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My Dear Poet Jun 2023
That day,
when I turned
and saw your eyes,
the sun grew in size
That kiss
upon your lips
exploded the stars
into shimmering
Sailing away
to where
the 14 moons
of Neptune
were due
to rise
Raven Feels Aug 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, happy August:)

purple moons and blond twins soon
talking horses and no gravity forces
jumping on cars and livestream of stars
blue dives hope and carrying yellow soap
the never ringing phone had rung and infinite questions in the air hung
mystic eyes danger and love of my life a stranger
I represent Lady Dream
and her fake lashes of gleam
a fantasy
hidden secrets in her world reality
in every color deceptive
subconsciously destructive
choose your perspective
she is not new
my haven in hours of few
on the mind
never understand what you find
now I sleep to see her poisonous skies
not to rest that one for the one who dies
nightmares my addiction don't be scared
called unravel of fallen hair
might do her a night stall
yet she leaves like a swift and crawls
now I know her stories are coming back in fear
been there done that since the end of last year
like signs flooded in clear waters
better than drowning with unknown ocean callers
I greet every era illusionary welcome
I carve every ranger in memory then run
walls in paths they deceive in glisten
the ferris wheel hangs and listens
sometimes we don't talk anymore
she throws ventures then struggles in store
masterminds wrapped around her finger they strive
Neptune rains diamonds and they cut like knives
she thinks before the sunshine we play a lying game
and I play along in absolute shame
she comes back with a curious mystery every night
and hello! sweet poetry from under my pillow then ignites

Davina E Solomon Jun 2021
In Parsley, a Levantine munificence accreted together in Tabbouleh,
herbage that covers fractured bedrock in a poultice of healing.

Secreted within, lie igneous outpourings of bloodied tomatoes,
those solid affections that had welled through an ocean floor

as Neptune quelled Gaia's contractions, her waters seeking to burst
beneath the wrinkled surface of a salty sea. She, an underbelly of sky,
pregnant in the overwhelm of magma, sweating out her heart in fire,
muted like a moon of Neptune, in his retrograde soliloquies, yet mirroring

hers in icy resurfacings of skin. The God of the Sea,  boils an amnion  
to hazy mists, how deep will his trident plunge to dislodge those Trojan ships

of deceptions ? Yet, Triton blows a conch for Gaia, not for man's duelling
and his warring tribes. He soothes her feverish gnashing of thighs

labouring continents. Some fires burn in water, like desultory heartbeats
moving the pace of rocks through the ocean floor, spiriting away

to stranger places still, marking maps of memories in the beauty of
a stillborn magma. The limestone they say is no blood relation to such

alien fructification, those oceanic intruders, bleeding still, spilling
secrets in reds and purples. The acid tears spilled in lemons merely

neutralised in syllables, sedimented to a community of  limestone,
that possess no archaic remnants reminiscing through dead bones,

an age of glory. Now beauty lies in herbage over once raucous magma
and traces of a salty sea, freshness of life trailing her veins, in fragrance of Parsley
This poem was written in a way to thread together themes of Roman myths, the moon of Neptune and NASA's proposed Trident mission to Triton, the Jonestown/Lebanon County Volcanic field and a levantine salad. It is specifically based on the Geology of the volcanic field ara located in Southeastern Pennsylvania. Do read the synthesis of it all at
Raven Feels Apr 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, sometimes what we want is not what we're granted;>

brought to you

no you came brought to me

painted with lines on the finements of my destiny

not on the deads

in the lives you float

rent free on a mind I own

called boat

a ship a rocket you name

there is no bound no limit no aim

in the terror of my cave

you bring the symphonies you carve and pave

pave the way to my hands

to board their journeys

to make their plans

feel the world upon tips

like the steps of sand

the breath of land

the sight of dear

the sense of mere

the drip of downs

the realize of nows

the dive of sea

in blues of surreal

up taken by the fingers to a deal

of a fluent flow a pleasant kneel

not to the gods but to the clear

no more on the behinds of blood and set and Neptune

to a slender of a violin a shiver soon

you know your lights and shades on my moon

not aware of my nights anytime for you

although my gates are open to infinite

no stops to the intimate

you color you steep

on the curves of my leap

Man Jan 2021
seated in the briney blue
hear me
i can't help but think of you
as something on the way out
salinity increasing
water's quiet whisper, bursting to a shout
no real attempts at ceasing
what we know in time will come about
here's to the future refugees
here's to the dead sure to die
here's to weather we knew once
to the tears surely to be cried
and one for the men and women in charge
Savio Fonseca Jan 2021
My Moon went missing
and My Mercury kept rising.
So I took a brisk walk,
around the Rings of Saturn.
As My Heart wept Tears,
forming a sad Pattern.
I went searching for Her,
On Jupiter and Mars.
Venus had seen Her,
with the "Shooting Stars".
Pluto suggested that,
I may find Her on Charon.
As it rhymed well,
with Her Name Sharon.
Uranus and Neptune,
said "Why not try Earth?
U may find Her,
at Her place of Birth".
Umi Oct 2020
On a distant planet,
The cold wind is seething, unmatched,
Breaking the barriers of the azur beauty,
And eventually the barries of sound itself,
As it rages on, without ceasing.

~ Umi
Neptune is truly beautiful, isn't it ?
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