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I S A A C May 28
the place i got my mirror you threw me through
filled with machines, unearthing roots
old old patterns rewritten
old old narratives revisited
is there room for forgive
my face washed by shock
never thought i could bare witness
dissolve the dividing mirror
seeing more than ourselves
makes this easier
makes it clearer
Yeah, shining though
Jealous, but have history with me smiling though
Gave anything you need, yet spit on my name though
Gave myself some space, I know the lies you told
Used to be there for you at your highest lows
Used to come over just to watch episodes on HBO
Now it’s just silent, the convo’s are more personal
Drink all the energy vs. pour life for growth
No longer will I be your shoulder to cry on
All the love given from you was just for show
All the love became false, this not my first rodeo
Navigate through life, hoping the transition flows
Don’t know where I’ll end up as I grow old
Maybe the quicker I grow old, God will call me home
Last time I thought like this I was home alone
Asking the Lord to take me home, feeling unknown
Thinking people would like me better on my tomb stone
But I’ve grown, just not on my own, God set the tone
Avoiding a lot of poisonous views
Use to allow boundaries to cross paths in a painful bruise
Saw a side of myself that grew in mental abuse
Mind could’ve dispatch if I lose, but I never do
So I pray & hobby daily like it’s double shift
Reject any wicked ***** wealth swallowed, venomous slips
More blessings to come very soon for being genuine
Woke up to conquer another day, victory is mine to win
Remember the fun days with no money in our wallets?
Finding ways to hustle & stretch money to buy drinks like we’re alcoholics
nowadays we’re living luxury, smiling and laughing about it
Funny how that year changed us together, every time we talk about it
Memory flash, when I close my eyes at night
Waking up to a bright sun to a new day at life
Trying to remember that good dream before those flashing lights
Rest assured, my bond for you is right
Get no rest days, work 80 hours in 6 days
Never settle for temporary short-change
Improved to upgrade, therapy session really had me locked in
Time flies like a man in his dream sleepwalking
Went from Club “Lit” Saturday nights, to club “Life”
Club “Life” to creating a club at home with family and kids
My priority change when I decided to pursue this
Intentions will come at you at the highest expense
Especially actions that represent the real me
And frame a reflection, in the mirror, to really get a good look at me
Whatever helps cut down my image flaws to bloom a better me
No one knows my flesh that harm me, trying to build a lesser me
But God’s love armored me successfully
Up 5am with urgency, sticky note on the mirror reminding me
“Be good to people, be good to yourself organically”
Aiming to let go of the past that has burden me
Focus only towards today vs tomorrow and tread carefully
Another chance to shine, in hope my enemies take it personally
I take it to heart, demonstrates the desire to succeed fearlessly
The vision board written for God will create wonders for me
My legacy will leave a legacy, a generational love
A blood line of chosen angel warriors build ready to serve throughout eternity
A fearful reflection for my enemies who develop insecurities
Behind closed doors, falling short in hatred worshiping
Don’t need to worry, cause their views doesn’t concern me
The faithful ones will learn how to strive for peace through me
As I continue to strengthen my obedience in discipline maturely
Living everyday as my last under purpose with authority  
My ambition is centered around competition & collective security
Take some time off to focus more on recovery
I hope someday the grind retires me & the reward humbles me
By the end of 2023 I’ll give you a full summary
Mister J Jan 26
Bodies colliding
Sweat dripping
Lips vigorously kissing
Biting what it can
Mapping every inch
Touching every nook
Cherishing every cranny
In a messy dance

It's coming
That burst of emotions
Desired and untamed
Taking mind and body
Into absolute bliss
Into unholy pleasure
Into carnal ecstasy
I can't control it

Your wet thighs
Latched on to mine
Locked in place
Never wanting to separate

Pulling me closer
Locking me deeper
Squeezing me tighter
My mind turns blank

Moving faster
Thrusting deeper
Fcking wilder
Loving harder

Every push and pull
Every sweat and breath
Every touch of tongue
Melting my brain away

Struggling together
Fcking like hell
Until we reach ******
Until heaven

Hello! Its been a while. How have you been?!
Alex Jun 2022

A kind face, though rehearsed by evil. The monster’s glaring, trapped. Haunting behind those fake blankets of snow white. Sour sweater weather masking the face of those lonely, those masked in snow, masked in ice. Trapped behind blankets of cold, where the torch may not wish to reach. Arctic pearls and bright strawberry cheeks, beautiful sunset evenings, all washed down with humours glasses of blackberry wine. Though that time has gone, pain lingers still. Sealed behind each reflective surface of the many polaroids she kept of her ‘‘monster.’’
Elizabethanne Oct 2021
You're wild like a dream
Half part fantasy & half part real life
Most days
you aren’t sure which one you like better
The girl you want to be or the one you are

- Tell me, which one am I supposed to forgive myself for?
Wilkes Arnold Sep 2021
The bonsai grew all wrong
Its branches outweigh the base
And the wood is whispy and pale
Without the spring a sapling entails
It's big, much too big, too long
A band stretched past its place
Becomes a twig in impatient hands
Pressured, and snapped, and palmed
Bonsai's mature slowly
With snow and vibrant leaves
To rush things is more than lowly
You've sold their soul you thieves
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