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Dante Rocío Sep 10
It is sharpening crimson steel in a knife as of that, with it fingers softly bleed like care and rise as a shuttered peach in
a sturdy piece of scarlet, paid in heed.

Your foreboding onthou my skin is no more truly nor less rigid unplugging of violin strings out of a guttural chords into a straight morbid fire, and a pain structure
hardens, straightens,
embeds them forever into every light’s riddance, this trial mended.
Welcomed fireflies in a
solstice. bonfire. forest. [stygian].

Love, my dearest Love, if your ever evanescent body or voice even exists:
if I ever dare to greet in my tears music it only may be to bleed with you in one common fluid, to have my ribs torn gently by
each your promise barely for my hand’s taking,
endure time to have my truer form by you,
a sensation, clad in lilac velvet that goes
under the name of “Paper Airplane” by
my thoughts.

To keep.
More than as rain we always are.

A child picked up a solitary chalk and sketching protruded some things by that hand & sight, some sun with injustice drawn, that elders’ words and acts
have not put up.

Some of the chalk simply lays everyday crushed.
With no human passage, luggage.
No matter how hard I’ll come to cry
Never shall I reject my waters.
My Love, you who kiss me further and further
Without lips or anything to align,
I wish for you to never earn a step or body,
And to marry my sand-sea plaited follies.
Be veritable Garden Song.
Dibs Sep 10
Can you
Listen quietly
To the heart beat of
A caring,
Gentle melody
Coming from someone
Can you hear that?
I know
Who can
He only have one friend
Not peace and calmness
Only silence
He doesn’t listen to anyone
Only silence
No one understand him
Only silence
Hours, days, years until death
He lives with silence

One day he met someone
A woman
He was loved.
He was forced to hear
Her lovely rhythm
And sweet sound
He listen silently

To feel
Those echoes
Vibrating on his bone
And the compassion and
Genuine intention
She shows to him

A sound of love
Produce sweet loud noises
Music to his ears
He dance to it
More than you do
The sound of a woman’s love
The Giver, The Taker and The Stealer
the way you say my name has become my favourite melody

my voice saying yours becomes the chorus
I love you
ShadowSpy Sep 5
Lure me in
With a melody of trust
But bury me deep
Under the dust
Hold out your heart
But tear mine apart
Leave me alone
After the love you have shown
Bhill Sep 2
the singer should have warned us about his out of tune song
it was so undeserving of our live ears
the melody was unpleasant and the tune horrific
how could there be devotees to such bad talent
it just shows you that some ears are deaf...

Brian Hill - 2020 # 241
Leah Hilliges Aug 31
She danced all alone in the revelry
Amidst drunks, and whispering fools
For she’d be deaf in a world without melody

Her smile sung on merrily
She looked like a child at yule
She danced all alone in the revelry

Her eyes begged for clemency
From a life filled with the vile and the cruel
For she’d be deaf in a world without melody

Her feet stepped floorboards respectfully
But with no regard to life’s rules
She danced all alone in the revelry

She heard strange and twisted harmonies
From her mind’s devils, demons, and ghouls
For she’d be deaf in a world without melody

They watched, as she twirled, jealously
Breathless, she collapsed into hell’s fuel
She danced all alone in the revelry
For she’d be deaf in a world without melody
Sun beamed at
her melodious smile,
Sand embraced
patterns her feet made;
A sight to behold
even time stood
in solitude to
witness love song.
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I want to know you
And I want you to know me
I want time to fly by
Like the birds migrating by the sea

Be the keeper of my secrets
As I guard your dreams
You make time the present
I’ve always wished for
We keep evolving
As we keep growing

You roam in my most beautiful fantasies
But nothing’s better
Than when you roam within my reality
I’m endlessly falling for you
But I know the feeling is mutual
So let’s fall forever
Into our own endless melody
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