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Oupa Gedion Apr 5
Another day in quarantine not sure how many days left now, I've mainly been giving most of my writing time to the short novel and for a moment there when I was describing how one of the characters looked like I thought of you how your voice is like a sweet melody that one needs after a hard day, how your eyes are as comforting as a toddlers hug, how your smile brings the same amount of warmth as the sun peeking through the clouds of a rainy day, how your presence is enough to wash away any negativity brought on by the world leaving a person feeling blessed like God placing his hand upon one, with that I realized how much of you this world needs, a person who by just being themselves brings joy to others without pretending or expecting something in return, and for the millionth time you're one gorgeous woman and till my last breath you will forever be.
Luiz Feb 20
there will never be a man
man enough to match
your womanhood

for you are a goddess
and may take riverfulls
of whatever sin you wish

the perfection you seek
in only in the mirror, sweetheart
and nowhere else

however, if given half the chance
I'll keep you high on a pedestal of worship
and remind you of this perfection

an eternity!
Kayla Feb 10
Have you ever looked in the mirror
And pointed out every one
Of those tiny little flaws
Have you ever looked in the mirror
And thought you are ugly
I am here to tell you
That you are not ugly
You are gorgeous
You are a warrior
You are amazing
You are who you are
And that makes you gorgeous
Ash C Feb 3
Oh, I'm nothing
I wouldn't even say as nothing as a rock, as a spec of dust, as a worm, as an atom
Because that's still something

But you
You, you, you, you, you
You asked me to tell you something about myself
You who is more than something in my eyes

You are something amazing, gorgeous, bright, exhilarating, lovely, astonishing

You gave me something by asking
Something by looking
By touching
By hearing
By God, by something!

I'm nothing, but you asked, so I must be something
Kid you not. This was inspired by a Tik Tok.
IdkLove Dec 2019
Shinning in the moonlight
seems like a living angel down to earth with wings
I curse the moon and stars
cause they saw your skin First,
the color of your skin
like a vanilla ice cream
can I taste your skin ?
Like I would do!
FloydBrandon Dec 2019
Morning’s are the glorious’t in afterglows
Warmer than scorching toast
Openly hopeful and proud
Imploringly gorgeous
Inherently doper than most.
She doesn't need make up

to make herself pretty

She doesn't need to lose weight

to make herself ****

She doesn't need high grades

to gain respect from others

She doesn't need muscles

to achieve more power

She doesn't need to take off her clothes

to make someone fall in love

She's already beautiful enough..
Mohannie May 2019

Flower start out as buds
Not knowing what they'll look like
But, when they bloom
They're magnificent
Each one alike in species
Yet, each one unique
But still, as gorgeous as ever

Just like us.

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