Wanderer 16h
We are always the victim of our own story
We fashion wings of innocence for ourselves
accessorized by a halo of compassion and charity
Then we paint a mask on others
using colors such as greed and hatefulness
to show how truly evil they were
never wanting to admit our own fault
for fear of realizing our lingering evil inside
clever Jul 3
whipping hair and stormy blue eyes
not as innocent as she implies
child of the chaos, ruler of the skies
Eve Jul 1
Back when I had obtained my innocence,
I remember the happiness and freedom with life,
Everything went great,
Everyday was cherished as a blessing,
As it should always be.
Then one day came along,
Suddenly, I grew up way too quick.
I knew that something wasn’t right,
Nothing felt right anymore.
But, I still counted on the efforts of others,
To show me,
To guide me,
To protect and be there for me.
I was let down, disappointed at her,
My love was open arms,
My heart unlocked, but broken at one fall.
One less lonely girl,
Treat her like she’s worth,
If you value her, prove it.
Allowing pride to take over pain will only hurt,
So, don’t lose her or yourself in the process,
Trust the feeling of fighting,
Being brave and courageous enough to express,
She needed that, she wants that still.
Take her hand,
Twirl her around a few times,
And show her different.
Regan Jun 29
I stood on the edge
Watching the water
As I was approached
By a family “friend”
He said
“Can’t you swim?”
I replied with
“No, I have never tried”
He grabbed my hair
And was about to
Push me in
And said

I fought the water
I fought for life
I would never let
That man be right
I flipped my legs
And swatted the water
Until drowning
Wasn’t the matter
The man looked at me
With disbelief
That a little girl
Could teach Herself
not to stand for
Death itself.

© Regan
Paula Jun 27
You said "no way it can't be done"
you've never seen the power of one

When the fire was lit to drive me more
I called on God with all  that lay before

It started with a spark to get it going
They look and asked "what is she doing"

I did it for the one that needed a voice
The innocent one who they said had no choice.

They called  me stubborn and even a pain
I don't mind for  I'll do it again.
We are often given opportunities to make a difference. For love of another, for compassion for the less fortunate, the abandoned.  Once who are victims.  It only take one person at a time , making small changes.
Eleanor Jun 26
I was pure,
I was innocent,
I was a child.
I saw only goodness in the world and only goodness in you.
You tried to strip that view away from me by taking something that was fundamentally mine.
Mine to give,
not to be taken by the force of overwhelming strength.
You watched my pain and enjoyed it.
I will never know exactly who you are.
I was short, you were tall.
It hurt but I didn’t look.
I closed my eyes and tried to force my mind to leave my body.
My body was trapped but at the time my mind was free.
Now, my mind is forever contaminated by the blurred memory of the cause of my permanent flaws.
ElEschew Jun 25
Surrounded by flame i see the false memories
Tricks of demons burnt away
Demons of hell couldnt do this
Demons of my own creation
Demons who seek to pull me down
My demons,the ones who swim and i cant drown or choke
The ones who tear me apart all day
The ones who say im worthless and stupid
The ones who say im fat and ugly
The ones who say i do not deserve happiness unless i suffer for it
The ones who wont let me be selfish no matter how small the wish
The ones who taunt me with childhood memories
The ones who cant let me forget what is real
The ones who laugh when i cry because my dreams betray me
I cannot escape
I will never escape myself
I am alone in my mind and even though my love tries he can never understand
There is not a love on this earth and in this place that could understand
I betray myself and berate myself to keep things simple
I break myself down so no one else can
I break myself down to build up a wall with my heart
My castle around my heart is my soul
Made to be scary
Made to defend a void that is behind it
Made so in order to let down my walls i must break myself
Anshara Jun 13
Pure and true; wings of innocence
Everything new and no clue
Different paths; right and wrong
Fall, get up and fall again.

Tainted wings; sins reveal
Chaste and veracious; demon's mate
Sins of the past uncover themselves
Guitly freed and angelic punished.

Pride, envy, greed, wrath, gluttony and lust
Distract the youth; the devil conquers
Deadly as they sound, but easy to follow
Contract signed? Sacrifice is yours.

"I'm sorry, forgive me" shouldn't be heard
Every string is now with someone else
Don't run away, don't hide; face and cope
All's too bad, but it's too sweet;
It's too EVIL...
Hey guys here I am with another of my poems.. Hope you all like it.
It's inspired from BTS's album Wings..
Listen to it if you guys are interested in Kpop! It's beautiful.. Don't forget to read some of the theories too... It will make you think about it all the time!

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The young man from the country side was green,
With women,never seen.
Never knew their ways,
With them I am awkward,he says.
That would not do his uncle thought,
Life for him would be distraught.
So he bundled his nephew in his car,
To a place called"Lily's Bar".
To the lady beside him he said,
You will get well paid,
I leave with you an innocent young boy,
Return to me a man of joy.
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