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Maria Shabalin May 2022
she's gone like the stars in the morning time
a few left to make you smile
never enough to overwhelm.
she's fine like the sweet escape of time
they call her name
she says i'm running away.
she's felt so deep
like a trench where soldiers laid
so awful it was to lay with them.
she's kind as flowers are pink
sometimes they are
and sometimes you have to look inside.
she's rough like jagged stones
beach hair tousled from the breeze
"baby," she says "come back to me."
she's sick of deception
who knows her name
"please get away from me" says she.
she's me.  
cant you see?
i'm feeling more calm
Jacob A Frost Apr 2022
The bright green vale & blue skies fade
As she blinds my eyes with silvery light
Like fireflies drifting by the glade
Her presence kindles the weary night
When gazing full she steals my breath
With those light eyes & short blonde hair
If I'm a frosty breeze, an omen of death
She's like spring; serene, a breath of fresh air
Diesel Jan 2022
Some field of ancient roses—
They all looked down on me:
Glew white stars to heaven's
Windows, and golden-rimed clouds
That sonorously speak
bossanova Nov 2021
so pale is your skin
so cold is your body
where has the warmth go?
and your merry little smile
answer me, oh dear
don't you just lay still!
you sleep so serenely
that a breath was barely heard...
OpenWorldView Oct 2021
to love
the way you are
to feel
as one with you
Tony Oquendo Jul 2021
In the wind she whispers secrets
in the rain she shares her sorrows
beneath our feat she gently moves
a silent promise of a new tomorrow
Tony Oquendo Jun 2021
I have seen life and I have laughed and I have cried.  I have met struggle and pain but I have endured and I have tried.  I have learned much in my time, experience that you may not see.  Yet through heart ache and pain I will smile and you will know that I am me.
Nolan Willett Feb 2021
When you realize you’ll never seize the day,
Never have the right things to say,
Your judgments are always erroneous,
You’re not Hamlet, but Polonius.
Though you know that all things must end,
It doesn’t spur your torments to mend,
A dutiful advisor,
Who never gets wiser.
It must be so serene
Never having thought you might have been-
“Neither a borrower nor lender be”;
I say, yet fear both apply to me.
“To thine own self be true”;
ah! Long ago, I missed that cue-
And all do agree,
The audience doesn’t need, my soliloquy.
Under all this weight so crushing
And the envy to just feel nothing,
This act’s end, now I’m certain:
I’ll die off stage, behind a curtain.
Hamlet is my favorite Shakespeare play, and I wanted to write from Polonius’POV
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