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Renée Brookes Jun 2020
It will sting; sedative, seductive, relaxing your body down soft.

Bittersweet poison,
burning away what no longer serves you.

I invade.

I melt inside of you, mending ourselves.

What’s you is me, what is me is now you.

A melted identity.

Bittersweet, togetherness.

To know I am always there.
To feel unison, undivided.
To see truth and trust.

You taste me addictively; trickling acid down your tongue.

You hear my whispered sweet nothings, covering the sizzling of my work.

I am passion;

Pouring my heart and soul into everything and everyone.

I am the Scorpion’s sting.

Will you love me?
12.27.19 | This is an older version of myself. I loved so hard that it consumed my identity. Love is always a tricky thing, whether to give more to them or yourself.
Sally A Bayan Jun 2019

                                      x x
                                    x x x
                                 x x x x x                        
   ­        ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
Never can it move::::like thunder or lightning
it goes slow, but sure:::::treading its own path
brave, strong and patient:::in facing its ordeals
they don't want to sting:::unless when needed
they want to be left alone::::but, alert:::::::ready
to protect and defend itself:::::with less action
when trapped or driven up a dead end:::::it is
more composed::::::it knows when to explode
::::a scorpion can quickly paralyze its victim:::
::::::::::::::::::::with its own venom:::::::::::::::::::::::::
:::::::::::::::::­::::::::::::::::it is said,::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
human beings have innate venoms or weapons
i don't know if i have one:::or what it could do
i only know, i can hardly harm anyone::::::::but
like any other creature:::::::i will defend myself
:::::::::::when my safety is compromised::::::::::
      :::::::::::::::::::: i am a scorpio ::::::::::::::::::::
          ::::::::::::::::what about you?:::::::::::::
               what could be your venom?
                    ­ :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
                                x x x x x
                                    x x x
                                     x x


© Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
October 23, 2017
(just an old poem, guys...
just scribbling, while at the backyard, watching crawlers fighting)
Apollo Hayden Sep 2018
Have you ever felt the pain
from the sting of a scorpion?
It burns and sets in so quickly then eventually leaves you numb.
Takes away your breath and makes it hard for you to breathe.
May cause illusions and confusion till you're left sinking deeper into the sunken place.
Oh, mind your steps and protect your heart cuz if you're ever caught slipping,
they'll wait for the perfect time then pierce you right where the tenderness is.
Beautiful and magnificent, yet dangerous and unpredictabl...
They pull you in till you've become one of them, then leave you searching for your soul.
Every now and then run your fingers across your scars;
They're there to remind you of what's been done and exactly who they are.
If ever you come across a scorpion just admire from afar, take care and take heed in making sure that you're protecting your own heart.
Cuz ain't no pain like the sting from a scorpion.
It'll leave you lost, dazed and confused.
Have you trying your best to not become numb.
Bea Mecum Jul 2018
There once was a scorpion

who lived under a rock

who dreamed every night

that he was a hawk

in dreams he would soar

through the night's skies

searching the seas

for his most wanted prize

there was always a scorpion

who was truly a hawk

but at the end of each night

he would crawl under his rock

He would continue to do this

until he got his true wish

that someday he would catch

a lightning like fish

There will be a bird

who once was a hawk

who lived as a scorpion

under a rock

a bird so colorful

because he got his true wish

that one day he'd catch

a lightning like fish
bea Jul 2017
it's three pm on a thursday. don't tell me you have anything planned other than to sit on the back porch killing flies and picking the skin off your fingers. i know it's humid and full of lime outside but sometimes it's good to have sour lungs, you know? breathe it in. come outside.

an old old lady sat beside me at the bus stop. she was making a huge black and red and green and yellow blanket & told me it was for dreams. i didn't know what she meant so i nodded and offered to pay her bus fare. she was gone before i could look up and it made me think of cyclopes and orange peels

i'll live in the ocean one day!
for now, we're in glitter and rot, covered in murals and expensive tea none of us could afford. but one day i'll be a seagull too & i won't have to worry about the ground shaking anymore
i never made a birthday wish n im kinda regretting it
Jon Po Dom Apr 2017

You can't retract those words
Like angry bees and scorpion stings
That drive a wedge,
Split the bonds that join at the hem
And sever the ties that tie
Those words don't lie

You said what you said
And pierced at the heart
Five lambs to the slaughter
By ruthless words
Sticks and stones
Surely break bones
But bones will heal
The heart will not

Am I not yours?
Do we live a lie?
You're pretending
And slowly breaking
Ligaments that join us
Bone to bone
Flesh to flesh
Though we be not yours
Yours we are

You can't retract those words
Like angry bees and scorpion stings
But the wedge is in your hands
What will you do next?

JM 4/16/17
Tyler Castro Mar 2017
Turn the lights off so that I may know you
In this safe space, I invite you to indulge in our mutual vulnerability
Feel protection in my arms as I guard your heart
As I keep it warm between our chests
Set your gaze to mine while you share with me your aspirations
I yearn to experience them through the windows to your soul
Share with me your fears so that I may put them to rest
May this bed be a holy and sacred place for us
May this bed be our confession booth free from ridicule
May this bed be a tithing basket for you to receive love with no boundaries
In this bed, allow divine pleasure to overwhelm you
Let your ****** match the depth of your trust
Let your tears turn to sweat that trickles down the valley of your spine
Let your ****** fluids baptize you; cleanse you of any guilt
Share with me your spiritual awakening
As I receive communion with your raw, unfiltered, liquified emotion running down your body
Toss out your bible, for the only religious text I need is your diary
Allow me to tie every inch of your glorious body to a memory
I wish not to ****, but to love
I wish to fulfill all your fetishistic urges
For I know they are tied to a psychological yearning
By the end of the night I wish to know every inch of your flesh
I want the knowledge to be accompanied by the memories that make you, you
And if I fail, there's always round two after we cuddle

Tyler Castro
Bless yourself, you ended up in my poetry.
You call them poems, after all, and I'm sure you know this is as close as you'd get to having me.
Cast away the demons you claim sleep under your bed.
You know that even after making my skin crawl that you're all in my head.

Father, son and holy ghost-
The only thing I believe in are phantoms, but you already knew that didn't you.
So what's so cathartic about the way  you cleanse me of my sins?
Do you mask mine in your own, does my purity make you feel clean?

You're the darkest night when the stars don't want to be seen.
Laying ice upon my spine you see that maybe I'm not right for your skies.
You're stitches in my side from a crack that didn't show.
You touched me to pieces but even you have to go.
Eager flesh finds ways to claw in memories when nails are stripped to the skin.
Find pieces left with torn edges like tragedies but don't let your demons in.

Weave vines through your ribs and roses through your eyes, for this life you'll have to fare.
Cemeteries feel so empty without your bones to bare.

And I beg you to bury the parts of yourself that remain unclean.
I only want your sin if its in between my sheets.
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