eventually, streams to carry away
all that water can dissolve, though, if I
fret I can
wonder at where the asphalt pitch will be,
it being hydrophobic,
insoluble unless we get some more acid rain,
-- yeah, that might work
over time.
the tower in Babel was mortared with bitumen,
what did the destruction of that edifice of mud pollute?

Nevermind, all the empty malls shall make fine villages,
and where the parking lot was,
there will be a meadow of the sort seen where green
is given back
hope, wait… do you imagine
the earth can groan?
do green things hope? do they grow happy or are they
statelessly happening,
verily being  the hypostatic form of
homeostasis in
the pursuit of life for life's sake, slightly weighted toward
happy state expecting
good, so for common sense,
we use the colors common to life's attractors
green means go
red is stop…
straight edges, where nothing grows,
those say stop, look and listen
we all know the warning signs, or do we get those in lessons
along the way,
along the way of course, I knew,
I was testing you.

once the course is mapped though, then we must learn the way,
before we may go outside and play,

that was different when I was a child, then
I thought readily as a child, with no need of grand kids
to remind me,
this is 2020, but some things never change.
Joni Mitchell crossed my mind as I pondered the paths water takes
through vast empty parking lots of abandoned factory outlets along I-40. It was Route 66, last time I walked by.
Today, I am again closer
to everything mine —destined.
Better than I was,
Good for how I want,
And best for what is to come.
That, I know, without doubt.

As much as I have gone farther,
I know I am yet to be
where I want to be.
Just as I know, without doubt,
What will be will be.
I am at peace and ease
Knowing Who holds the wheel.

Whatever comes after
Was never meant to come before.
And whatever comes before
Was never meant to come after.
However, whenever.

Today, I am wiser and stronger
than I was yesterday.
But I am not getting any younger
Just so you know,
Today, I am a year older.

©By Abdulmalik Jibril
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