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Martin Boško Apr 11
Blue as an ocean
Last among his brethren
Guarding the outside
Wheel of wisdom spinning wildly
Will we win with Venus by our side?
Can the flow of mind start treating us kindly?
Oh, Neptune, change the river's tide
Raven Feels Apr 2
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, sometimes what we want is not what we're granted;>

brought to you

no you came brought to me

painted with lines on the finements of my destiny

not on the deads

in the lives you float

rent free on a mind I own

called boat

a ship a rocket you name

there is no bound no limit no aim

in the terror of my cave

you bring the symphonies you carve and pave

pave the way to my hands

to board their journeys

to make their plans

feel the world upon tips

like the steps of sand

the breath of land

the sight of dear

the sense of mere

the drip of downs

the realize of nows

the dive of sea

in blues of surreal

up taken by the fingers to a deal

of a fluent flow a pleasant kneel

not to the gods but to the clear

no more on the behinds of blood and set and Neptune

to a slender of a violin a shiver soon

you know your lights and shades on my moon

not aware of my nights anytime for you

although my gates are open to infinite

no stops to the intimate

you color you steep

on the curves of my leap

Man Jan 31
seated in the briney blue
hear me
i can't help but think of you
as something on the way out
salinity increasing
water's quiet whisper, bursting to a shout
no real attempts at ceasing
what we know in time will come about
here's to the future refugees
here's to the dead sure to die
here's to weather we knew once
to the tears surely to be cried
and one for the men and women in charge
eden Jan 12
perhaps i am simply
not of this world

maybe i was
born on venus
or even saturn
perhaps i came into
on one of it's rings
or what if i am from neptune
or one of the
fourteen moons
surrounding it
the blue planet
encompassed with
the hydrogen
the helium
the methane
in the atmosphere

what i am used to
is an environment where
i can't breathe
maybe i like toxins
maybe i like chemicals
because i feel comfortable
being exposed to them
constantly bordering
along the thin lines
that seem to
beauty and chaos

the earth is not
my home
alienated on this planet
i rest and reset as the sun
moves through the sky
i move through my days
and they feel
repetitive to say the least

i wish i was born here
but i don't think
i have ever felt more
out of my body

what if i was not formed
on any planet
maybe i don't even exist
at all

a void in and of itself

i may just be a sad
and empty
never ending
black hole
My Moon went missing
and My Mercury kept rising.
So I took a brisk walk,
around the Rings of Saturn.
As My Heart wept Tears,
forming a sad Pattern.
I went searching for Her,
On Jupiter and Mars.
Venus had seen Her,
with the "Shooting Stars".
Pluto suggested that,
I may find Her on Charon.
As it rhymed well,
with Her Name Sharon.
Uranus and Neptune,
said "Why not try Earth?
U may find Her,
at Her place of Birth".
Umi Oct 2020
On a distant planet,
The cold wind is seething, unmatched,
Breaking the barriers of the azur beauty,
And eventually the barries of sound itself,
As it rages on, without ceasing.

~ Umi
Neptune is truly beautiful, isn't it ?
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