Mims 2d

i met you at a birthday party when i was young
i do believe us meeting is what made me romanticize summer nights
as we were children
up far past our bedtimes
simply enjoying existing
for a while

i don't remember worrying about anything
except our marshmallows falling off the metal
as we sat next to each other huddled
and laughing

sometimes i think back to that warm night and smile
and swinging
in a hammock with rainbow rope
while looking at the stars
and talking about everything we could think of

i still remember what the kitchen smelt like
as we walked the rooms of my then- friend's house

i do not remember what you looked like

simply that you were dark
dark hair
dark skin

the brightest smile
i'd ever seen

there was a barn there
with an upstairs
and a basketball hoop
but no rope
we laughed as we missed every time

i used to write your name in journals i've long since lost forever

but sometimes i wonder

if you remember

the pale starry eyed girl named Mim

before we were stupid teenagers
before i knew depression
before you knew anything past the fields
i think about us now
and wonder if we would be friends
Britney Lyn Jan 3

You never cared, you didn't dare.
I was a storm with a temper,
You, an ocean with barely a wave.
When I came in on a roar of thunder,
Your gentle surface unable to save,
You crashed and darkened, the ships all sank,
I caused you all this destruction,
But you caused me a great ache.
You truly cared, and here I dare,
To love something so peaceful when I was untamed.
That I broke the heart of an innocent girl,
Because she ruined a boy with a perfect frame.

I wrote this poem through the eyes of a girl who has framed a boy into being the bad guy when in all reality she was the one who ruined him.

I feel that this happens a lot in today's society. The boy is always blamed, the girl does nothing wrong. But that is not always the case.
In this poem a women comes into this mans life and they fall in love. She is faced with the doubt that he does not really love her, that he doesn't care for her, but he does. She does not see this until it's too late and she blames him for the death of their love. She broke her own heart by enforcing doubt and gave the man a bad reputation.

He was perfect, she could picture their future so well she could "frame" it and hang it on the wall, and she "framed" him but painting him to be someone was not.
Emmanc Dec 2017

I hate the way
your eyes reveal,
The way they sparkle and talk.

I hate the curve,
The laugh of your smile
As it tries not to grin.

I hate them.
I like them.
I hate that I like them.
I hate that i like you,

And I don't know why.
Because we don't have a chance?
Because I found you too late.
It's not you that I hate,
It's the false hope
given by time
Time that I don't have.
I don't expect we'll meet again.
Mark Wanless Dec 2017

Naked ladies of the mind parade to
Distant drums imbibed in younger years blind
And innocent we knew no secrets earned
With blood and pain and lived our lives oh so
Blind and innocent without knowledge of
Each other or of self or consequence
To actions spurted out the orifice
In brain somewhere slowly yielding to love
Control first mimicked then emulated
Then owned outright as finger movement which
May appear a fist or gentle hand touch
Caused through galaxies of influence made
But not made with conscious foresight so here
We are undead and twitching to drums afar

David Adeniyi Dec 2017

Your smile is like a child's,
Innocent and compelling,
Excited eyes aglow,
You have a strangely blunt sense of humor
And tendency towards the dramatic,
Even if it’s well hidden with your charm.

Madison Greene Nov 2017

give me Tuesday morning's and bed sheets
skin kissed by shadows and tangled feet
give me a love that chooses me
sober confessions and forehead kisses
and maybe we were never innocent but this is romance in it's purest form
and know that you are more than everything that I settled for
love me and all of the ways I've mistaken them for you
and I will choose you every midnight and Monday and all of the inbetweens

Seema Nov 2017

There is a downside of every matter
Somethings get worse some just gets better
Many have questioned lifes existence
Yet there is a race, color, gender resistance
Why is it hard for some to understand?
That we humans have two legs to stand
A pair of ears, eyes, a mouth and a nose
We all have red blood in our body that flows
Two hands to hug and help each other
But now the hands are used to strangle one another
People have reached the moon and beyond
With high degrees and education they fond
But what does it all mean when these educated people
Spread poison among naive making them mentally crippled
Each news I read online, makes me sad again
It is not far too real to imagine the suffering and pain
Worse to worse is the public media spread
What's there or not gets widespread
It's like a deadly disease, mankind cruel and unkind
Every corner of this earth one can find
Corruption, tortury, sorcery, killing, rape, what not
Man have made this planet so disgusting with rot
Here prayers are heard less over the cries of innocent
We have gone too far and we have lost our sentiment
I don't live in a war torn country for sure
And not with people that beg for a meal so poor
My heart cries each day, as a young soul dies
Either it be human or an animal overwise
I pray and put my thoughts to the victims that suffer
Life and living has become such a race that each step gets tougher...


I know there are people with special needs, those who don't have two legs, hands and other parts of their body. I wrote this for those who are fortunate to have all yet a downside.
Yolanda Lei Nov 2017

I crept up through the future,
I lurked in through the past,
Under all shattered dreams and wishes,
My light in darkness passed.

My Transgression is pure and harmless,
My poison is like gliding on ice,
Like awake when asleep, Our story is deep,
Like an angel, But not very nice.

I assassinate with Hatred,
I Murder With Love,
I work together with my devils above.

My Life has a purpose,
Ready to be fulfilled.
Don’t worry, its time,
For my Innocent Crime…

Innocent Crime guys!! nice name huh? :P
Lynx Nov 2017

What is context?
Clearly they don't know.
I show my innocence
Yet get sent to the gullitine regardless
Even when half the jury is in my favor
The King refuses
and I get charged for a crime
I never committed
Trying to protect someone
Who just wanted me dead

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