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Arcassin B Apr 20
By Arcassin B

overall special specimen simply super sensitive to sunlight,
god body at 22 leaning for no attention in this world,
Poisoned individual just like my brothers and sisters living,
moth to a flame bang loud like a shot in the dark , better duck quick so
put all my hatred behind me because I know my enemies won't,
you put me in a bad position , if you say you miss me , you don't,
there are a lot of faces I don't want to see , but I know I can't be like that,
everyone is just a memory in my eyes , I don't wanna go back, so Im'a
Be a different species , a different species entirely,
If you can confide In me.

Nylee Mar 2018
The crossroads bring many paths together
each one drifting farther
We can surely meet later
but the journey will differ
"Hey" I’m still in pain

"Hi" I’m lost again

"Hello" I said to him that time yet I’m going across the line


"How are you?" I wanted to ask, but I didn’t know the answer if you would question it to me.

I would lie and say something cliché like "I'm fine" that’s how it should be

We wouldn't talk for some time when crowds would take us apart, I know deep down I'm slowly tearing apart

Although I would look in your direction trying to find your point of view, to know what you saw in her, and not what you see before you…

And as the day ends I would likely lift my head and grab my things, walking to the exit door the same way I walked in

Saying the words I wish I never meant, words I beg to differ, words I regret

A simple "goodbye" to end this heartbreak moment
"Farewell" I didn't make you mine
Next time I'll try again, hopefully you'll notice then
classroom problems
Äŧül Nov 2016
People see my love,
For you, my love,
In these poems,
Which you consider differently,
That you would say are evil,
Probably inept of your attention,
But I do not control anyone.

Not even my own body.
My body has started revolting and I can feel it coming.

Nothing gets digested.

No balance or control.

Respiration is no better.

My memory is even worse.

You made a smart decision for yourself.

I wholly endorse your decision.

Don't worry about me, I was just a phase.

So yes, I'm better left alone during the end of my days.

You be happy.

HP Poem #1277
©Atul Kaushal
Leila Valencia Mar 2016
I walk between a beguiling trench
A glowing bridge, paraded with gowns
The other side must lead somewhere?

I look, ponder, plummet, down I gaze at..
The face of a girl unfocused
Drowning my mind out
My reflection from above,
Looks at the Wanderer

Beneath the lowly stars hangs my hairs
The crescent moon wanes
Guiling my innocent feet, to walk my wonder - the spirit captures my soul
What I ponder is a creature, staring at me by the bridges' edge

Holding a flaming lantern - taking my hand
Cloaking my dreams in budded flowers
The creature stirred my peeping mind...
I begin to see my maiden's gown fretting, distressing with the wind
The creature of the ghostly figure greets me graciously

I step upon a grave lair
A burrow lays underneath
I sigh, I'm listening to my hand maiden's grief
Must you show me?
Take charge of me?

I'm lost
In unknown territory - casting dark spells and chants in foreign languages - I run

Casting my arms around a vagueness
I familiarize with a homely scent
A green pasture, guiding me

My beguiling bridge doesn't guide me
It leads me
I must take the budded flowers in my pocket
I blow out the lantern flame
I will lead
A time where I must choose my own path. I will not let anyone guide me.
Rockie May 2015
Listen to these differences
Between you and me
Because they'll be handy, honey,
When you're wondering what you did wrong.

You claw for attention
Of your music taste
Because it's mainstream,
All that modern pop making your brain
Wonder what it's like to prefer rock.

I Like It Heavy like the Halestorm song
Because I see the good in the bad and the ugly
Not like The Chainsmokers
Deciding which filter to use

You watch White Chicks
Because you feel like you can relate to the blonde twins
Locked up in the room
Waiting for those cuts to heal

My friends and I watch it
Because we have a laugh at the guys
Dressing up as teenage girls
Farting in the restaurant being hit on by another guy

I could list a whole lot more
But I'd rather not, so
Do you see the difference?

— The End —