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kiran goswami May 18
There was a ****** in my nation today,
There was a ****** in my nation yesterday.
But unlike the other time, my nation did not cry.
It did not bang the doors of justice,
My nation did not try.
The criminals sat on thrones and proved themselves innocent.
The innocent became guilty as they had only a few pennies and no more cent.
I did not see people cry,
I did not hear the pain
I did read the news where they said, 'The murderer fled by a train.'
I could not see the people hugging,
I could not see love,
but in my nation, I saw a dead, white-feathered dove.
The peace in my nation died,
the girl in my nation died.
The people in power laughed while the nation cried.
I saw the flag of my nation but all I saw was white.
I saw my nation's condition
but all I could do was to write.
So, I will tell you how there was a ****** in my nation yesterday,
and there was a ****** in my nation today.
IMCQ Apr 27
i remember innocents.
do they remember
i fear touch,
i was weak.
What else needs to be said..
A girl with spects,
Her innocence and her acts..

What she hide behind the spects,
I have a zeal for find the facts..

Is there the brightest shine??
Which is beyond the thinking of mine..

I think there is the deep calm lake??
Its the natural beauty, rest of world are fake..

I wanna look into her eyes,
Two drowsy cups which are so nice..

Is these more intoxicate than wine??
I’m in fuddle or i’m fine??

Glasses..don’t put off it,
It’s drive me crazy little bit..

Stand against the mirror and see,
the pearls are present originally under a transparent sea.....
by Michael R. Burch

They are fresh-faced,
not innocent, but perhaps not yet jaded,
oblivious to time and death,
of each counted breath
in the pendulum’s sway
falling unheeded.

They are bright, undissuaded
by foreign tongues,
by sepulchers empty and waiting,
by sarcophagi of ancient kings,
by proclamations,
by rituals of scalpels and rings.

They are sworn, they are fated
to misadventure and grief;
but they revel in life
till the sun falls, receding
into silent halls
to torrents of inconsequential tears . . .

. . . to brief tragedies of tears
when they consider this: No one else sees.
But I know.
We all know.
We all know the consequence
of being so young.

Keywords/Tags: consequence, youth, children, teenagers, innocent, unjaded, time, death, fated, tragedies, tears, grief, sun, night, nightfall
r f laurel Mar 31
unable to reach
incredible imageries
and be innocent.
Lili Gudewicz Mar 31
i bet she looks so innocent.
i bet she even looks like me.
i bet you made her feel loved.
i bet you gave her hope.
i bet you said you loved her.
and i bet,
just maybe,
you hurt her too.
Lethaios Mar 26
You were the victim you said,
but you were holding the gun;
an innocent girl,
and a bloodshot man;
but I won't say a word,
to anyone.
Kawsu Sanneh Mar 26
Worthless life let me to rest
Lost in faith, Thy gothic Soul lured
For they the Regretted filthy blissed of priest
For that, shall unending poverty be cured?

The grimy monster gnaw, as mind been pawn
Death reminds, the lovely once demise,
Why wouldn't you change?, are you a prawn
Sins swallow righteous deed, the evil stands and rise

Grave for the Deaths at brisk
Indeed Death shall continue to frisk
Alert! Destiny to final destination
Alert! Amnesty of resurrection

Crippling deeds swing in pain
Occults of evil were spiritually tass
Wretchedly bore life is at hunt
Running from the gossiping ghasts of Satan

As those deity faith overwhelms
The cherished sprit of evil is at mirth
But Innocent souls fly at frith
But for all shall they resist those claims

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