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Hg 4d
taking shots
            from a test tube
spinning like
            a centrifuge
feeling blue
            in every hue
hello gorgeous
            who are you
every week is
            working toward
another drink
            another girl
every morning’s
            throwing up
in the bathroom
            all alone
Seth Feb 19
her eyes sparkle from tears she cried,
her layers of makeup for the bruises she hides,
her soft lips that utters all of her lies,
her beautiful figure thats been touched too many times,
drop dead gorgeous she tries to hide,
thoughts of dropping dead behind that smile.
I kinda just...wrote it. Yeah.
You're so gorgeous
Make this mind very curious
Your eyes are deeply serious
Blink of an eye seems like dangerous

How can you look like marvelous
This is ridiculous
Just looking at you, no need breakfast
Makes every girl like me feeling heartless

Can't stop running this circles
Bring me some furious
Sweet flowers become insidious
Beautiful face that's so obvious
Please, stop being gorgeous
Äŧül Feb 16
I looked at you, babe,
Only to dream about it,
Oh! I experienced it.

In the dream that I was having,
I was happily skiing,
Skiing down the valley.

Down the smooth bathykolpian valley,
I dreamt that I was falling freely.
I went around the navel to *** down under.
My HP Poem #1732
©Atul Kaushal
heikkitsh Nov 2018
I crave a woman
So beautiful,
A girl so gorgeous,
But she's far from my reach.
Even in my day dreams,
Lost in thoughts about her.
Longing for a smile so pretty
And a beauty so rare.
Every first letter of each line spells her name.
TheStartOfMyEnds Nov 2018
As stereotypical as can be
I'm just a girl in every sense
His name
A new found for me
I've hunted for those two syllables like a hunteress to her prey
Starts with a 'K'
I'd find a lot of things I like that starts with a 'K'
Kindle, Kangaroos, Kisses...

Ever so curious eyes
Burning with anticipation
There it is again
A small gesture
A quite, subtle acknowledgement
An innocent greeting
The smile that's going to be
The death
of creepy lil' me
It's just a silly crush, Novemeber Fever, it'll go away...or so that's what I'd like to say
May Elizabeth Nov 2018
One word
And you are an
The perfect face
The perfect mind.
One word and
I am yours.
One word and
You are nothing but
I wrote this poem about someone I met over the summer but never actually spoke to until the summer was over. He was one of the kindest, sweetest, smartest, and amazing people I have ever met. I completely fell in love with him and not some kind of puppy love. It was something only one other person has ever made me feel. He lives in Cape Town and I'll never see him again but the feeling he gave me when he called me gorgeous is something I will never forget and something I so long to feel again.
Daniel H Shulman Nov 2018
She lies there staring up at me
And I wonder whether my eyes
Know how lucky they are to see
An actual blessing from God.

She lies there staring up at me
And I wonder whether my heart
Knows that it’s heartbeat is precious
Dependent on this love I feel.

She lies there staring up at me
And I wonder whether her smile
Knows how much energy it gives
And yet I cannot look away.

She lies there staring up at me
And I wonder if her body
Knows the need my body feels
To be one with hers, head to toe.

She lies there staring up at me
And I wonder whether her soul
Knows how much I’m in love with her
Just lying there, staring at me.
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Spitz Nov 2018
I wish I could fight it;
What I feel for you.
I wish I could stop it;
the way my heart swells
when I see your face.
But I have no control.
You take it from me.
I fall into your eyes
every time they look at me.
I die a little bit
every time I hear your laugh.
If I can make you smile,
I soar above the clouds for hours.
I want to give you all of me,
I want to give you the world,
the galaxy,
the universe.
Your perfection steals my voice
every time.
Oh how I wish
I could control my heart.
Dogslinwriter Aug 2018
I can dance the most beautiful tango, I swear.
But you my love,
make me a gorgeous, guile
You, my love,
make me dance the black swan.

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