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Khoi 7d
I see birds fly
from this concrete predicament
faces in ****** hands
I hurt and I cry
my hands are wet
on Pilates plateau
a place where bugs die.
Democracy, Demoncracy
Equivalence principle applies
This world needs
A Benevolent Autocrat
A few innocents get crushed
Alongwith a few thousand criminals
For millions of innocents to smile
It's my outburst
From what for decades
I have observed
Please don't get unnerved
It's just a theoretical proposition
It's practically impossible
Benevolent Autocrat to find!
Twalib Mushi Apr 18
I take my pen
As i want to stand still
Applaud their pain
Everything is against their will
For their lives they had a plan.

Being separated from their family
how they're starving
Do they deserve?
how they're suffocating
This isn't correct
how they become homeless
Nobody wants to address this
This isn't fair.

They become more than hopeless
Snatching away their rights
Burying their dreams
Dreams of the innocent children.
Lilac Apr 17
You say you like to start relationships
With simple friendships
But dont you realize
You make it so obvious
You think your vicious
Toxic and contagious
But in reality your mind is just
a box full of innocence
Rabbits envy you
Because you are so much more precautious
But When i am tired
No i dont need no guy who stands out
With his good looks and genius
All i need is your box full of innocence
Isaac Apr 6
A rose's beauty is highlighted by the pain of its thorns
without the needle *****, the softness of the petals couldn't be as rich
sharp enough to make sure, you never miss
handle her, hurt her, disturb her
Squeeze onto her so tight, break then curve her
meanwhile, she was doing everything right, you thought you owned her
but being enamored doesn't translate to possession
possessive obsession, your toxicity closed her
to the world, to the void in which she internalized
all the subsequent shortcomings can be traced to the day
you decided to villainize, the sweetness of a budding romance
the natural pull
insatiable lust
unimaginable thrill
but now that landscape is draped in shame and tucked away
the rose grew thorns because she saw how the other flowers were destroyed
hardening of the skin in an effort to contain joy
the innocence of a child, the truth of a smile
the words echo through her mind
"don't trust a boy"
a rose's curse is that they are beautiful, people want to possess beauty not honour it
stephannie Mar 26
i turn the volume up,
just like any other day,
"don't be wrong anymore,"
to his heart he says.
she's doing the same pep talk
somewhere out there,
swaying to the music,
i just couldn't care.

cause your words are lullabies
that puts me at ease,
and envelops my soul
against the cold breeze.
in the calmest mountains,
to you i melt,
through the wildest storms,
your fire is felt.

and for every time i doubt
and ask for a hint,
your love bursts in me
like a million soaked mints.
threading oceans for you
could never be wrong,
but if that's foolish,
i'll just sing to this song.
it won't stop falling
Deavin jean Mar 1
The bliss of being a child.
No worries, no responsibilities, no bills!
Freshly scratched misquito bites, grass stained jeans, playing hide and seek with fireflies.
The innocence, the love... the unconditonal love.
I wonder who you where before the world made you cold..
What it was, is we were children, we had no idea we was making memories, all we knew was we was having fun.. even if we got into trouble.
Innocent memories flushed away from the dark grasp of life and addictions.
The days i miss so much, i can hardly remember because i spent most of my life trying to get as **ed up as i could so i could forget.
Cheyenne Feb 25
had I been older I'd've
probably'd've recognized
the hell in your eyes
but I mistook it for love

had I been wiser then
as I ought to have been
I'd've known the sin
of what'd been done
Mark Wanless Feb 17
i call dogs to war
my mind is not innocent
mist    hard intention
Strying Feb 11
I gasp for air
I reach for the surface
I fall by the call

I hope I will see
another deity
coming from the sky
like a prince or a knight

I wish for the day
I finally see the light
because I'm drowning in denial
and all the plight
I see in my life
where there used to light.
I felt like writing ab something with drowning because I am truly drowning in school work right now and I have two tests tomorrow which I'm not ready for and so many assignments and school is just so hard right now for me.
Hope everyone is doing amazing and I love each and every follower I have on this platform <3
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