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Jay M 6d
Things I cannot believe
My idiocy
Things I shall never achieve
O, my idiocy
Things I shall never know
O, my idiocy…

Hatred and anger
Burning flames
Things I wish not to remember
Yet never
Never will I forget…

Who am I?
I am no one
An idiot of course
A fool, so naive
A child indeed
Unorganized, I am doomed
This curse, I assumed
Would leave me, but never…

Shall I ever be released?
O never, o never,
Shall I ever be set free?
O no, o never,
Shall I see the light of day…

Do you see me?
Do you hear me?
The sorrow and woe
The sorrow and woe…

If they ever saw me
For me
Would they leave me?
Or would they feel me?
Would they lift me up,
Above the clouds,
Where they flux so freely
As a bird in flight
Across the vastness
That is my mind

Do you hear me?
Do you see me?
No, o never,
Never it goes…

O, if you could see it
O, if you could hear it
The broken melody,
The bleeding heart,
The depths it reaches to…

O never, o never,
Shall I forgive myself
O never, o never
Shall I forgive myself…

- Jay M
October 8th, 2019
The time is just a water.
It's streaming like a jet.
The fibers of the time are late.
So many moments, right?
The positive in moment now.
It always something good in night. Just listen, listen.
And you'll hear the softness of  the melody.
Gentle music is around us.
The music of the love.
I am acceptance, I am love.
Patri Sep 22
The voices of the dead serenade me
To sleep.
From across the vast expanse
Of time
They whisper soothing nothings.
When alone
They comfort me and gently reassure me of
Better days.
Their voice, their ghost, their everlasting breath haunts
My thoughts
And remind me that I am only mortal;
A gift
Not often remembered.
Wisdom from
Beyond the void of death frozen in song
Making me
Miss those I have never know.
No one
Has so gently crooned verses of strength and love
To me
As the beautiful voices of the dead.
Listening to old music
M Grace Sep 21
I had always dreamed about finally meeting my prince
he would glide into my life ever so effortlessly
right around chapter 12 
because he knew he belonged in my storybook

I would know him
not by his sunshine-filled laugh
nor by his passionate dreams,
but ultimately one thing would give him away,
his heart

because when I listened close
I heard the melody
to the song ive been dancing to since chapter 1
Faizel Farzee Sep 19
Humming along to the beat of life as i sing along to the music of my heart.
The melody of you tapping enchantingly through my mind.
Notes composed by your fingers strumming every part of my quivering soul.

       Your love my song to life
You my melody, my music to life,
You eliminate all strife, you smile takes me high, losing you, would be falling on knife.
Matter in conjunction with sound
A pattern it shall form
A world under sound surveillance
What vibrations are being conveyed
What melody are we dancing to
Like a Chladni plate
A pulse of sound
The plate the world
The sand the people
Programmed to dance to a distant drum
Hypnotised but unaware
By a cosmic sound thumping through the air
Controlled by the powers that be
Until one day a cosmic intervention
Shall put an end to the sequencing beat
And we shall awaken from our sleep
Written by Sean Achilleos 19 September 2019©
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Killan Sep 16
would you notice my pain
if your too focuse on your fame
would you be ashamed
to feel the same
it is crawling to my vien
until it reaches my brain
help me release from this chain
an unfair melody came
it took you from me in a flash
and cut your throat with a slash
with all the money we have
would it be enough?
for our life be like a candy plastic-wrapped.
hi guis help me to give tittle for this poem..
i would gladly appreciate it
aih Sep 12
I carry my heart in a tight grip
With a melody, a symphony
That trembles out my lament
Of longing to be who I used to be
In hopes I change my path
To the one I am meant to be.
LC Sep 7
my love for him
infused itself into  
the natural melody
of my voice.
I wonder if he noticed.
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