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Abunde Oct 2021
The shine in your eyes
The warmth of your smile
Your beauty doth rise
And I quiver within

The touch never felt
The scent never smelt
The kindness on your glimmer
The strength in your stare

The kiss I fantasize
Your body so distant
The texts so priceless
That feeling inside

The sound of your voice
The love in your words
The serenity in your stride
Compassion in your embrace

Your calming presence
The melody of you beating heart
The promise of tomorrow
So we chase forever

The magic in your being
All the beauty within
Should you die with me
I'll burry you inside
Show then love of you love them
Nelly Godwin Jan 2021
I’m sitting here, watching the sun ball fading so slowly
Daydreaming as the evening falls into the night and wishing that I had you by me

Oh dream love
How I cherish
Minutes, hours, days and days on end
When I wish that someday we’d be more than friends
My dream love
Thoughts I relish
How good it would feel in your warm embrace
Dream love

Sacredness like prayer enfolds me whenever I think of you
Pure silver light engulfs me, bathing me with desires unknown before yet so true

Oh dream love
To you I call
I will love you all the days I live
Either or not my love you would care to receive
My dream love
My one and all
Lord I pray someday I’d be his one and only
Dream love
Nina May 2020
He got his hands in his pants
obsessing about her
fantasizing her touching him

who wouldn't ?
she had a body of a goddess
tattooed brown skin
curvy body
with and average sized assets

he wanted to her
solely for ***
but he's no different from the rest
the queue of guys
lining up
with their hands in their pants
trying their best
to get their **** in her
I've got the inspiration to write
But can't find the passion
When looking inside
What is wrong with me?
Will it ever ignite?
Or will it go up in flames
Just like everything else
In my life

I've tried many things for long periods of time
But haven't got the talent
For any of them to succeed
So here I lay alone
In my dark little room
Fatigued and incomplete
Not knowing what to do
With my life

I'm just an introvert in my early twenties
Sure, I'm an oddball at times
But I'm starved
Starved for something more in this life

Don't know where to start
But my bank has pennies
So I guess I'll do anything
For the money
A sacrifice I must do
to run away from a life I don't want
Or need

I wish I was in paradise
I wish I was free
But all I can do right now
Is fantasize.
Diana Santiago Feb 2020
I want to look into your eyes
Get lost in the hues of topaz
Taste your rich brown skin
With my eager hungry lips

Feel the thickness of your curls
Intertwined around my fingers
Nuzzle in your neck for security
Hypnotize me with its scent

My mind shouts I should forget you
But you are unforgettable
In physical human form
An event etched into mental corridors

A muse I never imagined
A being that’s left an impression
On this helpless shivering heart
Shrouded in a blanket of hopelessness
Lilly F Jun 2019
your ocean eyes, I swim among
while your vocals are echoing smoothy with every word you've sung
your hair like luscious trees
your kindness so strong, every night it brings the sun to its very knees
the thought of you makes my heart brake
not out of sadness, but in some other way you make it ache
I know the thought of you only exists within my mind
but I hope someday, one like you, I will find
oh send my dream boy, waiting for me with an open heart
because in this lifetime the two of us seem to be worlds apart

© L.F.
wanting someone who's everything you dream of, but that person is out of reach.
Lilly F Jun 2019
I've never been in love
though I write of it a lot
I haven't gotten a special someone sent from above
and if I'd ever gotten feelings, I wouldn't take a shot
because I'm not the person I write about being
but it is the person I hope to be
writing is my way of fleeing
my sad and lonely reality

I write about catching feelings
but it's only happened just one time
though it wasn't too appealing
it could've been because I'm still in my prime,
although I don't think I really liked him even from the start
he wasn't like the dream boys I'd write about
and when I lost those feelings it didn't break my heart
he had seemed like something I could simply live without

I've never had a boyfriend
even if my poems tell you differently
I'm not sure who I'll spend my days with till the end
and the people I write of are those I wish I had, coincidently
though I don't wish to have one
at least not now, I think I'm far too young
and most girls I know already have it said and done
but I wouldn't want a relationship so soon sprung

I've never hugged a boy
at least not in a romantic kind of way
I've never met one that made me feel that type of joy
but I'm not caught up in that kind of cliche
I have time to wait for one who's sweet
I'm not in too much of a rush
sometimes I do wish to be swept off my feet
but so far, none have really made me fall, but only blush

so no I haven't been in love
though I write of it a lot
because its something one can dream of
and yes, I wish I've known what that feels like, but no, I have not

© L.F.
Most of my poems consist of happiness, love, and joy, though those things are always out of reach in my real life, it's easy to fantasize.
SomeOneElse Dec 2018
Your *** and thighs
My reason why
I am so hypnotized
Your *** and thighs
On top of me
My mouth in ecstacy

Your *** and thighs
I fantasize
My Head between your thighs
Your *** and thighs
I dream of you
They're my ******* come true

Your *** and thighs
Under night sky
Are music to my eyes
Your *** and thighs
My midnight treat
They are so very sweet

Your *** and thigh
Do satisfy
My hungry tongue and eyes
Your *** and thighs
My bedtime guest
They are the very best
Just an ****** fantasy that was floating in my head
Sketcher Nov 2018
"What a little ******* *****,
He’ll never come cross a chick,
That will wanna **** his ****,
So why the hell does he think,
My mouth gonna be his kink,
Imma let him drown and sink,
In his vast tide of loneliness,
**** his wavy-haired holiness,
Just there to steal his coziness,
Nah *****, **** the harmonious,
And **** humans, they’re odious,
Leave em’ rotting in moldiness,
Let em’ express their emotions,
And question all of their notions,
Cause they’re all losers and broken,
Why not speak, you’re all unspoken,
But let’s not cause a commotion,
Cause I think now we’re approaching,
The part where I tell you something,
When music had the bass bumping,
And mons push and our lips touching,
And to your **** blood was rushing,
I was high, think you’re disgusting,
******* *****, please become nothing."

Although the things that I said are probably not true,
I'm just seeing the worst outcome from her point of view,
Now I'm going off with my old friends and my new crew,
Starting a rap group called Dugtrio, gonna make our debut.
Thinking of the worst possible outcome.
Anya Oct 2018
It popped into my head and it's so true.
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