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In repose, these roses, under yews of few
   wonders, alive; with me too, where
   apples of life sing in blues ...

   Strewn with roses, roses a few!

In mirth, these echoes, under views of few
   bubbles, aloft; with you too, where
   apples of life breath anew ...

   Strewn with echoes, echoes a few!

In flutters, these shadows, under dew of few
   ripples, adrift; with us too, where
   apples of life still dream to ...

   Strewn with shadows, shadows a few!
annh Oct 9
You ask,
Use ten words
When two will do?

‘Cos a pair is always eight words too few.
‘"The efficiency of the cleaning solution in liquefying wizards suggested the operation of an antithetical principal, which--"
"Did you have to get him started?" Cimorene asked reproachfully.’
- Patricia C. Wrede, Calling On Dragons
Eliseatlife Sep 6
When a door closes
Knock on it a few times

But if it still does’t open
Let it stay closed
Mara W Kayh Jul 20
Less I am a fisherman
with patient gaze on
undulating seas

and more bait
heart on the hook
for you,
to cast away this
Spontaneous,  shortpoem, short, poem, fisherman , trapped, hooked
Johnny walker May 11
Sometimes one appreciate things In life I gone for my usually bacon bap and coffee
when young lady with her
baby I had seen her there several times
As stood along aside putting and sugar In my coffee cup she turned  and look at me I had seen many times
She said we are both are  In so often that perhaps we should buy shares In the
And I felt quite honoured
that this lady oh so pretty had noticed me and maybe she was trying  to strike up a
I thought Oh If we're 40 years younger I probably
would have this pretty girl
If I join her with my
For I'm sure she looking for a friend for I've  
never her with anyone
but with her baby
rings upon her fingers to say she belongs to another
Oh If I was younger I would have probably asked her
A few tears rolled down my cheek.
I had been hurt before
But, this time the wound was really deep.

I have never felt this weak.
My world is now upside down
And I cannot sleep.

War is an elusive lover.
Don't fall for its charms
And lose yourself forever.

I have discovered.
Hatred is a vicious cycle
This chaos makes me shiver.

All I want is to see,
A beautiful world
Where no war is fought
Where no soldiers die.

Tanay Sengupta, Copyright © 2019.
All Rights Reserved
It is just a compilation of thoughts that came to my mind after a recent incident. As usual, this is just a perception and I have kept it simple.
Rizna M Rameez Nov 2018
Close your eyes.
No stars.
Night. Vast, open, free.
Enveloping blackness.
Your heart. Beating, rising. Racing.
A pinprick of light. Hope.
Breathe in that fresh air.
Refreshing. Cold.


22.11.2018 -
Closed my eyes, felt free, wrote down my calming thoughts. Uncaged, vast, open, night-sky-like blackness, the feel of fresh green grass around you, refreshing air, cold dewdrops.
And that pinprick of light and hope up there, right in the middle, too far to reach out and touch. But visible.  Freedom and Hope. Alone with Allah. A smile creeps onto my face. My thoughts racing, but yet, feeling calm
Resting on my bed, closing my eyes took me somewhere else.
Johnny walker Nov 2018
If my tomorrow
were to never come
I can't say I'd have
too many regrets for
the time I had with
Helen was truly the
time of my
And now she is gone
there's no way I can
compete with  those
magical times that we
had, so I'll be happy to
live with all my
memories of
Regrets have a few but know I can never
find another, she was the one my only one
so happy to with the memories
Lyn-Purcell Sep 2018

The few should never represent
the many.

No one, not even a celebrity, should speak for you or represent you.
Do that yourself. I'm speaking to every single race out there.
Because as soon as a celebrity says something you dislike or disagree with,
YOU are the ones who get all up in your feelings. Their mistakes should never represent a community as a whole. This is one of the many reasons why I stopped putting celebrities on pedestals.
Man, I'm so glad I now have downtime! ^^
Thank you guys so much for your patience!
Working on the Masked Bard series now!
Lyn ***
Pax Jul 2018
Your sincerity
becomes a
menial job.
There are too few good doctors now a days. This is just how i feel in my country.
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