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SoZaka Aug 2018
A life lived in a dream
if ever a heavenly sight could bring me to stir
asleep on a plume of Neptune
dimensions away from here

of three eyes of which I see
not one sees  through my confusion
too dense a haze surrounds me
to spot the closest star
much less the farthest one away
jonni inferno Apr 2018
their readings ruptured
now run around
in panic-stricken circles

How can this be ?!!?
What shall we do ?!!?
Ceres is Gone !!
Now Pluto too !!
Who shall be next ??!!??
Jupiter ??
Neptune ??

We know their plans
and they've been confirmed

- No -
it's not Saturn...
- sshhh -
Be quiet now
- Please -
Do Not Squirm
They only want

from a planet
to a planetoid
and if they keep going
a lowly

just a comedic finish to "Pluto, Thou Hast Fallen"
included the link to the pic/poem at the end
brenda c Feb 2018
oh, man! oh, man! oh, man!
what is so special about moon?
just a brightly-shines-gray-round
when night falls.
just a place where there is a set of
reflected staring eyes of the giving up,
hopeful, and the wanderer ones.

oh, man! oh, man! oh, man!
who dial the noon?

"me" i said.

oh, man! oh, man! oh, man!
i prefer neptune

"what's this time?" he asked.

i prefer neptune.
i like neptune.

might be can't make the light by itself.
not like the moon.

and that's why i always say
"love you to neptune and back"

but take me to neptune,
we might never come back. forever.
we have endless time.
just like our stories.
it's a long flight.

but the moon
she can be our witness.
i'll tell her.
i would like her to tell
every particular story
of our journey to everything
that lives.

it's immortal.
NRIKO Dec 2017
when the sun fears enough to cower over
the moon with its knees and
is kissing the tender
glass of the mirror
that reflects one side,

neptune weeps like a baby
birthed from a place unknown
yet needy all the same.

with that,
my eyes are forced open
my hands to take its waist,
its apple that was once
part of a tree.

heat sears me like stigma
yet this is different:

a paradox that speaks
not in tongues of abuse
or nationalism of one's mind.

this new sensation
is accompanied by
a high-pitched falsetto
as if feeling every paper cut
**** into his mind,
his flesh of lost innocence.

then, when reaching out
to touch this "him",
this hymn i've found,
his skeletal oblivion makes itself known.

- eozyoh. 8.12.2017. 12:42 am
jamie Sep 2016
you shine bright as the sun
you're as beautiful as the
stars in the night sky

you're more brilliant
than a shooting star
more rare than a comet

i'm red with anger
much like mars
over not being in the
same room as yours

your blue eyes
draw me in and
make me feel safe
and comfortable

much like uranus
and neptune
their beautiful pale blue
color matches your eyes

don't forget the kindhearted
yellow color of venus
named after the goddess
of love aphrodite

that planet can represent
my love for you
because you're my light
in the darkness

of all space
and to end this
know that if you leave
like pluto

i'll miss you dearly
so please stay
another lightyear
and be my moon

together we'll create harmony
within ourselves
and within each other
because we're all stars
Macy Opsima Jul 2016
who hurt you?
who played with you,
circling along in your own orbit
then slowly drifted away
once it was done collapsing with your body?
you still revolve around the sun.
the sun who's heat cannot even
reach your icy flesh and bones.
yet you still continue to move around it,
like a child circling their mother asking for something
like a dog barking continuously for attention.
the world behind you
is too small and weak to catch you when you fall
and the world in front of you
has its own personal fence of asteroids
preventing you from leaning on it's shoulders.
and you'll forever remain cold.
only touched by stones who'll do
nothing but carve scars into your crust.
Dustin Dean Jul 2016
My feelings run through her hair
An exquisite sensation in the daytime
Bonded by the wall of charm
We just can't get over ourselves
And that's the beauty of it all
So we carry on into the night
Looking for ways to refine
Which Sister Neptune takes care of
Glistening downtown's highs
Over the rustic romance
That shrouds Saturn's sighs
Vani j Jun 2016
I am her summer and she is my June,
I am her Uranus and she is my Neptune,
I am her lyric and she is my tune.
Just random
Pauline Russell Jan 2016
Floating out in infinite space
Far above the sadistic human race
Drifting in the cosmic flow
No knowing which way I'll go
But I'll be free
As the galaxies

Way past Neptune
Out in space I'll be immune
From sadness and corruption
Way out there, there will be no interruption
From my happy thoughts
From all I forgot

I'll keep on sailing through all the galaxies
I'll do as I please
I'll dive into the stars
Resurface by Mars
Backstroke through the cosmos
I will swim to the utmost

Will I come back
To feeling like I lack
I doubt it
Not without a fit
A fight
Till this world fits right
Till then
You find me on a heavenly wind
I might never come back again
Unless it's on a whim
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