Sun Sep 4

The rain touched the Earth
softly and gently
The morning breeze kissed me
more warmly

Blinding vibrant colors were
embracing the wooden paths

The blooming wild flowers left me
with euphoric sense of awakening!
My concealed earth was enthralled
by the arrival of Spring

I found lights in your sparkling eyes
Like the beams of the rising sun
You lightened up my sky

Untold stories were chained for a long
You became the hopeless romantic song
In a starry-night...
You ignited my soul

I revived with the melody of
beautifully unfinished art
by thou

She’s dancing:
Closed eyes,
Open palms ,
Vague smile

She is music;
And sound waves
Are dancing to her

And when she moves
Her clothes are naked;
And when she smiles,
My thoughts are
(words are flaking)


She tunes me
To her frequency
Riding waves
Pulling vibes and strings
Charting shores
Wanting replay
Asking for more

R M Grahn Aug 27

Just open your eyes
To the warm glow of daylight
A sight to behold

Pleasant dreams paint the landscape
Locked deep down inside
In the breadth of a moment
Time drifts slowly by

Here in the sunshine—streaming
Memories are fleeting
But warm passions are breading

A vibrant rainbow
Tosses many reflections
Gleaning the sunlight
A warm vision attending

As heaven revolves
In the still of the morning
Dancing with sunlight
The whole world is unfolding
A melody is forming

Mane Omsy Aug 27

With your face glowing beside me
My mind can't hold it no longer
This thriving feeling tempting me
To imprint my passion on your lips
To hold your face in my palms
And whisper tongue to tongue
That I love you, and always will
You've become the veins in my heart
I wouldn't live without your smile
Can't relate your beauty on anyone
As I play the piano, I think of you
Melodies of dreamful nights, heavenly
All I could believe is you are the one
The one for me that you complete me

Anna Bella Aug 23

Dancing waves stir the heart
In a melody from the ocean's breath
When the sky shines with silver light  
The breeze plays music of mermaids  
I close my eyes and drift away
Swept by its magic and mysteries

A lonely melody played in slow motion,
flashbacks of laughter and words unspoken,
a haunting memory of hearts being broken,
I am a fish swimming in my own ocean,
fists tightened and heart ready for devotion,
with that lonely melody tearing me open,
veins of fire with loves potion,
a boy and a girl and a life chosen,
you can't contain the purest emotion,
a lonely melody will always been golden,
once the course is set and guns are loaded,
love cannot be destroyed or mearly stolen,
it is the one true token,
so hold fast to your love and cherish the moment,
after all that lonely melody can turn to a poem.

Yay I'm writing again after a long while of hiatus!
BladeRunner Aug 18

When the mind is quiet
Everything makes sense
In the way that you accept
Things for what the are
Not what they are not
Or what they could be
Forming a line
Like notes
Playing the simpelest

Mane Omsy Aug 13

Breathe of mind relaxing
Inhaling deep, waving the head
See-saw along with the flow
When it pitches the high note
Notice my eyebrows frowning with stress
Sweetness with a slight smile
Imagining a brighter view
No illusions, just the wind
Blowing low to the green fields
The flute kept the balance
Rhythmic taste of a China flute

The flute with small calm to a high pitch is a beautiful music to enjoy inside our head with the eyes closed.
Jae Thorns Aug 10

your steady cadence of words,
dances towards the heart.
the virtuoso of sequence,
whose melodies belong to the world.

you swayed your sheets,
and the tune crumpled
on your feet
yet it was beautiful.

it's beautiful, believe.
it's wonderful, believe.
you're beautiful, believe me.
you're a virtuoso, believe me.

i, your apprentice,
will always be willing.
willing to know the things
that had inspired and liked by you.

i, your apprentice,
will always be here.
waiting for how long
you will be away.

because i, i'm not
just your apprentice.
we're friends,
and this sequence is called friendship.

Jae Thorns Aug 9

mellifluous melodies, words
sprung straight towards my heart,
my once dull and empty world,
now, full of love and art.

the delinquent i,
had seen a lot by my eyes
of how precious a person could be.
a flower that attracts the bee.

the flower...
whose called you.
my flower,
i shall feed you well.

sunlight, water, everything
you deserve everything,
you are my flower,
my melody.

my precious friend,
i cannot believe,
you come to know my existence,
i will always be thankful.

thankful to have you,
thankful to know you,
i'll be forever grateful.
my flower and melody.


this is for my friend named ju
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