We once were there amongst the lilies
Where innocence blossomed and cherubs listened
To hear the sound of fabled whispers
For all that loved, there was enlisted

Thereupon the toadstools listened
Wicked creatures, for their emissions
Taken aback by hopes and visions
Sharpened claws and stood their mission.

They brought upon an early winter
They scared away the hopeful dreamers
Lilies withered, faded we shivered
The light remained for only minutes

Alas, he to was out of vision
Off he flew, though there she waited
She planted roses, thawed the snow.......
Wondering if they'd ever grow.
From my Allpoetry profile
hannah 5d
You do not understand
I feel like screaming
Listen I am not done
I demand an answer
I can't be thrown away like that
I am not alive to serve you hand and foot
Don't play innocent
You have never been innocent
I was just stupid
I am to trusting I couldn't see the fact that you where using me
But I am just 13 what could I know
I know that I cared but you didn't...
to be loved by a child
what more could one ask
in the light of their eyes
one can warmly bask

find a child to love
an elfish sprite
find a child to love
set your world right

innocent faces
spirits free as the wind
laughter and smiles
they almost seem winged

find a child to love
maybe even two
find a child to love
why not start with
Bring out that child within!
Heidi Franke Apr 14
A Hero's face rises above the
bandage on his head.
Why do men need this sort of hero?
An innocent.
A flower of spring.
Do you not see the sunrise each morning?
Where is your lost soul?
In the ages of history,
learn thee not?
The face of a young boy, wrapped in a white body bag, killed from fighting in Syria from the WhiteHelmet's twitter page.
She is but a tender seed,
Pull away your weed,
Do not sow doubts in her mind,
She is not one of your kind.
Mike D Apr 11

Do you believe in fairy tales?
In sappy sugar coated dreams?
Do you live a life of illusion
where nothing is as it seems?
What fun it must be
to dance among ginger bread houses
Hand-in-hand up the hill
Best of friends and as spouses
Where the food is just right
and your bed feels like air
In straw and wood houses
and life’s always fair

In this perfect Utopia
you reside in your home
A warm place that’s inviting
and you’re never alone
Nostalgic memories
of Grandma’s house pondering
or trips through the forest
No set plan, just out wandering
Amazing fortuitous scenarios
A piece of clothing forgotten
Somehow equals true love
And of course it’s Prince Charming
Or perhaps it’s the one
where all it took was a kiss
And changed back from a toad
What an amazing wish

A fool you must think I am
to believe such nonsense
But I could dive head first into the pool
and still be frightened and tense
See, I think you’ll agree
Even in Never Never Land
Exists horrible threats
Things not always going as planned

Humpty might have his dance
but he still fell off the wall
Everyone tried
Even King’s Horses they called
A shattered egg he remained
of scattered tiny pieces
The contradictions carry on
seemingly it never ceases
For the town stopped coming
Even when cries of “wolf” became real
“What big eyes and teeth!” you said
As he ate you for a meal
Still he wasn’t done
His revenge he finally took
With a bellowing blast of air
Those house of pigs’ shook
Hay gave away first
floating along like tumbleweeds
Then wood framing exploded and splintered
Stabbing shards making pigs bleed

Next an anonymous tip
on the crime stoppers hot line
And the bear police showed up
Arresting Goldilocks just in time
A recent spree of break-ins
had the neighborhood rattled
Her accomplice, the Wolf
but she ditched him so he tattled
Spotted Hansel and Gretel
on their stroll in the woods
So he called the Old Witch
Knew she’d take care of them for good
Then he climbed up on the hill
There he sat patiently waiting
When Jack and Jill came up the hill
confirmed the brother and sister were dating
Saw them kiss and it grossed him out
So upset he nearly lost his lunch
With two swift kicks they fell down the hill
Their bones he heard crack and crunch

You can sell the Brooklyn Bridge
but I’m not the one who’s gonna buy it
Karma doesn’t always pay it’s due
Sometimes it’s good-guys who get bit
Fairy tales are for infant minds
Only those so young believe
Must be innocent and pure
Somewhat gullible and naive
Those long in the tooth
Perhaps like you and as is me
Life’s made us jaded and aloof
Shut off possibility
Dreamers appear to us as silly
and not set in time and place
But they are the ones whose minds are open
Challenges are easier for them to face
For when we close up our minds
and that part of us begins to shut down
It kills inspiration and creativity
Our thoughts are rigid; Our mind is bound
Life is full of awe and wonder
Not always fitting perfectly into a box
But the best thoughts come outside of it
Be a thinker; Shed those locks

Written: March 19, 2018

All rights reserved.
mokitovice Apr 5
Oh darling,
If only I could tell you how beautiful you are to me,
I know you and I were never meant to be,
But I was so capricious and reckless,
And I thought I could fool destiny,
Kidnap you, take you with me and and re-writte the code
But somethings are not meant to be,
alexa Apr 3
i am from a peach colored bedroom
and an overflow of stuffed animals.
i am from a childhood of make-believe.
i am from innocence.
i am from a supportive family and loving friends;
i am from a place where i was used to
losing relationships.
i am from lonely days
and even lonelier nights,
my only sunshine-- a boy i know all too well.
i am from giggling whispers and sweet smiles;
i am from a school full of jerks...
that i fell for anyways.
i am from a constant sense of not belonging,
a paranoia I'm at the bottom.
i am from the need to define myself,
to be represented with words and lyrics
that prove i'm not alone.
i am from a world so familiar
it hurts.
found this from a while ago, i like to look at the progression of my writing
(of course inspired by George Ella Lyons)
inthewater Apr 3
she reads books and she plays music
the cute, innocent
clumsy girl
with freckles on her cheeks

you like to read and listen to music
the cool, handsome
sweet-talking man
who likes freckles on her cheeks

[ or at least you said you did ]

she rolls her eyes at your compliments
the cautious, bright
guarded girl
with curiosity in her eyes

you lay them on thick
the certain, sharp
imprudent man
with hidden agendas on your lips

she lingers a little longer
in hopes of crossing your path throughout the day

she laughs at your jokes
and you know they're not funny

she sings for you in the car because
you like her voice

[ or at least you said you did ]

she's become good at excuses
the hopeful, naive
kind-hearted girl
with sureness in her words

you soak them up
the stark, ill-intentioned
vacant boy
with uncertainty in your voice

she gave all she had to care for you,
the smooth, clever
self-serving boy

you convinced her that you loved her

[ or at least you said you did ]
sweet nothings are just sweet nothings
Sanny Mar 31
He sleeps so peacefully.

With my head on his chest I listen  to his heart beat.

My fingers running through his soft hair.

He seems so innocent and vulnerable.

I get so overwhelmed by emotions I can barely breathe.

This is what falling hard feels like.
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