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Be free!
I release you, Nurtured Feathers
Go! Fly!

Run and flee!
Leave this wall-less house of Forever!
Escape, bye!

Be gone!
No longer Us bound together!
No longer try!

Just remember!
I sewed your wounds better!
Dried Nurtured's eyes!

Don't forget!
I severed Binds that held Nurtured tighter!
Eliminated lies!

Of toils of illness and bouts of fever!
Shoulders where Nurtured voice cries!

Just know!
There never were walls, windows, doors, locks, or levers!
Nutured was always free to go and try!

Freed Ye!
Become loveless to the hand of the deepest lover!
Beseech my soul as it dies!

So, Be free!
I smile as I release you, Nurtured Feathers!
Ever hurt as you go by!
Orakhal Oct 28
as you hold your child
don't hold on to them
Norman Crane Aug 27
He brought spiders to the schoolyard
      to crush them
He attended Julliard
      to learn Bach's partitas for violin
He pays women to undress for him
      and beats them
Knowing culture is a game
      we play
The boy and the man are the same
Performed in various ways
      the notes stubbornly remain
What's born cannot be changed
      one musical phrase
Nurture is Nature's
There is some part of me
Which I have gnawed at
Chewed up and bit at
Enough to make you wonder
Whether to put the dying dog down
Or stomp out the raging fire’s last embers

Though I try, I can’t deny
What’s born is to beheld
Val Vik May 17
It was your heartbeat
The first sound I ever heard. . .

before I was born.
Safana Jul 12
You give me all hope
All hope of capableness to
Sing a beautiful song
And, to danced a dance
Most adorable dance
Accolade, given to me to
Nurture our friendship

Jonesing for a cup of love
Oftentimes, you're sweetest
Habile and passion you are
Ahead of my feeling it's you
Read all above stanzas and
Inspire the warmth of love
t Jul 3
i owe myself
a lot of things
i have not been giving.
there is some secret i must have

or never knew.
on how to treat myself. how to think of  myself.

i read somewhere
it takes 21 days to start a new habit.

if i join myself here, at least once a day,
i am sure
i have to be sure
i am sure i will find something that feels better
than the silent and troubled thoughts

there has to be something that grows inside
that i plant and water
that i nurture

that will save me.
CMXIClement May 29
Eye to eye,
I want to be lost in you.
Peering through the windows to a spirit of fire.
To be leveled with merely a glance
that leaves me defenseless yet safe.

Lip to lip,
I want to savor you.
Leaving chills where our fingertips trace.
Painting with the brush of my tongue on the canvas of yours
vibrant watercolors of orchids.

Hip to hip,
   I want to traverse ancient ruins of toppled granite, layered with moss and scaled with ivy.
I want to walk coasts kissed by the waves of seas,
as they topple the sandcastle we built and left behind.

Side to side,
I want stand with you and nurture your passions.
To inspire you, and for you to inspire me.
To stare at a wonder brimming with zeal,
to marvel at a soul so compassionate.

Heart to heart,
I want to discover you, to learn the depths of who you are.
To unveil the mystery of a goddess.
I want you to learn me, and see me.
To share in each other's pain and triumph.

Hand in hand,
I want to walk with you on sunlit roads and darkened paths.
To uplift you and encourage you.
To be there to celebrate your success,
And hold you up in failure.

From me to you,
This is my heart, and I never had much.
I always craved that connection, and oneness.
I can live without it, I know I'm self-sustained,
but there will always be an ache in my heart for you.
Kitten Yvad May 24
I catch your eyes seeing eyes that are mine
I look away
Heart sputters and you yawn
My palms are scraped

Opening my sore hit scraped tender hands
to you

I’d dared myself to be vulnerable
couldn’t touch you but you made it feel good

“here’s what it’s been like.
I know it’s hard for you too.”
My palms unclenched
“But hold them, don’t hit them”

just want you to kiss me.
Prayers. lots of little prayers
prayers like kisses all over my palms
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