Ari 1d

He was like a gentle melody
I hadn't had a name for
Playing on repeat inside my head.
But once I read the lyrics
I realized I didn't like the twisted words
The seemingly peaceful song had said.


Ari 1d

Rain drops resting on our cheeks
Such sweet renewal
No one dares to speak.
Our eyes turned up to the stars
We have found peace
Right where we are.
Natures voice made us a melody
For us to dance to;
For us to sing.

So darling
keep your hands
wrapped around my waist
Listen to my laughter
As I kiss your lovely face.
Know that for time and
For ever after,
You'll be the rain
That cleansed my soul.

Sunshine crawls; gently waking me
While I'm cradled by
My living dream.
Love waltzing from my soul
Wrapping 'round the one
Who became my home.

So darling
keep your hands
wrapped around my waist
Listen to my laughter
As I kiss your lovely face.
Know that for time and
For ever after,
You'll be the rain
That cleansed my soul.
You'll be the rain
I'll always know.


Shruti Gauba May 16

I am a little note,
A voiceless sound.
Until I am embrace life,
I shall stay bound.
But lend me to an artist
and then you shall see,
How he'd mix me with his mayhem
so a symphony I can be.
But if I wished, then I
could be a patriot's song;
the anthem you people would sing,
but that won't be for long.
Because the next time you hear
I'll be a melancholic tone,
tearing your heart apart,
as you stare at walls alone.
Or I could be a joyous rhythm
to make your soul smile,
or to make you tap your feet
and forget the world for a while.
For I am just a note;
you thoughts, I can vocalize.
Deciphered only by the heart
and not the brain of someone wise.

Nylee May 10

Ignore the noise surround
block all the sounds
and find the melody
that your heart is stringing
it wants to tell you something

Nylee 6d

Right now I hear a tune
which makes me to write
the confusions ,
I invite

These words in my head
makes little to no sense
but they are well fed
don't give me much chance

They change their melody midway
and make me change my rhyme right away
But I still write , the words my brain supply
and like that , time passes by

Dawn breaks , as the night ends
And some power descends
I switch off the lights ,
The sun shines bright

Then the wind chimes ring
and I hear the birds sing
Stopping the process of thinking
I taste some peace this sound brings

Cné Apr 19

He soars high, floating in her wake
Inhaling every detail of her flowing grace
Her brushes of touch, causing him to shake
Delicate weaving hearts of leather and lace

Inspiration sails high, with her drifting in his mind
Ripples from deep emotions, she elegantly paints
Closing his eyes, entrusting her, flying blind
Together, one with the other, interlinking chains

Flickering fates of fireflies under stars aligned
Precious moments in time, worlds collide
A rendezvous in the Milky Way, by design
Consummating souls kiss passionately, ignite

to be ...
da Vinci's "Mona Lisa"
Vermeer's "Girl with the Pearl Earring"
or "The Girl from Ipanema"
only in my dreams ...
alyas 'Ana' Apr 17

Splash! The ocean goes.
Hitting that big, old stone.
That create such beauty
in a form of a sound
that is more likely a melody.

"Madelaine! Madelaine!"
The waves call for me.
How thrilling it is to hear it shout my name,
for what calls me now
is what thrills me.

"Madelaine! Madelaine!"
The wind starts to whistle,
making me dance alongside the water.
My toes are being embraced by the sand
from which I am tracing on.
I am loved.

"Madelaine! Madelaine!"
I move closer
to hear each whisper.

The vast emptiness of this large body of water
may kill me,
but why do I choose to let thee?

"Madelaine! Madelaine!"
I am scared but hell, do I want to know?
For what purpose does it murmur my existence?
I am scared
yet it embraces my name.

"Madelaine! Madelaine!"
I conquer my fear.
I learned to love
what loves me
but hell, do I really know?
When it could actually kill me?

"Madelaine! Madelaine!"
The vast emptiness of this large body of water
may kill me
but now I choose to let it be.
For I am loved
by the sound that the ocean makes.
I learned to love
what loves me
that will only eventually kill me.

You are my favorite unfinished song,
the jumble of words stuck inside my mind,
but whose chained melody I could not find
not when every lullaby has gone wrong.
This song of sorrow with nothing but flats
yearns for your voice to serenade my blues.
Let it all be for naught, you have your muse,
whilst I'm stuck in the echoes of our lasts.
Yet like a train of thought circling my mind,
soon you'll wither - an ephemeral phase,
without a hint, without another trace,
opts to leave, with me left bereft behind.
All the music and the lyrics are due,
but not today, not when I can't have you.


Angie S Mar 29

the walls and floor were blue
in the long standing home of jazz.
i sat in that room on a wednesday afternoon
and felt that color
travelling in my veins.
i imagined the room was filled not with
sunlight and the chatter of teenagers but with
moonlight and music in that melodic silence.
i tried to absorb the aura of
that room to have for myself and breathed deeply
so i would remember the taste of blue. i imagined
myself boldly uncovering the piano on that stage and
imagined the names and legends embedded in its keys.
i heard the music of times gone now,
resounding against the walls and coloring the
wild yellow audience to subtle periwinkle and
deep sapphire and even wilder blue and
suddenly i realized why the sky is that hue;
God Himself must have taken a seat there, in that
modest blue room on
18th and vine
and it made perfect sense.
this beautiful revelation i found on
a sunny wednesday afternoon
is dyed in blue.

i visited the jazz museum in KCMO. if you want an address, it's in the poem.
i wonder if, sitting in that room and just thinking, i found a miracle or if i found a little bit of God. or music
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