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dadens Jan 16
I wrote about you for the same reason I photographed you

Because even though we aren't the same people now

You're the same person I fell in love with on the old pages of my journal

But instead of being wrapped in your arms, the words on my pages hold me close and bring warmth to my heart, much like you used to

The photographs of you pull up the corners of my lips to create a soft nostalgic smile, though my eyes start to pool in the corners

Not tears of sadness, but of melancholy remembrance for how much has changed since the ink dried on my pages

Tears that remind me why I write and capture

So that I can relive the moments I held dearest and preserve those who walked down my path with me, no matter where they veered off on their own, they'll always remain the same in my story.
Johnny walker Dec 2018
Nothing but sleep I've done
today really travelled my
dreams outside wet windy and cold no reason or need to go out
Drift from dream to dream, even go back to a dream after waking I dream of my girl still feel the sweetness of her kiss upon my lips
Her arms that once held me so tight the softness of her breast brushing the hairs on my
Her hands caressing my body, so wonderful these dreams
I'll never let go, hang on to the dreams I hear her say, love Is not just for yesterday
Love not just for yesterdays love forever I can relive my life with my wife through my dreams
Linus Stevenson Sep 2018
I don't go back because I want to relive it,
I go back because I want to pollute, dilute, and make minute the memory of us in this place.
Poetry Aug 2018
Don't become stuck
Years will pass
before you realize
it's the present you've been missing
Willow Jul 2018
Walking down the hall,
The hall of memories,
When I was happy and carefree.
Every time I look at them,
I wish I could go back and relive them.
Relive the best moments in life
because ever since I was 8,
my happiness was ruined.

I walk down the hall and
look at every single photo.
I try to remember that day
in which that photo was taken,
and when I do remember, I space
out and start crying because
I know that I will never be that happy

When I get to the photo of a baby picture,
I stop and think, what an innocent little body
and face, I wonder what it would be like
if my innocence wasn't taken.
Shadow Dragon May 2018
Don't tell me that you understand.
Have you scooped out my eyes?
Like they were vanilla ice-cream.
Have you cut them open?
To see what they have seen.
Have you dug up all the memories?
To see what was buried in them.
Have you tried?

You will never know
what I have experienced.
Even if you took my eyes,
you wouldn't be able to feel it.
Where does the poet turn
when the words cannot be found
who will see him
through quiet nights
and solemn days
as he fumbles in thought
at a scene already written
an emotion already spent
the frightening possibility
that his dreams have all been dreamed
his nightmares all survived
the poet's eye if narrowed
is blind

a cold wind turns the corner
as he makes his way
to the nearby park
with pencil and pad
he will gaze in infinite wonder
the children at play
the Sun on the bay
and he will wish he could live
the words once again
Maria Etre Nov 2017
Mashed up

               mash up

                             smashed up

                                             crushed up

                                                          got back up

                                                                       glued up

                                                                               suited up

                                                                                        straight up
the essence of human nature
Masked Voice Oct 2017
I've heard my heart many times, saying
" I'm haunted by humans. "
I saw my words bleeding.
Then gazed at her's,
which gave me hope or perhaps something more,
" Life ".
The bleeding words healed.
Broken smiles revived.
The silent heart beat in new rhythms.
My pale face re-lit.
sometimes, being inspired by someone or being influenced by someone and importance to that person can make you revive yourself or rather help you find who you are n what you are.
so keep trusting people though it's heart-breaking when they break your trust, it's just a temporary pain, you'll forget all about it when you find that person who'll love you n care for you to the ends of the universe.
too much said :) sorry if it was boring..
hope you'll like this xo
You can either take a photo or shoot a video.
A Photo reminds you of the past and makes you wish time had stayed frozen. A Video lets you relive a moment, fulfilling your need to stay young and to be lost in an endless loop of memories.
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