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Her hair, the colour of the sky
When the sun says goodbye
That falls like sheer silk
And flows so easily
Like dandelion seeds
Her eyes, so round and curious
Filled with the absence of vice
That crinkle oh so shyly
How could she be so blind
I yearn to clean her mirrors
Her glasses and perception
How could she not see
How she keeps my attention
Her childlike qualities
That keep her youthfulness bright
Her smile, her laugh, her empathy
The way she falls sometimes
I fell for her, and still falling
The more I get to know her
The more I know, The more I love
And for that I couldn't be more sure
I peek at you in the crib,
My beautiful babe,
To me born,
An emptiness from me gone.
An Angelic smiling face,
With a lovely grace,
Wrapped in pink lace.
Tiny feet, tiny hands and cute fingers,
On my face linger,
And your soft heart beat,
Pull at my heart strings bit by bit,
Your innocent eyes speak a lot,
So small in every thought.
My love, you and I,
Momma's delight,
A time for a new beginning,
This phase I am enjoying,
My baby girl,
My tiny world.
When my first born a daughter was born
Helen never had malice
in anything she said
but simply would say
what saw
While In town one day
sat In her wheelchair
a policemen coming her
He was speaking Into his
radio with the ear peace In
Helen called out In very
loud voice look a pig with
a stereo
The policemen could do
nothing other than to laugh
but Helen still had Innocence
about her, she just said
what saw there no malice
to what she had
Helen was so much fun to be with
very unpredictable, but that's what
made her special, I wouldn't had her
any other way
cait-cait Oct 30

i told my mother the other day that i
have decided to be kind,
to love those
who love me (for no good reason)....

and because of, i want to take you in my arms
and hold you so tight
that the world cannot get in.


my baby is dressed in white, like
an angel, and
when he sleeps, he murmurs and
i watch, he smiles,
and then he howls.


you are growing up, and i
watch the way you forsake your mother
and i watch the way
you puff up your chest with lies and then
cower when you see me ....

you are not innocent anymore, and i cannot
hold you to as such when
you hide behind a hood of your parents


your brother does not love me anymore,
and frankly, i do not care.

but you cannot see the stab wound, so
still, i am angry.


i don’t think she loves her best friend anymore,
i don’t think she even loves me.

but how can you tell someone to cut a
piece of themselves off when
you won’t do it for them?

when you don’t even have the right.


i read a poem today, it was about war
and it was about foxes,
i thought of you again...
my fox,

you are a violence...
and a lover.

and when i remembered how you cut me,
i remembered why i have to cherish what i have.
this year, i met a girl who i didnt really like (for no reason), and the other day she overheard me telling my friend that i felt like everyone hated me. she looked at me and said "i like you." and i decided that i always need to appreciate the friends i have even if it feels like i dont have them.
Ana Roe Oct 28
When I see you
I must clasp my hands behind my back
So they do not reach for places
They have no permission to touch

My fingers itch to brush rosy lips
To run themselves through the gentle curls of your hair
To caress the tender skin of your neck
Or even to graze the most innocent flesh

Although my palms yearn to be pressed against your chest
And despite the ache that resides within my very bones
I keep my hands close to my form
And pray that the longing will cease
A silhouette in darkness
strolling through a street.
A lonely man, a lonely soul,
who wonders where he goes?
Heading home no doubt
or maybe he’s a lout.
Walking into mischief,
or just a ticket tout
No one could ever know
what lies within his brain?
Or is he just a guiltless man,
or someone gone insane.
Whatever he may be,
whoever he may be.
His world is just as normal
As he or she or thee.
He walks upon a crowded street
but lonely is his soul.
Passing by without a thought
a world he used to know.
But now that world has changed,
and he is so alone.
He walks beneath a blackness
of shadows from the past.
A past of joyful times,
a past of blissful kinds,
a past of smiles,
a past of tears,
but most of all a past of fears.
This lonely shadow heading home,
Innocent and free.
His work is done, its time for fun.
Gone from shadow into sun.
He walks across a crowded street
with one thing on his mind.
His wife, his strife his daily life
cuts through his soul just like a knife.
Now that's what this mans all about
he is no lout or ticket tout!
He’s just a soul we do not see
Or maybe just an entity
The manila envelope was full of ****. It stank so ******* much. There was too much of it. One example was this: a tattooed skate boarder was blown away after being severely beaten. He was full of lead. The stitched up bullet holes showed this. There were 6 or 7 in his upper body. It was amazing how the mortician cleaned him up. He looked asleep. And was, forever…

…part of the current mad presidents run in with criminals. These included druggies, robbers, gangsters and a whole lot more. But such things weren’t so simple. Many innocent people got caught up. Rather than admit a mistake, the cops had a way to deal with this. They planted fake evidence, be it drugs, guns or ammo. Along with fake accounts of the cops being fired upon. Of course this did happen, professional criminals had back up and weapons and made the security forces pay dearly, now and again. For the most part the Extra Judicial Killings were just that.

The dead man here was a musician. He thought he was going to sing but instead he was an EJK and blown away. It was a shame his friend was a known dealer and on the ‘List’ of known and wanted and targeted people. So he was collateral damage. This was fine in the eyes of the law, for a dealer had been exterminated. An innocent died, so be it…

…the innocent would no longer skate, be tattooed, drink beer, dance, or anything else. For he was dead. All part of the bad dream that was the Philippine drug war that killed thousands. All wars ended…
Kim Essary Oct 6
So sweet and young at the age of ten, yet endured more loss and and hurt than most ever will.
So many things about your precious life have been stripped that it doesn't seem real .
Four years ago when we first met I had no idea that you would become so very special to me.
Your Daddy was doing his very best raising his little girl but there was so much he didn't see.
You needed a woman in your life to teach you certain things.
The progress that you have made has left me more than proud of you.
You have transformed into a beautiful young lady and make A's and B's too.
But a tragedy has entered your already broken life as *** called you Daddy home.
Now I don't get to see you, they've taken you away from everything and everyone you have ever known.
My heart hurts so bad , I want to hold you and tell you everything is going to be alright .
I've grown so close to you, it's like I can feel you crying in your new bed at night.
I miss you my little Luhoo and love you more than you know.
I never dreamed I wouldn't be in your life to watch you as you grow.
We use to look up at the clouds and tell each other what we see.
I may not be there with you baby girl but Everytime you look at the clouds now please think of me.
A child that has touched my heart and made so much progress in her life her daddy was killed in a motorcycle wreck I was the only thing besides him she knew and now she's been taken away from me. My heart hurts so bad for her
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