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A cello’s open C
nearly derailed me.
Cerys snuck it in,
slow Sundaying,
nearly made me stop the car
and howl
as the bow drew on my guts
like blissful punishment,
the sullen throb
calling human
em May 2017
cello boy,
young and sweet
he finds it hard to eat
he says
to be thin is to be beautiful

young and innocent ,
he doesn't look at me
as he curves the bow
an instrument
that sings only for him

cello boy,
he has curls
hanging in his eyes
the curve of his lips is parted
but he is hardly breathing

cello man,
sometimes i dream
entirely accidentally
of his arms around me
he plays me like
an instrument

and i would sing for him,
only him.
Lyda M Sourne Jul 2018
And doubts have dashed
And murmurs gone
And frowns have turned downside up

To smiles
And heart
And laughter
And newfound friends
And applause
And gratitude

As miles of
Hard work

Have rewarded the sweetest
Not of gold but of

a musical gift
Written after we won a music competition. Some people were salty about losing. I'm just glad all my hard work didn't go to waste.
S K Anderson Apr 2018
It hurts, you know.
That I wasn't there, to save you.
I wouldn't have been able to anyway,
but I would have tried.
So I will remember you,
I'll see you in your brothers,
And hear you in every piece.
And I'd like to dedicate this writing,
In loving memory.

Dedicated to Edgar.
Edgar was a cello, not a person.
But a cello that I loved dearly.
This was written the day that I found him broken on the floor.
Amidst the smoke and light and laughter
Along the smiles and cheers thereafter

A sound is bled, wrung free from strings
It bounds and treads and wholly sings
Inside each song, a secret’s moved
Not right nor wrong or frequent proved
The message dances from bow to ear;
A coded trance of love and fear
From left to right the story rings
Of Death and light the Cello brings
The covert tale engulfs the room
It vibrates truth to those who loom
The Cello knows for why it’s played
Its secret lost, both gone and stayed

In the smoke and light and laughter
Music lies and cries thereafter
Edward Coles Jul 2016
The cello sings Ave Maria.
Distilled calm; blister packs
In a wet July.

There is peace in every grain,
So fine. Wore away the stone,
Three drownings in the sea.

To build a monument
We settle upon:
Our paradise recovery.

There is warmth after the rain.
Ukulele played on the
Gran Cervantes balcony.
Off-white scars;
Pyramids with no eyes.

Every stoner sleeps.
Every kind heart cries.

The Arc of Life sings a lullaby,
Still I cannot get calm.
In a wet July

A comfort to staying inside.
We tried, wore away our lungs,
Three renewals in the sea.
A leap of faith,

An old keepsake
We contrived upon:
Our lunatic discovery.

There is movement in death.
Pollen falls to the ground;
Exhale of recovery.
Dead-end joy,
Statuettes with no eyes.

Every criminal weeps,
Every kind heart lies.

The cello sings Ave Maria.
The strings that heal
In a wet July.
Crysta Gingras Mar 2016
I wake up in the morning and see the sun saying hello
I go downstairs and am stopped by an odd fellow
He wore a green hat and carried a cello
He certainly was an odd little fellow
He stopped me and said “Do you want to follow your dreams?”
A little shy I squeaked “uh well, Sure please”
He led me down the hallway and right out the door
Looked back at me with a display and asked “what are you waiting for?”
I shrugged my shoulders with dismay and followed closely behind
He kept right on running I followed suit in kind
He led me to a castle that stood up straight and bold
He looked at me and pointed at it while demanding “Don’t you now fold;
The answers to all your dreams is up there waiting inside
The place is falling at the seams, no time to swallow pride”
So with a leap and a bound I found myself in the castle
Searching far and wide certainly was a hassle
I walked up to a fireplace and saw a burning stew
I turned around to look and who I saw, was you
You stared at me with a challenge, blue eyes boring holes
I stared right back unable to move from those striking blues
You asked what I had come for
I honestly said, “No clue,
Though if I’d take a guess, I’d say I came for you”
That quip made your eyes lose their stony glare
And if I had the confidence I’d swear I saw a sparkle there
You invited me to sit, and we talked for a long while
I impressed you with my wit and even got a smile
It came time for me to leave, so I made to bid adieu
You reached out and grabbed my arm, “life is far better with two”
I was a little taken aback, had I been too far forward?
This woman knew my inner thoughts, perhaps clear-sighted?
I wanted to agree with you, but I lived far from here
It seemed you knew again and said, “Will you take me there?”
My shock must have shown for you shrunk back like I hurt you
“Did I assume too much?” you asked with hesitation
“That all depends” I said with sly smile “do you like blue?”
You smiled again, glowing with confidence, as you leaned forward and said “of course I do”
This time I smiled back, and linked your arm with mine
We walked out of the castle and passed the fellow, now drinking wine
He looked up with a glance and then jumped back with a dance
Shouting for joy at the sight
He grabbed his cello
Before he could mellow
And sang with all of his might
“oh happy days you found your dream
It has all come true to be
For you found her and she found thee
So happy
So happy to be!”
We danced with the fellow
While playing his cello
And moved about all through the night
My hand in your hand
And your eyes on mine
Nothing has ever felt more right
Like the fellow had sung
So happy to be
Right then and there
Just you and me
A story for my Angel
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