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low poetry Feb 5
**** self-importance
**** empty words
**** manipulations
**** your overdoses
it's all nothing
if you can’t sleep well

you can be healthy
without even training
you can understand
without words in your head
you can die
without doubts
you can control your life
your body has an implicit knowledge
but you too stupid and lazy to learn it
so do I
time to time
but I will try my best
What do you think? Harsh? Or can be?
Eric Nov 2020
Let me see , who's gunna be the next body scene. who's gunna make a wanna be prodigy , turn into a enemy . who's gunna mistake the happiness for a moment of glee . I'm sick an tired of how you see me.  I'd rip your heart out if that would make you concede . but yet your a part of me . once was dirt with a seed . grew into a wonderful view of trees . burnt to the ground with ashes abound, without a truth to come clean . I will , and I promise , to **** everything in between. it's impossible to intervene .
I hurt enough to hurt
CautiousRain Jun 2019
A bitter boy you are,
with twisted words and twisted fangs,
sour lips and ****** knuckles;
boy, you sure do love a good fight.

That's an awful lot of snickering
for a guy who's surely bluffing,
and I'm quite certain you know
as well as I, you're full of ****,
but your tangy hands and acid fingers seem so daunting
when you cast out all your hateful "truths".

I'm torn between all the love and all the hate,
it's inevitable that they'd congeal
into a sordid mixture
and so it was a bitter boy
You know I used to punish myself if I kept talking about him or writing about him, and it's been well over a year since I wrote about this guy instead of someone else, so I figured I won't punish myself if I did it this time.
I was hit with some pretty hard nostalgia the other day about it, and well, it's bittersweet when there's good but so much bad weighing down a past.
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