Have you ever felt like you just need to re-start your life? Like you've fucked up so bad that the only way to fix it is to start over. Imagine your life being a video game that when you hit a part you can't beat you can re-start the game and try again. Well I feel like life has a re-start button and it's comes when you stop feeling sorry for yourself and pick yourself up off the ground. I hit the re-start button a few times....relationships, friendships, even on myself.
There's nothing wrong with wanting a fresh start at this thing called life. Especially when you feel stuck between a rock and a hard place. Re-starting your life is not giving up, it's striving to do better, to be better, and to not make the same mistakes again. I pressed the re-start button on my life and now I start school in the fall and still have time to give my son my all. See a re-start can be beneficial if you use it to your advantage. Don't waste your second chance because you don't wanna continue to waste valuable time pressing your re-start button back to back.....re-starts are for when you need them most not when you don't wanna continue after you just started over 5 minutes ago. That button is powerful so use it well. You don't get many re-starts in life especially as you continue to get older.
Everyone needs a re-start button but don't abuse the power of starting over. Use it wisely and to your advantage. Be smart.
Daisy Marrow Jun 10
I love us in July,
the Saturday of summer.
Getting caught up in magic and cosmos,
killing time like it doesn't exist.
If being this carefree is a crime
then I guess we'll be locked up forever.

We sit in cars with slushies and show tunes.
Can't believe that I've never been happier.
These feelings are engraved
and they've found a home in me.  
These years were the little things
that made me love life.

Never did I imagine so much distance to invade our space.
Find us across the map and roads apart.
It's time we dance with reality.
Well, I guess time really did catch up with us.
It's time to break the news that summer does not last forever.
You used to feel untouched by the winds of time
They blew, and when they blew -they blew over everyone around you
Toppling those who shielded you from the wild winds
Those who reduced them to gentle gusts
But alas, you have grown
And are too big to fit behind the wall
You must brave the winds with the rest of us now.
Walk out of the shade
sense the heat, in your veins
resist squinting your eyes, in the day
for afterwards you are sunburnt, in pain.

Every day taking slow steps
always want more, always guess
bad days, we always detest
yet, good days earn you less.

As night falls the beat flows
time slows
colours true show
drink, until less we know.
Brent Kincaid May 11
I’m waddling around with wattles.
Nothing in a bottle will change that.
Not buying a better looking hat
Or a brighter, tighter shirt.
My childhood left in the dirt,
I’m an old man! I do what I can
To not look like a wino under a bridge;
A smidge of aftershave so I don’t stink
And people don’t think I’m decaying.

What I’m saying is, I’m getting old.
Graying smudges among the gold.
This is me. This is what I see daily
When I glance gaily into my mirror
Expecting the guy as young as I feel.
He isn’t real. An old guy sneaked in
Again, and I wish I hadn’t peeked.
Oh well, this isn’t really hell.
I have never thought I was hot,
One of those handsome lads that had
Everyone’s heads turning for them.

I had dim hope there for a while
But, no matter how much I smile
Nothing wins like smooth skin
Broad shoulders and big pecs.
I mean, I was not a wreck, but not
As I said, even a little bit hot.
Oh well, I got what I got, true?
Can I or you ever defeat genetics?
Like father like son, and mother,
Creates another generation of us;
Nice guys and gals, but plain,
And this old man is what remains.
I walk alone this August morning
as the heat begins its climb
and the ocean wind
is cooling in its soft touch

manta ray jumps and flips
and splashes
bragging to me its freedom

I walk alone
this endless beach
til the sweat drips and
the skin burns
and the storms roll
in distant chaos

there was a time when I would have considered
turning back
but those days have long since vanished
into the curve
that separates the climb
from the descent
oldie - light revision
Sara May 4
your young face is so delectable
   your hands as they package
              my food --
      obligatory cheer
          laced with genuine
       well-meaning -
  my body feels tense, electric, heavy -
        my being wants to
              into yours
i have a huge crush on the boy that works at the deli up the street. i'm 23 and he is a senior in HS i believe... just clarifying so i don't seem a super-creep for that "young" line... he is beautiful though..
Haleigh Apr 18
But I thought that being older and being a teenager ment going out with friends and hanging out til 4am

But here I am

And it's 4am
And I am older

But the only thing I am doing is debating on weather or not I should take my own life.
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