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Donna 5d
I’m on a diet
But it poured of rain today
So I ate a cake
A iced donut was yummy x
Iz Oct 9
Is it really survivors guilt if
I haven’t survived yet

If you take too long to cook dinner,
everyone will just end up
eating cereal.

Even though I'm a kid, I do this all the time
Mark Sep 19
Satiety admonishes me that I have reached the ultimate stage of deglutition, consistent with dietetic integrity and any more would be an overwhelming superfluity.
Arden Sep 18
I don't have an eating disorder
I eat one meal a day

I don't have an eating disorder
I cant eat more than 700 calories a day

I don't have an eating disorder
I have to skateboard at least 5 hours a day

I don't have an eating disorder
If I don't know how many calories is in something I can't eat it
Skyla Sep 15
Would you, If you could press reset?
You stole my heart, put it back in my chest
You hate me when I’m lifeless but I love my emptiness
I’m not the soul you once met
I just need to lay underneath the dirt and rest
All I see are silhouettes
Do you love me too much to forget
even in this mindset?
Or do you regret?

I don’t feel pretty, I feel scared

I wanna be your dolly, broken and impaired
Sad, skin and bone
In your arms I found a home
Made of glass and deeply fragile
You cradled me while I was in denial

Do you adore me, yet?

These handcuffs are tightening
Everything is frightening
I don’t feel the thunder but I feel the lightening

Just hold me, don’t scold me, I know that you worry, but I feel so lovely,
I’m lying, I’m dying, I hate that you’re crying, and you think i’m falling but I think I’m flying.  

You said that perfect don’t exist
Then why do I feel it in my emptiness?

You see my sadness and my brittle little head
   But you don’t see the gore or the bloodshed

I destroy you while I destroy myself
You don’t think I’m pretty anymore because I’ve destroyed my health

I  wanna be half, ‘cause I hate being whole
So I bow down to a porcelain bowl

You try to find my skin under the sheets
But you only find the swelling cuts and my bones, so you dig deeper underneath
But there’s nothing there.  Not even blood or muscle.  There’s absolutely nothing but air.  

And I know that’s not what you want to touch
And I’ve robbed you of the girl you loved
I’ve taken her place and I wear her face
and you miss her most, but for now all you have is her ghost.

You try to force life into the ghost of her body
How come you want the “healthier” her, but you don’t want me?

Do you not see how much I’ve done for you?
Replacing meals with fingernails and trying not to feel
Growing too thin so I can finally win
This game that you don’t even want to be in

I love you, and you love a girl who is withering away into nothing

You don’t love my body you love my soul
You love my heart, which has grown cold

I’m shivering under your fingertips in this hollow body, in this cold skin of mine
Not from your touch but from feeling no heat
No heat from your love, no warmth from your touch, just cold and sad and stuck.  

And when I look in the mirror and tell the ghost of me that she looks pretty
She screams in return and her eyes ache for me to see that I’m absolutely hideous this way

Darling, do you adore me yet?
Creator Sun Sep 14

I don't feel hungry.
I don't want to eat.
I don't want to wake up for breakfast,
I don't want breakfast.

I don't want to eat.
If not eating means death,
Then do I want to live?

I don't want to eat.
I'm not hungry.

I don't want to live.
I have this weird eating habit where I'll eat breakfast for brunch. I also have a pattern of eating where I'll eat very little on some days but then get second or third helpings on some days. I don't really have any perception of meal times or why exercising when hungry makes the hunger go away?
julianna Sep 12
How can I send this message?
I tie a ribbon ‘round my wrist,
To keep a measure of my rib cage
And I scarf down my food,
I shower when no one’s around
Cause’ I can chuck it up in silence
Still trynna be silent because I’m paranoid
That I’ll spill Mia’s little secret
So many letters,
But I’m still wearing an “ED” necklace
round’ my thin neck
Read between the lines on my wrists
I don’t like being alone,
But I need help and you don’t give it, no.
Sydney Sep 5
i’m a liar because i’ll tell you how much i hate this, this living ordeal,
i’ll complain my way through an hour or two at a
coffee shop/bar/angry phone call from an apartment balcony
i’ll say this but if i hated it like i said i do. wouldn’t be writing.
wouldn’t be finding flowers to put in empty jars. wouldn’t say thank you, thank you, wouldn’t stand in warm water for an hour or more just to see what it’s like, today.
if i hated it i wouldn’t care about it so passionately, wouldn’t
white knuckle my way through wanting it to work so badly.
a true hate would be numbing out and accepting,
a true distaste for life would be an indifference to it.
i’ve always written that my first real love was with life
my first roller coaster romance, first earth shattering heartbreak, first all encompassing obsession
and i stand by that. always have.
Jenny Sep 4
the nose that sits flat
against her face burns, as
it barricades
against the tears that are
soon to flood and stain
the cheeks, the crevices where her nostrils meshed
with her upper lip. the shattered glass that surrounded her rippled,  
a sea of diamonds.
her hands were pressed in a pool
of their own blood as it seeped
slowly from her cold claws.
the sharp stinging
eventually dulled, but
the scratches embedded in her throat
were still angry and raw, her knuckles
were crusted with the liquid
of dead roses. her gut
was empty, yet still
she retched, but the demons would not
allow her to exorcise them so she stuck
******* down her throat,
as if she could scoop them out.
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