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David Feb 1
Don't go too far
Don't go too far, while I pray for you
Don't go too far
Stop fighting and travel with me, there's no enemy, oh stay

Don't go too far
Don't go too far, while I wait for you
Don't go too far
It's not a war field, it's just a field
With mountains and plains

Why do we keep
Fighting when there's no enemy?
Just stay with me,
Just stay with me my baby oh
ll take care of you.

I see a star
I see a star upon our blind heads
We'll never reach
But we can lay and watch it while we love

Why do we have
To move somewhere else?
Isn't it ok?
Isn't it ok to stay here baby?
Nothing over there.

I remember when
I remember when I went too far
Drowned was my heart,
I tried to reach the star but it was far
Further than far

I know there's no choice but staying here
And love whole life
No past, no future, I love you so and
I won't stop

I remember when
I remember when I reached the end
It was so deep,
It was so deep and I had no choice but returning to home.

Now we are together
among the great river
Oh always change
Oh always change, no eternity
So now I love you

Remember you
Remember you trying to reach your dream
And then you fell
You fell down to the deepest ****
But now
We're still here.

And now
I know there's no choice but staying here
And enjoying life
Enjoying life for what it is
With you,
Oh my love.
I made this poem on the Korean traditional song "Arirang",
You can try singing this along with the song, it fits it (I think it sounds better if you search the piano version).

This writing is about knowing that if we believe life is a fight and problems are enemies, life will be full of suffering, because anytime we fail, it's a defeat and we feel useless or unworthy of living.
While if we believe life is a travel and problems are just obstacles, life is much more peaceful.
Thanks to this "trick" I overcame a very bad period near to depression, I think it can be useful for everyone.

Then it's about life having nothing at the end of it but death, it's about living in the present, solving the problems and remorses of the past calmly, trying to find a concrete solution in the present instead of dwelling about the past.
About living the present free from the anxieties of the future, accepting our limits, accepting that reality is transitory, it continuously changes: when we're in a bad period, it will pass, when we're in a happy period, we can enjoy it the most till the day we'll have to say goodbye to it. We have to accept life with its transitory nature I believe.

Also it's about believing everything is pure conscience and that this frees us from existential pain, like the fear of death and loss (from Buddhism, if I understood it well)

Then the lover here is not a specific person, it's anyone: a friend, a mum, a dad..
It's love in general, not a couple.

Sorry for the long text, just wanted to share this, I think it's useless if keep this thing in my phone only lol
Hope you enjoy it :)
Elena Dec 2018
The hole is deep enough for the two of us
And yet we keep on digging!
To haul each day a heavy load
Is this the life worth living?

I hear the wailing in the distance
I feel the heavy hooves beating down
The stubborn mule never listened
And the steed chased but never found

The gift of life can give or take
Like corn in a drought mid harvest
Corn stalks can grow in numbers
Or growing hunger serves to starve us

So when the wind no longer howls
We will see the trees stop flailing
And when the eyes can see the road
We can trust the sailor sailing.
Kee Oct 2018
trying not to tumble
in a world with so many obstacles
makes it a thousand times harder
but it makes you strong
at what cost?
destroying every bit of you
until there's almost nothing left
only for you to say 'at least i made it out alive
is that any better than being dead
at least then you won't have to remember
Maria Etre Oct 2018
For all
the curveballs
life pitched
Thank You
faa Jul 2018
Her lips constant at the utterance
Of sweet and serene words filled
With adoration, praising him,
He who made endless hearts
do cartwheels and somersaults
Of multiple, millions nigh and far
their hearts loving
As long as he’s living

Nonetheless, changing courses
Of history was what she excelled
One glance, one encounter turned

Her lips managing
to do none but stutter
To his shielded heart
no one managed to flutter

His deer like eyes observing
With admiration, eyes sparkling
every look, crook, nook
Of her smile that shook
The worlds and heavens
Devout in his heart and mind

His earth's plates shifting
His massive planets orbiting
He witnessed it all in one being

The gravity of the universe on her
Shoulders heavy from responsibility
The heavens challenging her capability
Her hardships conveyed as she blinked
their dilated orbs communicating
language barriers unstoppable
To what her eyes held

He understood his needs
To care, to cherish, to love,
Feeling his heart pumping blood
Faster, quicker than light
Travelling the dark domains
Undiscovered, just like her soul
That he felt the need to explore
As his heart finally fluttered
The wind blows slowly as we face new trials,
slowly it wanders into our minds,
sometimes it goes beyond our hearts,
moments that are realized to be harsh words kept inside.
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