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Betty Apr 22
I will never understand
exactly when did a finger on the hand of time uncurl
and wave me on from being a girl
Getting older
Zack Ripley Apr 9
When I was a kid,
I thought I could be superman.
But now that I'm older,
I don't think anyone can.  
So, if no one can be a superman,
the next best thing I can be
is a good man.
You know what's fascinating about the older generation?
They want us to have it easy
Yet they constantly complain about how easy we have it
It can be quite confusing, I must admit
I don't understand them and they don't understand us
So what's all the fuss?
Let us be free
Who we want to be
It's kinda easy
My dad complains a lot about how easy we have it now, well dad I'm sorry for being born when I was.
I saw 25 years flash before my tired eyes
Third of my life is over
Older with every sunrise
God I feel old these days
Lee Carter Dec 2020
Living as a young man's ghost
Forgetting that, which mattered most.

Haunting steps, where once were bold,
To ponder when I became so old.
waffle Nov 2020
i don't know why im writing this. but i used to write every so often when i was younger.
i am turning 18.
it almost feels like a fever dream. i never felt this frightened my whole life.
is my life really starting? is this the beginning of a decade?
where am i gonna be after this? how am i gonna feel?

you see, growing up, it's that just simple.
nothing changes, and you still gotta wait for something to.
it doesn't magically happens.

and i hate waiting.
i wanna be older and free.
but, most of the time i wish life was simpler like when i was younger.
i was listening to ribs by lorde and my birthday is coming up.
Donna Nov 2020
When you get older
You just want to be cozy
and share all your love

The older you get the more wiser you get , I just love sharing all my love with my family &  friends  xxxx
Spadille Nov 2020
Happy birthday to me
I wish for serenity

Would you grant my wish
And then ******* a kiss
A year older... A year wiser... A year closer to death.
𝐀𝖓𝖓𝖆 Sep 2020
Life only gets harder,
The more we blink away,
The more seconds pass and we don't even see.

Writing becomes tougher,
Breathing seems less automatic,
And the alcohol just doesn't taste the same.

Happy birthday songs sounds sadder,
And the wishes we do away blowing the candles,
Are only attempts to escape reality.
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