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I compose these sentences anew, sometimes in timely thought, sometimes in utter urges; yet always they be too few; to express but a mere three words: "I love you."
There is no other feeling that's quite as dear, as to hear one follow up on these three words with your name. In spite of our poetic aims, those three words the human heart claims.
JKirin Dec 2020
I want for few, as you know:
be here with you and the snow.
about being content with what's already there
Nolan Willett Nov 2020
Just one, red rose,
Red lips, cute nose,
A smile, bright eyes,
An hour, time flies,
Dancing, the rain,
Car drive, fast lane,
Forget, the time,
Useless, bad rhymes,
A drink, or two-
No, never that few-
The future, the past,
The outcasts, outlast.
Naveen Malhotra Sep 2020
A gush of wind
Across the saunders
A few leaves fall down
They are insignificant
Thousands still there
To breathe
To photo-synthesise
And prepare food
I am a tree unlike others
Once with an umbrella leaf
The leaf fell down
I am insignificant
Just like the full moon
To me, you are a boon,
What have I done till now, if it wasn't for you
With the ending month of June,
You approaching as rain first due.
You are amazing, you are one of  those few,
Precious, rebellious, and always new.
Savor the taste of medicine only to be drunk by the few.
Incented by the scent of a peace that few will know, and fewer hold.

Bittersweet blossoms fold to the earth in showery haze,
He cries of days long gone. Relishing the birth of memory's daze.
Praying for the pill to find the end of his endless sound.

Astounded, he lays:
Two way mirror perception, but with no reflection.
Expectations drive the nail deeper into false perfection's mentions of a better way.

Deeper, so the bittersweet blossoms may bloom,
And pretend to be the medicine to be drunk by the few.
The few we hold will hold the peace we don't
Ivy Leigh Apr 2020
I felt like crying
But I held it back
And I didn't try
Because I thought I'd regret.
I want to feel good
When I'm making "like" to you,
I don't want to test you
And I don't want you to feel blue
There were some things
That I did have on my mind
I was distracted
And could have been unkind.
That does not mean
I don't want to talk to you
No matter the problem
The answers can never be few.
So please just see me
We'll calm each other's minds
And remove the sounds hollow
Eroding the cliff behind
Words' Worth Apr 2020
Mother I want to go out
You are my true friend
But where the dogs are
They bark and howl
I once strolled the sold out stores
Where no cold fog settled on the windows
I shall come back to stave away rainy splores again
There will be no heat left in summer
To water the clouds in monsoon
To wail in the forked night
Who feels dour now
As we drink to our evanescent escape
Or face the fire on the final hour
Merely existing
Maybe, as deadly whirpools
As the wind rakes in the leaves now
As autumn warmth decomposes
Wasting into an unbridled heat
The azure skies seemed beautiful yet irate
None compare to my favourite
Red dusky light in anticipation
Every evening for a lonely winter
As summer moves in evanescence
The year looks older with seasons
Without music, life would be a mistake.
Michael R Burch Apr 2020
gimME that ol’ time religion!
by michael r. burch

fiddle-dee-dum, fiddle-dee-dee,
jesus loves and understands ME!
safe in his grace, I’LL **** them to hell—
the strumpet, the harlot, the wild jezebel,
the alky, the druggie, all queers short and tall!
let them drink ashes and wormwood and gall,
’cause fiddle-dee-DUMB, fiddle-dee-WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEee . . .
jesus loves and understands

Keywords/Tags: Christianity, intolerance, hell, chosen few, love, grace, salvation, favoritism, Jesus, wormwood, gall, fire, brimstone, eternal torture
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