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Amanda 7d
By now I've come to realize
You will always keep your secrets too far
Even after all these years
I still don't know who you are
Even after all this time I still don't know who you are
Eleanor Sinclair Dec 2018
Another year, now older
Am I wiser?
Perhaps, but surely bolder
What can I say
I feel more or less the same

The years float by, entrancing
But each no more enhancing
The reflection has no change
Yet my vision has less range
The wrinkles aren't yet there
And the grey has not attacked my hair
But somehow I feel aged
In my own mind encaged
I don't mind the sound of my years
For some it brings them to solemn tears
I find it sort of soothing
As evidence that life is moving

The time is comes and goes
When it will end, no one knows
But for now on earth it snows
And the howling wind still blows
Masha Yurkevich Dec 2018
I don't want this
new year to come.
It's gone by just to fast.
But sadly,
these few days are its last.

We'll all be one year older;
some growing taller,
others shorter.

And 2018 will never come back.

This year has gone
by way to
I don't know; maybe its just me. But I feel as if it were just yesterday that I was welcoming 2018, but now its gone. Now its 2019. I think that's kinda crazy.
lovejunkie Dec 2018
it's funny how everyone
wants to appear wealthy
on instagram, like the only
trickle down that happens
is the mainstreaming of
luxury brands and luxury
attitudes no matter if they
have a basis in reality or not.

the pressure to stay unhealthily thin
for women especially, to be forever
beautiful, to be obsessed with image
over substance enveloped in a luxury
obsessed society, it can feel relentless.
when my daughters were young i felt
like shielding their eyes every time
we passed a magazine rack, but
the onslaught is every where.

in a way, i'm glad i lost my health,
and i'm glad i lost my fortune,
and maybe even glad i lost a family
that was always mired in dysfunction
every single day. i am glad i'm getting
old, or at least what i thought old was
when i still was young, because i don't
care about any of that stuff anymore.
it feels like walking out of a prison
where you don't notice the bars
until you live outside of them.

they say getting old and losing
the trappings of youth is a narcissist's
worse enemy, it's like a death, but i
feel like getting old, it's freedom,
freedom to be who you are
completely unapologetically,
and though i want to always
be a better me, this security
in knowing that if i never get
the least bit better in any way,
if today is my life's high-water mark
and as good as i'm ever going to get
i am more than sufficient exactly as i
am at this very moment; i've always
been enough, but now i finally realize it.

it's like the first half of our lives
are spent being enveloped by a culture
of crass consumerism, obsession with status
and wealth, and having had it all and lost it
really makes one realize that that **** doesn't
equate with happiness. if we get lucky, though
it may seem like misfortune from the outside
looking in, maybe the second half of our lives
is about learning who we really are as people,
and where we came from, and that we're
good enough just as we are now, and
these trappings slowly falling away,
and the relentless and inescapable
momento mori of the calendar
is a road-map to freedom rather
than something to fill us with dread,
and our own worth is not defined
by anything external to who we are.
it's a beautiful day.
Johnny walker Nov 2018
Too many things In life
at that time so sure I'd
got them right, looking back to when I was
But when older one sees things In a much different light, and realise so many things I did get wrong
more than I did
When young one thinks they know all when really they nothing about life
Shea Nov 2018
One year ago exactly,
In the moment I relapsed faster
Than how fast I was running from myself.

It had been about a year too
Before I closed the door on
Hoping to have grown.

I was sent away
And blamed for that.
They said "You said the right things
And did this on purpose"
Well I can't say I did that,
But I can say I finally opened up
And asked for help
And this is what I got for that.

Now everytime I smell
The smell of tide detergent
And see that color green
On the meridian scrubs
I flinch and stop breathing.

I wish I never opened up,
I wish I never asked for help
Cause now the shackles on my brain are getting heavier in that section.

But it showed me a new perspective,
Didn't get the help I was wishing for
But I grew older, wiser, and nicer.
Now I'm a fighter for the kids like me
So I guess I have grown a little.
JJ Inda Nov 2018
The youth
has gone away.

Only lines
of fun stay.

When I smile
they go astray.
Dream Fisher Nov 2018
We don't dream like we used to
Of mansions built on ocean sides,
Of the house with a picket fence.
I keep dreaming only of a life without debt,
Wake up son, you aren't there yet.
Wake up kid, you aren't anything yet.

We don't write like we used to
Donate a million words to tell a sentence
In a time where pictures spoke less.
Miss, I don't know if you noticed
But the language lost its romance.
No one must have noticed since,
As I write or type, I go unnoticed
I guess that's why they call romantics hopeless

We don't live like we used to
I guess that's just changing tides
And although I've known no different,
I miss the older times
Samuel Hoffmann Oct 2018
When I grow up I’m going to be younger,
sillier, more adventurous, and free.
I’m going to say what I like, do what I please,
and in general, just be happy.

I won’t care what salary I make;
six-figure, five-figure, or none.
I could be doorless and friendless,
and still manage to be happy and have fun.

If I make mistakes, I will have made mistakes.
Mistakes are just bound to come.
All I can do is learn and become better,
smile, and not forget to have fun.

I’ll work; we all work.
But man, I'll make sure to have fun.
I could pick up trash or flip burgers
while smiling and still getting the job done.

When I grow up I’m going to be happy.
Equally, if not happier than now.
I’ll make sure to have fun and get things done,
and at the end of it all take a bow.
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